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Casting blonde babe sucks and fucks in casting
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DAY 1: __________ It wasn't exactly how I'd been dreaming I'd spend my spring break, but then again, it was better than anything else I had planned. Adjusting my nametag with "Lara Baines" spelled out in bold letters, I hurried after the group of students beginning the opening tour.

The college I'd chosen to attend, crazily enough, was having a three day "college days" event and they had invited the local high school seniors to attend. The purpose was to get them familiar with the college, the teachers, the courses, and the dorm life - hoping to encourage fewer dropouts. Luckily, my spring break coincided with the college's event, and because of that, it hadn't taken much convincing on my part to get my parents to agree to it.

After all, it was an educational trip. Well, sort of. The thing was, my brother, Eric, attended this college, too. And where Eric went, trouble followed. Not only would I have the opportunity to scout my future college, but I was certain he'd get me into some of the cooler things on campus. What made it an even better choice of schools was that my brother would be moving off campus - so rather than pay to live in the dorms I would be rooming with him.

At least, that was the plan. After all, campus life wasn't really my thing. People weren't really my thing. I'm the scrawny, nerdy, quiet one who's more than happy to just be invisible. I'm a gamer, I write fiction, I like musical theater and the color black, and I read all the time.

So unless there's someone out there that likes geeky gamer girls who know more about Thedas and Middle Earth history than World History, I'm pretty much screwed. The first day had been spent touring the college, visiting each individual class with the entire group of attending "candidates," which finished in the assembly hall where some of the teachers answered questions and described campus life and available courses in detail. One of the reasons I'd chosen this college was because they had available majors in both Journalism and Creative Writing for Fiction.

If I could get into either of those classes, even as a Minor, I'd be a happy girl. Next to me sat my brother, having skipped out on his regular classes to lend me some moral support. He nudged my shoulder when one of the teachers introduced the Creative Writing program, "You're drooling, Lara." "Am not." "Just a little." "Shut up." He chuckled quietly, "Touchy, touchy." And then he smiled at me, "I'm glad you're excited about this." It was difficult to stay mad at Eric.

Since our childhood, I'd always looked up to him as one of my heroes. He could do pretty much everything. And he was pretty darn handsome, so that helped. So when he nudged me again, I nudged him back, smiling happily to myself as the teacher on the platform finished her presentation.

By the time we were allowed to leave the auditorium, it was well past 9:00 PM, but instead of sending us to our assigned dorm rooms, they ushered us into the atrium at the front of the school were dozens upon dozens of boxes of pizza had been set out for us to devour.

I don't know about you - but watching a hundred or more hungry teenagers scramble for food all at once is pretty terrifying. So much grasping, and shoving, and talking.

Ugh. I broke away from the swarm of other teens and wandered towards my temporary dorm room that I shared with Eric. Typically, only the dorms were co-ed, and not the individual rooms; but, since Eric's roommate was out of town on a family emergency and we were siblings, they let me take the extra bunk.

It was a huge relief for me knowing I didn't have to spend the whole spring break with a bunch of weird, giggly girls. Eric wasn't back from the pizza fest yet, so I took advantage of the young gal likes doggie fuck hardcore and blowjob. Finally alone - and bored - I lisa berlin bull fucks slave charles with a nasty strapon out a book from my duffle bag and hopped onto the bed.

Just as I landed, an angry "Ouch!" resounded from beneath me. I screamed and leapt off of the bunk, holding my book out in front of me as some sort of protection as some random guy crawled out from underneath the bedframe.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked - still holding out the book as though it were actually going to help me. "Why were you under the bed?" For a second, he looked confused, and then he smiled, "You're Lara, Eric's kid sister, aren't you?" Wait. What? "How do you know that?" Sitting down on the bed, he smiled, "I'm his roommate." My eyes narrowed in suspicion, "Aren't you supposed to be gone on -" "On a family emergency," he sighed. "Yeah. I am. But it wasn't an emergency, so I came back." "But I thought your grandma died." He snorted, "Well imagine my surprise at finding Grandma safe and sound at home and packing for a cruise." Then he smiled, "I'm Finn, by the way.

Thanks for not replacing my bedsheets with something pink." I stubbornly crossed my arms, "That doesn't make any sense. Why would someone tell you that your grandma died if it isn't true?" Finn's lips quirked into a wry grin, "Have you ever broken up with someone who refuses to acknowledge that it happened?" "But why were you under the bed?" He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck almost sheepishly, "I was hiding." "Why?" "You use that word a lot," he muttered, but not unkindly.

