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Chapter 3 "Um, yeah," I called back. "Be right there." Automatically, I walked into the kitchen, opened the pantry and pulled out two packages of soft, cotton cord. Tearing them open as I went, I headed up the stairs toward my bedroom.

Briefly, I detoured into my office across the hall to grab my digital camera. "Where are you going?" she called out. "Keep your shirt on," I said, apparently louder than I intended.

"Too late," she replied, laughing, as I walked out of the office and across the hall to the bedroom. There she was, sitting on my bed, wearing just her shorts and a pair of chick with glasses fucked by hard cocks red tennis shoes. The button and zipper on her shorts were undone, revealing the thin, delicate hint of pubes I'd gotten a glimpse of at the restaurant.

She grinned again as she saw the rope and camera in extreme fantasy of awesome gal tied and double hands. I was coming back to myself, once the initial shock of what was happening wore off.

I'm basically a very dominant person, both in business and sexually. Once my mind started working again, I decided to let that side of my personality have free reign. "Put your shirt back on," I told her, dropping the rope on the bed beside her. "We're going to start with a few photos." "OK," she said as she reached for the discarded garment.

She pulled it over her head, and then looked at me expectantly. Obviously, here was a girl who liked to be dominated. I guided her to lie back on the bed and start rubbing her body. At this point, my cat jumped on the bed, his naturally curious nature leading him to explore this previously unknown person. He head-bumped against her leg, making her giggle. "Oh, hello kitty," she said as she reached out to stroke his fine gray fur. "You're a pretty kitty.

What's your name?" "That's Max," I told her. "He's a spoiled brat. He has to stick his nose into everything." "That's alright," she said with a grin, continuing to stroke Max's furry ears. "I am, too. A spoiled brat, I mean." After shooing him out of the room, I closed the door. I didn't need him interfering with what I had in mind. I instructed Ashley to stand and slowly strip while I settled in to take pictures.

Her shirt came off first, revealing her medium-sized, and perky round tits. They were capped with slightly puffy nipples that were rock hard, just a shade darker than the surrounding flesh. Her breasts showed a definite tan line where an extremely tiny bikini top had concealed the flesh from the sun. "Now the shoes," I said. "Then, lay back and play with your boobs." She complied.

Her shoes hit the floor and she leaned back into the pillows, her hands sliding slowly up her sides to caress the delicate swell of her tits, one in each hand. A deep groan escaped her lips as her fingertips grazed the protuberances of her nipples. "There a 34B," she moaned. "Do you like them, daddy?" Daddy, I thought. Well, there's certainly some issues there we might have to explore. "They're beautiful, baby," I told her.

"Daddy likes them very much. Can you suck on your nipples for daddy?" She grinned, cupped her tits and pulled them toward her mouth. Her little pink tongue, so much like a cat's, slid from between her glossy lips. Her body jerked as she swiped it across the swollen tip.

"Oh," she geeky teen likes to suck and fuck. "Never done that before. That's fun!" She attacked both her tits, one after the other, with gusto.

She was like a kid with a new toy. Her hips were undulating, thrusting against air, as she grew more and more aroused with her own ministrations. Ashley groaned constantly now as I continued taking photos. I wondered if she could bring herself off just by sucking her own tits when it happened. Her body locked, her hips coming off the bed, her lips stretching right breast away from her body while she pinched and pulled on the left. She released the tortured nipple and jammed her free hand between her legs, gripping and rubbing at the crotch of her shorts.

Her hand was a blur, grinding the rough material of her pants into her most delicate flesh. Her hips flexed and relaxed, pounding at the air Then she just exploded, a massive orgasm wracking her teenage body. Her pussy must have sprayed cum, because the cloth of her shorts was suddenly soaked, darkening between her legs as if she'd peed herself.

As quickly as it started, her cum subsided. She collapsed onto the bed, her body a quaking, quivering mass of post-orgasmic pleasure. "God, I knew I liked having my boobies sucked," she gasped. "But, I'd never done it myself before. That was, like, really hot!" "Yeah," I said, my turn to chuckle. "It looked pretty hot from here." She was limp as a rag doll, but she managed to finish stripping off her shorts.

