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Jessica bangkok is very attracted to men with big cocks so she bends tattoo
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My First Tim and five of his friends are heading to his uncle's cabin for the weekend. They live in Colorado and the cabin's about three to four hours away. It's a quick vacation and everyone needs the time away. They all rode together, enjoying each other's company. "You always say that, Tim", Tim's girlfriend, Stephanie, said with a laugh.

They were discussing the differences of two comic book companies, DC and Marvel, or rather debating which one was better. It was Tim's opinion that DC Comics was the better of the two while Stephanie opposed him, as usual. The other people in the car were his best friends, Connor, Bart, and Cassandra. The three of them along with Tim had been best friends since their teenage years when they all went to the same high school.

Nothing could separate the foursome now that they were in college. Also along the ride were Bart's girlfriend, Rose and Connor's cousin, Kara. Kara was absolutely gorgeous. She was a tall blond, conserved but spirited. She also went to school with Tim, only she was two years older. She was the typical All-American cheerleader. Tim would go to a game and stare at her the entire time.

Unfortunately, she was always out of reach. As he bubble butt amateur holly hendrix gets her two holes fucked hard he glanced in the rear view mirror and found her sitting in the back of the truck, between Cassandra and Bart.

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She was reading a small novel she'd picked up at the school library so her head was down. The book, held in her hands, was just below her chest. Tim analyzed the two bulges protruding from her blouse that were her perfect B sized tits. The blouse was white, buttoned almost to the top except for the last one, showing a little cleavage. He suddenly remembered the many times in high school, late at night, when he would beat off to fantasies of alexis fawx who can squirt. She was the hottest chick he'd ever known.

Feeling a tightness in his jeans Tim found that his cock was hard. Embarrassed he focused on the rode. All over again he felt flustered, the thought of Kara turned him back into a teenager in ten seconds.

Neither Connor nor Stephanie would've been happy with his thoughts. Needing some fresh air he subsequently stopped at a gas station along the road. He got out, asked anyone not stretching there legs if they wanted anything and walked into the gas station followed by Bart and Cassandra.

They picked up a couple snacks and some drinks, Bart grabbing more condoms in the process. As they joked and chatted Tim finally noticed the girl standing behind the counter at the head of the store.

She had dark brown hair and she was smoking a cigarette. She was extremely gorgeous, petite with a rare set of nice tits. Her shirt was tight and she wore a pair of tight cargo shorts. "Dude, check out the hottie behind the counter." Bart must've noticed her the same time Tim did. "She's definitely an eight, bro. I'd love to fuck around with her a couple times." Cassandra saw her too.

"Like she'd go for you", she teased. "Shut up, Cas", retorted Bart as they approached the counter. They paid for their stuff and gathered everything into bags. The entire time Bart watched the girl behind the counter with the tight clothes on. Tim played it off better. "Hi, I'm Bart." She looked at him raising an eyebrow.

"Hi. Lana…" "You go to school around here, Lana?" Bart acted as if he were truly interested in the new acquaintance.

"No", she looked a little ashamed, "I dropped out." "Oh that's too bad. Me and my friends here are headed to a cabin about forty gracie glam shows the curves of her gorgeous body minutes up the rode." He eyed her for a second then added, "You should come." "…I wouldn't want to impose", she replied.

Tim felt her embarrassment as she was put on the spot. He felt bad for her, and Bart wasn't making it any better. To change the subject he asked, "Where's your bathroom?" "Oh, its right over there. She pointed to a door close to the register stand. "Thanks", Tim said with a smile. She smiled back, exposing the dimples in her cheeks. She was gorgeous, probably on the level of Kara, maybe just a bit below Kara, definitely hotter than Stephanie though.

As she looked at Tim, she had this weird look in her eyes, like a hunger or something similar. Tim brushed it off and headed for the bathroom. Bart and Cassandra left with the bags. Tim entered the bathroom, not wanting to at first although he did have to pee severely. He smelled the aroma, men's piss in the air.

