Black guy mature girl xxx story

Black guy mature girl xxx story
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Chapter One I don't really know why I am here. Oh, I chose to be here, and I want to be here, but I don't for the life of me know why now of all times, I finally decided to convert a fantasy into a reality. But here I am - for better or worse. It is my choice, and I made it freely and willingly. And any minor regrets I am having I will deal with. I will! Where is here? I am in my "Master's Dungeon". Well in truth, I guess it is his basement, converted with some dark cloth on the walls, a few racks, and tables, and several implements of pain and other delicious looking toys.

But for all intents and purposes, it is the "dungeon". The place where my "lessons" will take place. Where my "initiation rites" will occur. How did I get here?

I had been interested in doing something about my growing needs for a long time, and I had read some time ago that "pain is close to pleasure", and "that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain". Both of those silly, over-used clichéd statements intrigued me though, why lie. I had known for some years that my sex life was lacking some spice, and after many thoughts, and several fantasies, I decided this might be one way I could get some spice back.

I don't think I am "into pain" in those specific words, but the idea of heightened stimulation and pushing my feelings to new, extreme, limits fascinated me. I had been aroused by images and thoughts of BDSM for some time now, and was now getting an opportunity to do more than dream.

I am a 46 year old woman, (almost [for the most part]) happily married, and I have never, before tonight, ever entertained the idea of being unfaithful to my husband (ok, ok, yes …dammit, I'll be honest, I had dreamed and fantasized before (often), but tonight was my first "real" effort at doing anything). In the past several years I hd pornpros sexy teen is ready for some har something was lacking in my sex life.

But I just couldn't narrow it down. I love sex, no shame in admitting that I love EVERYTHING sexual, but busty chick goes wild during hot sex I was left wanting more.

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What, exactly, I didn't know, but I knew I needed something else. The notion of a quick night time fuck, after everything else in the day had been done, usually in the dark, usually with minimal foreplay was leaving me empty.

I had never refused my husband, and he did try, but after all these years he lacked imagination, and refused change. Hell, I even shaved my cunt for him once, hoping to arouse him some more, and he had the nerve to complain that he didn't like the "smooth" feeling. And yes, CUNT is my preferred word … CUNT, CUNT, CUNT. I was 19 when I married; a total virgin (hell, my future husband had never even seen, let alone felt, my naked tits; how dare he!), and (I am ashamed to admit) totally naïve.

From that first married day, that first night he took me to bed, my husband told me I had a cunt. He said he would fuck my cunt. He said he would lick my cunt. He told me to finger my cunt. I was shocked. I was repulsed. I hated that word; I (even) hated him (temporarily). It was a disgusting word for weeks, but … I have tiny chick stasya stoune gets her anus plowed hard hardcore and big dick cunt.

I now love the word, and eagerly, freely, jealously preserve my right to use that one single word CUNT, CUNT, CUNT. My special word; my special place; my special cunt. Thank you, my dear husband for awakening me. Before you think I am total bitch, and totally deserve all that fate awaits me, I will also say … from that first day I never refused him his sexual needs. I was just totally sheltered as a child. I really did know no better.

And lest you still mock me, I will also admit I wanted to know more too. And … I was a willing, greedy, eager pupil, and, after that first rude awakening, his willing slut.

I admit to being a full-fledged 21st century person, totally addicted to the internet, and the whole Wicked Weird Web, as I quaintly call it, and I like the images and notions I am being exposed to. Some of the images available have sent my blood pressure rushing, and my cunt seductive and indecent girlfriend is in need for a huge dong gushing, lol.

Some weeks ago, I met a guy ("AngelzDevil" is his cute non de plume) through a mutual friend, and we started talking. Or, I should say, he got me talking (to him), lol. I opened up to him like I have never talked to anyone, ever. It was only a matter of time before I was sneaking out to see him privately, and as we got to know each other, over several further meetings (casual and platonic), I found myself telling him things I had only ever thought off.

And surprisingly, I longed to see him again so we could talk further. More astonishingly, I seemed almost obligated to tell him all, and then he casually told me he could show me the way to total pleasure, if I let him.

So what is "here"? BDSM is the all covering acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism. Yes, in this dungeon, and. . I am about to experience the darkest pleasures of sex. I had arrived at his home, and we had shared from throat to ace fuck hardcore and blowjob glass of wine and chatted quietly.

Then he left me and went off to have a shower, with no pressure for me to join him. When he returned, wet, clean and dressed in a light robe, he invited me to also shower. I took his invitation, and spent nearly 30 minutes making sure my whole body was cleansed and prepared, paying special attention to my heavenly cunt. I do admit, I sneaked a quick finger or three into my cuntal flaps, ooohh, such was my pending excitement. When I dried off, I found he had laid out a similar looking robe, and I put it on, spending a further five minutes admiring my naked body in the full length mirror, before I demurely did it up.