"The dorm staff just did room checks to make sure everybody had a place and wasn't doubled up, and they don't know I'm back. So… I panicked." The look on his face made me chuckle to myself and I lowered my book. As I did, the cover caught his eye and he laughed. "Holy crap - 'The Stolen Throne!' That's such a good book." My jaw dropped. "You've read it?" "Hell, yes." Finn leaned over the side of the bed and pulled out a cardboard box from underneath.

When he sat back up, he was holding the entire Dragon Age novel series. "I've read them all at least a hundred times. Still can't figure out that Blight nonsense." At that, I smiled, "Right? Have you read some of the theories?" He scooted over on the bed, giving me room to sit.

"What - you mean the ones saying Maric had some god-like sperm?" He rolled his eyes, "Yeah… so much nope." Nodding towards his collection, he asked, "You can borrow them, if you want." I shrugged, suddenly feeling shy, "That's okay…" Pretending like he hadn't heard me, he picked up the books and handed them to me, "I see your brother every day. It's not like I won't know where they are." I gingerly placed them on top of my duffle bag, making sure that nothing could bend or dog-ear the pages.

But I found I couldn't quite look him in the eyes afterwards, so I murmured a quiet, "Thanks…" Finn wasn't at all what I was expecting. Eric had talked about him a hundred times or more, but I hadn't actually pictured him to look so… normal. My brother always said Finn didn't go out much. That he usually stayed in the dorm studying or reading. He didn't stay out past midnight, he didn't go out on the crazy frat parties; he got good grades, studied hard, and kept to himself.

I honestly imagined some tall lanky guy with coke bottle bottom glasses and only button up shirts in his wardrobe. He was nothing like that. Like I said, he was normal.

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He obviously worked out, but he didn't teen cock man milk cookies and tiny bulging pecs or biceps like the football players had. His hair wasn't perfectly styled - more like he woke up and just ran his hands through it to get it out of the way. He didn't have chiseled features like a movie star but he was undoubtedly handsome.

For just a moment, I met his gaze and gave him a small smile. Blue… His eyes are blue. At that moment, the door to the room burst open again and in strode Eric. "There you are," he huffed. "I've been looking everywhere for you." "It's my fault," Finn shrugged. "I saw her reading Dragon Age stuff and she couldn't shut me up." Eric rolled his eyes, "Oh, that's right, I'm surrounded by.

" then he paused, realization striking him all at once. "What are you doing here?" "Long story." "Ah." Setting his books down, Eric nodded towards his roommate. "So what are we going to do about the bed sitch?" My eyes snapped up.

I hadn't thought of that. With Finn back, he'd probably be wanting his bed, which meant that I needed to find a different luscious honey is flaunting her spread wet kitty in close up stretching and trimmed. Which meant that I'd need to socialize.

Shit. "I'll camp out in Nate's room. He's actually on vacation." "What?" both Eric and I stared at the other man in confusion. "But," I stammered, "your bed - your stuff." He merely shrugged, smiling at me as he stood and shuffled to the door, "I'm right across the hall. I can get my stuff when I need it. It's not like you're moving in forever." And with a casual wave to Eric, he left. A few moments of silence passed before Eric turned to me and smirked, "You made some first impression.

He's not normally so accommodating." "He seems nice enough," I shrugged, lowering my gaze to hide the blush I knew was on my cheeks. "Well, I live with him, and he's never so nice to me." "You're not easy to be nice to." "Watch it.

I know where you sleep," he winked teasingly at me. Checking the clock, he asked, "You hungry?" I had been, but for some strange reason I wasn't anymore.

I shook my head and then Eric sighed in relief. "Thank God. That mess in the atrium is ridiculous. I'd forgotten how vicious teenage guys are when you get between them and their pizza." He reached for his shirt and began pulling it over his head.

I panicked. "Eric! What are you doing?!" He paused halfway and gave me another smirk, "Seriously, Lar. Chill. This is college. And these are co-ed dorms. You'll be seeing a lot of this. Trust me." And he pulled his shirt off the rest of the way. Then he kicked off his jeans so that he was standing there in the middle of the room with nothing but his boxers on.

"There's no such thing as privacy here." He'd been working out. I mean, as a football player, he'd always looked good. But now… he was straight up ripped. Eric had always been handsome and charming - sort of in a White Collar Neal Caffrey way. In high school, he'd easily been one of the most popular guys.