Naked now, she laid on the bed, glistening with sweat, her chest still heaving as she caught her breath. "Gimme your cock," she moaned as her hand crept back between her thighs. "Later," I said. I reached out and took her hand. I pulled Ashley to her feet and led her toward the bathroom. She smiled, and sat on the toilet. She peed lexi belle ampamp marie mccray ampamp lucky guy I started the shower and adjusted the water temperature.

"Climb in," I said when the water was warm enough. She got under the water and let it run over her head. She made a minor adjustment to the temperature, grabbed the soap and began washing herself. I took a couple of pictures before I left briefly to grab a can of shaving cr? and a razor. "You want me to shave my pussy, right?" she asked.

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I nodded, handing her the equipment. I closed the lid on the toilet and sat down. I switched the camera from still to video capture. She shook the shaving cr? and sprayed a generous amount into the palm of her hand. She moaned as she rubbed it into her pussy, soaking the fine hairs there in the soapy froth.

Ashley hit the button that diverted the water back to the tap and put her foot up on the side of the tub. She spread her thighs and pointed her pussy in my direction. She began shaving, pausing every now and then to rinse the razor off under the flow of water from the tap.

She'd removed about half the hair when she sat down and straddled the edge of the tub. She brought her left foot up against the rim of the toilet — and into contact with my still-hard cock. She teased the shaft with her toes. "God, how can you stay hard so long?" she asked. "Most guys I've know wouldn't be able to stand it." "Patience is a virtue," I said. "It's called delayed gratification. It makes everything more intense." "I don't know how it could get more intense than it's already been," she said as she applied more shaving cr?

to her pussy and uncle fucks niece in car shaving. "Get the lips, too," I said. "I want your pussy completely bald.

Just like a little girl, little girl." She grinned. She finished up shaving and stood to clean the soap residue from her thighs and between her legs. She triggered the hand-held showerhead again and directed the spray between her legs. Her knees almost buckled as the water caressed the lips of her pussy. "Turn around and bend over," I told her. "I need to check something." Ashley complied, the water still streaming over the lips of her adolescent cunt. As I suspected, there was just a hint of light brown hair growing around the pucker of her tiny pink asshole.

I told her to put the sprayer down for a second, picked up the shaving cr? and applied a bit between her cheeks, rubbing it slowly and sensually into the rim of her anus. She moaned again — it was almost constant now — as I massaged the tender flesh and dipped just the tip of my index finger inside. I picked up the razor and removed the last vestiges of pubic hair. Taking up the hand-held nozzle, I redirected the spray between her sex rad wep com sex stories com to remove any traces of shaving cr?.

Once she was clean, I had pretty blonde bbw nikki wilder gets fucked hard hardcore and plumper stand so I could review our work. Without pubic hair, she looked even younger than I knew she was. It was perfect. "Time for the next round," I said. She grinned. Chapter 3 I brought Ashley out of the shower, wrapped her in a big, fluffy towel and dried her until she glowed. She wriggled in my arms as my hands caressed her flesh through the rich Egyptian cotton of the towel, cooing like a little dove.

Once she was dry, I led her back into the bedroom. She may have come to me, totally unsolicited. But I was the one in charge. I told her to turn around, kneel on the bed and place her arms behind her back. I crossed her arms so her left hand was clasping her right elbow and visa versa. Picking up the first length of rope she'd asked me to bring to the bedroom, I began wrapping her forearms until I had her completely bound. "That feels so weird," she said as I tied off the open end of the rope and cut off the extra.

"Ever been tied up before?" I asked her while doubling the remaining length of cord into a loop and tying knots down the length, every foot or so. "No, but it's something I've always wanted to try," Ashley replied. She saw the knotted cord for the first time as I hung it around her neck and asked me what it was for.

I told her to be patient. Speaking of which, though, mine was finally wearing thin. I'd been rock hard basically since the aborted blowjob she'd given me immediately after walking in my front door.

I decided I'd better take the edge off, so to speak, before I went any further. "How long can you stay tonight?" I asked her as I maneuvered her off the bed and onto the floor on her knees in front of me. "I'm supposed to be staying at my friend's house, the one that was at the Denny's with me," she said, grinning as she obviously figuring out what I had in mind.

"But she's going to cover for me." That said, she just leaned in and swallowed my cock. She gagged as the head of my rampant shaft hit the back of her throat, backed off, and then pushed forward for another try.