He approached the stall, unzipping his pants. Retrieving his cock he noticed its semi-erect form, caused by Lara, the hot gas station attendant. As he peed he heard a click behind him. Immediately he cut his piss short, forcing his eight inches of dangling dick back into his briefs.

He spun to see what was the cause of the clicking noise. He was determined not to experience his worst nightmare. First a clicking noise, then some big guy named Al would attempt to take his anal virginity.

"No fucking way…", Tim murmured to himself and the bathroom as he eyed the person standing in the way of the bathroom. "Hi." Lana stood with one hand behind her holding the knob of the door all brazzer sexy girl xxxx story just locked.

Her other hand was clutched to the back of her neck, twirling her fingers in her dark brown hair. She arched her back on the door as she took a deep breath, the tits suffocated her tight shirt rose in response. Tim, silent, watched her nipples protrude and point in his direction.

What the fuck is going on? Tim was nervous, he'd been quiet since his eyes fixed on her. She only looked at him with the same hunger in her eyes as before. He couldn't remove his gaze even if he wanted to. Her shorts were tinier than he first thought, showing a length of tanned thighs shift as she watched him. Finally he managed, "Hey." She bit her lip. Continuing, he asked, "Is there a problem?" His mind began to race as a number of thoughts encircled his head, all perverted.

She responded, "I hope not." She smirked then, releasing her hand from he knob of the door and took a step. "I really admired how you helped me out back there, with your friend and everything." Is that what she really wanted? "Oh… It's no problem. Bart can be a handful sometimes." She chuckled. "A handful, huh?" She took a couple more steps. "I was thinking, maybe I could help you out since you helped me." And with another step she was face to face with Tim.

Tim smelled how sweet her perfume or whatever it was smelled on her. She smelled like cherries. He took a deep breath as she gazed into his eyes, slightly shorter, but inches away from his face. "Y-you want to help me, how?", he managed. She looked at him a moment longer, cocking her head. "Well I was thinking maybe you'd need some help here." He was confused, but turned on as well.

"Here? Like to pee?" Another chuckle. "Yeah, to pee", she said sarcastically. "It looked liked you weren't done when I walked in", she admitted, "and I was thinking maybe I could help you finish." With that she sprang forward embracing Tim in a passionate kiss.

It was wet and animalistic. She was all over him, her hands running through his hair, her crotch pressed against his, and her tongue down her throat. Tim couldn't believe what was happening. This hot ass girl, whom he didn't even know, was seducing him in a bathroom while his girlfriend was outside waiting for him. Oh shit. He managed to brake her embracing, gasping for air as he flustered, "Wait! My girlfriend is right out there waiting on me. I can't do this." Although he severely wanted to.

Lana stared at him, into his eyes. And smiled. She suddenly dropped to the floor on her knees and simultaneously pulled his jeans and briefs down. Free at lance his dick dangled in front of her face, frantically three kinky women orgy with hunk dudes in the bedroom up and down upon its release.

Tim stood in shock, from bewilderment he hadn't noticed how hard his dick had gotten. It was hot red, with a single vein stretched down its length. Lana eyed the eight inch and it eyed her back. "Looks like he doesn't have a girlfriend", she teased. She pushed Tim back against the stall and he was careful enough not to fall into his own pee. She moved towards him on her knees. With swing she had one hand on his thigh right above the knee and another wrapped around the base of his cock.

At that moment Tim had both butterflies and goose bumps. She slouched down a little, fiddled with something she was working with in her mouth and released a huge wad of spit completely covering half of his erect penis in it. From there she threw her mouth onto his dick and made an attempt to swallow the thing whole.

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Reaching the base she sprang her head back and did it again, this time holding it for at least four seconds, to Tim it felt like a lifetime. Her forehead pressed against his abs, her tongue pressed against his balls. She had both hands to the back of his thighs as she deepthroated his cock. Tim moaned a loud, "Aaahhhhw FUCK!" The pleasure he felt from Lana's warm, welcoming throat was amazing.

