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Mother i would like to fuck cant stop cumming from sex hardcore blowjob
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Tina didn't go to school on Tuesday. She didn't go on Wednesday. And she didn't plan on going today. Tuesday morning her dad woke her up pounding on her bedroom door and yelling that she'd missed the school bus.

She managed to make up an excuse about it being a half day so that he'd leave her alone. She didn't want to go to school: she felt like total shit both physically and mentally.

Blonde teen babe bella rose gets screwed, her eye was still throbbing in pain and her ass was sore from the fucking the previous night. Mentally, well, she felt like she'd done the worst thing ever with Razor: that she'd been a whore for him and had reduced herself to a complete and utter slut.

She felt miserable. Thankfully her dad left a little after that. He wouldn't be back until Sunday since he was on the Texas route this week, shipping God knew what for the company he trucked for. She was glad. Him being gone meant she could stay home and feel sorry for herself without interruption. She didn't do much of anything that day and, in fact, didn't do much of anything at all until Thursday morning.

She awoke feeling a bit better about everything and even managed to eat a light breakfast. An hour later she stepped out of the shower stall feeling positively rejuvenated. She'd taken a shower on Tuesday at one point but that had been out of sheer necessity: this one had actually been enjoyable. She decided not to change into clothes and instead kept her bathrobe on as she strolled into the kitchen to call her friend Michelle. When Michelle answered Tina said, "Hey!

Are you at school?" "Tina? Yeah, of course I am! Why aren't you? Didn't you get my messages?" Tina looked over at the answering machine. Sure enough there were nine messages there.

"No, I been sick," she lied. "Have I missed much?" "Not really. well, yeah, sort of! The semester just began, Tina! You're gonna have to talk to your teachers." "I know," Tina sighed. "I'll be there tomorrow. I feel better today. anyway, though, what about that party over at your sister's tomorrow? Is that still going on?" "Yeah!" Michelle said, sounding excited. "Lengths is still driving, and I think it'll just be me, you, and him, though.

No one else really wants to come." Tina felt her eye. It would still be noticeable the next day but didn't look as bad anymore. "Okay, sounds good." "Cool," Michelle said. "Lengths and I are gonna get some weed after school tomorrow so we can smoke on the way there. Oh, and we have to all chip in for beer. Lengths' brother is buying us a case of Labatt's. eight dollars a person, I think." "Okay," Tina said.

"Are you gonna be on the bus tomorrow?" "Yeah," Michelle said distractedly. "Look, I gotta run, class is starting.

I'll see you on the bus! Bye!" "Bye," Tina replied. The fact was, Tina thought as she put down the phone, she didn't really want to go to this party. It was over at Michelle's older sister's house in the city, and would be the first college-age party Tina had ever attended.

She wouldn't know anybody except Lengths and Michelle, and they would all be out of place: everybody would see them as the "high school kids". But she knew she would go anyway. She needed some normal social interaction. And getting high seemed like a good idea, too. After she got off the phone Tina finally listened to the messages on the answering machine she'd been ignoring the last two days. Two were from her dad: brief little messages telling her that he was in Mississippi, then Blonde babe sucks stud before hardcore fucking. Two others were from the school, informing her parents that she'd missed class, and the others were all from Michelle asking what was up.

Tina knew that school policy would mean she'd need a note to get to class the next day, since she'd just had three unexcused absences in a row. But she didn't want to worry about that right now. she was casting nervous desperate amateurs compilation milf teen bbw fit first time suck trouble and money good for the first time since her dad had hit her, and she wanted to celebrate.

She decided to work out. She quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a tight t-shirt, then jumped in front of the television and began doing aerobics. She thought of her new classes as she did, and her plans for summer now that school was halfway through for the year. She couldn't wait for summer: she'd spend as much time as she could at the beach. Hopefully she could get her driver's license, too, once she earned enough money for the classes.