I could feel her swallow around tip as it hit her throat again, succeeding this time in taking most of it in. "Oh, shit," I exclaimed. "Damn, Ashley, you're pretty good for a little girl." I felt her teeth lightly scrape the shaft of my cock and looked down to see a mischievous grin in her eyes and tightly stretched lips.

I put my hands on either side of her head and started guiding her up and down the shaft, gently fucking her face. She was moaning deep in her throat, sending amazing vibrations the length of my cock as I sawed it in and out of her face.

After being aroused for so long, it didn't take much stimulation to push me over the edge. I announced my pending orgasm, Ashley doubled her efforts on my cock and I fired off, my cum spurting deep in her throat as she gamely worked to swallow it all. "That was great, Ashley," I told her, slowly sliding my softening cock in and out of her mouth as my orgasm ebbed. I milked the last drops out into her mouth and she licked them up, savoring the taste and texture of my seed.

"I liked that," she said. "Gonna fuck me now?" "Not so fast," I said. "Remember what I said about delayed gratification?" She laughed and pointed out that I'd just been "gratified," so it was her turn.

I told her I'd been waiting quite a while and the blowjob I'd just received would allow me to spend more time on her. lovable kitten is spreading narrowed fuckbox in closeup and climaxing on," she whined. "I don't wanna be a virg …" I looked at her, stunned. "You're a virgin?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said in a quiet voice. "I mean, not, like, totally. I've sucked a bunch of cocks before yours." "How many," I asked. "Well, two," she said, then paused. "Including yours." Well, she certainly learned quickly, I thought to myself.

But, I reflected, I really hadn't given her a lot of opportunity to explore technique. And, in retrospect, I don't know why finding out she was a virgin, instead of the experienced little sex kitten I thought she was, made such a difference at that point. I sat on the bed what she stayed, kneeling on the floor, her arms tied behind her back and a knotted loop of rope hanging around her neck. I asked her what else she'd done sexually.

She told me that, with the exception of the one blowjob she'd performed on a boy a year older than her in school, all of her sexual experience was with other girls. But, she assured me, she was more than ready to "do it with a man." She'd selected me, she said, because I looked cute and she thought I seemed nice and smart, sitting in the restaurant reading. She'd gotten "all squishy down there" when she'd first laid eyes on me earlier that day. She'd sent me those revealing photos of herself, both to test the waters and to get my phone number as a way to track me down and offer herself to me.

"I really wanna do this," she said. "I really wanna be here and I reeeeally want you to take my cherries." I looked at her and my heart broke at the expression of total desire on her face.

I thought for a moment, then stood and instructed her to get back on her knees on the bed. I reached around her from behind, my semi-hard cock brushing against her perfect little ass as I collected the loose ends of the loop hanging from her neck and tied them behind her back.

I used a portion of the second length of rope and bound the rest of her upper body, Japanese Kinbaku style. She gasped as I pulled the ropes tight around her, capturing her tits in the intricate design of the rope web around her chest.

Tied to my satisfaction, I pushed her forward so her head rested on the sheet and her ass was elevated. I pulled her back until she was poised at the end of the bed and used the rest of the rope to bind her knees, stretching the rope from one knee, under the bed and to the other. I pulled the rope tight so she couldn't close her legs. Given the position she was in with her arms bound behind her, she wouldn't be able to raise her upper body off the bed.

Finally, it was my turn to kneel on the floor behind her, to sample the pleasures I'd denied myself. I was ready to taste her 15-year-old pussy. I took a moment to admire the delicate shape and curve of her teenage ass, slim hips and coltish, firm thighs. It was a perfect, apple-shape, the two cheeks distinct mirror images of each other. Her skin was completely unblemished, smooth and perfect as only a young girl's skin can be. Each cheek bore a clearly delineated tan line midway between her hip and the crack of her ass where an obviously tiny bikini bottom had rested when she was out in the sun, driving the young boys to distraction, I'm sure.

I started on her calves, running just the tip of my tongue across her taught flesh. She groaned at the sensations I sent coursing along her nerves to her brain. When she tried to shift her position to school girl sex stories sexi vi my lips and tongue to her open, glistening pussy, I smacked her gently on one cheek, warning her to stay still. I pulled away and ran my fingers over her calves to her thighs.

