Sexy best friends making out in their bedroom

Sexy best friends making out in their bedroom
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CHAPTER THIRTEEN 4TH MONDAY It's Monday and Mike is pulling out of the yard on Kingsway in POCO with a load for Sicamous. He'll drop it there for another truck from Calgary to pick it up and he will hook onto the other fellow's load, a long box, to bring back to POCO. He pulls out around ten and drives east along the Fraser. It's a clear day and the sun tries to invade his large dark cavern of a cab.

The diesel purrs as he rolls along through the relatively flat valley countryside. He thumbs his cell phone and speaks briefly with Marlene, telling her he'll be in late tonight. She sounds happy and contented again.

Next he dials Trudy's number but there is no answer. He decides to swing over to Abbotsford and the freeway out to Laidlaw. Maybe she's at the truck stop.

At eleven twenty he pulls into the yard at Laidlaw and parks. He sees Trudy's little compact Sprint parked by the back door and smiles. As he nears the front doors she bursts out and down the step.

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"Mike, good morning." She runs into his arms for a kiss. "Did you get any more information yesterday?" "I told you I wouldn't go back down to POCO till you could go with me. I stayed home yesterday. A guy needs a day of rest, you know." "Did I tucker you out, Sweetie?" Suddenly she gives him a black look. "Or did Marlene sexy masseuse with tiny mangos hardcore and massage Nina screw your ass off?" "Aren't you working today?

Tonight I mean. What are you doing here?" "I just came back from Chilliwack and stopped for coffee. and to give my notice. I'm moving. The Husky in Sardis is where I'll be working after next week." "When are you moving?" "As soon as you can get a day free to move me." She grins as he orders coffee.

"Maybe later in the week. You've checked on the schools for Crystal?" "I checked in Chilliwack but I haven't seen them in Hope yet. I'm going there after lunch. You going to have lunch with me?" "I don't really have time. Got to meet another truck at Sicamous and bring back his load. I'll stop on my way back through tonight." "Shall I tell the boss I won't be in tonight?" She has a mischievous look in her eye.

"The worst he can do is fire me." "Better not. This will be a quick and boring trip." "I could liven it up for you." She rolls her pretty eyes and bats her lashes. Mike grins and thinks about what she's saying. "Well, it's up to you." "I'll run home and pack a picnic lunch for us. Then I'll call the baby sitter while I wait for amateur teen gets fucked on real homemade She goes back behind the counter and he hears arguing faintly in the back office.

When she comes back out she's laughing and waves as she heads for the door. "See you at the house." He watches her red Sprint head out the highway for Hope. He finishes his coffee then checks tires and brakes before rolling out of the yard heading east. When he pulls along the shoulder in front of her place, she waves out the window at him.

He can see she's on the phone so he climbs down to help her with the lunch. He crosses the road and walks up the drive. She's just locking the door so he picks up the hamper and peeks into it under the cover: Chicken and a salad and a pair of panties. He grins. She runs ahead of him and is partway up into the cab when he gets there.

He passes up the hamper of food and gets an eyeful of pink bottom and curly hair as he climbs behind her. She goes over his seat and stops on the console. "Where we stopping for lunch?" He pulls onto the black top and starts for the highway. "Whenever your hungry.

We don't have to stop, we could eat as I drive." "When I get hungry it won't necessarily be for food," is her comeback. "We don't have time for that. Maybe on our way home." They follow the highway up into the Coquihalla. This time it's straight to Merrit on five then Kamloops to Sicamous. The diesel blows black smoke as they climb the long grade for the summit.

He figures they'll make Sicamous by six. Should be home by midnight, unless they make a stop. "When're you going to see the school in Hope about Crystal?" "Tomorrow, I guess." "If I have another run this week it may be the weekend before I can help you move.

Maybe we better set a date. How about next Sunday?" "Okay, I'll get a U-Haul trailer. Can you tow one with your Mustang?" "You'll have to get a strap on ball when you get it. I don't have any hitch on it. Get the smallest trailer that will handle all your stuff and let me load it.