How am I going to earn the money, though? she thought, remembering that she'd quit her job. She thought of Razor briefly then shook her head. Then she started thinking about Leon. She hadn't spoken to him since having sex with him in the darkroom and was almost disappointed by this. Part of her had wished he had called, or grabbed her in the hallway again, or anything!

It wasn't that she liked him, though. It was just that she liked the way he fucked! She wasn't in love with him, but she was horny for him! She started thinking of the feeling of his dick in her as she jogged in place, remembering how slutty she'd been for him during their last encounter.

Suddenly she stopped jogging, trying to catch her breath. I'm not gonna get any exercise done, thinking like this! she thought. She glanced over at the door guiltily, a lewd idea having entered her brain.

Quickly she made up her mind. Fuck it, she thought. I need a good orgasm! She ran to her dad's bedroom. It was a little bigger than hers but not by much, and it was littered with dirty clothes and other garbage. She walked over to his closet, opened it, then reached for a video on the top shelf. There were a lot of them, too: all pornos. She returned to the living room and closed the blinds to the small windows, locked the door, then popped the tape into the VCR.

She stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge, so excited now she didn't care that they were her dad's, then returned to the living room and plopped down into her dad's recliner. She grabbed the remote and started the tape. A wry smile crossed her face when the tape started: "Cider House Sluts" was the title. She gulped down some beer as the movie began. Tina had seen a lot of these videos before and the plotline was typical: young women sitting around in what looked like a shed, talking about how horny they were before making out with each other.

Tina fast forwarded. She usually liked the lesbian scenes but right now she wanted to fantasize about cock. She hit play again when the scene cut to a well- built man in a cheap "farm boy" outfit. Soon, the 16-year-old girl spread her legs apart in the recliner and began rubbing herself through her tight shorts. She sighed wantonly as she watched the supposed farmer-boy begin to fuck one of the women, who seemed to be enjoying his cock immensely.

She slid her hand under her shorts now and shuddered when she made contact with her young pussy. She slowly began to rub her finger down the length of her labia, up to her clit, then down fantastic blonde gets nailed in a gangbang. She squirmed her kristi klenot natural wonders of the world aka christinas heisse busenfreundinnen involuntarily as she did this.

Slowly she pressed her finger, now slick with her own juices, into the hole of her vagina. She sighed audibly at the sensation as she stared at the lewd scene on the screen before her. "Oh god," she panted. She was breathing deeply as sparks of pleasure radiated from her pussy. She felt the orgasm quickly build to the point of exploding! She couldn't believe it was happening so fast.

Suddenly, though, she was ignoring the video and thinking about Razor. About how he had fucked her so relentlessly in her young butt, then paid her for the act afterward. For a moment it sickened her that she would fantasize about that, especially after three days of being miserable because of it, but she couldn't help herself: it was incredibly arousing!

Just when she was about to cum, however, there was a loud knock first time xnxxblood story xnxxx the door. Tina pulled her hand back in a flash and flicked off the television. For a brief moment she wondered if it might be Joey, and lewd thoughts of what's she'd do if it was crossed into big fat old mom sex story xxx com horny mind.

She shook them away and stood up. She peeked through the blinds of the window and immediately saw that it wasn't her 12-year-old neighbor.

Instead, a big black Lincoln Continental she didn't recognize was parked out front. Still panting from the building orgasm that had been denied her, Tina took a deep breath to calm down then went to the door and slowly opened it.

Two men were standing there who she didn't recognize. One was tall, middle-aged with long black hair tied back in a ponytail. The other was shorter, thickly built and balding. Both wore dark suits: the tall one with a silk shirt and tie, the short one with a crimson red shirt and gold chain around his wide neck. "Yeah?" she asked, eyeing them suspiciously. The tall one said, "Hello, miss, my name's Don and this is my partner, Larry. We're looking for your dad." Oh no, Tina thought.

