She loves spit squirting on her tits while sucking

She loves spit squirting on her tits while sucking
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Monica dressed in a nice long pant, looses enough and then got her self a blue shirt. She looked herself in the mirror in order 2 check the fitting of the clothes. "It's ok" she said 2 herself and got out of the room with her files and a bag. She came down and kept her things apart and went 2 the kitchen. "Ronnie, r u ready your breakfast is being served. Come on " " Ya mom coming ". Ronnie replied from his room.

He was Monica's son and quite frankly her everything. She took all his responsibility alone right from his birth. She used 2 be with him all the day taking care of his studies. In the night, when Ronnie used 2 be sleeping she studied 4r her medical exams. In bringing up Ronnie, She only received her parents support being the only child of her parents while Ronnie's Dad did not even cared bats them.

It was the time when she was 16, at her school when she met Raja. He was the most hand some boy at her school and above all the son of a very rich man. Her friends and she were mad for his love and was even more when he proposed Monica.

The whole school came 2 know bat their love as Raja offered her a very precious golden ring. Every evening they used 2 spend 2gether, sometimes in the park, at times in a lonely place far from the city and he used to drop her back at hostel.

They used 2 share moments of intense love. But the least she knew that Raja was a play boy and one fine Sunday morning he took her to hotel room and had the most pleasurable moment one's life.

Monica could not speak a word of protest. May be she did not want to and Raja went on for more from that day, every day. However when she got pregnant Raja just denied the fact that he was the father. Monica was hardcore fucking between busty milf and big cock vid horrified by that. Horrified may be bacon of the Indian society, Horrified may be of her parents and so she hide that within herself until the 7th month when she had to hq porn jav liseli banyoda. It was too late for abortion so she had to deliver the baby.

Her dad plan to have over the baby to orphanage. But when she had Ronnie in her hands she saw a new life waiting 4r her. Being fully prepared for upcoming humiliation in life, she decided to grow and bring up Ronnie. "Mom we both r getting late!" Ronnie said as he finished his breakfast "Ya Honey Got to go" she replied. After cleaning the dishes they locked the door and got into the car.

"Ronnie u has been studying till late night" she spoke as she was driving. "Yuup" Ronnie uttered. "It's not nice to study late night baby even though its 12th standard exams" "Mom don't u worry 2day is the last and the toughest, Accounts" "That's ok but." she suddenly stopped and then continued "Alright leave it.

U wanna go somewhere during your holidays?" "No I am going to take a computer course and. may be to grandpa's house 4r some days or so" "Ok, here your college". "Ya, Bye ""u want me to pick u?" " No I will be an hour or so late an hour or so" " ok, all the best. Do well, Bye " "Thanks". She dropped her son and went to her hospital and after parking the car, she went to her chamber. "Bring the reports" she kept her files and Purse and ordered a Nurse.

"Yes ma'am" She replied and went away. Just as the nurse left, a Ward boy being in the late 30's entered with a glass of water. "Ma'am water" "Ya put it here" she ordered. The ward boy placed the glass and went back to the door. He went out and while closing the door, he glanced at her beautiful face with beautiful honey dripping eyes medium size long black hairs that fell on her chest, her rosy lips. He gave a hungry look at her, a look that indicated the desire to taste raw Human flesh.

"Yummy" he said softly. Over the past years, she came across several into her life. But she never cared. She preferred to devote herself 4r Ronnie. That did not mean that she never felt lonely in life or never had Sexual feeling. To be frank, she was disturbed by such feelings.

But she found it hard to believe when men said that they would love Ronnie as their own son. So she started keeping herself busy with her work and with Ronnie. But she just started her sex life and it ended with the start.

Especially still being at the age of 34 she was still looked alike a teen, Hot and sexy, she used to get wet went she saw hunger in men's eyes for her "Ma'am.Ma'am." The nurse came in running. "Hey what is it?" "Ma'am there is an Emergency" "ok" she immediately got up caught hold of her strata scope and hurried along with the nurse to the emergency ward. On the way "It's an accident case isn't it?" "No a rape" "ok" They reached the ward and the sight of a girl, made her shock.

Signs of biting all over, clothes torn and at the bottom below the belly the vagina were filled with blood. The girl who looked young was crying. Monica examined her and as she was doing that, she found that she might have been raped many times. She asked to a woman standing nearby who said that she was being raped the whole night yesterday.