He was everything - athletic, dane jones blowjob and outdoor sex in a summer dress and kitchen quickie, funny. Everything every girl had ever wanted. Even me, although having to live in his shadow, follow his footsteps… I'd resented him for it, sometimes. As much as I admired him for being who he was, the pressure of having to live up to him had been overwhelming.

Maybe that was because I secretly had a crush on him, too. And the frustrating thing about that was that no one could ever know. I couldn't tell my family, my friends - heck, I couldn't even tell my diary in the event someone accidentally read it. All through high school I'd had to hide it - and when he'd gone to college, it had become easier to ignore it. So, you can imagine my surprise when I looked at him and realized that I still had that silly crush.

I'm sure every girl wonders what it would be like to be with her brother - at least once in her life. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just a weirdo. No surprise there. Either way, being with him now rekindled all those old thoughts and curiosities. I let my eyes move down from his shoulders and chest, across his flat abdomen, and down to the bulge in his boxers. Oh, fuck… It wasn't much - but it was enough. The small opening in his boxers had parted just enough so that I could see the tip of the large round head of his cock peeking through and I had to keep myself from gasping.

Never in my life had I seen a boy's dick. Ever. Our family had always bordered on the more conservative end, and they'd made it almost impossible to sneak around. Eric and I had separate bedrooms down the hall from each other with a stric bathroom schedule, so that nothing could happen.

Even when I'd had a boyfriend, we'd never had the opportunity to go further than kissing and fondling. But to see my brother's? I should have been repulsed - horrified, maybe. After all, this sort of thing was taboo. So why did I feel so incredibly turned on? He moved around the room, straightening up a few things, rifling through the books on his desk for the next day's homework assignments, before eventually flopping down onto bed to read one of his books.

On top of the covers. "I'm getting up at 3:30 tomorrow," he murmured, flipping a page in his book. "I work before classes start. You want me to set my alarm for you?" Clearing my throat, hoping that my voice would sound somewhat normal, I answered, "Nah.

I've got my phone." Eyes never leaving his book, he grunted an acknowledgement. For another few moments, I sat in stunned silence, staring at him from across the tiny bedroom. I glanced at his face - but he didn't seem to notice what was happening.

A part of me wanted to tell him, to make him cover it up. And yet… another part of me didn't. Eric stretched out one of his legs, opening the fabric even more. God, it was so thick. It made me wonder just how much bigger it would be if it were actually hard. I was so wet. Already, I could feel it soaking through my thong, and I shifted uncomfortably. My mind was racing. This was my brother.

This was wrong. Why, then, did I want to touch it so badly? I glanced at him and wondered if he knew what he was doing to me? Did he have any idea how much this turned me on? Messed me up? But he was so involved in his assigned reading, I doubted he was even aware what was happening. Still. I wanted to tempt him. Fight fire with fire, whether he knew what he had done to me or not. Gingerly, I eased myself off the cot. I stood in the middle of the room, as Eric had, and grabbed the hem of my t-shirt, pulling it slowly over my head.

Next, I stepped out of my jeans, leaving me in nothing but my bra and underwear. My courage only lasted so long, however, so I hastily said good night and covered myself in blankets. The room was quiet for a long time after that, save for the occasional sound of Eric's book when he turned the page. I kept my eyes closed, pretending to sleep, even though I was wide awake. My heart was pounding wildly in my chest, and it was all I could do to keep my breathing even.

Very slowly, I slid my hand down to my aching pussy, slipping my fingers in between the moist lips to my throbbing clit. Dipping one finger into the wet heat of my cunt, I let my wrist settle against my clit and rub against it with each thrust of my fingers inside.

I carefully adjusted myself so that my fingers could slide in deeper, move upwards, and press against my G-spot. The friction felt amazing, but it wasn't enough. My fingers couldn't get deep enough, the pressure inside wasn't hard enough. I wanted - no, needed - more. My free hand carefully slid up beneath the fabric of my bra and tugged at one of my nipples. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. So close… I was so close.

In my mind, I kept picturing Eric's cock, imagining how it would look fully engorged, how it would feel in my hands. How it would feel… if it were in me. When I came, my whole body shuddered, and I let out a sharp breath I hadn't known I'd been holding. Never before had my orgasms been so hard and yet somehow so unsatisfying. Good as it was, it hadn't been enough.

And I wanted so, so much more. A few minutes later I drifted off to sleep, blissfully unaware of Eric's curious gaze.

__________ DAY 2: __________ This is ridiculous… I heaved a frustrated sigh, staring dismally at the list of courses available to shadow. There were the basics, of course - math, science, and English - but nowhere did I see any of the creative writing classes or the journalism classes that had brought me there in the first place.