Devil had then sat with me for the next hour and we had talked at length about what was going to happen. Tonight was my initiation, and nothing "intense" was planned, unless I specifically asked. One thing we had both agreed on was a "stop word" a safe word to signal the other that we had to stop.

He had assured me he would respond immediately to my needs, and I trusted him. So why did I need such a precaution as a safe word? To ensure I was always in control, he said. My chosen word was "elephant".

Devil then explained that some people would just use "stop" as their stop word, but he told me that using that word was not always a good idea. Frequently people would cry out to stop, when in fact, that was all part of the act.

Crying out to stop was a tease to do more, so stop was not a good word to use. And, if I was to be gagged, he then explained, I couldn't use my stop word. He said that if I was gagged, he would hand me a red silk handkerchief.

If I then dropped the handkerchief, he would take that as my signal to stop immediately. He further explained that "stop" didn't mean pulling out, moving away or ceasing immediate action, it meant stopping what we were doing, long enough for either of us to settle, or calm down, then, and only then, would he stop.

He gave me an example: "Say I was fisting your wet cunt, and at some point I hurt you, and you yelled elephant.

I would know immediately to stop doing what I was doing, but I would not withdraw my hand until I knew you were in no pain, otherwise I might hurt you more. Do you understand?" I answered yes. Having settled on my safe word, we moved on to the next step of my initiation. In final preparation, and to calm me a little more, Devil then took me down to the dungeon, and gave me a guided tour.

As he was walking around describing the toys he had, and what I might feel, he casually disrobed; then naked, he beckoned me to sit on some cushions on the floor. We sat in the middle of the room casually discussing tonight's plans. He was totally naked, and semi-erect, his thick, shaved cock and large foreskin were definitely beckoning to me. His pierced nipples were wickedly erect, and he sat totally without inhibition, gently stroking his cock as we talked.

I couldn't take my eyes of his thick uncut 7 inch cock. For my part, I really was relaxed sitting there, but still had a robe on.

Oh, I was naked beneath, teen couple webcam riding first time side chicks we had agreed that tonight, nothing would happen until I was ready, and my signal of readiness was to disrobe fully. When, and if, I stood, and stripped, only then would the "fun" begin. I was in control he reminded me again. My own tits had already gotten erect, partly due to the cold air in the basement, but also definitely because of the impending activities, which we were now discussing, and my cunt was already moist in anticipation.

Oh, lol, my name is Celeste. Devil then explained the different varieties of "roles" we could play, together with some of the other terminology used, especially explaining to me the difference between a "top" and a "bottom".

Tonight he, as the "aggressor" or dominant player, was going to be the "top", the one in charge, and I was to be the "bottom", the glamour babe foxy di pounded on the bed by hard wiener one. He then told me a few more things to set the mood.

BDSM has several varieties, the BD part is "bondage & dominance" or "bondage & discipline". The SM part is "sadism & masochism", also known as D&S, which is "dominance & submission".

Tonight, he was going to let me choose my own desire, but he had also warned me that if I came back for more, I would not be given the luxury of choosing.

He would be in total control of any future sessions. "Did I agree?" he asked me quietly. "Yes," I answered quickly. "Yes, what?" He said slowly. Yes, I agree". I said, wondering what he was asking me. "Listen, bitch." He snapped. "I am the master here, and I will be treated with respect at all times.

I answer to Master, Sir, or even Sire, but nothing else. I will ask you only once more, if you agree, and I expect your answer to reflect your respect. Do you clearly understand?" "Yes. . Master," I replied, finally understanding what he was implying.

I felt shivers go up my spine, and instead of being offended at his crude name for me, I was more excited. He then explained that in the B&D partwe could "role play". For example, "Slave/master, harem girl/sultan, little girl/daddy, student/teacher".

He was happy to do any of these with me, he said, and tonight he wanted me to choose. He also said that although S&M was often associated with pain and hurt it was also called "Sex Magick" by some people, and those people said it was like taking a fantasy and turning tight pussy licking with alison and brooklyn into reality, creating a magical space in which your desires can come to thrilling life! I knew I wanted more, and frankly, I wanted it all.

I told him I wanted to be his sub tonight. And that I was willing to try some extreme things. He looked at me, smiled, and nodded. And at that I stood, disrobed, and stood defiantly naked.

Chapter Two My nipples were rock hard, my lp officer drilling raven reigns pussy from behind already dripping, as I stood silently waiting. Devil stood, and walked over to me. He stood in front of me and looked me up and down. His eyes took in all of my body. He looked at my tits, "C" cup sized, my hard nipples, and my not thick, but not thin, light brown bush. He walked around and stopped. Looking at my ass? Then he returned, and his hand reached out and he stroked my left tit.

I waited in anticipation, and I wasn't disappointed. He initially stroked my nipple softly, then pulled it hard, then stroked my breast softly, and slapped it also. He stung, but it felt so good. I shivered in desire. His hand moved to my other breast and he repeated his same actions, and again I felt college sluts find new pussy to play with spine tingle.

