Beauteous hottie loves erected dongs a lot

Beauteous hottie loves erected dongs a lot
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As we walk into the lobby I can't help but notice how her hair flows down her back to the top of her hips.

Her hips bounce from side to side with every step, and if you don't watch yourself, it can be mesmerizing. In the privacy of our room I wouldn't mind, but down in the lobby, or even on the street, I would rather not attract unnecessary attention to my women's ass. Not wanting to attract attention to my women is a complicated situation for me. On one hand, I am naturally a jealous person. But on the other side, knowing that I have something that someone else wants excites me. It's a fine line between wanting to punch someone in the face for looking at her, and telling them to grab her massive chest to give them taste of what they can't have.

And with every situation that line is somewhere different. It makes it quite impossible for anyone else to determine where it's at besides me. But somehow my wife seems to grasp the situations quite well. My mind continues to wander as we approach the elevator, but I can't resist giving her plump ass a grab as she presses the button for the elevator.

She smiles and tells me that I'm a bad boy, but I can tell that she doesn't really mind. I slide my arms around her and pull her tight against me and kiss her neck gently.

She laughs and gives off that smile that could light up any room. The elevator arrives and we slowly climb inside of it together.

I give her neck another kiss as she hits the button for one of the higher floors. When the door closes I know that we have about 20 or so seconds before the door opens again, unless someone else gets on. I decide to take the risk and start kissing my wife passionately on the lips. As our lips frantically connect, I turn her and push her against the side of the elevator and smash my body up against hers. I continue to kiss her passionately while sliding my hand through her hair and down to her ass.

I grab a hold of it and pull it up into my now hardening penis. I feel her hands grabbing hold of my hips, there pulling me farther into her and I can feel the passion radiating off of her.

I hear the ding of the elevator, but neither of us bothers to look or make a move to get out. We continue to make out and grind up against one another until the elevator dings again. This surprises us both and we quickly pull apart.

When I start to look around the confined elevator I see another couple staring at us awkwardly. Seeing that we have now arrived at our floor, my wife and I slink out of the elevator, both a tad bit embarrassed. When the door closes however, my wife starts laughing uncontrollably and I can't help but to wrap my arms around her once again. We head over towards our room and I grab her ass again on kinky asian teens like to make out together stunning and creampie way there.

This time she makes a little moan to let me know that she likes it when I do that. When we get to the door she reaches her hand into her pocket to pull out the room key. I come up behind her again, and aggressively slide my hand down of her tight blue jeans. I find the crack that I am looking for and slide my finger across it desperately trying to find the hole.

I pamela miti jessica rizzlick every drops my finger just to the hole and slide it in to just about my first knuckle. The soaking wetness of the pussy begging me to slide my finger in further. Just as I start to slide it in further she takes a step forward into the room while sliding my hand out of her jeans with her hand.

I disappointedly ask her why she did that and ponytailed asian chick shaved and nailed by t whispers into my ear that she is hungry. Despite my frustration I can't help but laugh at her simplicity. The room itself is stunning with glass walls in the bedroom that allow you to look over New York City while still in your room.

You can see the endless line of cars driving and the skyscrapers lining the sides of the streets. The room has a balcony with a Jacuzzi on it that can be quite fun on beautiful nights like tonight. When I stop looking around the room I ask her what she wants to eat, and she smiles and tells me Chinese. Every time I see that smile I can't help but forgive her for whatever hell she is putting me through.

She pulls her out her phone and calls the Chinese place, she knows what I like so she doesn't bother to ask me what I want.

After she finishes ordering I ask her how long it will be until it gets here. She puts on her pouty face and tells me an hour. I try to act disappointed, but inside I see an opportunity to fuck her hard before the delivery guy arrives. She sees the excited glint in my eyes behind my faux pouty face and she smiles as well. I walk over to her and start kissing her passionately. I push her up against the glass wall and slide my hands down her sides to her skinny jeans once again. I pull her hips into my once again hardening dick and start to grind up against her.

After thrusting my cock into the attractive teen hottie strokes dick smalltits and hardcore of her pussy several times I slide my hands over to her button and start to undo that. My nervous fingers struggle with the button for several moments before getting it undone. She giggles at my nervousness a little bit but I shut her up by kissing her lips.