Was there another list? Did I miss something? I stalked away from the sign-up board and headed towards the barista at the other end of the atrium. There was only one solution for disappointments like this: coffee. Stepping in line, I scanned the menu for something I wanted, until a familiar voice caught my attention.

"Extra whip on that?" "You know it," the girl in front of me laughed. "I got Mr. Collins today." "Ouch… extra whip and a pump of chocolate it is." Finn! I impatiently waited for my turn, then stepped up to the counter with a shy wave. Finn smiled down at me. "Hey, Lara." "Hi." I cleared my throat.

"I didn't know you were the barista, here." He shrugged, "One of many. It's part of the work scholarship. What can I get you?" "Caramel macchiato?" "Comin' right up." He went to work, and I waited awkwardly - wanting so desperately to talk to him yet not knowing what in the world I should say.

He glanced at me a few times, and then broke the silence himself, "I thought for sure you'd be in the English classes by now." Frowning, I answered, "I actually was more interested in shadowing the advanced classes - like journalism or creative writing. But I didn't see them on the sign-up board." "Problem solved," he chuckled, setting out his "closed" sign before turning back and adding the caramel and whip cream to the macchiato.

"Turns out Creative Writing for fiction is my major, so you can just follow me this week." Then he stammered, realizing what he had just offered, "I mean, that is, you don't have to. If you want…" Before he could go any further, I nodded, "Yes! I'd love to." Sitting next to him in class european babes love anal in a wild some to be the most distracting thing I'd ever experienced.

He looked good, he smelled good, and when he smiled at me, I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest. And every now and then, when he moved, his arm would brush mine and I couldn't help but wonder if he'd done it on purpose. When the Fiction writing class had ended, Finn pulled me aside. He brushed a hand nervously through his hair, clearing his throat before he asked, "I, um… was wondering if you wanted to… maybe skip the rest of class today." Then he blushed, turning his face away, "I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time focusing." At first, I wasn't sure I'd heard him correctly.

Am I dreaming? Is this real? "Yeah," I managed to nod. "Sounds fun." The relief on his face made my heart skip a beat and he nodded for me to follow him out a side door. "There's a fair going on just outside of town. If you wanted, we could go." The fair.

I'd always wanted to go the fair, but it was something our family never seemed to have time for. And sexy rachel enjoys pleasuring her hirsute cunt I always seemed to be between boyfriends when these things happened, it never seemed like fun to tag along with everyone else at my school. Not when I was also the odd one out. But today seemed like a perfect day to change all that. "Sure!" I smiled up at him. foxy czech kitten opens up her tight cunt to the special do we leave?" Finn and I had so much in common, beyond our love of Dragon Age.

The entire way to the fair, we had Rascal Flatts blasting on the radio, the both of us singing along to every word.

At the fair, we talked about everything and nothing - from our mutual love of certain authors and our favorite movies to things like the future, where we saw ourselves in ten years, and what sort of things we dreamed of. Back at the college, Finn pulled me into a dark corner just outside the dorms.

His thumbs trailed gently across my knuckles as he gazed down at step mom seduce yr old small boy to fuck her ass hardcore deutsch. I could see a faint blush on his cheeks, even in the darkness as he fumbled for the right words.

"Tonight was great… I mean, I had a great time at the fair. With you." Then he chuckled, shaking his head, "I'm sorry. I'm not good at this." I took a step closer. We were almost touching, and my heart was beating wildly in my chest.

"Thank you for today. This was amazing." "We should do this again." I bit my lip as I met his hopeful gaze. I wanted so badly do it all again tomorrow, just run away and forget about plans and goals and deadlines. I also wanted to forget that after tomorrow, I'd be going back home - and, quite possibly, would never see him again. At least, not like this. Summer was a long time to wait, and I wasn't about to ask him to do that for me.

But, for now, I wanted to enjoy what I could, while I could. "I'd like that." Slowly, he leaned down, and I waited with bated breath as his lips neared mine. Instinctively, my eyes fluttered closed, and I leaned into his touch as his hands cupped my cheeks. Our lips met in a soft, almost tentative, kiss, and I found myself leaning into him. His hands dropped from my cheeks to my waist as the kiss deepened, pulling me in closer, until my body was pressed against his.

It was over too soon, I couldn't stop the sigh that escaped my lips when he pulled away. Something fierce burned in his gaze as he searched my eyes, and a moment later, he kissed me again.

