Lesbian jail touching your hottest buddy for the first time

Lesbian jail touching your hottest buddy for the first time
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John and Becky had an amazing sex life. Nothing was off limits and they were always trying different positions. John had only fucked 2 other women before, but Becky was a bit of a horny slut, and any cock she could get, she would have.

Nothing stopped her. She had lost count the amount of guys she had had since she lost her virginity 4 years ago. John found Becky quite wild, and he had to admit it, some of the things she was into he found a little scary. But most of it he was cool with, and didn't have a problem with being introduced to new and exciting things. They had known each other through mutual friends for about a year before they started dating.

The first time anything sexual had happened between John and Becky, they had spent the evening with their friends in the pub.

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After a few lagers, he noticed how hot she looked, and how cute her mouth looked as she sucked her vodka and coke through a straw.

He couldn't stop staring at her mouth, and soon realised he wanted to kiss her. He began flirting with her, just a little at first, but soon he was practically begging for her, and he longed to touch her. He didn't realise that she would soon be touching him, in all the right places it would seem.

John left the pub, and started to stagger back to his parents house. He had got about 100 yards up the road, when he heard someone calling his name, and footsteps running up behind him. He turned and there she was; this beautiful woman he had wanted all evening, lit up by the moonlight. She finally caught up with him, a little out of breath. Her chest heaved under her t-shirt, which turned him on.

'So, you spend all evening flirting with me, and then you don't even say goodbye?' Becky question him. This took him back a little, and he replied 'Sorry, I thought you had left already.' 'Yeah well, her I am, and now you can make it up to me.' she said, with a twinkle in her eye, and with that she pulled him towards her and pressed her lips to his, darting her tongue in and out of his mouth.

He instantly became hard, which she felt against her thigh. 'Fuck,' he muttered under his breath. 'Don't mind if I do,' She said, and ran into a nearby ally way, beckoning him to follow her. He did this, and she from throat to ace fuck hardcore and blowjob him against the wall and kissed him again.

Harder and more passionate. God, she made his cock ache for her. He couldn't believe his luck, that he, a geeky computer engineer had managed to get his hands on the hot body of a dancer. She dropped to her knees, and looked up at him longingly. In one swift movement, she had unbuttoned his jeans, and fished his hard cock out of his boxers.

She looked at it for a while, just teasing him with her fingertips. It was almost too much for him to bear, he just wanted to shove his meat in her mouth. He began moaning, and she obviously got the hint, and she started licking his hard length, her tongue flicking over the head of his erect penis.

Soon, she got into a rhythm and the sight of her head bobbing up and down on his cock was an amazing one for him. He could hear people coming up the ally, getting closer to them. He whispered to her that perhaps they should go back to his house and carry on, but she didn't stop sucking on his cock.

He was thankful they were hidden in the shadows as the people walked past.

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He realised he found it a massive turn on, the fact that these people had been about 2 feet away, and had no idea what was going on.

They could have been caught at any moment. Becky could sense he was about to cum. She wanted to feel his smooth sticky mess slide down her throat, so she started massaging his balls as well as licking and sucking his large member.

John couldn't contain himself anymore, and let himself go. It felt amazing for both of them, as lashings of his hot cum shot out into her mouth. She licked him clean, pulled away, got up off her knees, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

With that she walked off, into the night. John couldn't believe what they had just done. He stood for a moment thinking about it, then suddenly realised he was stood in a dark ally on a freezing cold night, still with his jeans and pants round his ankles. He pulled them up, ran home, still horny over what had happened just a few minutes ago. - John and Becky had been dating for about a month, when she invited him over to her flat.

She had planned to cook dinner for him, and her flat mate Sarah. Her flat was small, but in a nice part of town. They stood talking in the kitchen which joined onto the living room. They could hear her flat mate watching mom cory chase bangs with lily rader and her bf. Becky whispered in john's ear that she was horny.

This didn't surprise John. If there was one thing he had learnt about Becky over the past few weeks, it was that Becky was usually always horny, and she could always turn something mundane into something sexual. She hoisted herself up onto the work surface, and spread her legs a little.

John could see she was wearing no knickers, which instantly gave him a hard-on. She could see xxx story sexy vf new sex stories 2019 rock hard cock through the material of his trousers, and she pulled him towards her. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her tenderly at first, then harder and more passionate, as if he couldn't get enough of her. 'Shall we go to your room?' he whispered.

She replied with a shake of her head, and slowly unzipped his flies. She reached in for his cock, and he let out a moan. She stroked him for a while, and then she inched further to the edge of the worktop.

Becky guided John's cock to her tight vagina. As he pushed inside of her, she gasped for breath. He started to pound her sweet pussy, trying not to make too much noise because of her flatmate. Sarah, Becky's flatmate yelled out 'do you need a hand in there?' 'Urghhh, no its fine.' replied Becky, trying to sound normal.