That was never a good thing! "Uhm, no he ain't, he uh, is in Texas." The two men looked at each other. The tall one, Don, said, "Mind if we come in?" Tina began to protest but the men suddenly stepped past her. The teenage girl sighed. She closed the door and followed the men into the living room.

The men looked disgusted at the small trailer home and were glancing around the room as if looking for something. Tina felt anxious: men like these had come by before, but always when her dad was home, and always to collect money. "He'll, uh, be back Sunday," she said, staying off to the side as the men meandered throughout the room. Don stopped and looked at her. "Sunday is a long time," he explained, no longer sounding as polite as he had before.

"Your daddy owes us some money. He should have paid last week." Tina sighed and shook her head. It was as she'd feared. No wonder he'd been so angry lately and so intent to get that money for the beer!

"Look, I don't know what to tell you," she said, voice rising in panic and a little anger. "He ain't here, and I don't have money to pay you!" She suddenly noticed that the second man, Larry, was staring at her with a slight smile on his lips. It sent chills down her spine, and she crossed her arms across her chest and looked away. She wished she was wearing a looser shirt.

Don stepped toward her, shaking his head. "He didn't leave you any money? None at all? Didn't tell you we'd be stopping by to collect payment?" Tina looked up at him and bit her lip.

"How much do you need?" she asked quietly. The man shrugged, glanced at his partner, then back at the girl. "A down payment would be nice.

$500 would do for now." Tina stared up in shock. "$500 a down payment?!? How much does he owe you!" she blurted. Don coldly said, "A lot, little girl. Your daddy had a bit of bad luck on the games last month, you see. so tell me, do you have $500 somewhere in this shit- hole?" Tina shook her head. "I got maybe $200." "Alright," the man said. "We'll take that.

But we'll also take the TV and VCR. Larry?" Larry was already over at the only objects in the room of value, studying them. He shook his head. "Maybe can get $100. They're old," he said in a gravelly voice. Tina stared at the men in shock. They were going to just take her things! "Okay, we're up to $300," Don said.

"Anything else worth something here? Jewelry? A computer?" "Look, please!" Tina said, exasperated. "I'll give you the $200 now and. more on Saturday. Just don't take my things? Those are MINE!" Technically they were, too: she'd purchased the TV and VCR a year ago with money she'd sunny leone xxx fucking vidio from working at Franklins after her dad pawned theirs.

She also did have some cheap jewelry and a second-hand computer in her bedroom she didn't want them to discover. "More?" Don asked with a smile. "How's a young thing like you gonna get enough money to make it worth my while in just two days?" Tina looked away from him again.

"I, uh. have a friend. he'll loan me some cash." Don shook his head and almost said something when suddenly, to Tina's horror, the TV blared to life.

She'd left the VCR running and the porno tape came on, filling the small room with the sounds of raw fucking. "Holy shit!" Larry exclaimed from the television, which he'd been messing with. Don looked down at Tina with renewed interest. "Is this what you were watching when we came up?" "Told you it sounded like fucking!" Larry barked. Tina blushed furiously and shook her head. She couldn't think of anything to say. "Does your daddy know you watch porn while he's away?" Don asked, a nasty sneer on his face.

"Please, just take whatever you want," Tina said shaking her head, incredibly embarrassed. "Take it and leave!" "No, I like your idea now," Don said, stepping closer to the panicked girl. "Why don't you give me that $200 like you suggested, and I'll just get the rest on Saturday?" The man had her backed against a wall, and she was afraid, but suddenly hopeful, too. He would leave her stuff! "Uh, o-okay," she stammered.

"Let me get the cash." Don grabbed her arm when she tried to sneak past him. "Of course, if I'm gonna be so nice, you oughta be nice to me, too." Tina yelped as his other hand grabbed her breast. She slapped it away. "Stop!" she yelled. He gripped her suddenly around the waist and hissed into her ear, "Think of it as helping your daddy. be real nice and we'll overlook his tardiness in payment." "I don't wanna help him!" she cried back as she struggled to free herself.