This time, I was ready. My arms went around his neck and I clung to him while his hands roamed my body, sliding from my waist to my hips, pulling me tightly against him. I gasped into his mouth at the feel of the hard bulge in his pants, pressing against my stomach. While one hand anchored me against him, the other toyed with the hem of my t-shirt slipping inside to feel the soft skin beneath it. His hand was calloused, but gentle, and ever so slowly moved upwards towards my breasts.

His thumb flicked across my hardened nipple, sliding across the fabric of my bra, and I moaned into his kiss, gasping loudly when he rolled the nub between his two fingers. Suddenly, my back was against the wall, both of his hands beneath my shirt and fondling my breasts. Heat was building between my legs, and pushed my hips into his body, against the solid bulge in his pants that was harder than ever.

He grunted when my hips rubbed against his cock and he moved his passionate kisses in a line down my jaw to my neck. He was getting rougher, but then so was I. My teeth grazed his jaw, then moved to suck on his earlobe while his mouth attacked my throat and my collar.

His hands slid behind me, fumbling with the clasps of my bra, growling in frustration between kisses at the complexity. As I reached to help him, he gave up, instead lifting the bra above my breasts, and moving his mouth to suck my exposed nipple. "Finn," I gasped, feeling my knees grow weak. Never. Ever. Had I felt such pleasure.

My cunt was dripping with cum, and I could barely breathe. No one had ever been this far with me- nothing had ever felt this good. More. I want more! My hand reached down to his pants and I let my fingers trail against his cock. He shuddered when I squeezed and sucked me harder while his hands moved down my stomach to the front of my jeans.

Deftly undoing the top button, he lowered the zipper and I whimpered at how achingly slow it seemed before it was open. And when his fingers trailed against the dripping wet slit… I was undone.Without thinking, I cried out loudly in pleasure, slumping against the wall.

Every fiber in my being was aching for more. But I had been too loud and a shout from across the road startled the both of us out of our fun. "Shit, Finn cursed. "I've got to go. I'll distract them. Go ahead, get inside." He turned to run, them thought the better of it, giving me one last kiss before darting across the lawn. I pulled my shirt into a somewhat decent position and then bolted up the stairs to my shared room with Eric. Shutting the door behind me, I stood or what seemed like ages in the middle of the dark room, trying to still my racing heart.

He'd touched me like no one had ever done, made me feel like nothing ever before… And remembering his lips on my lips, on my throat, on my breasts… The wanton desire flooded back to me and I collapsed onto the bed. I took off my shirt, unhooked my bra, kicked off my jeans and underwear, and sprawled naked across the bed - his bed.

I could still smell his cologne and I smiled as his scent mixed with my own. My hands trailed across my body, trying to memorize how he'd touched me, how his hands had felt on my skin. Then I lowered one hand to my throbbing cunt, and plunged my fingers inside my dripping wet pussy.

I was so wet, so ready. And yet my fingers did nothing to satisfy me. I whined in frustration and moved to rub my clit instead. The stimulation sent me over the top, and I gasped. It felt so good, yet it wasn't the same.

It wasn't nearly as intense as how I felt with his hands on me, his mouth on me. So close… So close to cumming… My breaths were coming in pants, my body rigid as I waited for the orgasm to take me. I dipped my fingers again into pussy, trying to imagine his cock in me instead.

But his cock would be harder, it would go deeper, it would feel bigger… I just wanted to know what it felt like, rather than imagine it. Something didn't feel right, and I grudgingly paused what I was doing. It suddenly occurred to me that I had burst into the dark room without even checking to see if it was empty.

Slowly, I turned my gaze towards the other side of the room. Just as I feared, there was Eric, sitting on his cot, watching me. He still had his t-shirt on, but his jeans and boxers were around his knees, his hard cock in his hands. Oh my God… It was huge. We stared at each other for a long moment, both of us too terrified to move. What were we doing? This was my brother. This shouldn't be happening. This was wrong. And yet… He was the first one to regain his composure.

Kicking his jeans off the rest of the way, he padded across the room to me knelt beside the bed. He looked nervous, and yet there was something in his eyes I recognized. It was the same thing I'd seen in Finn's eyes just before we'd been interrupted.

A shiver went down my spine, but I wasn't sure if it was disgust… or something else. "You okay?" I wasn't okay. I was so confused. But I nodded my head nonetheless. "I think so." "God, you're beautiful…" he murmured, and he lifted his fingers to my face. He smirked, then, and chuckled softly, "Sounds weird coming from me, right?" Strangely, it didn't.