His hand moved down over my belly, and I felt him reach my cunt. Like before a gentle rub, then a startling slap. I was shaking, but hoping for more. "Little slut," he said. "Tonight, I will introduce you to the pleasures and pains of dark sex. Do you agree?" "Yes I do," I answered, and almost immediately he struck me on the tit. "Yes … Master," I said. "Sorry, master." He then reached for my tits, taking one nipple in each hand, and started to twist and pull.

The pain was minimal, but the excitement was intense. He pulled and twisted my tits, looking straight at me, defying me to whimper, or cry. I did neither, I smiled. After about five minutes of torturous pulling and twisting, he released my screaming nipples. My tits felt like dead weights, and I felt a surge of blood enter into each tit. "Kneel, slave," he commanded, and I quickly obeyed spex taxi amateur bended and fucked ballsdeep. He stood directly in front of me, his now very erect cock pushing towards my face.

He took hold of my hair, and pushed his cock towards my mouth. I opened my mouth, and he pushed his stiff cock in. I closed my mouth and started to suck his thick, throbbing cock, and I swear within 10 seconds he blew his load, pushing his cock hard into the back of my throat, preventing me from withdrawing, by holding tight to my hair. I sucked his cock seed down, and then licked his knob dry, as his cock shrunk. "Very good, slave," he said.

"I always like to lose a quick load, so that I can take more time to enjoy myself later. Stand, slut" I stood, and he ushered me over to the rear wall. Along the wall were a series of chains, ropes and other restraints. He stopped in front of some chains, paused, and selected one, and put a dog-collar around my neck. Attached to the collar was a six foot thin chain. With the collar firmly closed, he then took the chain and proceeded to lead me around.

I said nothing, nor was I expected, or permitted to, and I waited patiently. He stopped again, this time in the middle of the room and took my thin chain, and reached overhead. Attached to the ceiling of the room was a further chain, and he megan rain fighting and porn by step brother my small chain to this large one, pulling tightly to ensure I was nearly suspended.

I now stood, very carefully, contained, in the middle of the room, and waited for his next move. He walked behind me, but the tautness of the restraint prevented me from watching him. Along the rear wall were also some cupboards, and closets, and a set of drawers. I heard him rummage through a couple of drawers, and I heard a door open and close. He came back to me, and immediately pulled a thick black blindfold over my eyes.

I was now TOTALLY at his mercy. I was in total darkness, the blindfold covering not only my eyes, but my cheeks as well. And it was pulled down over my ears, muffling sounds close to me too. As he left me again, I felt his hand brush along my side, and flick at my ass. I don't know how long I stood there, maybe five minutes. I couldn't hear anything, nor sense anything either. I don't know what he was doing, I don't know if he was just standing there.

But I knew when he returned. His hand slapped out and stung my ass. I jumped. Then his hand caressed my ass soothingly, then slapped again. I jumped again. He came up behind me, and I felt his hands come around my body, and cup my breasts.

I have large nipples and he took each nipple in a hand and started to tease and pull on them again. Then he stopped and kissed my back, slowly.

He started kissing from just below my neck, down to, but stopping at, the crack of my ass. Soothing, slow kisses. His hands followed his kisses and my whole back tingled as he caressed me. My hands were not restrained, but I thought it prudent to keep them by my sides, and therefore just stood there, suspended by the collar, as he played with my back. His lips kissed lower and I felt him kiss the crack of my ass.

Mmmmmm. Then I felt his hands follow, and part my ass cheeks. His fingers caressed lower until he was now stroking my asshole. Then I felt him push a finger into my asshole. He stopped and again, moved away out of range. One thing I do know, he was taking his time, and he was not in any way hurting me. Oh yes, the tit play was a bit rough, but I was eager to do that. What I still didn't know was what he had in mind for later. When he returned, again after a couple of minutes, he grabbed my hands and started to push them behind my back, then I felt the unmistakable coldness of handcuffs as he securely, roughly cuffed my hands.

Now I was well and truly restrained, and I felt my heart beat faster. I still felt ok though, and wasn't panicking.

But I have to tell you, sight and sound depravation is eerie. "Slave?" I heard him say. "Yes, master?" I replied. "Good Slave, I see you remembered your manners." He chided. "It is now time to enter into your second phase of your punishment and reawakening. Are you ready to do as I command?" "Yes master," I eagerly replied, not a hint of fear in my strong voice.

The whip stung me! He whipped me on the lower left tit, just below my nipple, and I knew I would welt there; I felt it rise already, and involuntarily I let out a gasp. The whip stung again, my right tit now, and this time I let out a cry. "Listen slut," he hissed. "A good slave does not offend her master. Any more outbursts and I will punish you.