I start to pull my wife's jeans towards her ankles and it exposes her bright red thong. I reach down to rub her magnificent pussy through it and find that it is soaked through with her dripping pussy juice. The amount that this excites me is intolerable and I press my raging boner against her pussy to try and satisfy my needs a little bit.

Unable to control myself I rip her brand new shirt off her body and throw what is left of it on the floor. Normally with it being a new shirt it would upset her, but in her rabid excitement I can see that she doesn't care. Her bra matches her lacy red thong, and I can't wait to get underneath both of them. When I reach my hands down to undo my pants she stops me and start to walk towards the bathroom.

I can't help but watch her sexy ass bounce back and forth as she works her way over there. I eagerly follow her in, and see her bending over to "stretch".

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What I'm left with is a perfect view of her ass, with the bright red thong, shoved far inside both of her cheeks. I rear my arms back and smack her right butt cheek and it makes a resounding thwack. She moans her delight and stands up and then turns around. She turns the water for the shower on than pulls herself up against me. I can feel her massive D cup breasts pushing against my shirt. She starts kissing me passionately, than pushes me up against the wall.

I love it when she takes a little bit of control so I go with it. She lifts my shirt off of my body than kisses and licks her way down my chest to my pants. Unlike me she easily unbuttons my pants and pulls them and my boxers down to my ankles.

I step out of them and she kisses the tip of my dick and licks it a little back and forth. I start to moan and I can see that she relishes this.

She puts her tongue on my pee hole at the top of my cock and licks her way underneath and down to my die gepiercte milf im lack body bostero tube porn. She gives my balls a little lick and kiss before standing up.

I can't stand the teasing and I want to grab her and throw her face back onto my cock but before I can, she slides the shower curtain open and walks in, with her bra and panties still on. I quickly follow her into the shower, and I slide up next to her, my raging boner pushing up against her. She slides her way down my body back onto her knees and I almost cry with relief.

She starts by kissing the tip my cock and flicking her tongue back and forth over it. It drives me crazy and I start to moan once again. I can see that this makes her happy and she grabs hold of the base of my shaft and slides her mouth over my dick suddenly. I instinctively grab the back of her head and start to rock my hips a little.

She grabs my hands and throws them down by my side and I stand there just trying to enjoy every second of it. I close my eyes and just focus on the feeling of her mouth sliding back and forth over my cock. I can feel her tongue pushing up against it occasionally, her teeth grinding gently against it and it pushing up against the back of her throat when she decides to take it all in her mouth.

I can feel the warm water of the shower coursing down over my body and I wonder how it feels for her. This lasts what is probably about 10 minutes but feels like just one because of how good it felt before she stands up.

She turns around and bends over, placing her hands against the wall. She looks back at me and says "fuck me now". I slide her panties a little to the side and slide my cock up against her pussy. I start to slide in slowly and she tells me to fuck her hard. I let go of her panties and grab onto her hips and start fucking her as hard and as fast as I can.

Every time I slam into her the water coursing down her body makes a loud smacking sell your gf sex and money problems solved and shoots up into the air.

My fucking causes her to start screaming her pleasure. There is nothing in the world more arousing than her screams of pleasure. They can turn me from "slightly turned on" to "I will do whatever you want" in a heartbeat. I start scratching her back and this excites her more. She starts screaming even louder and I can tell that she is close.

I tell her to "cum for me angel" and I can feel it when she does. The pulsing of her pussy when she cums is subtle but unmistakable.

I savor every second of it before standing her back up. As she slowly stands I can feel my dick pressing tight against her pussy as it slowly slides out. It is one of the best feelings in the world, despite the fact that it means I'm pulling out of her.

She starts to walk towards the bedroom but before she can get out the door I unhook her bra and slide it off before sliding her panties down as well. Just as they slide off I hear a knock on the hotel room door. I watch as she walks butt ass naked to answer the door. I come up behind her just before she opens the door and slide my cock in between her legs, pushing it up against her pussy.

She smiles and opens the door. The shock of seeing her beautiful body naked is readily apparent on the delivery man's face. I can tell that right now she doesn't care and she gives the man the money and close the door.

I swear his mouth never closed during the entire time. And after about 5 seconds he never took his eyes off her beautiful chest, except to look down at her beautiful shaved pussy. We put the Chinese on the table and I walk her naked ass body out the balcony.

I whisper into her ears "you're mine now" and I can see the excitement creep across her face. I bend her across the railing on the balcony and slide my cock into her pussy from behind.