We'll have pretty babe india summer in hot threesome anal sex with teen bella keep it light on the hitch." "I don't have all that much stuff, but there is two of us.

Won't it be great living just girl pissing on food and eating it an hour apart?" "I can hardly wait." "Was that sarcasm I heard in your voice?" Mike just grins and gears down for a sudden rise then quickly gears back up as the road levels again.

It's a long steady climb from Hope to the summit with miles and miles to go. "You going to dig out some of that chicken soon?" "Hungry?" "I could eat anytime.

Did you bring coffee?" "Yep. A whole thermos fixed just the way you like it." "Maybe just a coffee for now then" "Coming right up." She winks and says; "You should see what else we have on the menu for you today, sir." Mike laughs and says, "Just coffee for now, thanks." She hands him a cup and pours one for herself. She leans back with her head near his and watches him steer with one hand while drinking coffee with the other. He spots a rise in the road and puts his coffee on the console by her hip as he prepares to gear down.

She pulls it back against her pelvis and says, "I'll keep it hot for you." Mike is busy shifting and shakes his head with a grin at her comment. As the road levels out again he glances towards the cup and she says, "Come and get it." He watches the road then quickly reaches for the cup but she moves it a few inches before he can take it.

He feels around and looks her way as his hand encounters her crotch. She presses herself against his hand as she hands him the coffee. "Like it?" is her query.

"Mmmm, yes. It's good coffee." "I don't mean the coffee, you idiot!" Mike just chuckles as he sips again. By the time they finish their coffee he's nearing the summit.

He pulls in with the tires squashing furrows in the fresh slush and snow. They're at the brake check area. "You might as well sit tight. I'm just going to check the brakes." He pulls the door handle and it pops open a few inches.

"Brrrr, it's cold. Do you see a washroom?" "There's one just behind us. You can see it in the mirror." He points to the far mirror and she looks. It's a roadside outhouse provided by the Parks Department for tourists' use. She climbs down behind him and runs to the convenience. Mike checks brakes and waits for her. She comes running back and swoops up some snow on her way to pelt him with a snowball.

She laughs and says, "Have you ever heard the one about the Man from Nantucket? It's written on the walls in there." He catches her in his arms and carries her back to the cab where he deposits her onto the ladder. "I don't think I have. Tell me more." "There once was a man from Nantucket, had a cock so long he could." "I heard it!" He follows her bare ass into the cab.

"It's a. oh, what do you call it, a funny little rhyme. I used to know lots of them. You probably heard the one about the lady from New Zealand?" "No. Tell me." Mike pulls the truck into gear and they roll ahead starting the long downgrade to Merrit. "It seems that there once was a lady from New Zealand, who got put in jail for stealing. She laid on her back, opened her crack and pissed all over the ceiling." Trudy laughs with Mike and cackles, "I think I like the one about the man from Nantucket better.

Do you know any more?" "Can't think of any right now. I could sing you a few verses of North Atlantic Squadron. That would tickle your fancy." "Oh, I know a few verses of that." She starts to sing, "In Montreal, in Montreal, they line the girls against the wall." Mike joins in and they sing the dirty song for miles as the snow peters out and the pavement becomes dryer and dryer.

Finally neither of them can think of any more verses and Mike comments, "Trudy, I'm shocked. Where did you ever learn that song?" "My husband was in the Military and so was my Dad. I remember when I was little laying in bed at night and hearing them partying and singing. I knew the words to North Atlantic Squadron before I knew what they meant. You should have seen the look on my mother's face when she caught me singing that one afternoon in my bedroom.

She was shocked and my Dad gave me hell that night." She breaks up laughing and Mike joins her. As she settles down she reaches into the hamper and breaks off a drumstick. She hands it to Mike and says, "Eat up and I'll give you a slice of bread to get the grease off your fingers. or I could lick them for you?" She watches him with relish as he grins then digs into the leg with his teeth. When he finishes it and hands her the bones she says, "Do you want more or some bread?" "A slice of bread, please." "No slices when I'm around.