Do you understand?" A third strike of the whip suddenly silenced me. He had whipped me in between my legs, right at the mouth of my cunt. I knew if I cried or whimpered, I would receive more.

I wasn't going to make any more noises. I was now standing very alert in the middle of the room, Hanging by my neck, blind and near deaf, and shackled with my hands behind my back, and naked. He came close to me, and I could feel his hot breath as he lowered his head along the front of my body. He stopped and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked, then bit.

He repeated with the other nipple, and again my nipples started to tingle. His kisses continued down across my belly, and he reached my pubic hair. I felt his tongue as he licked at my hair, and then he kissed me on the cunt lips. All of a sudden I felt my collar release from the ceiling, and he took the collar chain and started to walk. He led me to one of the chairs against the wall, and sat me down. There was a small indent in the back of the chair so that my hands weren't pushing against my back or the chair.

But as I sat I also felt that there was a gap in the base of the chair, and the way the chair was designed I had to spread my legs to sit. As he positioned me, I also felt him bind my legs to the chair. Fuck, now I was starting to worry. "Slave," (possibly sensing my fears rise) he said, "This chair allows me, your master, to explore you deeply. It was specially built to allow me total access to your hidden jewel. If you relax, you will enjoy this pleasure." Then I felt him lower me back so that I was now lying almost horizontally, with my legs spread open and my cunt in total view.

His hands started brushing the tops of my legs, and playfully pulling my pubic hair. And I will admit it, I was getting wetter by each touch. I then felt his fingers enter my cunt. First one, then two. And he started fingering my fuck hole deep. I was lying blind and helpless, exposed and decadent, and he was finger fucking me deeply; and I wanted to beg for more, but dared not speak. Then I felt him thrust both of his fingers into my mouth.

He wanted me to lick and clean the cunt juices from his fingers, and I obliged. "Good," I heard him say, and then he moved off again. Nothing he had done so far had lasted very long, and it was almost as if he was just getting me "warmed" up for something, or else he was trying to get me to the point where I would let him do anything without complaint.

(In all of our talks, he never did tell me exactly what he had planned for me). 'Oh my fucking God', I silently though when I felt the first tit clamp roughly clench my left nipple, then he did the same with my right and I had my tits well and truly compressed by those monster clamps. Then I felt him roughly grab my left tit, and he started to tie my tits up. I felt the rope grip my skin and he pulled tighter and tighter, and my tits nearly exploded, as he completed the first, then second tit.

Now my tits were tightly tied and clamped, and they fucking hurt. Was this what I was supposed to feel? Was it time to yell 'elephant' yet, I wondered? But as he walked away and left me, a strange thing started happening. The pain I knew to be very real, became replaced by a tingling electric-like sensation, and my tits started to feel like they were humming and vibrating.

Mmmmm. I was beginning to like this feeling. Was that what was meant by "pain is close to pleasure"?

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I lay back totally relaxed, uncaring that my cunt was exposed, and dripping, tits burning, and I sighed a happy sigh. This was truly extreme, and intense, but so erotic too. Chapter Three Even though I was blindfolded, I closed my eyes in calm contentment. My tits were no longer shrieking, but rather they felt warm and erogenous.

My cunt was wantonly displayed, and dripping harder. And my master was silent again. I was left to sex ngua dit ba bau my own feelings. "Slave slut," he said, waking me from my reverie. "It is now time to teach you the ways of a "bottom". Are you ready to enter my domain and subject yourself to my pleasures, that you might also heighten your own?" "Yes Master," I willingly said, unafraid, and feeling very excited.

He heaved me up, and undid the shackles around my legs. Oh, the silent sigh as I could bend them again, and then he helped me to stand. 'Fucking Hell', I quietly thought again, as I stood. My tits let out a new agonizing shriek as I realized he had put weights on my tit clamps and I was now feeling my nipples pull and scream as I stood. Fuck, they hurt, I thought. And then he slapped my tied tits. New pain exploded out of my nerve endings.

"You little cunt," he said menacingly, "I heard you make a noise. Are you really so eager to feel the wrath of your master so quickly?" "No, no … Master, oh no," I quickly said, as he pulled me to stand upright. My tits were definitely sore, and I was nearly in tears, but I was also feeling my own sexual excitements finally being realized.

I would not stop unless I was in total agony. I would not! At that he roughly removed the nipple clamps, and then untied the ropes. I swear, I fucking swear that a gallon of blood entered both of my tits, and the pain and rush of blood caused me to orgasm right there on the spot. I swear it, fucking hell, I do.

I nearly collapsed, such was the intensity of the orgasm, and he just laughed. He then turned me around and I felt the handcuffs come off. Was he finished I wondered? I stood there, unrestrained (yes, I still wore the dog-collar, but he had released the chain and it hung between my tits), and I just welcomed the release. But, of course, he wasn't finished. He removed the blindfold from me, and led me to another piece of equipment. This one was a bed like device, and he helped me lie down on it, then he took my arms, raised them above my head and I felt fresh handcuffs click shut.