From the angle he was fucking her, Becky knew she was close to cumming. 'I want to taste your cum.' John said to her, and he pulled his cock out and bent down to lick and nibble at her pussy. The feel of his warm breath against her, and the touch of his rough tongue made her even wetter, and within seconds she was cumming. He lapped at her pussy, and drank down her cum. It tasted sweet, just as he imagined it would. He stood up, put his cock back in his trousers, lifted Becky down, kissed her, and questioningly said 'dessert?' With this, she took his hand and led him to her bedroom for a damn good fucking.

Passing through the living room she said to Sarah 'dinner will be late.'. - One weekend, John and Becky decided to go for a walk in the local woods. John could never forget the first time Becky had given him head, down that dark ally one night. He had always wanted to repay her the favour some how, and he decided that today was the day, and he would take whatever opportunity he could get.

As they wandered around the woods, the sun which had been bright and warm in the morning, was fading, and big black clouds started to appear in the sky. Before long fat raindrops started falling. They took shelter under a tree, but still got dripped on. John peered through the trees and could see some sort of hut a few metres away.

John ran through the woods, and Becky followed. He reached the hut, and sat down inside, catching his breath. He looked up at Becky as she wondered in. Her t-shirt was soaked through, and he could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard, showing fucking on the bedroom floor bubble butt and doggystyle her top. Her white t-shirt had gone near enough see through. Damn she was sexy, and she made him hard.

He pushed her towards the wall, and pinned her there, facing away from him. He started kissing her neck, hard and rough, biting her and nibbling her ears. Becky was getting turned on by now, surprised as this was a side of John she had never seen before. But she liked it. A lot. She didn't know what had come over him to act like this, but she mia khalifa porn sex mp3 download wasn't complaining.

She reached behind her, trying to feel his cock underneath his clothes, but he pushed her hand away. He yanked down her shorts and thong, bent her over slightly and pushed his hardness into her arsehole. She yelped in pain, but he took no notice, banging into her, again and again, pushing and driving his cock in deeper and deeper with each thrust.

His throbbing cock filled her hole, and she felt like he was going to split her in two. He had given her no chance to warm up, just gone right on in there. His balls were slapping against her bum, and the sound was turning her on even more. John reached around and grabbed one of Becky's boobs.

He pinched at her nipple under her top, his thumb tracing the outline of her hard flesh. He then moved his hand down further, grazing over her toned stomach, finding her clit. He teased her for a while, then pushed a finger into her. Their moans became louder and louder, until neither could take it no more. Another finger in and she instantly came, arching her back and pushing her tits forward.

This was all it took for him to be pushed over the edge. He filled her pert bottom with his hot liquid.

They waited in this position for a while, let themselves get their breath back. Then he pulled out of her, and she could feel a warm trail of cum make it way between her arse cheeks. He spanked her lightly on the bum, kissed her head and said 'that was pay back, my love.' - One evening, Becky and John decided to go for a meal.

As they were leaving the restaurant, Becky had an idea. 'Lets go for a drive.' she suggested. 'Sure,' replied John, 'where to? What did you have in mind babe?' 'I'll drive, I know somewhere nice we can go to,' Becky linda lovelace harry reems dolly sharp in classic porn clip theclassicporn and vintage with a twinkle in her eye.

They got into the car, drove for about half an hour down some country lanes, and finally she switched the engine off once they where in the corner of a car park. 'Errmm, what are we doing here?' John asked. 'Relax baby, we're just gunna have a bit of fun.' As they sat in the car a while longer, their eyes adjusted to the dark, and John could make out other cars in the car park.

To him it looked like some people were on the bonnets of their cars, and some of the cars we're moving. He decided the darkness and the wind was playing tricks on him. He didn't think Becky would bring him to a dogging spot, would she? 'So what do ya think?' She asked. 'I ermm, I'm not sure what to think, to be honest.' John replied.

'Hey, we don't have to do anything, can just watch for a bit if you want.' Becky said, 'But I think once we started, you would love it.' John had to admit, it did turn him on quite a lot, knowing that others were having sex just a few metres away from them.

Fuck it, he thought, what did he have to loose. He could try it, and if he didn't like it, he wouldn't have to do it again. He looked at Becky, looked down to her tits, further down to where her pussy was hiding underneath her skirt, and finally, his eyes rested on his raging hard-on.

Jesus, he didn't realise he had got that hard! Becky undid his trousers, and took a hold of his cock. She tugged on him for a while, turning him on so much. They got out the car, she perched on the edge of the bonnet, her legs apart. He bent down and started licking at her slit. He could taste her sweet juices as they dribbled out of her. He straightened up again, kissing her, and slid his cock deep into her. He got so turned on hearing the other people nearby fucking.

One couple were being particularly vocal, and didn't seem to have any inhabitions at all. Becky was gasping, and trying to contain her excitement.

'Cum for me baby,' John urged her. 'I'm so close,' she replied, in between deep breaths. It was no use, she needed to cum, and it needed to be soon. She let herself succumb to John's pounding, and what she was witnessing that was going on around her.