She shivered as I teased my way up from her knees until I reached her tight, teenage ass. I gently thumbed her pussy lips apart, took a moment to admire the dusky rose-pink petals as they flowered open before my eyes, and then dove in tongue first. Ashley bucked her body and cried out. It wasn't so much an attempt to escape my attentions, as it was a reaction to the sudden stimulation. Her shivers turned to thrashing around as I tongued her pussy, dipping into her opening and teasing the tip around her cherry which, until that moment, I didn't believe she possess.

I started to rethink my plans to ravish her pussy and her ass. If, as she claimed, she was virginal in both holes, then my cock — 8-inches long and 2-plus inches in diameter — might be isis and jayden love to get pounded much for her 15-year-old ass to take it's first time.

I wasn't even sure her adolescent pussy could take a cock my size popping her cherry. As all this went through my mind, I continued my lingual assault.

I was determined to bring her off at least twice — more if possible — before I even attempted entry. I wanted her muscles as relaxed as possible when, and if, I fucked her. Her body was trembling as I teased her pussy, tongue-fucking her tight little hole, licking deep inside to stimulate her hymen. I put my hands around her hips and slid down, around her calves and in between her legs from the front, feeling her freshly shaved pussy mound.

I tweaked her hard all brazzer sexy girl xxxx story as I pressed my tongue deeper into her snatch, drinking her juices as they flowed between her lips. "Oh, please," Ashley moaned. "Please, fuck me!" I just kept licking and probing her pussy with my lips, tongue and fingers.

She pressed back against me rhythmically, literally humping my face as best she could. I could feel her body tensing and releasing, tensing and releasing as she climbed the peaks to her first cum. "Oh, shit," she cried. "God, I'm going to cum! Please make me cum!" Her moans rose in pitch and intensity until, finally, her body locked.

Her pussy clenched around my tongue and I felt her inner muscles spasm. Her virgin juices squirted out of her pussy, drenching my face. "Oh, shit, oh, shit, ohshitohshitohshit!" she keened. "AAAAaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Ashley collapsed forward on the bed. I wasn't done with her, though. I kept my lips and tongue pressed into her pussy, probing her slit and tonguing her clit, determined to drive her to orgasm yet again.

And it didn't take long to push her over the peak for a second time. This time, as her orgasm struck, I slid up from her pussy and drove my tongue into her ass, licking around her little pucker. "What are you … Oh my God!" she cried.

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"God, you're licking my butt hole! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming with your tongue up my butt hole!!" That was it. I could take no more. I slid up her body, dragging my tongue up her spine, and positioned my cock against her pussy opening.

I reveled in the heat and moisture as I pressed inside and, before her last orgasm completely drained away, I was through her cherry and buried deep inside her teenage pussy.

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"Oh, fucking! Fucking me! Please, fuck me!" she cried. She tried to buck back against me again but I held her in place.

She was powerless, with cute young teen redhead army boy meets busty stepmom legs held open and her arms tied behind her back, she could only lie there as I thrust inside her.

She devolved, losing the ability to speak. Her cries became incoherent moans and groans of pleasure as I slid my cock further and further into her pussy until I bottomed out. Holding her in place, I pummeled her young snatch as even her moans petered out into rhythmic, heavy breathing. I still wanted deeper penetration. I pulled my hard cock from her pussy, which garnered a whimper of disappointment. I slid off Ashley's sweaty form and pulled her with me back into a kneeling position at the edge of the bed.

"Fuck me," she whimpered, her voice a mere shadow of her pleasured cries from moments before. I looked once again at her pussy, a much different sight now than earlier. Her lips were cutie lovenia lux fingers her holes with dildo open, as was her vaginal entrance.

The dusky pink tone had been replaced by the bright, almost angry red shade of a well-fucked pussy. I again positioned the head of my cock against the opening and drove inside. Ashley let out a low, "Ungh," sound as I buried the full length of my cock in her teen pussy for the first time.

It felt like a velvet glove as the walls of her vagina molded themselves to the contours of my cock. I admit I was amazed the entire 8-inches fit. I latched my hands around her hips and started slowly sliding my cock back out. When just the head remained trapped between her tight pussy lips, and then drove back inside. The "Ungh" sound was repeated as I again bottomed out.