He repeated with my legs, and shackled them to the other end of the 'bed' like device. Then he placed a restraint across my forehead, and a second one across my belly, effectively binding me to the bed. I couldn't move my head. I tried to relax, but my tits were still tingling, and my whole body was so electrically aware, that if an ant had crawled across my belly I would have shrieked.

This man, my master, never seemed to rush, and again he just left me there for more time as he went off and did god knows what. Although I now had the blindfold off, I still couldn't really see very much. He returned and placed a gag ball in my mouth. I looked up at him, but he remained unemotional.

Then he moved away again! I thought I smelled the sweet scent of a candle, although I couldn't remember any burning candles when we first walked around the room together, then it hit me, oh shit, don't tell me the bastard was going to do something to me with a candle.

Fuck, what? Was he planning to drip some wax on my body? 'Elephant', for fuck sakes Celeste, do not forget that word, I told myself, do NOT forget that fucking word, you might need it, SOON! Then I told myself, as I felt sheer panic overtake, the fucking bastard just gagged me, how the fuck was I going to be able to use my own safe word - oh Jesus fuck, I started to lose it.

He approached me, and I will tell you my blood pressure was racing, sky high, and still accelerating. He stopped and placed the red silk handkerchief in my left hand, then he went back to the cupboard, and returned and walked to my lower body, now carrying a tray.

I couldn't see what was on the tray, and my heart raced faster and harder. I still smelled the angelika wild calze scarpe e culi aperti, in fact, the smell was now making me gag, or maybe that was just the fear doing that! My hand was gripping tight to the red handkerchief, when I saw him remove some ice cubes from the tray.

Ice???? I wondered, but not quickly enough. I tried to look, but the way he had restrained me prevented me from raising my head, and I felt his hands at my cunt again, and no sooner had I realized what he was going to do, than he took a cube of ice, and pushed it deep into my fuck hole. Wow, fucking wow, I thought, as I felt the intense cold attack every nerve ending in my velvet cunt.

Then I felt a second large cube get pushed up and the intense cold was as stimulating as the earlier pain.

I relaxed, oh yes, and let him do to me as he chose. Mmmm. This man was good. Here I was thinking the worst, and all he was doing was playing mind games with me. Silly me. I again closed my eyes, and drifted off to a state of daydreams. He must have pushed five, or even six, large ice cubes deep into my fuck canal, and the sensation was so awesome.

My mind was tranquilly flying high, and I was in a state of total relaxation, all the more so, from the initial panic I sexy masseuse with tiny mangos hardcore and massage. I even felt a bit foolish. I bet he planned it this way just to make me frightened. When he gave me the red handkerchief, I bet he saw raw terror in my eyes. He turned away again, and I lost sight of him. But I couldn't get the smell of the candle out of my mind, and even with the head restraint I now wore, I could swear the aroma was closer than it had been five minutes ago.

Then out of the blue, and in a sudden shock, I felt the heat of the wax hit my left nipple. I screamed, but the gag muffled my screams. I fucking screamed aloud again, trying to push the gag out with my tongue, and I thrashed and tried to buck.

I cried out in agony, and he dripped a second amount of the scolding wax on my other nipple. I couldn't help the tears or the screams, and my whole body racked and thrashed as I yelled uncontrollably. But still I held the red handkerchief. I remember him saying earlier, that a good Master would never use a beeswax candle, because they burn at a higher temperature, and instead he preferred to use a normal candle.

I was praying to god that he was familiar with his own words. Also, he had told me that the higher you hold the candle, the cooler (somewhat) the drops will be. I could see that he was holding the candle about two feet above my tits. Oh, I was so ready to drop that fucking handkerchief. He paused his actions, but didn't say anything, waiting.

I stopped my screams, and had settled into a light sob, when I felt more wax drip and hit my tits. Fucking hell, but this time the pain was less intense, and I didn't scream again. Then he dripped more, and more and soon both of my nipples were totally covered in dried cooling wax. The handkerchief was still firmly held, but I was having serious regrets, and wondering if I should just stop now. My tits were in agony, and the burning sensation seemed to go all the way to my backbone, but like before the burning subsided and a tingling commenced.

My tears were stinging my eyes, my tits were burning and yet I felt a sensation start to rise. My body was tingling and feeling mildly electric again. Then he peeled the wax from my tits and a new agony occurred, only to be instantly soothed brooke lynn receives cum blasted on face after a hard sex he then placed large cubes of ice immediately onto my nipples.

As he rubbed the ice into my stinging nipples, he started rubbing my tits and pulling my nipples. I wanted to scream. But not from the pain. He was sending conflicting signals to my nerves.

Oh God, this was more than intense. I really thought I should just drop the fucking handkerchief, lick my wounds, slink off into the night, and admit I wasn't strong enough to participate in this intensity, but another part of me wanted more. Chapter Four What was next? Why didn't I just drop the fucking handkerchief and be done?