He watched as she began going back and forth, back and forth, faster and faster giving his cock the best blow job he'd ever had. Minutes went by Lana released his cock from her mouth nibbling it a little with her teeth right before letting it go. She raised herself a little arching her back and pulled off her shirt, throwing it behind her. Her tits bounced once as they felt freedom, her pink nipples hard as erasers. "Oh fuck", said Tim as he gazed at her amazing tits. She grabbed his cock again and licked it, her tongue sliding up head of the shaft.

She raised it with a hand and pressed it to his stomach.

She licked the belly all the way to the tip and went back down. She was at the balls now and was running her wet tongue, knocking them back and forth.

Tim closed his eyes as she sent chills up his body. She began sucking them, individually at first, then gradually fixed them in her mouth together. She looked up at him as his balls were caught in her mouth being worked with her tongue. She was beautiful, her green eyes stared into his.

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They were pleading to him, pleading for something Tim knew he had to do. She released the balls with a smacking sound and lesbian pussy fucked with cucumber on casting, "Do you want to fuck me?" Tim didn't answer.

Instead he pulled her up off her knees. Kissing her he grabbed her ass in the tight shorts, and damn were they tight. He squeezed her cheeks almost pulling her off the ground. She groaned releasing their kiss. "That's right baby, play with my ass!" She commanded catching a breath. Tim needed no more coercion. He spun her around throwing her towards the sink.

The mirror showed her magnificent boobs in the bathroom light. Tim stood behind her his exposed and hard dick pressed against her ass, the only thing between them were her shorts. Like an animal Tim ripped the shorts down. He pulled them to her ankles. She had on no underwear. Tim eyed the luscious ass below him. He turned quickly, slapping it with his cock.

"Mmmm, baby stopping teasing and fuck the shit me!" She groaned. "I want you to fuck the shit out of me." Tim grabbed hold of his dick at its based and with the tip found her pussy dripping wet.

He felt an oozing sensation as he warm pussy dripped on the head of his cock. He couldn't take it anymore. He thrust it in inside of her filling up most of the petite body she had. The sensation was indescribable. She was warm, wet, and tight, and it all belonged to him for right now. He became a different person.

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At first he was the victim, not necessarily raped but she did force herself on him. Now he felt as if he were in control. His mindset was changed. He was lustful, angry even, and passionate.

He grabbed the back of her neck, and biting his lipped he gave her a hard thrust slapping his front into her ass. She moaned again and again he did it. He pounded her for several minutes constantly ramming his body into hers shaking both her and the mirror in front of them. He looked at her perfect body through the mirror became transfixed on her tits. They shook violently as he hammered this sugar told us that our cock had nowhere to go pussy over and over again.

Releasing her neck her wrapped his arms around her, encasing her boobs in his hands. He clutched them like they belonged to him. Getting fucked the shit out of Lana reached for the back of Tim's neck. She was absolutely engrossed with him slamming his fat dick inside of her sending jolts of electric pleasure throughout her innards. She was beginning to cum and could see no way out of it, not that she wanted to. Suddenly she felt it as she grabbed the edge of the sink with one hand and played with her clit with the other.

Her orgasm came quickly as she her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she felt naughty gfs getting down and dirty at this swingers party of terrible magnitude. She screamed in pleasure as she spread her pussy, still getting fucked, and squirted all over the sink and the mirror of the russian curvy girl with massive natural boobs. Intervals of clear, liquid sprang from her pussy onto everything.

He had made her cum and made squirt for the first time. What the fuck… Turned on now more than ever Tim paused his bombardment of her tight pussy. He breathed heavily as she craned her neck and kissed him passionately.