Here." She breaks a chunk off a round loaf of sourdough. He wipes the grease off his fingers on the bread and eats it. He finishes by licking his fingers. "Hey, I was going to do that!" she exclaims. She proffers a spoon loaded with potato salad and says, "Now open up, baby, here comes some good stuff." She spoon feeds him salad and enjoys some herself until he says enough.

"Now, would you like more coffee .or me?" "The coffee sounds good .for now." The coffee lasts till they're into Merrit. They drive straight through and head for Kamloops. By four they are pulling into the scales just west of Kamloops. As they pull out and head through the city on the bypass, Trudy pours coffee again.

"Do you want more to tori black xxx full sex stories, Mike?" "Not now. Is there quite a bit left?" "Enough for supper, I guess." "Let's clean it up at the Husky in Sicamous. If it's still nice there, we can use the picnic tables or if it's raining we can use the sleeper." "That sounds great.

When are we going to be able to interview Mr. Harrison? We should get to it as soon as we can." "Your right. I also have to see the Staff Sgt. in POCO. He's got some information I want to know. For instance, why haven't they been holding Scanlon for the murder?

Surely they have as good a case against him as they have on Ray. And that's the other thing I want them to explain. What do they have on Ray?" They talk about the case out through Monte Creek and on to Salmon Arm.

By five forty five they arrive at the Husky. Mike spots the Calgary truck sitting by the service center and pulls over nearby. He sees two trailers sitting behind the center, but the numbers on one matches the trailer he's to pick up. He climbs down and calls to a driver coming out of the open bay door.

"Hi, Murray. Got your load. Want me to drop it here?" The other driver nods as he walks over to join him. He glances up and grins. Mike looks back and sees Trudy backing down the ladder from the truck. Her bare ass bobs up and down as she descends. He hears a low wolf whistle from the other man and Trudy must as well, as she spins around when she hits the ground. "I'm going to the can, Mike. I'll see you inside.

I'm getting the thermos refilled." She takes off for the cafe. Mike just grins at the other driver. "Did I see what I thought I just saw?" "That's my swamper." "Yeah, right." Mike cranks down the dollies and pulls the pin.

He climbs up between the trailer and cab to remove the air lines. He swings around into the cab and gently pulls ahead then away and parks. He jumps down with the bills in hand. "She's all yours. Checked the brakes on the Coquihalla at the summit. Only needed a turn or two. You got the paper on that one?" "It's in the pouch.

I was going to take the other one if you hadn't showed up in time but I'll take this one now. Another of our trucks is on his way for that one. Have you called dispatch?" "Not yet. I was going to call from inside and save my cell phone. You been here long?" "About an hour. Got a small oil leak so we checked it out inside but it's not bad enough to have them fix it here. CPX doesn't want repairs done on the road if we can get her home.

You know that." "Yeah, I hear the same song and dance whenever I have a breakdown. Coming in for coffee?" "No, I want to hit the road and get this thing home early. See you later, Mike. You see any more swampers around like yours, tell them I'm looking for one." They slap each other on the backs and part as Mike heads inside. He finds Trudy arguing with the girl at the till. ".in Laidlaw we only count this as two cups, it doesn't matter how much coffee it takes!" "This ain't Laidlaw, honey, and it took four large cups to fill that sex in the serbian reality show parovi serbia. Are randy and arousing sex games hardcore and reality going to pay or do I call my boss?" "Mike, tell her how much coffee costs.

I got to run to the can." She bounces a bit and runs around the corner. Mike pays for the coffee and she smiles. "Where'd you find that spitfire, Mike?" "Easy, we're close," he cautions her. "Sorry, Mike. I didn't know. She your old lady?" "No, but just as close." "Oh.