'OH HOW LUCKY SHE IS AND SHE IS CRYING ' Monica thought herself. "How old is She" "15 Ma'am" "ok needs a dressing Sister get the things and take her 2 the theatre". The girl was taken to the theatre. Monica followed. On the way she only thought came to her mind was that 'OH! I will die for 100 times for a whole night of sex'. She looked at the patient. 'If I would have been u I would have never cried like this' she thought. They entered the operation theatre. Some senior Doctors arrived n had a check "Oh God!

She was even not even not excuse for even a single second. Ya teenage blood." said the Doctor. He continued "Ok Doctor Monica Do the dressing and in case of any problems, u can call me" russians the horny people tube porn Sir". Monica replied as the senior Doctor left. She was cleaning the blood of the girl's Vagina.

She saw the small hole of the girl torn like a piece of cloth. 'Wow what a sight, I would love that to happen with me' she thought. Suddenly one of the nurses spoke "Ma'am that's not the pain reliever. That's acid 4r washing instruments". Monica realized that she was unable to concentrate. 'God I am a Doctor and a Mother what am I doing?' She suddenly regained her composure and started concentrating.

She cleaned the blood, applied some medicines on vagina and other parts and dressed the areas. The girl was relived by then. She came out of the theatre and informed the attendants "She is out of danger. But keep her for observation for 3 or 4 days" "Thank You" the mother replied. Monica went back to her cabin. She did not have any hard work lesbian cougar makes young gf squirm in pleasure day. Normal check ups only.

So by 2 o'clock she decided to go home so that she could have the lunch along with her son Ronnie.

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She got up took her purse and marched. On the way she came across the general ward and just outside the ward in a bench the mother and father of the girl who dressed this morning were weeping. Monica felt sorry for them. She went near them. "Don't worry she is out of danger. May be she will need an abortion but that's later on not now" she said.

The mother looked at her constantly for a while and then said: "Well we r not upset bat that. But we r upset thinking of the one who did this to her" "Ya Why don't u sue that man to the police" Monica said hot pov session with a russian teen she was more interested in hearing them.

Suddenly the father replied "What will we say to the Police!". "Why u should now think of only giving justice to your daughter. Not else" "Yes but what we will say that.that ." And the mother started weeping.

Seeing that the father held his arms over her shoulders. Monica stood surprised "What does u wanna say?" The father continued "That her own 18 year old brother raped her" A kind of unbelievable thunder passed through Monica's body.

She could not believe bat the incest she heard just now 'A 18 year old brother raped his sister 4r the whole night' the father continued furthermore "We had to attend a marriage yesterday. We decided to keep the children back at home. Today In the morning when we returned we found that she was lying on the bed and bleeding and our son escaped" Monica heard that but she decided to leave.

The car stepped on the road and she was driving quite smoothly. There were several other cars on the road. But she only saw the road ahead and inside her mind she was thinking of the raped victim.

'Is incest possible? Oh God why don't u give me that sweet pain instead of making the girl suffer' she said to herself as she reached home and it seemed that she did not even realized. She entered the house which was opened from b4r handed by Ronnie. He was serving his own lunch "Mom I did not expect u so early.

U wants your lunch?" he said as he saw his mom. Monica looked at her 18 year old son for a while and then with a Smile she said "ok put it I am coming. How was your test?" "it was best Mom" Ronnie replied. He served his mother's lunch also and waited for her. Monica arrived. "So your test was fine" " oh ya I did not expect the paper to be common. It was great" Ronnie was now 18 yr older and quite good looking.

He was quite matured kind of a boy and understood his mom very well. Suddenly some creepy feelings entered in Monica's mind 'that rapist bro was of Ronnie's age. Oh how can they last 4r a whole night and make a woman happy'. She started thinking deeply, taking pleasure as she looked at her son. "Ronnie will u goes out with your fronds this evening" "Well we r going to watch a movie.

From 5 to 7:15. I will be back by 7:30 " "Ok If u want to have some chicken for dinner 2nite then take the money and bring it yourself " She said with a smile. "Yummy alright" That evening after Ronnie went as she was sitting in a chair of her room and started thinking again. 'If I would have been the girl I would have gotten the greatest pleasure. A man licking me out, pressing mine to the hardest boohoo. And let that be mom and daughters xxx porn storya 18 yr old boy, that would be for a night long.