Nothing else mattered. "Fuck me in my ass, baby", she whispered to him, eyes clothes and with more affection than Stephanie ever showed in bed. He subconsciously thanked her. Slowly removing his dick, he eyes his sword of destruction. It was dripping wet of cum juice, wet enough to now tackle a tight ass hole. He exhaled penetrated her in the ass. It was even tight than her pussy clutching his cock as if to never release it again.

Swiftly, however, he began to fuck it. They had moved back some from the sink so that Lana could bend over. She did so, looking back at him he pounded what used to be her ass hole.

She watched him and analyzed how powerful he look demolishing her tight hole, pleasuring them both. She stared at the god that he was. Tim saw Lana staring at him and began to look her in her eyes she took his every thrust. The only sound were their breathing and the sound of their bodies smacking against one another. Tim's balls constantly hit Lana's pussy every time he rammed her and each time her right eye winced. It was almost here. The moment he'd thought of since she first began to swallow his cock.

He was about to cum. Shoot a hot load into the first ass hole he'd fucked. It was more than what he could ever ask for. She was ready, this it what she worked for. "Give it to me! Give me that fucking cum! Give it to me! Give it to me!", she pleaded. Her eyes sending the same message in passionate silence.

He was almost there. He began to feel his cock pulsating with every thrust as he sped up. She kept her eyes locked on him, grabbing his arm comfortingly. "Come on, that's it. Milk that fucking cum!" she groaned.

"Yeah, baby, milk that fucking CUMMMM!!", she moaned again as she had her second orgasm. Tim was about to oblige her, award her for her hard work when she said; "Cum on my fucking face, baby! I want that fucking cum all over me baby! PLEASE!!". Holy shit, never before had he'd been allowed to cum on a girls face.

Maybe in there mouth but never on their face. This was a chance he wouldn't miss. Ripping his dick from her tight fucking ass he pulled back on the brink of cumming. She turned around and dropped to her knees, desperation in her face.

He stroked his dick violently in her face ass her eyes pleaded "Suck it", he choked. She acknowledged wrapped her mouth around it's entirety, vigorously stimulating it. Tim moaned in delight and without thinking grabbed the top of her head with both hands and violently began to fuck her face. His speed was stunning as he pounded the girls face ass if it were her ass hole. She gagged and home video bathroom play masturbation and asa akira on his cocked which sent him into a frenzy.

Spit bubbled from her mouth disgustingly beautiful, getting everywhere. She never pushed away though, just allowing the boy to fuck the mouth she wouldn't feel tomorrow.

It was there! Tim felt it running through in dick. He savored the feeling, grabbing the back of the girls head smashing her face onto his crock, his cock as far down her throat as it could possibly go. They were there for ten second, her mouth gurgling with spit and it oozing from the corners dripping down her naked body. She would never tell him to let go. With his cock ready to burst Tim looked at her. "…Look at me", he muttered. Immediately her green eyes found his and he said, "…I love you" Staring at Tim, Lana grabbed the back of his ass cheeks with her hands and pulled herself into his cock, causing herself to make a tremendous gargling sound as spit erupted from her mouth making the area between him messier than ever.

Tim pulled back and Lana let go, gasping for much need air.

He grabbed his soaking wet dick and shot the load he'd been holding back for so long. His cock erupted in sprays of thick white cum, blanketing Lana face and hair. Her tongue sprang from her mouth as it was draped in his juice. She swallow what she could, thankful for every drop. Tim screamed in lustful satisfaction, choking the last bit of cum from his cock he thought he'd be cheating if she didn't get it all.

He gazed at her, big dick for black beauty interracial hardcore everywhere. It hit her face dropping on her forehead, a little in her eyes, large amounts in her hair, and a lot cover her mouth. She exhaled heavily, clutching her boobs in fulfillment.

Tim only eyed the mysterious girl. She reach for his cock and placed her mouth on its head literally the rest of the cum that didn't escape. With a pluck she let his cock dangle there. And caressing the back of his calves she smiled, "Mmmm. Thank you, baby."