Cherokee d ass fucking and sucking a black cock

Cherokee d ass fucking and sucking a black cock
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The new slut It was Friday and the day had started out with Astrid waking up in the arms of her boyfriend. She'd turned around, and kissed him softly, to wake him, so he didn't get up too late for school. Then she'd been padding around after him as he got ready to leave, and kissed him goodbye as he left for uni. She even waved at him and then she padded right back to bed, to get to sleep an hour or two more.

They had spent the evening before in a pretty heated manner, and she knew that his cum was still in her pussy. As she woke up again, she went to the toilet, making sure to bring a cup, to have the pee in. That was her first preparation for what would happen later. She had been experimenting with different recipes the past week, and had finally found out what she wanted to make for her sheppie.

Of course she hadn't tasted them herself, but had just smelled at them, and the ones that didn't make her gag, she'd decided to not use.

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She had decided on a final three recipes on treats he would get: A brownie with added taste from dog poop she non professional bitch gladly jumps on a hard as rock knob collected around the area.

A seemingly normal scrambled egg, with pee in it, and as extra add-on pee over it as well. And of course a few actual dog-treats with added ingredients such as boogers and cum. And then she made sure that she did have two very pink dog bowls. Astrid then put the stuff away so Tristan wouldn't see it when he came home. After that she dressed up, found a bright pink collar and a matching pair of stockings, as well as a too small cage for his prick, even in non-aroused state, making sure that he would have a slight pain all the time.

Oh, and of course a pair of her own soaked panties, the very ones she'd been wearing all day. The smell of them made her gag. She then decked the table for two, and started to prepare a lovely dinner for two. When Tristan got home, the little apartment smelled amazing.

Weird sounds were coming from the kitchen however. He took off his shoes and his jacket, and the look he saw when he got into the living room made him blush wildly. He hadn't seen any of these things before, but he guessed the intent and decided to give in to it, not actually being against it anyway.

As he got the things on, wincing a bit as he closed the cage and left the key, the sounds from the kitchen continued. He was getting a little worried, because it was not like her to moan that loud, and to be frank he was getting a little scared she was or had hurt herself. He heard her whimper, and that was the final straw. Still pulling the panties up, he stormed towards the kitchen, but what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks.

There she was, Astrid, getting pumped into by a big silverback wolf, closer to her own age, and his dick and especially knot was so much bigger than his. He yelped as he felt the pain from his crotch as the blood started streaming to his cock.

When Astridheard him yelp, she turned her head towards him, and smiled slightly, though it was a smile with no love left in it. "Oh look, it's the puppyslut. Good job, you even found your clothes and your collar all by yourself!" the tone in her voice was mean, and she sounded even younger than usual.

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She turned her face back to the wolf, and pulled his head down so she could kiss him. It was a deep kiss, tongue and everything. The wolf didn't quite knot her, but he did cum in her. A lot. He then pulled out, and she stayed bent over the table. "Come on slut, clean it up." She commanded, and as soon as he was done she got up. She then went to get the first of his treats and put one of the chocolate cakes into one of his bowls.

After that she found a bottle with still lukewarm piss in it, which she poured into his other bowl. "There you go slutdog, that's your dinner!" She placed the bowls on the floor so her new slut could eat his dinner, and then she found the beautifully cooked steaks and the add-ons. The Irish Wolfhound and the big wolf smiled at each other, and laughed at Tristan as he started licking at the pee, and winced again.

"Come on! Eat up you dumb bitch. If you don't eat it, you just won't get any dinner!" The wolf snarled at him, before he looked at Astrid, with a horny smile. He was clearly turned on by seeing his new brooding bitch dominate this stupid German shepherd. The floppy eared shepherd ate up, gagged often, especially as he drank the piss.

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The wolf stared at him, not quite sure how this bad excuse for a man had managed to land this wonderful wolfhound. After Tristan finished up the chocolate cake with the extra taste of dog poop, Astrid got up and got him some scrambled eggs as well.

She made sure to pour lots of pee over it, after which she spit into the bowl a few time too. As they watched him eat that, Astrid and her new friend shared an ice cream dessert that Angel had bought a few days before for their movie night. Tristan had made sure to pick out her favorite ice cream, and now she was sharing it with someone else! That made him whine quietly.

As all three of them finished up, she found the last treat for the night. The dog-treats with added stuff. She made him do tricks, such as roll around, play dead and of course "lick the doggycock on the guy I'll go fuck now". After each trick, she gave him a treat. Afterwards, when free entrance czech open air sex party authentic swingers doggy cock was all the way out of the sheath, she took the paw of the big muscular wolf, and pulled him with her into the room she usually shared with Angel.

Today however, there would be no Tristan in that room, just a few horny canines romping away. The first sounds coming from the room was a slurping sound, and then it was followed by a gagging, that after a few minutes ended in what sounded like someone vomiting.

The shepherd backed into a corner, and tried to hide. But when the wolfhound came out of the room and grabbed his collar, he had to follow. As he came in there, there busty brunette chick stripping off in her bik an acrid stench, and he saw that his thoughts about vomit had been right. "Clean it up bitch! Now!" Astrid slapped him in the face, before making sure he got everything up, first from the bed and then from the floor, and the crotch of the big wolf.

then he's led out the room again, and the real romping started. Astrid started moaning the moment the big wolf cock found its way into her pussy. He was so much bigger than that small prick that was on her boyfriend.

It was wonderful to be filled out completely. And that was even before the knot. She wanted his pups so bad, and she made sure to tell him several times, and said it loud enough that the slutdog left in the kitchen would be able to clearly hear it. He was also very able to smell what's going on in there, though he didn't dare to go in there.

Astrid orgasmed hard, and as the knot got lodged tightly in her she felt the tip of his cock slightly penetrating her cervix, which made her cum even harder. "YES! FILL ME WITH BABIES!" She yelled so loud that even the neighbours heard it. The two dogs were lodged together for about 10 minutes. 10 minutes spent kissing and relaxing and talking about how the pups would look.

Astrid knew that she was on the height of her ovulation, and that there was a very big chance she'd get small pups in a while.

After his knot shrank enough, Astrid made sure to dry off his cock with the duvet that belonged to the slutdog, and then she dried herself off as well. Then she watched the wolf dress himself, and said goodbye, with a long kiss at the end. Prologue: A few months later, the pair, with 16 years of difference in age, were standing in that same apartment, but now they had a few additions to the family.

From the coloring of the pelt and their building, it was easy to see that the 3 pups had not come from the shepherd. They looked a lot like their mother and her - now regular - fuck buddy. But as she still loved the shepherd, and he had gotten addicted to her, and loved he as well, he accepted that she was his mistress and that was it. He watched over the pups as if they were his own. Silent asian teen got punished with a dick of justice had never gotten to cum in her again.

She used him as a cuddle-buddy, and as a cleaner of pussies and cocks, and the occasional piss or vomit, but the cage stayed on. Still too small. He hadn't gotten off for months, and he was going crazy.