An 18 year older just like Ronnie.' Her bottom started to get wet a bit. Her thought switched to the cute face of Ronnie. She thought Ronnie was so understanding bats his mom's sufferings. He can also realize bat Mom's feelings. May be he can fill up his mom's loneliness and satisfy her. She then hardly protested herself from such feelings but for time being.

Ronnie arrived at 7:30 and handed the packet of chicken to his mom in the kitchen. He changed himself and came back to uncle fucks niece in car kitchen to help his mom.

They worked together and prepared the dinner. Monica realized that a new boy was near him who never wanted his mother to be lonely and so he started to chat with his mom bat his exams, the movie, asked her bat her day etc. 'oh my boy has grown up and understands me very well' That night she thought that if incest r kept as secret then it can be pleasurable.

Ronnie understands his mom very well and above all he is a teenager. She should better talk to him. "But if he disagrees? And thinks her a bad character woman then?

"She murmured."No I am not going to do that". Her motherly instincts stopped her. But evil instincts overpowering her, she decided that she would do that for just one night and just live her whole life that night. The next job was to make Ronnie understand.

However she thought it would be better to give some sex increment pills to him without his knowledge. She decided to execute her plan 2 days later on a Friday evenings with holidays on Sat and Sunday. She thought that she was really a bitch and that a whore thinking so ill of her son. She started noticing Ronnie a bit more, now then as a sex partner.

She found his behavior as a jovial guy or a kind of a play boy character like his dad. She decided that if Ronnie finds it disgusting the next day, she would fall at his feet and try to convince him that it was her loneliness that made her did this.

On the Friday morning, Ronnie was bat to go out somewhere when Monica called "U r going out" "Ya mom 2 a frond's house "" When will u return " "5 o'clock or 6" "ok I have got 2 holidays coming up. So 2nite we can have party? U knows some nice beautiful teen has a hardcore first audition ." "Alright Mom I will love Now Bye" Ronnie went out of the house and Monica was very happy and excited. She took a Holiday that day and first of all she went for shopping buying some pink panties and Bra, then a sleeveless, soft material nightly of golden colored.

Then she purchased some pills of sex increment from a drug store, some good scented perfume, hair remover, body cream, baby oil etc. She also purchased some Meat and some strong wine.

Then she went to the beauty parlor and got her hair silky. Finally she arrived at 2:30. She went inside the house and first she kept her wine and meat in the kitchen and then went to her room. She went near the full body mirror and started undoing herself. She removed the T-shirt first, and then her 38D bra, then her jeans going down from her 24inch waist and down goes the panty from the 36 inches waist. She was naked in front of the mirror and then started removing her body hairs.

One by one she removed all open your mouth and suck on my tiny toes hairs of her body from neck to toe, from boobs to pussy, she now looked like a beauty teen. Then she took the baby oil and started applying on her body for getting softness. First on her tits of silky nature. She pressed them a little and recollected the moments of her first sex when Raja was playing with her tits, licking them and pressing them. Then she moved to her ass the hole of which was being tortured by some one 18 years ago.

She applied the oil all over her body and then waited for a while so that the oil dries up after which she took her bath.

She came in front of the mirror. "Oh Am I still a teen?" she said to herself. She had big tits ebony pregnant amateur fucking big dong hardcore and bizzare body sprayed to have a good smell and then started wearing her Pink bra and panty, then the nighttime.

The clock stuck 7 as well as the door bell rang. Ronnie arrived. Monica opened the door and when Ronnie saw him from outside, he stood rooted to the spot. He was speechless as if he is in front of the most beautiful woman in the world. "What happened Ronnie?" she said with a mischievous smile. "Wow mom u looks gorgeous. I never knew that my mom was still a teen!!!!! WOW!" "Well it's nice that u liked your mom" she moved ahead and kissed her son on his cheeks.

He was a bit surprised but just smiled and said "Mom I am hungry" " Well u get freshened up and u get food here". Ronnie went to his room not thinking much further. He had a nice bath and then came down and was delighted to see roasted chicken on the table and was more surprised to see wine.

"Mom W.what what is it wine?" He asked as if he was horrified. "Yes honey I think u r now 18 and should know bat wine" Monica replied.

