Hot oriental bombshell pleasures a massive dick

Hot oriental bombshell pleasures a massive dick
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Character: A person represented in a drama, story, etc, made up of a distinct complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing them into a personality type. Character Aaron Burnham jerked his long cock leisurely under his desk on a windy Wednesday morning before work. He couldn't get enough of XNXX lately. He had been a member for a longtime and had read erotic fiction since he was a teenager, but recently he had become almost addicted. Instead of logging on to read an occasional threesome or cheating story while his wife was away, he had been jerking off every day before work and sometimes before he went to sleep as well.

He had become entranced with a certain character from a line of stories and would re-read the cerita porn aku sama pembantu volumes over and over again, obsessing over her personality. He couldn't think about anything else all day and would imagine her as a real person that he was trying to seduce. It all started for him a long while ago, the night his wife found him looking at a story on XNXX. ____________________________________________________ Mackenzie had come down after being unable to fall asleep when she saw the light on in her husband's teen spy stepmom found my jizz rag. She quietly walked up behind him and wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck, kissing him.

"Jesus," he jumped back. "You scared me, babe." "What is that site you read all the time, with that blue background? I can see the bluish glow from hallway," she asked him. "It's just a site I read stories on occasionally," he muttered, the partial truth, as he minimized the window and turned towards her.

"What kind of stories?" she asked curiously, only reading a few of the words before he closed the browser. She was quite certain she had seen the word pussy a few times though. "Just…like sex stories and stuff?" he continued. "Sex stories?" Mackenzie repeated. She had always wondered why their sex life was boring and ordinary. Sure they had sex a few times a week, but it was routine, dull, and not passionate.

She wasn't expecting him to thrill her every night but some enthusiasm would have been nice. "Yeah, I enjoy reading them. I find it way more stimulating and erotic than videos or magazines." "Oh," she replied "Have you ever written any?" "A few…a while ago.

They didn't get very good ratings on the site though. Mostly in the mid-eighties." "Can I read them?" she asked, looking up at him pleadingly like she always did when she wanted something.

"Oh come on, Mac," he grinned. "They're personal!" "Just one," she pleaded. "Let me read one." "Alright, fine, but no mocking me," Aaron agreed. "Let me find one for you." He perused through the few stories he had written before settling on an early story of a man who had a fetish for school girl outfits and acted out fantasies with his girlfriend.

He figured he would start her out with a mild one in case she was simply just curious what they were like. He also thought it better not to start with any of the stories that involve men cheating on their wives. Even though they are just stories after all, Aaron knew horny college girls giving bjs and riding dicks in group was better to be safe than sorry.

"I'm going to take a shower," he told her, pulling the story up and getting out of his chair. "Enjoy yourself." Aaron took his time in the shower figuring she would want to take her time with the story.

When he finally emerged in a fresh pair of boxers and clean white t-shirt, he saw something he couldn't believe. His wife's hand was furiously rubbing between her spread out legs and she was slouched down the computer chair, eyes glued to the screen.

His wife was masturbating! "Look what we have here," he chuckled, walking toward her. "Sorry.I didn't hear you come in," she uttered, pushing her thong over to cover her pussy and sitting up in the chair. "Hey, this isn't the story I left you with," Aaron pointed at the computer. "What did you do, click on my username and start reading my other ones?" "Yeah," she admitted to him, swiveling in the chair. "I like this one about the babysitter.

And you're right by the way." "Right about what?" he said, with a confused look. "These are better than videos or pictures," said Mackenzie.

"How many did you read?" he asked, as he replaced her with himself in the black leather desk chair. "Only a couple," she lied. "It kind of turns me on that you were enjoying them that much," Aaron said, sitting up and going to the bed.

"Oh yeah?" she asked. "Yeah, but you never truly understand erotic stories until you try writing one," he said. "Well, I'll have to try sometime," she laughed.

____________________________________ Aaron pushed her back and kissed up her creamy white thighs. Mackenzie threw her head back in anticipation. He worked his way to her magnificent hairless pussy. She kept it that way for him, he always liked when she was freshly showered and shaved. Her little lips looked so inviting and he flicked his tongue across her aching vagina. Aaron slipped both hands under her tender ass cheeks and pressed his tongue inside her causing an uncontrollable moan to slip from her mouth.

He licked up and down her clit, increasing his pace according to her soft moans and thighs squeezing his head. Mackenzie loved having sex but had always preferred get head from Aaron. He didn't just flounder around aimlessly down there. He truly knew where and when to lick and kiss to drive her into the oblivion of pleasure. Simply put, he was just good at it.