My master left me yet again, but before moving off, he undid all of the restraints, including the gag. I immediately sucked in lung fulls of air, and nearly passed out from hyperventilating. I was so weak I just lay there. I didn't care, and if he had come back and tried to whip me right now, I wouldn't have the strength to stop him, or even try. I think I was past caring.

After several minutes I realized I needed to pee, and attempted to sit up. My tits screamed, my back roared, and my cunt was numb. What a state I was in. It took several more minutes just to sit, and there I was, legs dangling, heaving and panting, tits sagging and sore, not able to raise my head, a sorry sight, but still defiantly hanging onto that fucking red silk handkerchief.

I looked around the dungeon, but couldn't see my master anywhere. Strange, I thought? Where could he have gone? I am sure I would have heard him leave and climb the stairs? I don't know what I expected to happen here tonight, and I don't think I got what I thought I was going to get.

But what did I expect? Yes, for sure, I wanted to experience the "dark" side, as I called it. Had I experienced it? Yes, I had to answer truthfully. In small doses, my master had shown me the extremities he was capable off giving, and also the extremities I was capable of receiving. I couldn't refute that. But somehow I felt … well cheated isn't the right word; fuck, I don't know what word is right.

Yes, I admit it, I enjoyed the pain, and didn't even see it as pain, in the literal sense. I enjoyed the new heights of sensation I seemed to achieve after passing the pain barrier. That electric tingle and nervous energy I felt several times this evening was EXACTLY what I was expecting.

So why did I feel disappointed? Did I want him to abuse me more? Did I expect to treated more like a slave? Fuck I was confused. Was it over? Had he just left me and gone upstairs?

I stood slowly, and walked around the room. Was their a bathroom down here. I saw a couple of doors, I hadn't noticed earlier, and cautiously went to the first of these and opened it. Nothing.

A small room he obviously used for his furnace, hot water system and other mundane household matters. I turned to the second door, and paused. Did I hear a noise? I listened, trying to calm my rapid breathing. No, I couldn't hear anything. I turned the knob slowly, quietly, though.

Fuck me!! The room was about ten by twelve, similar in design to the larger basement/dungeon, and there was my master, standing with his eyes closed, cock fully erect, being serviced by a large black man, as a young lady looked on from behind him. My master raised his head, and opened his eyes as I entered, but didn't attempt to remove his cock from the black man's mouth. The black man didn't even flinch, but kept sucking, and I got a mere casual glance from the young lady, who was pounding her own cunt with a large dildo.

"Ah, Slave Celeste, I wondered if you had ran crying home, or if you were stronger than you looked. Say hello to Slave Marc, and Slave Julie." My master leered, as Marc continued sucking my master's stiff cock, ignoring the conversation around him.

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"Let me show you what total obedience is, and what you need to achieve if you wish to continue as my slave." I stood there mesmerized, wondering what he had in mind.

Was this another test? "Slave Julie," my master said, calling attention to the girl sitting behind him. "Take that toy and let this worthless whore horny girl pounces on guy and fucks him hard your wetness.

Yes, my little slut, fuck his ass with it, NOW!" She removed the dildo, and what a dildo. Easily 10 inches long, 2 plus inches thick, black and with a bulging cock knob.

She appeared to be about 28 to 30, and was average height, a little overweight, and had dark long hair. Her tits were magnificent, fully 38 to 40DD, and her cunt was bald. She stood, and walked over to Marc, who either hadn't heard, or had chosen to totally ignore my masters words.

He appeared, although kneeling, to be well over six foot, and I could see that he was firm and taught. From my position I could clearly see his cock, and although not erect, it appeared large.

He must have heard because as she approached he knelt up a little, and she lowered herself to reach his ass. With seemingly no effort she pushed the dildo fully into his eager ass, and he then re-sat, pushing the cock deep into his ass.

He didn't grunt or sweat, and never missed a stroke as he continued sucking my master. She sat back, and started to rub his back, kissing his lower back as he sucked. She reached forward a few times, and big naturals cums hard with money p two on the dildo, seemingly pushing it further into his willing ass.

She reached around Marc, and started to massage his nipples, then started pulling them quite firmly. "Slave," my master called, suddenly, and we all looked up. "Slave Julie, your master thinks your cunt is not satisfied. I can sense it. What would you do to gratify me?" "Master," she said, head bowed low. "Sir, may I continue to finger fuck my cunt to bring myself to orgasm?

Would that please you?" "No cunt, it would not," he roared. "I want more commitment from you. I want you to feel my wrath. Fist your insignificant cunt. NOW." And she did. She sat down, and adjusted herself, then started inserting first one, then two, then eventually all four of her fingers deep into her ever widening gash.

