Cute asian teen angel landed on yr old virgin

Cute asian teen angel landed on yr old virgin
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Sun City Dave (A True Story) I do not know why it has taken me so long to mention Sun City Dave (SCD) but I feel I would be amiss not to tell his story. We met SCD quite a number of years ago while visiting Shangri La Nudist Resort (SLNR). He was a very quite, good looking person, well built and very pleasant. At the time we met SCD, we had no knowledge of who he was, what he did or why he was at Shangri La.

We were told that he was married but we knew nothing of his wife or why she was not with him. One evening while at SLNR, a small party developed between Brazzwrs llaying ge and hard fuck, me and a recently widowed lady friend, S.

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Since loosing her husbandshe had taken a path of fulfilling her sexual needs which seemed have not been met by her late husband. Anyway, C and I became benefactors this night hopefully to satisfy her. I must clarify that it was not C that was to meet her needs but it was me who was asked to step forward.

Not wanting to disappoint S, I gladly "volunteered". Before things got going to strongly, I decided that it was not appropriate for me to get laid but that I should find someone to entertain C.

Knowing that C was attracted to SCD, I decide to run over to his abode and invite SCD to join our party. He hesitated but he finally came back with me to the party. I left him and C to their own desires and rejoined S. After I woke up later that evening having a hangover which told me that I had had too much to drink and unhappily realized that I did not remember if I had a good time with S or not.

Not only did I have a terrible hangover but I had misplaced my glasses (we found them the next day). Fortunately, C was able to get us home. The next morning I asked C if she had enjoyed herself. She replied ,"yes", but did not elaborate. SCD has a very nice cock so I was hopeful that C had gotten to enjoy it.

Anyhow, time passed and our friendship with SCD grew. He and his wife had black guy vs girls hot xxx very nice home in California and after being invited by SCD to visit we were fortunate to do so. At this time we found out that SCD and his wife owned a very nice but small restaurant right next to a beautiful marina, sailboats and large yachts everywhere.

We spent a night or two in their very nice home and had dinner with SCD at a very, very nice restaurant also at a marina, eating a very good seafood dinner and watching the sun set. I knew that C was attracted to SCD but I was unable to get her to join him in his bed that night. The next morning, SCD said that he had been waiting for her but of course had been disappointed.

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This was largely my fault in that I had not encouraged C to join him. If I had suggested that we all "sleep" together, C's pussy would have been filled with CSD's fine cock and his hot cum.

Dummy me!!! There were many, many times here and there where I'm was sure that SCD and C had gotten together but C would never admit it. However, SCD did finally join our Church of the Natural Way Free Thinkers, and it was via these meetings, really after these meetings that I quickly learned really how much C liked SCD, and his fine cock. It was after these meetings ended that our sexual activity with SCD really would warming up.

As he was bisexual as I am, we had no problem enjoying each other and C simultaneously. We would all get into our bed, SCD on one side of C and me on the other side of her.

Without much delay our sexual activity would begin. SCD and I would warm C up, both of us sucking and massaging her breasts, fingering her clit and french redhead slut gets her ass pounded, taking turns eating her pussy, playing with and sucking on each other cocks and as many other things that we could think of.

The finale was always, my Cock or SCD cock OR both of our cocks as deep in C's pussy as they would go. C would cum and this would bring both SCD and me off, cum leaking out of C's pussy resulting in a very, very large wet spot in our bed. Usually, we would rest a little and than start all over again. It was at this time that I realized that C did love to suck cock at least SCD's cock.

I would wake to find C hovered over SCD, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. I'd didn't mind. She didn't suck my cock but for some reason, I didn't mind. These evenings continued for a long time - actually until our Free Thinkers group disbanded. The last session with SCD that I can remember was a weekend that we spent with him at a very nice nudist resort in California. This was two days of nonstop sex. We met SCD at the resort Saturday morning and relaxed in the sun most of the morning.

About noon, we found ourselves restless and decide to go indoors where it was cool and private. It quickly became obvious that we were not restless but anxious for sex. As we were all naked anyway, there was little preparation for our activity.

SCD relaxed on a bench under the living room window and we discussed our sexual preferences primarily his and my bisexual nature which was to be no problem, I sucking his cock or he sucking mine. However, our primary interest was pussy C's shaved, pouting labia and wide open, dripping pussy. Seeing that SCD was conveniently setting on the window bench and I wanting to have some nice pictures to remember the outing, so we proceeded to get SCD nice and hard so that I could take a few pictures of his cock embedded in C's pussy.

I suggested that SCD lean back so that his very nice but not extremely long or large in diameter cock could be readily available to C's waiting and wanting pussy (obviously ready for a nice cock to slip inside her). With SCD's cock sticking straight upward, I had C nude girls have fun in the water underwater and swimming around with her back to SCD and to have her take hold of SCD's cock and place the head of his cock in the opening of her pussy.

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C held this position until I got a very nice picture. I than had C slide down on SCD's cock until his cock was about half way embedded in her pussy I took another picture.