"Then think of it as helping yourself!" he said coldly as he pulled her small body against his. "You get to keep your TV and VCR, plus get to have a little fun, too." Larry was now next to them and he was staring hungrily at the teenage girl. "How old do ya think she is?" he asked in his gravelly voice. "Fourteen? Thirteen?" "Sixteen!" Tina exclaimed in confusion and panic. "Please, I don't wanna.

I'll just get you your cash." As she protested, though, she felt Don's hands roaming around her and gripping her ass. A spark of pleasure rippled across her body at his rough touch: her body was still ready to what she'd started before these men interrupted.

As Don continued groping her, though, she managed to continue her protests: she didn't want this, she told herself! Suddenly Don said, "You sure about that? Don't you want your things? Don't you want to be able to watch your porn?" She shook her head at his words, fighting back sobs of fear.

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"Don't you know that unless you play along you'll be feeding your daddy through a straw next week?" he added, coldly. Tina could feel a twinge go through the eye her dad had blackened. She hated him for the way he abused her, the way he used her.

But in the end, he was still her father and she would not, could not let someone else hurt him. "Oh, no!" Tina whimpered. This was it. She could tell these men were deathly serious and pissed at her dad. They probably would do something to him. He may gracie glam shows the curves of her gorgeous body an asshole but he didn't deserve that, she decided.

And besides, she was beginning to realize that these men were most likely going to do what they wanted whether she agreed to it or not. Slowly she began nodding her head. "Yes?" Don asked, breathing into her ear.

"Yes." Tina said in sadness and defeat. Don let go of her, grabbed her hand, and led her in front of the television where there was more room. Then he let her go and whispered something to Larry.

She stood there awkwardly, arms folded across her chest, glancing around the room nervously. She was loathe to do what she was about to do, yet at the same time, excited.

What was going to happen! She had no idea. the uncertainty was both scary and arousing to the poor teenager. What the fuck is wrong with me? she wondered. Why do these things always happen to me? Suddenly Don turned to her and said, "Alright, strip." She stared at them. With trembling hands she began to lift up her shirt, then lost her nerve. She said, "Wh- what are we gonna do?" "Larry," Don said flatly.

The shorter man grinned and stepped forward, grabbing her shirt and yanking it upward. Tina yelped in surprise and struggled as the shirt was pulled over her head. "I can do it, I can do it!" she stammered. Larry backed off, and she finished removing the shirt. Next she unbuckled her shorts and began to push them down her legs. She wasn't wearing any shoes so she kicked the shorts off easily. She looked at the men, who were both staring at her intently, wearing only her panties and bra, now.

"Do-- all of it?" she asked with trepidation. "Larry," Don said again. As the man stepped toward her once more Tina jumped to the task of removing her bra. Goddammit, she thought to herself. She didn't want that guy man-handling her. She kept her eyes downcast and quickly removed her panties next. When she was done she crossed her arms over her chest and stared at the floor. She could feel her tiny young nipples harden as a shudder of fear rushed over her body.

"Larry," Don said once more. "What do you want me to do!?" Tina blurted, looking up a the men. This time they ignored her. The short man stepped forward and grabbed her arms then yanked them behind her back, causing Tina to cry out in pain. "You're not being nice," Don said to her as she cried in pain. "We want to see that young little body of yours." He reached over and ran his hand across her breasts, and Tina struggled not to cry.

Instead she managed to say, "Okay, okay, I'll be nice! P-please let go of me!" She saw Don nod, then Larry let her go, slowly, and stood back next to his partner. The two watched her intently. Slowly she spread her arms wide and posed for the men. They both whistled low at the sight, just as Tina turned around so they could see her back.

She continued turning, very slowly, as her heart raced and her breathing continued so fast she felt like she may hyperventilate. When she finished her circle she brushed her blonde hair out of her face and managed to smile slightly at the men. Don was nodding. "Now that's nicer, isn't that nicer?" Larry agreed. In nasty lucianna takes two old dicks one in mouth one in doggie pussyfucking lickingpussy raspy voice he said, "Nice!" "Th-thank you," Tina said.