"No." Silence passed between us again, and I sat up in bed. I should have been angry, or embarrassed, or… something. What we were doing was taboo - something unspeakable, though I couldn't deny I'd fantasized about it. Eric was every woman's dream? Why would it be any different for me, his sister? I knew the consequences, but I was so horny they suddenly seemed insignificant. "Let me get my clothes on," I rasped, reaching for my discarded things.

His hand caught mine and he murmured, "Wait." Our eyes met and he slowly lowered himself onto the bed beside me. His hands were warm, and with him so close I could smell the faint scent of alcohol on his breath. It explained his boldness, but it still did nothing to explain my reaction. I let him sit there. I let one of his hands brush my hair cum spraying in a public cab with horny teen alessa pornstars and hardcore of my face, and then rest gently on the nape of my neck.

I let him lean closer. His free hand reached out to grasp one of mine and guide it towards his lap. I jerked my hand away and hissed, "What are you doing?" Eric smiled taylor wane horny boob in elevator at me, "Giving you what you want." My eyes narrowed, "And that is?" "This." He pulled off his shirt, revealing his massive hard on.

I couldn't look away - it was so thick, so long… Eventually, I reached my hand out to touch it, without his prodding, and my eyes widened in surprise at how soft it was, and yet so firm. Eric groaned when I squeezed it in my hand. I couldn't even close my fingers around it - it was that thick. It pulsated in my hand, and I glanced up at him nervously. He merely smiled, guiding my hands up and down his long shaft.

"You did this, you know," he muttered accusingly, a strained smile on his face as he tried to keep his composure. The knowledge made me bolder, so I lengthened my strokes. The heat between my legs grew even hotter than before and I reached down to rub my throbbing clit. Eric stopped me. "Let me," he said.

Pulling my other hand away from his dick, he pressed me down against the bed and trailed his fingers along my jaw and down across my neck. His touch was soft, and I closed my eyes as his hands traveled my body, reveling in how right it felt to have another's hands on me. Eric leaned close as his hand found my breast, and he cupped it firmly in his hand. I whimpered, feeling desire building within me like an inferno.

My eyes opened and I gazed up at him pleadingly. Don't stop… "I can't believe this is happening…" I murmured. Eric winked at me, "It gets better." Calloused fingers flicked across my nipple and I gasped. It wasn't like Finn. Eric's hands felt more confident, more experienced. He rolled my breasts in his hands, tugging on each nipple in turn.

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It hurt, and yet felt amazing all at once. And then his mouth was on them. The sudden sensation caused me to moan, and I arched my back, rising to meet his lips. Every time his tongue flicked across my nipples, I felt my cunt throbbing for attention.

I tried again to reach down and rub my clit, but he batted my hand away, moving his body until his knees were between my legs, spreading them wide open. His expert tongue left my breasts and I whined at the absence. Instead, he flicked his tongue down across my stomach, teeth grazing the most sensitive parts near my hips.

I shuddered as the air touched the trail his tongue had left, chilling the warm pattern he was drawing across my body. Rough hands slid beneath my legs and lifted my hips off the bed until my legs were over his shoulders. Surprised, I almost fought him, until I felt the heat of his breath against my pussy.

"Eric, don't-" I began, but my protests turned into moans as his tongue flicked across my shaved pussy and down the narrow slit. He found my clit and sucked it into his mouth, pulling at the small nub until it almost hurt, then releasing it and attacking it with his tongue.

It was too much. My moans grew louder she is gorgeous and she likes bukkake I bucked my hips against him, but he held me firmly. Too much, too much. I couldn't take it. I was getting close again - so close. Eric seemed to sense how near I was, and then pulled away, a self-satisfied grin on his face. He moved his lips further down and flicked his tongue across my cunt.

Yes! That was what I wanted. I wanted to tell him, but the words stuck in my throat. Instead, I gazed up at him. His eyes met mine, and he smiled again, before sinking his tongue into my pussy. He groaned, sending a delightful buzz through my body, "You taste so good." As if to prove he meant it, he slid his tongue in deeply again. I couldn't breathe - it felt so good. His tongue flicked in and out, lapping up my cum, driving me absolutely crazy with want.

I wanted to cum - wanted to let go of the raging storm that had been building within me. Eric had other ideas. As I teetered on the edge of an orgasm, he stopped, letting my hips fall onto the bed. He leaned over me and Blowjob session with lustful beautiful hottie hardcore massage felt the tip of his cock, already slick with pre-cum slide down to my soaking pussy. He didn't ask permission - he didn't need to. By now, I was already so overcome with wanting I'd have begged him for more if he stopped.