I set up in a distinct, ages-old rhythm — slide out to the head, back in to the base as the head banged against her cervix, repeat. Ashley rocked as I fucked her. She matched me thrust for thrust as I picked up speed, expelling a deep, groaning breath each time I bottomed out. Soon, we were rutting like animals. My thighs slapped against her ass cheeks, which rippled with the impact, sounding like hands clapping each time they met. The keening sound began again as she approached another climax.

This time, I was right behind her. Her pussy clamped tight around my cock as I buried myself inside her for the last time. I felt the walls of her vagina ripple on my shaft like a fist, clenching and unclenching along its length, as her orgasm peaked.

That was it for me as I went over the top. My cum felt like it started as a tingling somewhere in the region of my right big toe, rocketed up my spine to explode in my brain, then back down and through my cock to explode into Ashley's womb.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried. "I can feel your stuff inside me! It's horny babe is on top of pleasures hot, cumming inside me! Oh, fuck, ohfuckohfuckohfuckkkkkFUCK!" That was all she wrote. Ashley slumped forward, her pussy sliding off my cock as she collapsed onto the bed.

I wasn't quite done, though, with the final spurt of cum firing from the tip to splash against her round, upturned ass. I follow her down and collapse beside her on the bed.

I lean over and — for the first time, I realize — kiss her, driving my tongue into her mouth. Ashley responded in kind, forcing her young tongue into my mouth, where we dueled back and forth as we both relaxed in the pleasant, post-orgasmic afterglow. "Argh," Ashley moaned. "I can barely feel my hands. Please, daddy, untie me." Sitting up, I worked the knot loose and unwound the cotton line from her forearms.

I released her knees as she rubbed the circulation back into her wrists and hand. Freed, she rolled onto her back and looked at me, an expression on her face of mixed wonder and — I'm not sure what. I picked up the camera and clicked off a final image of her lying there, her dark hair splayed out on the black pillowcase, the swell of her small adolescent tits capped with still-hard, tan nipples rising from her chest, contrasting with the pale skin of her breast flesh.

"I, um," she started. "I liked that. But, well …" She paused.

"What, baby?" I said. "Well, I thought it was supposed to really hurt the first time," Ashley said. "It didn't. I mean, one minute you were licking my … my pussy and the next you were deep inside me and my cherry was gone.

How cum it didn't hurt? Did I do it wrong?" I laughed, a brief chuckle. Her eyes darkened slightly. I lay my hand on her naked, sweaty stomach and gently rubbed.

"I'm sorry, baby," I said. "I didn't mean to laugh. I wasn't laughing at you. No, you didn't do it wrong. Don't even think that. You were wonderful." As quickly as it appeared, the dark expression fled Ashley's face to be replaced by a sunny, bright, slightly brace-faced grin that was the very antithesis of the previous expression. I went on to explain she hadn't felt me enter her because, as had been my goal, she was in the throws of an orgasm as I entered her body for the first time.

"So you see, baby girl," I said. "You were somewhat, how should I put it, distracted when I broke your cherry. Do you understand?" "Oh, yeah, daddy," she said. "I guess that makes sense." She got up at my urging and we walked once again to the bathroom. I ran the water, warmer this time, in the shower. We climbed in together and washed each other clean of the evidence of our coupling. After she dressed, I walked Ashley back downstairs. I assured her I wasn't throwing her out, I just didn't want her to get in trouble with her aunt for being out too late.

She'd been in my apartment for close to three hours, we realized. At the door, Ashley threw her arms around my neck, pulled me down and kissed me, pushing her young, questing tongue back into my mouth. It was a long, lingering kiss as she tried to literally climb my body and wrap her legs around my waist. We wound up with Black teen zoey gets elected after a hot sex pressed against the door, her body plastered against mine, as we made out.

"Can I come back sometime?" she asked as she walked out the door, slightly more bowlegged than she'd walked in. Without waiting for an answer, she turned and flounced away, skipping down the driveway.

That was just a couple of days ago. I haven't seen Ashley again, yet. Well, not exactly. At work the next day, in the middle of a meeting, my phone buzzed to indicate an incoming message.

Without thinking, I hit accept, then download to access the contents. What appeared was a very close image of a freshly shaved pussy with the words, "I'm yours," written in bright red lipstick across the bare mound.

The accompanying text in the body of the message was just one word. "When?" I guess we'll see what happens next.