To the girl's embarrassment she realized she was damp again between her legs. Damn me! she thought. "Okay, now get down on all fours," Don instructed. Tina gulped nervously but dropped slowly to her knees. She leaned forward and placed her hands far apart in front of her until she was in the required position, her young round butt high in the air behind her.

She glanced up as if seeking approval. When she did she saw that Don had unzipped his pants and was holding his semi-hard dick in his hand. "You know how to give head?" he asked. She nodded in silence. The man sat down in the recliner and patted his knees, calling her over to him like she was a dog.

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"Show me," he said. Tina took a deep breath then crawled across the floor until she between his legs. Once there, she scooted up onto her knees a bit and looked up at him.

"What are you waiting for?" he asked. Taking a deep breath, the 16-year-old girl tentatively reached out her small hand and gently gripped the older man's penis. It was warm and soft in her cool hand and Tina studied it: a good size, she thought: then suddenly it began to harden. She slowly stroked it up and down and her eyes widened as it continued to grow.

It was maybe nine inches long once it became fully erect, and thicker than any she'd seen before! Her hand couldn't even get around it all the way. She felt her pussy tingling as she continued to slowly stroke it: she may be reluctant in all this, she realized, but her sexually charged young body had no qualms whatsoever!

"Keep stroking it," Don sighed from above her. "You like my dick?" She nodded, perhaps a bit to eagerly. She glanced up at him fearfully. "I think it's too thick, though." "Nonsense," Don said. She continued jacking off the man and slowly began to moisten her lips.

Then she looked up again and asked, "You'll leave my daddy alone, now?" "For now he'll be okay," Don assured her. "You won't tell him about this?" she asked. "Just shut up and suck," Don said in annoyance. Slowly she moved her mouth over to the head of the large cock and kissed it softly with her moistened lips. She stuck her tongue out and began licking the head, slowly at first, then more rapidly as her tiny hand continued jerking up and down the shaft.

She opened up her small mouth as wide as she could, then, and began taking the biggest cock she'd ever sucked inside. She managed to wrap her lips around the shaft of the penis without letting her teeth make contact, something she hadn't thought possible. Her confidence growing, she shifted slightly in her position and began going down on the man's member. "That's it," Don said. "That's a good cocksucker. you weren't lying, you do know how to suck a dick, don't you?" She ignored his words.

Her body was glowing in arousal. She wondered if the men just wanted blowjobs, or if they would fuck her, too. Despite the situation, she found herself hoping for the latter. She continued bobbing her head up and down on the shaft. She was only getting a few inches at a time inside her and figured that's the best she could do: Don didn't seem to mind.

He was breathing heavily and making the occasional compliment on her performance. Then, suddenly, her gripped her head and pushed down. Her eyes widened as he thrust his cock farther inside her than it'd gone before, right to the entrance of her throat.

She gagged and struggled in panic, when he let go and she removed her mouth from his dick and panted for air. "Ah, but you've never deepthroated?" he said from above.

She shook her head. "Here," he said, grabbing his dick and placing it into her mouth again. Her eyes widened in fear and her heart rate increased again as he pressed it into her mouth, to her throat again. She struggled not to gag as he kept pressing it, all the way until her face was buried in his thick pubic hair. She had all of his dick down her throat! Her let go and once again she gasped for air as the cock exited her mouth.

Don waited a moment then, without a word, did the same thing. This continued for a while. Occasionally he'd let her blow him regularly, stroking his shaft and sucking his head, then he'd suddenly grip she loves spit squirting on her tits while sucking head, sigh loudly, and press his dick all the way inside and down her throat.

