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Lesbo amazing babes love reaching orgasms lesbian dildo
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I was a student In middle school and was on my spring break when this happened to me. It started on a Saturday morning and my mother told me to wake up because I was not going to sleep all day.

She suggested I ride my bike since It was the first warm day we have had this year. I got up and took a quick shower and went to the garage to get my bike down off the rack. I noticed the back tire was flat but my father had a real cool garage with everything In It. I started the compressor like he showed me and shot the back tire up till It was full.

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I went ahead and added some to the front tire too. I packed a small lunch of twinkles and a Big Red then put In my back pack and took off. I thought the best place to go was the park about?five miles away and maybe catch some of my friends playing ball or something.

I was about half way when I looked down and my back tire was flat. Dang It I should of known It had a hole In It. I got off and thought I should just leave It In the woods next to old man Wilson's place and walk the rest of the way. Just as I was going towards the woods I hear a truck coming from where I just came from.

I was going to wave It down but decided I better go with my first plan. As I went Into the woods to find a god hiding spot I heard the truck stop. As I walked out I seen It was pulled over where I had been and no one was In It.

As I walked closer to the truck I felt a sharp sting at my thigh and another one In my side. I yelped In pain and looked down and seen two darts sticking out of me with feathers on It and began to black out. > ? > ?? I had this wild dream I was being dragged over rocks and falling off cliffs over and over. I was trying to wake up but as soon as I started to see some light I would go blank again. The dreams were awful as I recall but I cannot explain It except It went on and on forever.

I remember I needed to get to the park and I must of got lost. I?felt I was falling and falling but never felt any pain.

My head was hurting from a headache but still I could not wake up but was lost In this dream. > ? > ?? Then I remember hearing cartoons In the background. As I opened my eyes the light was blinding me but It was only a small TV set up playing tom and Jerry cartoons.

I had a tedious headache and did not like the brightness as my eyes delicious madison plays around with her muff. I yelled out HELP!

HELP! and heard nothing. I started crying and yelling HELP more and more and then I heard a voice that was next to me. I tried to look left but I could not move my head. Then I noticed my arms were tied to the wall and?I?could not see my legs?and I was sitting on some kind of stool that hung on the wall.

I yelled out who are you and what am I doing here. He said his name was Billy and he has been here for a long time but not sure just how long. He said all he remembers Is that he was?trick?or treating on his?own for the first?time when he woke up here.??We were In a windowless room and the only light was the TV that was about 15 feet away from us playing cartoons.

He apparently was stuck on the wall like me I thought and were being held for random. I said that T was spring break so he must of been here for awhile. He started crying and telling me he was sorry and kept sobbing. I was very confused why was he telling me he was sorry? ?I said It's ok and our parents have to be looking for us and not to give up hope. He stopped and we began to chat about what we remember. I had no Idea what he looked like and I wasn't sure If he could bbw blowjob ended with nice handjob cumshot hardcore and amateur me.

The TV went blank and I heard something start rewinding. He said that It was a VCR and?that he played a different tape everyday and sometimes he had to watch the same one over and over. HE??? Who Is He and what Is he talking about? > ? > ?? He told me more about him as I asked about who he was dad tricked daughter sucking cock about.

He said he remembers waking up same as me but no TV honey bunny never misses a chance to put her naughty fantasies into pl a small hole where a key goes on the door.

I looked to my right as much as I could and I seen the door and a light that was coming from It. He said he woke up very thirsty and hungry. I then said yes I am very hungry and thirsty to. He asked me If I see a pipe to the right of my mouth with a ball on the end?? I said yes. He said that's water just like a hamster gets.

So I start rolling the ball with my tongue and yes It was water. I rolled It forever and my tongue started to hurt. It wasn't too close and I had to reach my?small tongue?to get It. I said thanks for that but I'm still hungry. He began to cry again and I said I was sorry but did not know what I did. > ? > ?? I must of dozed off listening to him sob and when I awoke the lights were on and the TV was off. I heard some noise coming form the other room next to where we were.

I whispered Billy are you awake? He said yes. I asked who that was In the other room and he began to tell me what he knew. He said when He woke up he was laying on a table tied down. The person In the other room Is a man. He said he once he?was In the military and was a surgeon. He?also told me that he has seen allot of dead men and women who have died from wounds they had. ?He also said he has saved hundreds too because he was one of the best field doctors when a?soldier would get a leg or arm blown up and he was able to sew them back up and save them.

He tole me that he thought of himself as a good person and was saving lives but one day an explosion went off real close to where he was and he woke up six months later after being In a coma.

> ? > ?? It was about then when this man walked In with a large scar on one side of his head. He walked over to me and asked my name. I wanted to spit In his face and didn't say anything but had an angry look on my face. He laughed a little and said It's ok because he knows my name Is Mathew because he watched It on the news. I told him my parents were going to find me and he was going to be In real trouble when they did. He said I shouldn't get my hopes up because we were In an underground bunker he bought off eBay.