As all four fingers got lubed and inserted, she then tucked her thumb into her palm, and pushed once more. Her entire fucking hand disappeared, and instead of just sitting there, she proceeded to fist fuck her cunt, pulling her hand out and back in, in ever increasing rhythm and quickness. Not a whimper or sound came out of her mouth, and she had a look if intense concentration on her face, yet she never stopped.

She was pounding her cunt. Marc never flinched as he continued sucking my master to orgasm. I saw my master shudder, and cum. Marc took him all, and still sucked his flaccid cock. Finally my master withdrew his cock, and looked at me. "Slave Celeste, service Marc, he has been a good slave, and does deserve a reward. Marc, with that worthless cock still in place, show this slut your tool." Marc turned around and parted his legs.

His shaved cock was immense, I kid you not. At least, and probably larger than 10 inches, and thick … and uncut. My master went over to a chair, and sat. He lit a cigarette and said to us all, "Play little slaves. Enjoy yourselves, as I rest." Julie continue to pound her cunt, as I walked over to Marc.

He made no effort to rise, the cock still deeply in his ass, so I lowered myself until I was lying in front of him, and then I took his erect and thick cock in my mouth.

It nearly didn't fit, and try as I might I could only get the knob taboo busty stepmom riding stepsons hard cock in my mouth, but that was enough. I put one hand around his thick shaft, and the other around his huge balls, and started pumping, as I licked his piss hole. His cock pulsated under my touch, and I wanted his seed, but I also wanted that cock in my cunt.

Would he be able to perform for me? Julie saw my master sitting, and cunt still firmly filled, managed to ease her body closer to him. He ignored her, as he sat smoking his cigarette, watching me suck Marc's giant tool.

Marc shuddered once, then I felt his seed hit the roof of my mouth. In a greedy frenzy, I sucked harder, and still he pumped hot seed into my mouth. I felt him trickle down my throat, and I tried to suck his cock harder into my mouth, to ensure I caught him all. Still he pumped, and still I sucked harder.

He raised himself up to fuck my mouth, and still he pumped hot seed. I took him all, and licked his piss hole dry. His cock stayed hard though, and still I sucked at his cock. Then he pulled out, and rested back, pushing the dildo back deep into his ass. My master sat watching, then called out to Julie, "Slut, come here, and dispose of this cigarette." She took her hand out, and crawled over to his feet. She took the cigarette, and without wincing stubbed it out on her tit, about an inch below her nipple.

She pressed the lit cigarette deep into her tit flesh, and sat there. Fuck, I though, that must have hurt, but she showed no sign of pain, and didn't let out a sound. "Slut Marc, that ass of yours is well fucked, dispense with the toy." My master then called out. Marc eased up, and the dildo plopped out. Marc turned and picked up the dildo, and … sucked it.

He stuck it in his mouth, and proceeded to lick and suck on it like it was a real cock. These two slaves were willing and unhesitant to obey their master's every command. Fuck. I sat back, and just stared. Chapter Five Was my new master trying to shock me? I was seeing dominance and submission here tonight, for sure, extreme dominance and submission. These two slaves were obviously experienced slaves, but still I couldn't help wonder what my master was trying to do.

Was he trying to show me what he expected me to do? Was he trying to see if I would be repulsed? Marc took the dildo out of his mouth, and then licked his lips, and sat back. Julie sat quietly, a definite blister and burn showing on her tit. Neither slave uttered a word, nor showed any emotion.

Were they enjoying this treatment? What was their motivation? "Slave Marc," my master called, as he reclined casually on his chair. "Is your masculine ass-cunt clean?" "No master, I fear that it isn't." Marc said simply. "Slave Julie," hissed my master. "Need I punish you for lapsing in your duties?" Without answering, she crawled over to Marc, who bend over onto his hands and knees expectantly.

Julie instantly lowered her head and mouth to Marc's ass. He pushed his ass back to meet her, and she put her hands up to spread his ass cheeks further, and started licking voraciously. Then she started to use her fingers to finger his ass hole as she continued licking, and as she did, Marc pushed even further towards her.

He was getting his ass sucked, licked and fingered by her, and they both seemed to enjoy it. There must have been shit particles (or more). Even if he didn't know for sure, she must have known, and she didn't stop or hesitate.

I couldn't believe what happened next. Julie managed to insert her whole hand into his ass, and started to fist fuck his ass. I sat there in stunned awe. "Slave Marc," my master said calmly. "Your horse cock could satisfy that new slut's cunt, yes?

Then why is she sitting there alone, and not joining in?" I took that as my cue, and moved over to Marc. Julie didn't stop her assault, and he didn't look like he wanted her to stop either.

I wanted that well hung cock in my cunt, I won't deny, but I was praying very deeply that my master would not demand Marc fuck my ass. I had only ever had one ass fuck, and it hurt, and that cock was only 6 inches.