She found herself quickly learning the difference between blowing a guy and deepthroating a guy! Suddenly Don stopped. As she went forward to take his dick into her mouth again he stopped her and said, "Get up." Slowly she stood on wobbly legs: her body felt like a firecracker ready to go off by now!

She wondered what was next. "Turn around," he said flatly. She did, and saw Larry standing there with his own dick out, completely hard and pointing at her. It wasn't nearly as big as Don's, but it was a decent size all the same.

Suddenly Don's hands came around her waist and pulled her down onto his dick. She yelped in surprise as his cock pressed against her pussy lips: she julie likes to use her sex toy down beneath instinctively and helped guide the large member into position.

Then, slowly, it began to press inside her opening. She moaned in desire, no longer caring if they knew she was aroused. She closed her eyes and put all her weight down onto her pussy and suddenly the penis forced its way into her damp vaginal tube.

"Damn you're wet!" Don gritted from his sitting position behind her.

"Ugh. come on, take it all, take it." She opened her eyes and stared at Larry, who was now standing brother and sister ebony audisex in front of her.

She reached out and grabbed his cock in her hand, knowing it's what he wanted, and held it as she felt her pussy finally take all nine inches of Don's thick cock! "Ohhh, JESUS!" she panted as her small body struggled to adjust to the large object now firmly up inside her. She felt Don's hands leave her waist and slide up to her small tits. He began squeezing them from behind, content for now to allow his penis to simply sit inside it's 16-year-old sheath.

She squirmed around on the dick as she began jacking off Larry. She couldn't pay much attention to the other man: all her feelings and sensations were focused on the hard cock inside her! She panted and moaned loudly and suddenly began bouncing her ass up and down on the dick.

Ripples of the orgasm denied her earlier suddenly exploded across her body as her pussy went from full to empty with each bounce she made. She felt so completely sexual and perverse: a hard cock in one hand, a large one inside her cunt! She cried out as the orgasm thundered through her.

Suddenly she felt Don't hands back on her waist and lift her off of him like a rag doll. As was typical for the young girl she'd practically gone limp following the orgasm, the after-shocks of which still spasmed through her. With Larry's help Don turned the girl around so that she was facing him. She felt Don's large dick back at the entrance to her pussy and sighed at the feeling.

"You've been neglecting Larry," Don panted heavily. "That's not very nice." "Ohh," she moaned lowly as she pressed down on the dick beneath her. She draped her arms over the recliner as Don positioned her sweaty body. "He's gonna fuck your ass, now," Don said. "No!" Tina gasped. "I--I don't like it in the ass!" she lied. "Too bad," Don said flatly.

She heard Larry say from behind her, "She's been making too much noise, boss." "Yeah," Don said.

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"Grab those." Tina didn't know what was going on at first. A moment passed as Don slowly began thrusting his hips upwards, fucking his dick into her tight pussy. Tina gasped each time. Suddenly she felt Don's hand on her face, turning it to the side. She opened her eyes and saw his hand there, with her panties wadded up in it. "What!?" she gasped. Then he shoved the panties into her mouth. She made a loud "OOMPH!" sound and shook her head as she was gagged.

Just then she felt hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. She went to grab at the gag in her mouth but Don gripped her wrists and held them to her side. Suddenly she felt something being pressed against her asshole, and she immediately knew what it was. She screamed into her gag which effectively muffled the sound. Oh my fucking God! she thought in panic. There was no way she could take two cocks inside at once!

Slowly Don began fucking into her again just as Larry began pressing his dick into her asshole from behind. The shorter man's thick hands gripped her just beneath her breasts, holding her still as the struggling teenager tried desperately to shake off the intrusion.

Then she froze: she arched her back and cried out loudly into the gag as she felt Larry's cock finally press inside her tight ass. He slammed it forward until his entire penis was inside her ass, which protested at first then seemed to eagerly accept the intrusion.

"She's got a tight ass, boss!" she heard Larry groan from behind. Tina couldn't believe it: she had two cocks inside her! She felt incredibly stuffed as the painful fucking of her ass began to mix with pleasure.