All going well, I now had C drop all the way down, SCD's cock totally embedded in her pussy. They both moaned slightly, both looking very male slave in pierced chastity. I took a picture. C began to side up and down on SCD's very hard, straight cock, both obviously enjoying their activity. It wasn't long, however, when C suggested that they move to the carpeted floor where they could be more comfortable, allowing them to move here and there more easily.

C laid on the floor and immediately spread her legs as wide as she could. I and SCD gazed at her luscious obviously sexually ready pussy, it's labia swollen hard and her vagina wide open and dripping wet.

I still wanting to take more pictures and SCD obviously wanting his cock deep in C's pussy. SCD dropped to his knees, his cock poised ready to enter C's very ready pussy. SCS slid forward, his rock hard cock partly inside C's hot, wet and obviously ready pussy. C lifted her pussy upward, making it more accessible to SCD's forward moving cock. With one more lunge, SCD's cock was buried to it's hilt in C's pussy, C continuing to move her pelvis around and around and back and forth in rhythm with SCD's cock's in and out motion.

It was time for more pictures and I got some very nice ones. C and SCD continued to pound away, pussy meeting rock hard cock and rock hard cock appearing and disappearing in C's most receptive pussy. It didn't take long before C began to moan and SCD began to thrust his cock in and out of C's pussy, each lunge harder and deeper. They both moaned, their first orgasm of the weekend very near. Suddenly, C thrust her hips upward to meet SCD's lunge, his lunge resulting in spurt after spurt, his cum deep, very deep black hottie banged by big white cock doggy style C's red hot pussy.

CSD's cum oozed out around SCD's still rock hard cock and dripped onto the towel which they lay. C dropped her hips, SCD's cock still deeply embedded. He than rolled to his side, his cock slipping from her pussy, cum/pussy juices coating his cock. I immediately took advantage to the situation, dropping to my knees and sucking CSD's juice cover cock.

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I licked CSD's cock clean and than turned to C's pussy and sucked all of their combine juices from C's still redden pussy. How wonderful for all of us. It was time to rest but not for long. With SCD laying on his back, C decide to play with his slightly inflated cock. With attention to SCD's cock, it did not take long for him to be rock hard again. C gazed at SCD's hardening cock and slowly lowered her head, opening her mouth, and taking SCD's cock into her mouth. SCD obviously enjoyed this but he decided to have C roll over onto her back so that he could feel his cock in her mouth above her.

C has never been much into giving head and she my sensual solo in lace gloves and stockings slightly concerned about this position so to eliminate the possibility SCD driving his cock to far into her mouth/throat, she placed her hand on his cock restricting how much of his cock could penetrate her throat.

I preceded to get a very nice picture of SCD's cock in C's mouth. SCD did not tight ass bitch gets her goods up for some hot action in C's mouth much to her liking as C had never had anyone, including me, cum in her mouth.

In fact, she had never suck my cock, so I was thrilled to her see her suck SCD's nice hard cock. Our fun and games continued most of the afternoon but we all obviously had to rest and relax some. The resort had a very nice pool and hot tub so we relaxed in and around the pool and hot tub until evening all pool activity in the nude, of course, this being a nudist resort.

After supper, we again retired to our rented trailer for more fun and games which included my fucking C while SCD assisted, my sucking on SCD's very nice hard cock and he sucking on my very nice hard cock. He again fucking C until he and she were covered with sweat and cum, both sweat and cum which I enjoyed. The evening continued much to the enjoyment of us all but it too soon was time to shower and retire. We again as in the past, all three of us climbed to a bed, C between me and SCD.

It didn't take long for our usual threesome activities to begin again. As expected, we played with each other primarily concentrating on C. SCD and I both would take turns sliding our cocks in and out of C's pussy, her pussy being extremely hot, wet being stretched wide open. C's pussy being so open, it allowed SCD and me to both have our cock's in C's pussy at one time. It was a marvelous feeling, our cocks sliding together and against each other in a very wet receptive pussy.

We stayed in this position all night, SCD's cock and my cock embedded in C's continuously moist, stretched pussy still so stretched that C's pussy accommodated both our cock without any discomfort to her.

We woke from time to time all night long and each time we wokeSCD and I found our cocks still totally embedded in C's still hot, wet, accommodating pussy.

Of course, all good times must come to an end as did this outing. We parted the next morning, C and Japanese mom son sex near tfather heading east and SCD heading west. We saw SDC a number of time thereafter but only for short visits. SCD took up with a very close, very sexy friend of ours, D. We would visit them now and than but never got it on with either of them during these times.

We had had sex with D from time to time but never with both D and SCD at any time. We watched them D and SCD fuck every now and than but we never joined in. Why???? I have no idea. C thought it best not to.

My story ends too quickly and tragically as both SCD and D, have died. Both too, too young. He from complications from his liver transplant and she from hepatitis.

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We miss them both very, very much.