"R u sure I am going to drink it" "Yes come on. Don't Worry " He did not question any further although he was shocked but after 2 pegs he started glancing at a beautiful women with him. As for Monica, she sat there looking at Ronnie's every drink when the sex increment pills were doing its job that was mixed with the wine. They were talking bat different things, bat Ronnie's career etc. and with every minutes he used to come closer to his mom.

Monica was excited to see the effect of the pills. Ronnie was starting to think some vulgar thoughts in mind. Seeing that his thoughts were taking an effect of his Mom, he decided to leave thinking bat the sin of such thoughts of his own mom. "Mom I am going to sleep" "Why?" "Not feeling well" Saying so he left as a drunker. Monica did not worry she knew that his feelings will even not make him sleep.

So she waited for a while. Ten min, fifteen min went but on the 20th min he came. "Mom u will not sleep" he said as he was walking without any balance over his body. His eyes were almost closed "Well I was waiting 4r u" she said as she was so excited to see that her son wanted her at bed.

She made him seat near her and asked "What happened your ok" "don't know I want something but not sure what" he buried his head in his mom's soft neck.

This is the time when sex crazy, sexy women start their job. Monica put her arms around his neck, brought him closer and kissed on his lips. He also reacted to that.

Both Mom and son shared a dry kiss which converted to a wet one. Ronnie was beginning to hold his mom tightly towards him and feel her body. Monica removed his T-shirt and started feeling the manly body of her baby. She recollected the days when she use to wash his body in the bath tub. She then stood up and removed her nighttime. Ronnie's eyes glowed when he saw a woman body in front of him only in a bra and panty. He started licking his mom's belly then the navel. Monica sat down between his legs and opened his zipped.

Out comes something which she has saw long years back and now with the passage of time it has grown so big that she fell in love with it. She took out Ronnie's dick and Ronnie was in a different world as for the first time he is showing his dick to someone.

In school his fronds saw it but it was just fun. Then when his mom started moving it back and froth he was excited. Monica thought that he might cum in if she sucks, so she opened her bra and then the panty. "Oh hell Boobs so big and a bare crotch" Ronnie murmured and started to lick and fondled them. He started to move his tongue over the juicy pussy, the place where he came from.

As he did that, he was pressing her boobs. As for Monica she was in the world of pleasure. She now started to moan with pleasure and then she completely removed his pant and she started to rub her son's cock with her soft thighs then bending down, with the belly then boobs. It was as hard as a rock. She went down and then put it inside her mouth and then sucked it. She licked the head, pressed the balls and at the same time fingered her pussy. Ronnie could not believe what was going on.

But he enjoyed it. He remembered watching some Blue films where the girl would lick the boy's dick. He always dreamt bat that and was very eager to make any girl suck his cock.

But not in the dream did he expect that it would be his own mom. While he was thinking this in his mind, he was feeling excited. He saw his cock in and out of his mom's mouth, passing though the red and soft lips of his mom who was fingering her pussy. He moved his hands from his mom's shoulders down to her soft ass. He felt excited and started pressing her soft hips and started moaning.

"Ya mom I never realized u were so hot". Hearing his moan, Monica also got exited and she also started moaning. Ronnie pulled his mom's mouth 2wards him and kissed her wet lips and then put her back to his dick. After some minutes of intense sucking n moaning, he had his loaded all over his mom's face and mouth in his mom's face and she swallowed every bit of cum it her mouth.

Monica gave a smile to Ronnie and said "I am going to wash my face ". She was moving away naked and seeing her naked ass moving he felt hard again and went behind her. He saw Monica was washing her face. He could hold no longer. He pulled her towards him and kissed her on lips while pressing her soft butts. Then he picked his mom up in his arms and started moving "Where r u taking me Honey "she asked with a smile "To the room.

I never realized that my dreams were to come true at home itself "Ronnie replied they entered Monica's bedroom. Ronnie placed her on the bed and then began to lick her like a street dog over a piece of meat. He started with her lips licking them to perfection. Then her neck. He licked her Soft hands and also did not leave to taste her nice scented hairless armpits. He moved on to her tits. Licked them, pressed them, pressed the nipples, bit the nipples and finally started chaturbate lulacum part take your popcorn and relax her Brown nipples like he did during the time he was a baby.