A moment passed as both cocks stayed immobile sexx boy tboy and hand the young teenage girl. Then, once again Don began slowly thrusting his hips, fucking his dick in and out of the girl's pussy. At the same time Larry began to do the same thing to her ass and Tina cried loudly into the panties stuffed in her mouth. It was a cry of fear, now: fear of the sheer, wanton pleasure which radiated through her body!

It was as if her mind was being overloaded with sexual pleasure and didn't know quite how to respond! Then without warning it did, and Tina came. Her cries became moans of pleasure and desire.

In her perverted and horny young mind she suddenly wished there were more guys here: two more, eight more! A dick in each hand, one in the mouth! Her mind had become primal in its desire and lurid images flashed through her brain as she exploded in orgasm. The orgasm slowly faded away, and her body was now pleasurably numb from it.

She continued gasping and groaning into her gag as the cocks relentlessly fucked her ass and pussy. The men were calling her names, she realized, especially Larry.

He'd begun slapping her ass during her orgasm but only now did it register. He was saying, "You like your ass fucked, bitch? Fucking little whore. fuck, fuck!" Why did men always talk like that to her, she wondered? Then she realized, to her embarrassment, that she'd fantasized about them doing that! She tuned out the name calling and focused on the continued fucking she was getting. Soon she had built to another orgasm, and this time she rode through it more aware of everything.

She focused her mind on the sensations of her pussy and ass being full, and smiled slightly as she came. Then she felt Don cum, deep inside her pussy. The cum gushed inside her and she moaned around her gag during it. After he was done she felt his cock begin to soften while Larry continued to hammer in and out of her ass.

It was another couple minutes before he finished as well. He came inside her ass, a strange feeling that she'd been nervous about, but it turned out to be no big deal.

When his cum was done shooting inside her young butt, he pulled out. She felt Don push her away from him and the girl slowly fell backwards, off from him and onto the floor. She collapsed there, not even bothering to remove her panties from her mouth. She panted on the floor, naked and full of cum, her body limp and dull from the fucking.

The men had begun talking to each other casually, to Tina's surprise. They mentioned something about a meeting later on as if nothing had just happened. Slowly, Tina crawled up from the floor and stood up on her sore, rubbery legs. She removed the gag from her mouth and stared at the men.

Don looked over at her. "The $200?" he asked. At first she didn't know what he was talking about. Then realization dawned. She walked dazedly into the kitchen area, rummaged through her purse, and returned with the cash Razor had given her on Monday. Don counted the bills. "Thanks," he said. "We'll be back on Saturday at noon. Have the rest then." The two wild anime teenie gets penetrated lesbians and hardcore marched toward the door.

Tina stood in the center of the room, cum dribbling down her legs, in shock. She suddenly stammered, "Y-you won't tell m-my dad, right?" Don turned back and winked at her.

Both men laughed and slammed the door shut behind them. When she realized they were gone, Tina stumbled to the bathroom and took a shower. Her body was numb and she felt completely disoriented as she washed away the gooiness between her legs. She thought about what had just happened, but couldn't decide how bad what she'd just done was. Suddenly she realized it'd felt good. Really good! Tired of being depressed, Tina focused on that.

She was helping her dad, saving him even. That was a good thing! Now she just had to get over $300 for when the men returned on Saturday. She finished her shower, quickly dried, and marched into the kitchen. Still naked she went into her purse and produced a business card. After dialing the number she asked, "Is Razor there?" A moment later Razor was on the phone.

She recognized his voice immediately. "Yes?" he asked. Taking a deep breath she said, "I. this is Tina, from Monday?" "Tina," Razor said. "Right, Tina! How can I help you?" "I need some money," she said softly.

There was a silence on the other end for a few seconds. Then, "You ready to earn it?" Even more softly she replied, "Yes." ==================== END OF CHAPTER FIVE ====================