I could NOT take a 10 inch dick like his for sure. As I turned my ass to face Marc, he immediately took his cock and guided it into my wet, willing and throbbing cunt. He pushed deep, fast and hard, and I felt his entire cock rip into me.

Fuck he was thick and hard, but I wanted him, and knew I had finally been fucked by a real MAN. I felt his cock stretch and tickle my entire fuck canal, and I wanted him to ram that donkey dick deep and deeper.

As he was fucking me, I couldn't resist, I started pulling my tits hard. This was the fuck of a lifetime, and I was going to make it last. I had five kids shoot out of my cunt, and my husband's cock just wasn't giving me the same pleasure it used to.

I had always dreamed of a large black cock, and now that I had one, I was going to abuse it to my desires. I have always love doggie-style fucking - the better sensation I get feeling a cock ram along what is actually the back of my fuck canal, and I love it.

This man was giving me shivers of orgasms with every stroke, and I was in ecstasy. Then I felt a finger, (Marc's I hope?), at my asshole, and he pushed a bit, then some more, then harder, and was in.

Then he started fingering my ass. Fuck. He didn't even hurt, like the one and only time I had tried ass fucking, geez that hurt then.

[Although lately, I will admit, I had been escaping to a small lake near home for some extra fun, and one of the new things I had experimented with was using bottles in my ass. That was a nice feeling, and I had got a soft drink bottle up my ass nicely, and I then fucked my ass steadily.] So there we all were, my master reclining naked, cock in hand, watching; Julie fisting Marc deeply and furiously, Marc fucking my hot cunt for the best fuck of my life, and Marc simultaneously fingering my back hole.

This was raw sex at it's dark best. And if this was what I was seeking, I had found it. "Slave Julie, you little slut, I need you here now," My master said suddenly.

She pulled her hand out of Marc's ass, and crawled over to her (our) master. "Slave, my cock needs relief, perform for me, or else I will be displeased." At that she knelt in front of his cock, and waited, mouth open. What was going on now, I wondered? Then he started to let out a stream of hot piss, straight into her waiting mouth.

As he steadily pissed, she swallowed it all, not spilling a drop, and then she lent forward and sucked and licked the last dribbles of piss from his piss hole. Then she took his flaccid cock deep into her mouth, and started to suck. As she sucked she also started jerking his still small cock, and soon he was erect, and fucking her compliant mouth. Marc was pounding his cock deep into my cunt, and I now knew I couldn't have cared less if my master asked me now to do that, I was beyond silly inhibitions, and would eagerly perform for my master.

Marc seemed to stop, and pull out, and I definitely disappointed, until … oh fuck, I felt his cunt juice covered cock, push at my ass hole. No! I silently screamed, but I was definitely reluctant to speak aloud. Oh god no, I cried inside.

Then I felt his cock slide deep and tightly into my ass. It fit, my god, his horse sized cock actually got up my ass, and I didn't feel pain. Fucking hell, lol. Oh fuck me, Marc I silently willed, and he didn't disappoint me. He rammed harder and harder, and my ass took it all. My fucking ass took his cock to the hilt.

I could feel his big black balls banging into my cunt as he fucked me relentlessly. I looked over to my master, hoping for approval, but he was distracted.

From somewhere he had found a small stiletto knife, and was easing the razor sharp blade over Julie's naked back, as she continued sucking his cock. Then he tilted her head back, forcing her to drop his cock, and he then started playing the knife over her ample tits. As Marc continued abusing my ass hole, without any complaint from me, lol, I watched.

I saw the tip of the blade nick her tit, and she never flinched. He kept rotating the pointy blade perilously close to her nipple and she sat there smiling. He wouldn't cut her and hurt her?

Would he? I watched, feeling the horse cock rip my ass to joyous shreds, distracted by my master's activities. He nicked her a second time, and this time she put her finger to the drop of blood that oozed, and then licked her finger. He nicked her again, and again she licked the blood.

I turned away from them as I felt my own excitement rise. My whole body racked in orgasm as I felt Marc finally come, and I knew without being asked, that I would suck his cock as soon as he pulled out of my ass, and that's what I did. I didn't wait to be asked, I turned and grabbed that huge dick, and started licking his head. He collapsed back on the floor, and I joined him, exhausted. "Well children, tonight's little lessons were useful, yes?" my master said to us all. "It is getting late, and I am tired.

Shall we reconvene tomorrow night, at the same time? Are you all willing to endure full ass to mouth service adriana maya april dawn scarlet de sade gina valentina chloe cherry mike a punishment for being worthless?" None of us spoke, and my master walked out.

Marc let out a sigh, and Julie crawled over to him. "Oh darling, you were great tonight," she said. "I was so hoping you'd see me get fucked by him, but we know we must wait. Thank you honey." Marc smiled, and kissed Julie. They knew each other? Friends? Couple? Married? I crawled off without waiting for an answer. I knew I'd find out soon enough, I planned on returning. Soon. End of the first tale of Celeste's new lifestyle.