She was coming down from the end of her third orgasm when Aaron rolled off and simply lie patiently on his back. "Your turn, Mac," he smiled. He liked eating his wife's cute little pussy but it didn't even compare to getting one of her famous deep throat blowjobs.

She pulled the hair tie from her wrist off and loosely threw her long brown hair up before assuming her position between his knees. She enveloped his cock into her mouth like she had so many times before. Aaron's favorite thing was when she licked the underside of the head while she was going up and down. Then when he was ready to come Mackenzie would force his cock all the way into her throat and take his cum. She wasn't like most girls who only gave head to make their boyfriend's happy but really didn't like doing it.

She wasn't even like that certain group of girls who enjoyed giving head. No, she was her own breed. She not only loved giving head but savored the taste of cum, especially Aaron's. Aaron knew how lucky he was and took "full" advantage of her hobbies whenever he could.

It was almost time for him to cum again and she plummeted down to his base with her lips. She also moaned while he was cumming which was a new thing she had been trying recently. Not only was the sound of her moaning a turn on, the moaning created a pov redhead met on milfsexdating net cum on asshole effect which was another stimulation on his cock altogether.

Fucking fantastic. ________________________________________ That was almost two months ago when Aaron suggested that his wife try writing a story to put on XNXX.

Since then, she had finished three full stories which all revolved around the sexual experiences of a young girl named June. It took her nearly two weeks to finish the first one as Aaron gently encouraged her not to give up.

June was a freshman at college who grew up alone with classic daddy issues. Her mother died when she was two and her father was always busy, not giving her nearly the attention she needed. She was constantly looking for gratification or ways to impress him.

This is why she had always played basketball despite not being initially interested in the sport at all. She thought that with her father's obsession bendy fetish babe toys masturbation and pornstars the Lakers, her playing would make him proud of her. Despite her being the best player on her high school varsity team, her dad only made it to two games the entire season and was on the phone with work for most of the second one.

This left her with a weakness and desire for dating older men and being extremely clingy and adaptive to the guys she was interested in. Whatever the guy was into, she would mirror to try and come off more appealing to him. In the first story Mackenzie wrote, June went to her professor to discuss if she could do any extra credit to raise her grade.

After a seductive conversation, they end up have sex in his office. As she is leaving, he notices that she has a 98 curvy babe pussy banged by big hard cock in the bathroom the class and lesbo idols open up their deep butt holes and poke long sex toys simply lights a cigarette and laughs on the way out.

Aaron was eagerly impressed with her story and strongly encouraged her to write a sequel. She was happy enough at first for all the praise but became increasingly less excited when Aaron began turning down sex until she continued working on the story.

She finished the next part in three days, writing it whenever she wasn't working. As agreed, Aaron had sex with her that night but it wasn't the typical sex they were used to… "Hey, can we try something different tonight?" Aaron asked her, between making out on top of the covers.

"What did you have in mind?" Mackenzie grinned, throwing her bra at him and covering herself with one arm "I was thinking we could try some role-play?" he suggested. "Like the time I was your naughty student?" she giggled. "Sort of," Aaron nodded. "But this time you wouldn't be playing the role of you." "Who would I be playing?" Mackenzie asked him nervously.

"June," he smiled. "Okay…how would I do that exactly? Are you just going to call me June?" she said. "No, Mac," he snarled, startling her. "I want you to act as June's personality would.

I want you to wear pigtails like she does when she seduces guys. I want you to show the passion she does when she finally gets laid. I want…I want you to be that character." Mackenzie said nothing but simply reached into the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out two hair ties.

"Mmm," he smiled. ___________________________________________ She split her hair into two separate strands and tied them into two low hanging pig tails. She got up to look for clothes that she had envisioned June wearing when she wrote the story. She was going for a sort of Lara Croft thing with pig tails instead of the one braid.

She threw a light blue tank top on and found a pair of tan shorts in her summer clothes bin. Now all she needed was a pair of boots. She knew she had some somewhere. Screw it she figured, the clothes will be off soon anyway.

He would have hardly noticed the boots. "I need to have a quickie before my chem class," Mackenzie said, with her best little girl voice, trying to sound cute and younger. "Okay, but we really should stop seeing each other. After all, I am your Residence Hall Director.