T hen he licked her belly and the belly hole and put his tongue deep inside. Monica felt that she was still a teen. She felt that her son is doing like a man, like a lover. "Ya Baby lick u mama she wants it badly" Just then she was stunned. Ronnie started fingering her pussy deep inside and then licked inside. The time when she had sex b4r she never felt such a sensation. Raja did lick her pussy but did not go so deep.

Ronnie went deep inside with his tongue and was licking the clits "oh my baby yes gives mom the pleasure she wants. Oh u r doing so well yes that is it" she murmured as she pressing his head deep inside.

She continued "Yes honey the place from where u came to this world. Lick it". Ronnie was getting so hot with his mama's words that he started lick faster as a hungry predator tasting the meat of his mother.

"UMMMM" he started moaning. The increase of speed made Monica restless. She started pumping her ass pressing her boobs. Ronnie did not stop. He went on and on increasing his speed by every second "UMMMM. UMMMM.UMMMM". And then came the moment. "OH AAH yes its coming AAH ". She then loaded all her cum in Ronnie's face. And he found a new taste in the world. He licked all her cum. " Wait I am going to wash my face" he went and Monica was fingering her pussy feeling the excitement once more.

Ronnie arrived in seconds and when he saw a naked lady fingering her pussy in front of him his dick became rock solid. The shaved pussy with soft lips was inviting hungry men for meal. Her soft body was the place which he would like to feel while pouring his love inside his birthplace.

He wasted no longer. He spread the soft lips of her pussy and inserted his dick inside the so called his birthplace. Monica was heaven. She waited 4r this moment 4r a long time. She waited to feel the pain of it for a long time. And now she is getting that from her own son. She crossed her legs around his waist as Ronnie Started to move to a fro.

"Oh my baby U r satisfying your own mama. U know everything what she wants Yes Do it to your Mom" she moaned. Ronnie was enjoying every bit of it "Yes mama I am going to satisfy u ". They started slowly at first tried to feel the pleasure. Mom and son were enjoying the pleasures of life. As they were doing, Ronnie watches her boobs moving back and froths with every stroke. He got more exited and constantly looking at them he increased his pace. At times he used to press them hard, pinch the nipples "Ya this r fucking ones YES." "UMMMM yes that's right press them.

Press them hard." This made Ronnie hotter. He increased fabulous hotties enjoy a very kinky threesome pace to the extent.

The feeling of fucking his own Mom. The feeling of the softness of his mom's body, the warmth, the tits "OH I am going to explode.MOM" "Yes Do it right now. FUCK ME!!!!" He loaded his cum in his mother's womb, the place where he stayed 18 years ago. Along with him Monica also had her organism and mixing with some of Ronnie cum, it came out of her vagina making the bed wet they lay on the bed for awhile.

But Ronnie was not tired. He got up and put his dick inside her mouth. "Suck it mom. I know u love dicks ""Yes I like it son UMMMM" "Ya mom suck it". She sucked his dick from head to toe. The juice in there went inside her mouth and she deliciously swallowed them. She fully removed the skin and sucked. She even licked the bottom of the hear, the skin that bulges out a bit. It creates a lot of sensation which was equally felt hq porn hot teen biqle story Ronnie.

"Ya mom lick that some more" he muttered as he was fingering her pussy for which she increased her speed of sucking. This made him more excited and he was bat to cum. "Oh AAH. AAH". But he stopped. "Wait mom turn that way I am going to fuck u from back" "Yes". She turned the opposite side of Ronnie on his right acting as his whore listening to his orders. He placed his legs in between hers from backside, and then placed his head under her left arm to suck her tits, then inserting his penis inside he started pumping.

But this wasn't a slow start. He started with immense pace. He fucked as a dog satisfying a bitch and started moaning "U bitch I am going to fuck u hard. This is urn's new character that of a bitch." "If I am playsome legal age teenager gives a blow bitch then u r son of a bitch.

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So ck your mother bitch harder. Give her the pain of the world. Fuck hard". Hearing so he grinded his teeth "HUU.H". Shouting as a beast. "U r my whore and I am a PIMP u hear me u prostitute" He shouted again as he was biting her left nipples and pressing hard. Then he bend his head backward and continued fucking hard shouting and grinding his teeth, when his eyes caught attention of Monica's bouncing hairs, scented and silky.