He said the closest town Is 15 miles away and It Is so small no one would be looking for him there. I said what about Billy? I bet our parents are working together right now to get a search party. He then explained that Billy Is dead. I was confused. How can he be dead he Is right next to me I thought. He then began to tell me the story of Billy and how his parents are no longer looking.? He said when he got Billy It was easy.

Everyone was around and In costumes so?he had?his pick of who?he wanted. I just set In my truck until I seen him walking down the sidewalk. I didn't have the dart gun then I only thought of that later. As he?passed and I ran up behind him and hit him over the head with a bat and threw him In the floorboard and drove home.

He said he was very nervous and was wondering how he could get away with It. He then moved a table that was next to me right In front of me. > ? > ?? I was horrified to see It must be Billy but this kid has no legs or arms. Only a torso and a penis. Billy said hi but looked very worried and ashamed. The man rolled Billy back and said you see my young Mathew. I am a good doctor and want to know why limbs grow back on frogs and want to recreate these In the human being.

I was In shock and said so you are going to grow Billy's arms and legs back on? He laughed and said no that would moms and stepson porn storys at youjizz Impossible to do. He said He was scarred they would not stop looking for Billy so He cut off one of his legs. He made It look like It had been chewed by wolves and went back to where they were searching for Billy and put his leg close to area where wolves had been spotted.

They found It and presumed he was dead and stopped searching. Now Billy belongs to me you see. I said what happened to his arms and other leg? Then Billy said to me he was sorry and started crying again really loud. > ? > ?? I hope you can understand this Mathew. I had to throw off the search for Billy so I had to amputate one of his legs. I did an extremely good job and Billy felt no pain for you see I am a doctor who cares for is parents.

I made sure Billy was not awake while did this. I said what about his arms and his other leg? He looked at me and was pondering if he should tell me or not. I could hear Billy still sobbing as he decided he would tell me because sooner or later I would find out myself.

> ? > ?? You see my young man I am sorry that you are in the not home safe with your family but I am on a quest to re grow limbs back to those who lose them.

I told you about the town 15 miles away didn't I?? Well I go there every other week to get amateur teen getting machine fucked on webcam and supplies. The town folk know I live alone here in this old bomb hanger and leave me alone. I have to worry that if I was to buy aloft of food the town folk will get suspicious. They only have one Butcher shop and one grocery store.

If I start buying aloft of food I they may start wondering why and some out here to investigate. So I buy enough food for myself and no more. I stop at a few road side tables selling fresh vegetables on my way back here.

I knew that Billy is going to be needing some protein so I thought to myself. I would cut off parts of his body little by little? and I make a stew with the fresh vegetables and feed this to him. You seed the water already but you have not eaten yet. As he was telling me this I was sick thinking of poor Billy and how he had to eat his own body to stay alive.

He then went in the other room and I asked Billy if that's all true? He said yes and he had no idea he has been in this bunker so long. He said that he has not eaten in four days and it has been over a week since he finished cutting off the last part of his hip. He said when he woke up he was upright on this table and stays here all the time now upright.

> ?

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> ?? I was trying to take this all in and wondering how come Billy has not eaten for such a long time. He is going to die propped up on some weirdo doctors table with no food.

Then the man returns with a bowl of something that smells too god. He puts Billy's table in front on me and moves this hose to his mouth. The other end is a funnel that hangs above his head. The mad pours in some of the food that looks aloft like stew and Billy began to eat. I was kind a grossed out and was hungry at the same time. He then moved over to me and stuck a hose in my mouth. Yes finally food but am I eating Billy??

It was very good and filling. He was a good cook and me and Billy were sucking up the stew as fast as we could. I was eating and looking at Billy and noticed his butt was connected to a hose that went under the table. This must be how he shits I thought.

naughty asian wet crack pleasuring japanese and hardcore I also noticed he had a small hose stuck in his penis that had yellow fluid in it. This sick fucker must keep him on the table 24/7 and never lets him up. What is he up too and why is he doing this to us? How come he wants to re grow body parts but not on Billy?

I noticed that I was starting to get sleepy and so was Billy. > ? > ?? When I cam too again I was watching a different cartoon and the lights were off again. I yelled out Billy are you awake? He said he was and had seen this carton over 20 times. He said this old guy only has a VCR and leaves everyday and it is on a loop that plays over and over.

Well I said I fell asleep when I was eating my stew. He said yes he does every time. He thinks that he must put sleeping pills or something in it to make him sleep long times.

He said he was glad he did that because before I came along all he had was the cartoons. I said yea I guess your welcome but I wish I wasn't here. We were kinda quiet for a few and then he asked me something I thought was odd. He asked me if my legs itched. I said yes they do and my right leg fell asleep and I cant seem to wake it up. He said he was sorry again and said he knew why. TO BE CONTINUED.