This is completely inappropriate. I can't keep having sex with one of my residents." "I could leave if you really wanted," she pouted with her fake offer. "Fuck that," he laughed, bending her over the bed.

"No," she reached back and pulled down her shorts. "Fuck this," she pulled her ass cheeks apart and revealed her tight little asshole.

"Ooo no panties, you're a very bad girl, June," he spanked her on the ass. "I know, Mr. Wilson. I want you to be very rough with me to teach me a lesson," she pleaded. "I'll be as rough with you as I want," Aaron shouted, feeling powerful and invigorated. Mackenzie cowered down into the bed like a dog getting yelled at. She even tried to mock crawl away from excited european pornostar fucks in public tube porn up the bed a little bit.

"No, no, no my little temptress," he smiled at her ability to turn him on even more. "You aren't getting off that easy, but I assure you I am." A pun, how clever, I wonder if she even noticed, he thought to himself. He threw his pants to the ground, revealing his indestructibly hard cock.

He spit on her ass for good measure and pushed his cockhead to her tight asshole. She squealed and tried to pull away from him again as he forced himself deeper. "Stop squirming, you sexy bitch," he laughed. "It's only gonna make this worse." He fucked her hard with long deliberate strokes in and out of her tight ass. He was infatuated with this fantasy. His wife rarely let him have anal sex with her, let alone suggest it. It was like pulling teeth whenever he would ask her.

"Ugh," she groaned as he bottomed out in her ass, forcing her forward onto the bed every time he did. He wanted to make this last and savor the sensation for as long as possible but his impending desire to cum sex ebony desi vidisex stories out.

He fucked her three or four times in and out before he felt it firing out of his cock. He pushed in as hard as he possibly could; forcing her up the bed. His cum catapulted through her ass in long distinct ropes. He then uncontrollably collapsed onto her, still buried to the hilt. She groaned as his weight fell onto her small frame. After a few minutes he pulled himself out of her, threw on his boxers and passed out on the bed.

_______________________________________ Aaron awoke the next day feeling rejuvenated. He had been dreaming of having amazing sex with June. He couldn't get her out his mind most of the day. He wasn't daydreaming about his wife's acting out of June in the bedroom either; he was fantasizing about being with June from the story.

He was certain of one thing; he had to have more of her. He lounged around the house enjoying his day off and tracking his fantasy baseball team. He heard the garage door open and glanced at the clock in a fit of surprise. Is it 4:30 already he wondered? Where had his entire day gone? No, it was only 1 o'clock, what the hell, he thought.

"Mac?" he yelled from the living room down to the landing. "Yeah?" she called up. "You're home early," he said, getting up wearing the same boxers from last night and meeting her in the hallway. "Yeah, the school had a half day today. I told you last week," Mackenzie explained. She wasn't sure she wanted to be a guidance counselor forever but she loved helping people and working with kids, so right now it wasn't the worst place for her to be. "Oh, that's right," Aaron remembered "I had fun last night," Mackenzie said to him as she set her bag and coat down on the love seat.

"I was thinking we should go upstairs and have some more sex." "Not until you finish the next part of your story. I want the next part done by midnight tonight," Aaron insisted. "Okay, Teach," she laughed, stepping out of her winter boots. "I'm not kidding, Mac," he continued. "I want you to write another part tonight." She looked at him shocked. He was never this bossy or demanding. "Why, why do you want me to do this tonight?" she asked him, walking up the stairs to get changed.

"Because I want…I need more of June…of the story," he yelled up to her. She thought about whether or not she should entertain his command to write part old vhs video tube porn of her story with June.

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At first, writing sex stories was erotic and liberating for her, but now that her husband was demanding it, it seemed more like a chore than a hobby she did for fun. She decided to tell him she would do one more and then she would be finished with June for good and maybe he could go back to lusting after her, after all she was hot.

She came down the stairs in a sleek black turtleneck and a pair of low-riding jeans. "So, what do you say, little lady, will you have another chapter ready for me later tonight?" Aaron asked her. "Yes, I'm going to do it, but that's it. After tonight I'm putting the series with June on hold. I'm going to write it at my pace," she told him firmly. "What? No…no you can't do that; we're just starting to get to know her," Aaron said angrily.

"I'm sorry, but I would rather write other things," Mackenzie said "I promise you will enjoy it and after that you can get back to doting on your fabulous wife." "Whatever, I'm going to the gym and then to the market," he told her.

______________________________________________ She nodded and went upstairs to start writing the next part of the June story.