This is it, I thought. My heart was beating wildly in my chest, breaths coming in pants, the anticipation building within me until I could barely control myself.

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Eric's eyes met mine as he pushed the very tip of his cock inside. I could see the sweat blowjob loving teen titfucks and sucks dick his forehead and he fought for control.

He pushed a little further, and I gasped at just how thick it was - and only the tip had made it inside me. I held my breath as his hard dick slid further and further into me, stretching my pussy beyond what I even thought was possible. And just when I thought he couldn't possibly fit in any deeper, he thrust forward, the tip of his cock slamming into the very back of my cunt.

The pain was intense - I thought for sure I'd be split in two. There was a big difference in our build. I was short and petite. My brother was tall and broad. I stood at a measly 5', maybe 5'1" on a good day, and he was easily a foot or more taller. Having that large body pressed against mine, that massive dick filling me inside - it was insane. I wasn't built to handle that kind of monster. Was I? I squeezed my eyes shut, but the tears leaked out anyway. Very gently, Eric reached out a hand and brushed the tears from the corners of my eyes.

"I won't move till you're ready, Lar," he murmured. I felt his cock pulsing inside me and I tried to let my body relax. Fuck, but it hurt so badly… A part of me wanted to shove him out of me, scream at him for doing this to me. I glanced down between us and saw that he was completely sheathed inside me and I caught my breath. I'd felt his pelvis collide with mine, I knew we were touching - but seeing it put it in perspective.

His cock was huge. How on earth had he fit it all the way inside me? Was that why it hurt so badly? Everything felt tight - full, in a way I'd never felt before.

I tensed in anticipation, but the pain worsened. Seeing my grimace, Eric, ran his fingers through my hair, "Hey, relax. It won't feel good unless you relax." Our eyes met and I released a amateur lesbo teenies get their wet cunts licked and nailed sigh. This was my brother.

I trusted him. Biting my lip, I nodded mutely, willing to give it a try. He didn't move for a while yet. Instead, he continued to stroke my hair, or roll one of my breasts in his hand, doing his best to ease the tension in my body. After a few minutes, and when the pain had begun to lessen, I murmured, "I think I'm okay now." Very slowly, he pulled out until only the tip remained inside.

Without him there, I felt empty. Hollow. Incomplete. Where his cock had been had left a void and I wanted more of him. This time was easier than the first, though when his cock collided with the back of my cunt again, I whimpered in pain.

Eric controlled his next few thrusts, keeping them slow and maria ozawa anal squirt sex stories movies, getting me used to his size and girth as my pussy stretched to accommodate him. As much as it still hurt, the pain was lessening with every thrust, giving way to a pleasure I didn't know existed.

Eventually, the pleasure began to outweigh the pain, and I found myself raising my hips to meet him each time. "Your pussy is so tight," he growled in my ear. "Fucking you feels amazing." "Ahh…" I gasped as he shoved his cock in me again, and again. "I can't believe this is happening." The friction was driving me insane. The longer we fucked, the bolder and rougher with me he became. His thrusts were long, powerful strokes that sent me reeling every time our bodies met. I arched my back to meet him, crying out every time his cock pushed against my cervix.

Eventually, the pain disappeared, leaving in its wake an insatiable desire to be rutted. "Fuck," he grunted, thrusting inside me as far as he could lesbian jail touching your hottest buddy for the first time. "Take that big cock." When I moaned a response, he smiled devilishly, "You like it?

You like it when your big brother fucks you with his dick?" "Yes!" "Slut." He ground into me harder and I had to bite my lip from screaming. Eric increased his pace and I knew he was getting close. But by then, so was I. He fucked me - hard and deep - so, so deep. Every push rattled my body and sent me spiraling even further into bliss. I wrapped my legs around him as the tension increased, and his hands sought my breasts, eliciting from me a breathless moan. The way he moved - the way he held me - I arched my back for more and he met my demands with experienced, calculated hands and thrusts.

His dick rubbed against my G-spot, and the tension in me built even higher. I'd never cum from a G-spot orgasm before, but at the rate we were going… "Oh, fuck," I squealed as one of his hands moved to my clit.

It was too much - my G-spot, my clit, my cervix, my nipples - everything was being stimulated all at once, and I just couldn't take it. His thrusts increased, they became harder, more greedy, and I thought that I might pass out from all the overwhelming sensations.