He holds those beautiful black hairs tightly and pulled them towards her. She shouted "AAH ". He continued stroking and this time even harder. "AAH ouch fucks your mother u MOTHERFUCKER.

Fuck hard. Yes tear your birthplace. Just tear it. It's all only for u to fuck and tear. Fuck your mother, Fuck this whore". Ronnie was so excited that along with stroking, pulling her hairs, he also pressed her left boob and pulled towards him.

"AAH" and doctor xxx movies in hospital a pinch "Ouch" said she. After bat 45-50 miniatures of continuous fucking, he loaded his cum again inside his former home, 18 years ago. They got separated for awhile. They lay on bed trying to breathe properly.

But Ronnie was not to stop. He eagerly rolled his mom, got her ass up in a doggy style. Seeing the excitement, Monica was also exited. Ronnie got up and went to rear end of his mom. "I am going to suck your ass whore" "Yes Do it now". He started from her back side of her neck, licking it. Then licked from top to down.

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Licked her soft real slutty girlfriend cum facial amp cute busty babe always swallowing and big boobs and hips. He was so moved by the softness of her hips that he started biting them. He also went to her soft pussy lips and again licked them.

He widened her ass hole and then inserted his tongue. Licking as there is a chocolate in there. He pressed her soft hips. Then crossed his hands around her belly and Deeping his mouth between her hips, he pulled her towards him. Monica loved that "oh u son of a bitch u like mama's ass I knew it ye.s" she moaned softly. Ronnie felt the warmth inside her ass. He felt the softness of his mother's ass. He felt the sweet scent of her ass. He was recharged. Once again he inserted his dick inside his birthplace, deep inside.

"Oh again!! I knew teenagers can do it for the whole night ". Ronnie, stroking in the doggy style, started to pull her boobs once again towards him. With his every stroke, he pressed her tits using all his strength. "FUCK U BITCH I am going to kill u tonight with my fucking" he shouted. Monica screamed "Ouch God" and then said "do it u mother fucker". She was feeling tired.

But she was so excited that she also responded and started moving herself. Sweat came out of her body. It was dripping like honey from a bee-hive. Ronnie licked her back with his tongue fully gathering the sweet taste of her sweat. The stroking went on and on. Ronnie then placed his hands on her hips again and pressed for a while.

Then separated the lips glancing at the pink hole. He was constantly looking at the hole for a while and then inserted his finger inside and moved it in and out of the hole along with stroking. After bat a long fucking, he was fascinated by her hole at the back. He moved from pussy to her ass and started inserting the dick. "OOOOH Ronnie I never knew u also want to fuck my ass. Do it I will love it." She said. She continued "There is baby oil in the table.

Take that it will help u". But Ronnie was not interested in oils. "Shut up!! U prostitute. I am going to insert without oil even if I have to tear your hole". Saying so, he spited on his mother's ass hole for a couple of times. Then painted those spit around her lips and made in watery all over.

Then he started to enter. First gradually. But it did not go fully inside. He took it out and repeated again with same force. But result was the same. So he took out again, spited a couple of more times, enlarged the hole a bit more with his hands and then with all force, he inserted and this time it went fully inside. Monica was totally shocked by that and also got very excited by that.

"OH NO A HELL NO. U toured my ass hole by doing that" She screamed in excruciating pain. But Ronnie was to bother. He was closing his eyes and moaning "AAHS .AAH". Monica was shouting with pain and excitement. She was equally fingering her pussy. She was the happiest woman of the whole world this night getting the pain she wanted so badly. This pain, she kept inside her so that her son does not suffer in the course of life. But she never expected that in spite of these things, she will get this pain and that too from her son for whom she sacrificed her life.

As time passed by, they began to get more excited. Ronnie increased his pace and as their thighs came in contract it produced a sweet sound "THAP.THAP.THAP.THAP". Both mother and son were flying in the heavens. And then., "Oh mom I am going to cum inside your ass holeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." And in goes all his cum inside. Some of them oozed out and some went deep inside.

Monica was equally on her organism "AAH. .YES" and out came the love juices out of her cant wetting the bed again.

She could hardly move. She opened her eyes a bit a glanced over the wall clock. It was 4:02 AM. She did not realize that it was morning. She looked through Ventilator. During the summer season, the darkness gets over very by 4o'clock and so she saw the soft light of the day. She realized that Ronnie led over her back and fell asleep as she was lying with her belly down. She closed her eyes and felt the dream she had right now. 'Oh was it a Dream?' she thought.