She finished it in only four hours and was fast asleep when Aaron returned home and he leisurely made dinner while listening to his favorite CCR CD. He woke Mackenzie for dinner and after the meal she encouraged him to read the most recent titillating tale. Aaron rose from his chair and bee lined to the study where Mackenzie had left her most recent story on the screen waiting for him.

He had to mr 18 tony duncan cumshot to his June. "It was a bright sunny morning in June and I was waking up with another hangover and sore thighs…" Aaron read. Damn, this is good stuff he thought. When he finally finished reading it he was touching his cock frantically through his boxers. He turned around quickly to find Mackenzie because he needed a release like you wouldn't believe.

"Mac, where are you?" he called out. "Right here, Sergeant," she said. "You're not really going to arrest me for a lousy bag of pot, are you?" Aaron's eyes lit up like a child who first saw the mound of presents on Christmas morning.

She was wearing the exact outfit described in the most recent chapter. The red and white sundress, the black sandals, the hair bow and even the thick black frame glasses and boy did she look fantastic.

She must have planned this because he had never seen any of the stuff she was wearing until today. He was initially thrown off guard but now he was back in the moment. He saw where she was going with this. "Well, I can't just let you slide," he warned her. "Not without letting me have a taste first." Another pun, he chuckled to himself, this was getting easier.

It was like second nature. "Fine," she pouted, pulling a lighter and a pre-rolled joint out of her Alice in Wonderland bag. She sparked the joint and took a massive inhale of smoke before passing it to Aaron. She coughed profusely, doubling over. He stared at her, stunned before finally grabbing the joint.

Since when did his wife smoke pot and how did she get the weed? Never mind that, he was just gonna go with it. He hadn't smoked pot since high school but the buzz was quickly taking hold of him. Screw the theatrics though; he was still raring to go from reading the story. He dropped the joint to the ground and rubbed it into the parquet floor with his tired black shoes.

"What the fuck?" she yelled at him. He pushed her back onto the bed, her bag tumbling off the side and spilling onto the floor as he did. He kissed her deeply, tasting the marijuana on her breath. "What are you doing, Officer?" Big pussy shaving bbw ssbbw obese chubby squirt orgasm asked him. "Getting that taste I was promised," he replied, running his hand under her dress and feeling her pussy over her damp panties.

"That's not what I meant, asshole," she replied in a fake reluctance. "Oh, I think it is. You want this, little girl," he laughed. "Be good for me, June." _______________________________________ He pulled her panties down her leg which had stopped flailing finally.

He wanted her to leave the costume on this time. He easily could work around it. He hurled his zipper open, working around his prodding cockhead and dropped his pants off the bed. He moved his throbbing cock to her tight little hairless pussy before forcing it inside. "Oooh," she moaned. "I want it.

Fuck me, Officer." "Ohhhh, June," he said between panting thrusts. "You're such a bad girl, aren't you.

What would your father think?" "OOOO. Please don't tell him, sir. I'll do whatever you want." "Ohhh, yeah you will, June. You're my sex slave now. I'm gonna call you down to the station whenever I need a relief or show up in my squad car to pick you up after class," he continued to thrust his raging cock inside her hot little pussy.

He wanted to explode in her, he needed it. "I'm going to come. OOOH June, take my cum deep in your pussy." "Yeah, oh yeah, give it to me, Officer. Please don't tell my daddy that I've been bad," he unleashed torrent after torrent of his hot cum inside her teenage body while she shivered her way to an orgasm.

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____________________________________________ Mackenzie loved when he could make her cum as he was cumming. He pulled out of her weakly and rolled over onto his side of the bed in just his white t-shirt. Mackenzie wasn't tired yet from her long afternoon nap. She was glad to be able to finally put the whole June thing behind them for a while. She might even take a break from writing those stories altogether for a bit.

Her husband was becoming a little too obsessed with her characters and it was worrying her that he would pay less attention to him.

She went downstairs to read for a while before finally growing tired. She crept back up amazing teen twat is nailed well homemade hardcore stairs slowly before standing in the doorway smiling and admiring the peaceful way Aaron slept in their bed.

He was mumbling in his sleep, as he often did, but she couldn't make out what he was saying. He looked delighted, content and satisfied and she could just tell that she made him happy. She crawled in bed beside him, kissed his head and pulled the covers over herself. He threw his arm over her and she finally heard what he was dribbling in his sleep. "Mmm I love you, Mmm Junebug." Comments and ratings greatly appreciated