She took a deep breath, and buckled, letting out moans of pleasure of she felt the wave of orgasm envelope her. Although John was extremely turned on, he knew he wouldn't cum tonight. Not in this situation. It just wasn't really him, being this open about sex.

He wasn't completely comfortable here, not like this. But he was just glad Becky had been able to enjoy herself, and live out one of her fantasies which she had told him about before.

- For John's birthday, Becky took him away for the weekend. No where exotic, just to the Isle of Wight, but nevertheless, it was good to get away and spend quality time together. John usually got sea sick, so Becky decided to take his mind off the travelling. She told him she was going to the loo, and that he should follow her, and join her in there. No sooner had he walked into the bathroom, she pounced. He slammed him up against the wall, jumped up on him, and wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him hard all the while.

His cock went from flaccid, to a full blown hard on in seconds. She could feel his cock pressing against her as she tried to make herself comfy while balancing one foot on the bathroom sink. Her short skirt had ridden up to her waist, and her pink pussy was on show. He pulled his trousers down with one hand, whilst his other was around Becky's waist, supporting her. He gently lifted her a bit, and then slowly lowered her down onto his stiffness. Her sharp intake of breath was all that he needed to hear from her to know he was hitting the right spot as he moved inside of her.

He was banging into her hard, desperate to release his sperm deep in her tight wet pussy. He could feel her muscles closing in around him, gripping him more, as if pulling him in further. It was no use, he couldn't hold back any more. He released his load into her, moaning into her neck as he did so.

That was all it took, and the feel of him cumming in her tipped Becky over the edge. She shuddered to orgasm, and bit into his shoulder because she couldn't contain herself. As they panted together and caught their breath, someone knocked on the door. 'Just thought you might blonde girl jenny have sex in public in exchange for a video camera to know we are docking now, madam' said the voice from the other side of the door.

John and Becky quickly got their things together, straightened themselves up, and made sure they looked presentable. 'I think you cured my sea sickness,' said John, with a wink.

- One evening Becky had started talking about how good looking she found John's brother Rob, as well as his girlfriend Claire. John had to agree doctor xxx movies in hospital her that Claire was a very good looking woman.

So Becky suggested they have sex together, swapping partners. John wasn't so sure though, after all, this was his brother and his girlfriend they were talking about. He brushed Becky's comments aside, and changed the subject any other time she tried to bring it up. - One Sunday morning John was woken by Becky sucking on his cock.

He found this a massive turn on, and became even harder than she had already made him. She spent a while circling the tip of his cock with her tongue, and using her hands too. He could feel the loose strands of her hair tickling him. He was being turned on so much. Soon, she moved up and started kissing him.

Then Becky straddled him, and slowly sat on his erect penis, inching her way down onto him, while he pushed into her tight pussy. She started to rock back and forth on his cock. He could feel her getting wetter, and speeding up.

Suddenly, Becky stopped and listened. 'I can hear Rob and Claire fucking' she said to her boyfriend. 'I don't wanna know.' said John, 'Don't worry about them, carry on with me baby.' 'Lets have a contest,' Becky said. 'To see who can fuck the longest, and cum the loudest.' John wasn't too convinced, but reasoned he had nothing to loose; after all, he loved the sound of people fucking and cumming.

Becky started riding on his big cock once again, this time picking up more speed and becoming louder. Letting frist time fucking vedifree download of his inhibitions, John started being more vocal too.

'Fuck me bitch, yeh fuck me hard. You like my cock don't you, you love my cock deep in you.,' he muttered. John started to slap her arse a little, and she leant down so her tits were just in reach of his tongue. He started flicking his tongue over her nipples, making them hard. He sucked on them, which made his cock grow even harder.

He could tell she enjoyed this, as she let out loud moans. In the room next door they could hear Rob and Claire having sex.

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It sounded like he was doing her from any bunny mobi busty forced they could hear his balls slap against her ass. They were moaning loudly, their breathing heavy. Sometimes they could hear Claire saying she wanted him in her further, deeper and harder. All of a sudden, John and Becky could hear another noise, coming from John's parents room.

They realised his parents Jean and Frank were also having sex. Jean was being particularly vocal, not caring her sons and their girlfriends could hear her. This turned Becky on so much, she accidentally called John, by his mum's name.

By this time John had flipped her over, and was fucking her bum. He slapped her bum and she winced a little, but he knew she enjoyed it really. She was getting close to cumming, and they could both tell that Rob and Claire, and Jean and Frank were all nearing the finishing point too.

Jean let out a scream, and Frank a deep long moan as his thick sticky spunk spurted deep inside her. Claire was breathing heavily, and Rob let out a short gasp as he unleashed his juices inside of her. This was all it took for John to let go, filling Becky's bum with his cum. Hearing the other 5 people in the house cumming, pretty much all at the same time was enough to tip Becky over the edge, who shuddered to orgasm. - An hour later, they were all sat around the dinning room table eating breakfast together, none of them bringing up the subject of what had happened earlier, but all of them secretly hoping it would happen again.