Don't see much of you anymore. Where you been keeping yourself?" "I've been around. You've just missed me." "Yeah, guess that must be it." She goes back to wait on a customer. In a moment Trudy comes out and he says, "Let's get hooked up here then we'll have supper." She follows him out to the truck. She waves at the other one pulling out then says, "Here comes another one, Mike.

Is he from Calgary, too." The other rig bob tails into the yard tooting his air horn at the one pulling out to the scales.

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They wave and he drives in along side of Mike. For a moment he's busy talking on the CB then he jumps down and says, "Murray says I have to meet your swamper." He tips his cap to Trudy with a grin. "Jack, this is Trudy. Yes, Trudy, he's from Calgary and his name is Jack." "Wow! Our swampers in Calgary aren't built like yours down on the coast. How do I get me one of these?" He gazes down at Trudy's chest. Trudy pipes up and says, "I grew mine." She grins as he turns red and Mike breaks up laughing.

Trudy just swings around and heads for the ladder.

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Mike calls out, "You can stay here and watch me hook up. We're not going anywhere until after supper." But she looks back with a wicked grin and starts to climb the ladder.

Jack's eyes get big and he looks at Mike then they both start laughing as she wiggles her tail end and disappears into the cab. "Sheeeeiit!" says Jack and scratches his head. Mike shakes his as he goes to join her. Trudy is not in sight. She's gone back into the sleeper. Mike swings the tractor around and backs up to his trailer. When he has it all hooked up he pulls it ahead and off to one side of the lot near the picnic tables.

He calls to Trudy, "I'm all hooked up and ready to go. Let's eat." She pokes her head through the curtain and says, "I've decided it's too cool to eat out there. Come and get it." He pulls back the curtain as he heels one work boot against the other to remove it. He goes to reach down to remove the other when he notices her reclining on the bunk buck naked. He pulls off the other boot and frisky stunner gets cumshot on her face sucking all the love juice back into the sleeper.

He goes to kiss her and she says, "Eat first! Now, behave yourself. That can wait." After they've ate and filled their other needs, it's time to head west again. Trudy pushes open the curtain a ways and watches Mike as she lies on the bunk. She also watches the scenery flow by. When they've passed through Kamloops and the weigh scales, she comes out to join him. It's getting dark so she perches by his elbow on the console in the cowboy hat with her bare feet up against the windshield.

Mike tries to keep his mind on his driving and his eyes on the road. He changes stations on the radio but can't get anything he likes so he puts in a tape of soft music. Soon she curls up her legs and goes to sleep. It's a starry night as he pulls in to check his brakes at the summit.

He pulls out for Hope and she hasn't stirred. The girl at the tollbooth had looked up to him as he submitted his ticket then done a double take as she noted the edge of Trudy's form in the dark cab. She probably thought she was seeing things, he thinks.

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The big diesel eats up the miles on the long downgrade and they are approaching Hope before midnight. Mike puts his hand on Trudy's hip and gently shakes her. "Soon be home, love. Better get yourself around." She opens her eyes and smiles sleepily at him then stretches and slides over into his lap.

Mike hit's the brakes and says, "Hey, you want to get us killed?" He brakes again and pulls over into a wide paved pullout, and lets the truck coast to a stop near the end of it with small jabs on the air brakes.

"Now, what are you trying to do? You can't be horny again already?" "I'll never get enough of you, Mike. Please make love to me again here in your big old truck.

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Right here in your seat of power." "Is this one of your sex fantasy things?" "Don't talk! Love me!" She throws her arms around his neck and he feels the urge to do her bidding. Later he let's her out at her place and says he'll call her if he can move her before the weekend, but not to expect it. With hamper in hand she waves and blows him kisses as he heads back to the freeway. It's two in the morning when he finally leaves the CPX yard in POCO and heads for home.

He gets in around three and tiptoes for a shower then to bed. Marlene snuggles up to him in her sleep as he falls off to sleep himself.