'God these teen guys can last very long, for the whole night. With a smile on her face she felt asleep. The light of the day was starting to fall in the room and the cover of darkness was no more by now.

But mother and son did not realized even a bit of it and were both asleep after the dream wanting to spex taxi amateur bended and fucked ballsdeep some more in the sleep. Monica opened her eyes and saw the watch.

I was 12:00, noon. "Oh" she spoke. But she soon was delighted to see that there were no sun rays outside and was only a cool breeze blowing outside making the room cools due to the opened windows. Monica was happy to see the weather.

But when she saw the curtains raised and windows opened, she turned around and found that Ronnie was not there. He got up early and had opened the windows. But Monica's pulse was beginning to rise. 'How am I to face him? If he is angry? Oh God'. Her heart was beating by such thoughts. She took a T-shirt out and then a Jeans out and worked them and started marching down the stairs. She searched for Ronnie. But did not find him anywhere. Not in the bathroom, not in his room.

She thought that he might have gone out. So she went to the kitchen when she saw Ronnie was waiting there for her. "God u did scare me", she said. But he did not speak a word and were looking at his mom. Monica smiled a bit and said "What happened? Look yesterday night was a mistake.

We both did not have our presence of minds. And. That was it" she looked serious as she had finished. But Ronnie had different minds. "Oh! It was a mistake u bitch". She looked more serious and with a little rudeness she said "Ronnie I said that was a mistake.

We need to talk now and then think." she was unable to finish. "Mistakes u bitch then what is this?" he said as he showed his hand.

Monica was shocked by seeing the sex increment pills packet. "U bitch u showed your true colors and better get into a prostitute market and sell yourself". He said rudely. Monica overpowered him and said "Mind your language. brother you sister private story

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U r talking to your mother". Ronnie again overpowered her and shouted "which mother that tons of group sex on the dance floor fucked her own son??!!!" This time tears rolled out of her eyes and leaning on the wall she wept. She thought how she could be so erotic within these days and could do that. Why could not she control herself? Seeing his mother weeping, he also cried.

"Mom I am going to leave u alone and going out of the house for ever", he spoke and started marching. Monica could not believe her ears and went behind him "No Ronnie please doesn't do that to me I cannot leave without u". She holds his hands and pulled him as she was crying. Ronnie was also crying but he was rock solid at his decision. "Leave me mom. Forget me I am going out."."No please don't leave me Pleaseeeeeeeeeee".

When they reached the door, Ronnie pushed her very badly and she fell on the ground "Just Die u Bitch", he shouted and left. She shouted at him from back. But he did not listen. She sat on the ground, hands on her face, crying loud. How miserable her life is. Nobody realized her inner heart, her soul, her sacrifice.

Even her son for whom she made the sacrifice also did not understand her feelings. She sat there crying for some time. Suddenly she stopped. She decided to make herself strong. She stood up chicks pound boyfriends anal with oversized strap dildos and ejaculate that she is going to face all dangers that will come to her.

She stated being normal and since it was Saturday, she began her household works. The part time maid is on holiday. So she cleaned the house, had her bath, cooked the meal, ate it and kept for Ronnie.

She also cleaned the outside of the house and also planted some plants. She was trying to keep herself busy. But inside she was thing of Ronnie. Time passed by, darkness covered the earth once more. But Ronnie did not arrive. She was sitting in a chair in her room with a cup of coffee when she heard the bell. She came down and opened the door.

It was Ronnie. She did not speak and was about to leave with the doors open when Ronnie spoke "Mom" she stopped "I.I. am sorry mom.

I should have understood u". Tears rolled as she turned back. Ronnie continued "I should have realized that along with loneliness, u also had sexual desires". She could not speak much and hugged her loving son. She only said "Thank you son". Ronnie rubbed the tears in her eyes and kissed on her lips.

They shared the most passionate kiss. Monica explored her son's mouth licking inside. He also felt the warmth of her tongue and lips and was hardened again. So he broke the kiss and closed the door behind and then picked her in his arms and went upstairs.

Both mother and son had another night of romance, of passion, of sex, of pleasure, a night of thousand lives, and above all, a night of 'EXTREME INCEST'