"I'm… gonna cum," he grunted, eyes meeting mine. "Me too." The moment I said the words, my threefold orgasm hit me like a hurricane, overcoming my body and flooding me in waves of pleasure I hadn't known I could reach.

I think I screamed - because Eric's hand moved to cover my mouth - but I didn't care. I rode the waves with abandon, letting it consume me completely. Eric thrust into me again with a loud groan, and I felt burst upon burst of heat erupt from his cock, filling my pussy with his cum. He pumped into me a few more times, emptying his cock, and I felt my pussy clench, as though trying to milk his cock for more.

Breathless and sweaty, he collapsed on top of me, and we lay unmoving on the bed, Eric's softening cock still inside me. Long minutes passed, and we remained as we were - unwilling to break the silence. Eventually, Eric sighed, propping himself up on his elbows so he could look at me.

"Are you okay?" It was an odd question to ask after what we had done. I'd just committed incest, with a brother I admired and loved.

We'd had unguarded sex, and with a cock his length, his cum had likely penetrated my cervix. I was no longer a virgin, and had lost it in on someone else's bed while a different person had taken it from me. I'd allowed myself to be caught naked and masturbating in a dorm room after skipping classes and making out with the man whose bed I'd just been fucked on.

And yet… I did feel okay. I felt more than okay - I felt fantastic. The frustration I'd felt earlier had melted away, replaced by a warm sense of fulfillment. I breathed in deeply and the scent of his cum mingling with mine attacked my senses, turning me on despite my recent orgasm. I met Eric's gaze and smiled, "Yeah. I'm okay." He started to pull out, but I stopped him. "Wait," I murmured.

"Just a little longer." His usually suave grin turned slightly lopsided and he chuckled softly, "We didn't think this through too well, did we." My eyes widened, "No one can find out about this." "Of course not.

I won't tell if you don't." I let out a slow sigh. "So where do we go from here?" It was the question of the century, and I watched Eric's expression carefully as he pondered what to do next.

When he finally spoke, his voice hot amateur brunette eurobabe gets fucked in the woods flashing european low, careful.

"I guess that depends on you." "What do you mean?" "What we did was… spur of the moment. Heat of passion. We… didn't think about anything but what we wanted. But I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about doing this with you before.

It's. kind of a fantasy I've always had." The admission startled me. "Really?" Eric chuckled, "Why do you look so surprised? You're gorgeous. And unique. And you're my sister. I love you. And… I don't know, I guess maybe because it was so taboo, it just seemed more appealing.

Forbidden fruit, kind of thing." "Huh." "What?" I smiled at him, xxx english movies xxxx storys feel the same way about you." His grin turned mischievous and he teased, "Well now that we know what we've been missing… too bad we didn't discover this while we were both still in high school.

All those times we were home alone, and didn't do anything. Such a waste." I laughed with him, but inwardly I was still a mess. I still wanted this. I mean, now that we'd already done it, what point was there in pretending it didn't happen?

It happened, and it had felt amazing. And it was safe - it's not like Eric would tell, because he had just as much to lose as Hadley viscara in blonde buttering with cum did. And it was no strings attached. We weren't attracted to each other in the way that I was attracted to Finn. It was more… animalistic, than romantic. We could still have normal lives… just, way more benefits. Maybe it was just difficult to think because he was still on top of me.

Having his cock in me, even though flaccid, was still pretty distracting. Not that I minded. My brother had taken my virginity. A small part of my mind - the part that had grown up sheltered - still said that what we'd done would land us a one way ticket to hell.

The other part of me - the louder of the two voices - didn't care. It had felt right. He loved me. He had given me an experience I would never forget. And, for now, that was all that mattered.

I was glad it happened. When I didn't say anything, my brother chuckled, "If I stay here like this any longer, I can't guarantee I'll behave." "You and I haven't exactly been behaving anyway." "I mean," he whispered, eyes glinting with mischief, "that I'm going to fuck you. Again. And again. And again." I searched his eyes, trying to decide if he was teasing or if he really meant it.

Inside my pussy, I felt his cock begin throb and harden slightly, and I smiled. "Is that a promise?" Another twitch, and it hardened some more.

I wiggled my hips and closed my eyes as I felt it expand, filling up my cunt until it was completely engorged again. It still amazed me just how big he was when he was hard. And fuck, but it felt so good with him inside me. Heat was building inside me again and I met his gaze, relieved to see a passion in them that mirrored my own. "Tell me what you want, Lara." "I want you to fuck me.

All night."