I see that her breasts aren't visible for all of New York to see, they are tucked under the side of the balcony. I reach around and slide them overtop the balcony and start fucking her hard. Her breasts start bouncing back and forth for the entire city to see over the edge of the balcony.

I can see the occasional bystander look up and stop for a moment seeing my wife being fucked on the balcony. She is screaming uncontrollably and undoubtedly is heard even thirty stories below. The excitement of the entire situation drove me insane. I started fucking her harder than I ever thought possible. I felt her pussy pulse as if she was doing it on purpose, but I could tell by the intensity of her screams she was having an orgasm. This made me lose my load inside her dripping pussy, but I still kept fucking her.

The cum started to seep out onto the balcony but I couldn't stop myself from continuing to fuck her. Finally, my cock wouldn't stay hard enough to stay inside of her. Every drop of cum that I had, had been deposited inside of her and onto the balcony.

I wrapped my arms around her and grabbed hold of both her breasts. I gently squeezed them and kissed the side of her neck. I worked my kisses up towards her ear and started licking it.

She started to moan once again. I gently stand her up off the balcony never letting go of her plump chest.

I guide her back into the hotel room. As I walk her in I can see the cum starting to drip out of her pussy and down her legs. My now soft cock has cum dripping of the tip as well.

Normally this would bug both of us, but maybe it was the fact that we were in a new city and in an unfamiliar room, but neither of us seemed to mind one bit.

I guided her to the island in the little kitchenette that the room offered. I moved my hands off of her breasts and guided them down to her hips and turned her around to face me. I started to kiss her lips again and pulled our cum soaked privates towards each other. Finally I grabbed a hold of her ass and threw her up on the counter. I started kissing her lips and worked my way down across her chin and towards her chest. Once I got to her chest I started licking her left nipple back and forth and I could feel her body squirming under my tongue.

Finally I shoved her entire nipple into my mouth and began sucking on it. I could feel the tug of her breast in my mouth and her nipple rubbing against my tongue. This turned me on even further so I shoved her boob as far into my mouth as it would go.

I relished in the feeling of her breast filling up my mouth. Her giant beautiful boob was so big that I couldn't fit the entire thing into my mouth. I could feel the nipple pushing up against the back of my throat and it made it hard to breath. Despite struggling to get adequate amounts of air I couldn't tear myself away from her chest.

Being unable to swallow I started to slobber all over her nipple and boob. I could hear her moaning her delight as I sucked away and her hands moved to the back of my head keeping me shoved in as far as I could go. Her cum soaked pussy was pushing up against my stomach making a mess. I didn't mind, in fact in just turned me on even further. Slowly I pulled myself off of her breast and moved myself to the right one. This time I went with a slightly more aggressive approach nibbling on the nipple.

I would bite down a little and pull myself away, watching as her breast stretched its way out to accommodate it. My biting turned her on further so I started to pinch her left nipple gently. I could feel her body squirming up against me as she enjoyed every second of it. I did this for about five minutes before I started kiss my way down her body further.

I could feel the surprise in her hands and body as I worked my down. I never had eaten her out after I came in boobs pressed while sleeping sister before.

I was shaking because I was so nervous. I didn't really want to do it, but I knew that I wanted to try it. I worked my down to her shaved mound and started kissing it gently. I saw a glob of my cum resting in the crevice between her pussy and her thigh and I worked my way over towards it.

I looked up and saw a big smile in my she keep riding after cum face and I knew that she was enjoying this. I gave the spot of cum a gentle kiss. It was warm against my lips and as I pulled away a little bit, part of it was still stuck to her and part of it stuck to my lips. The end result was a couple of lines of semen hanging between my lips and her thigh. I gave my lips a tentative lick, I wanted to know what it tasted like before I shoved my tongue inside her cum soaked pussy.

It was very warm and a little sweet. In all honesty it really didn't taste bad. I was going to have to start pushing my wife to eat it more often. I went back to kissing the area between her pussy and her thigh and she started to moan again. I worked my over to her beautiful pussy.

The lips of her pussy were spread from the fucking. The excess of the lips were hanging to either side and look so attractive to me. At the top of her pussy I could see her little clit waiting to be played with eagerly.

Below that was the most beautiful hole I have ever seen. It was dripping wet with pussy juice and I could see the cum filling up the inside of it. As much as I wanted to dive right in there and start licking it clean, I wanted to tease my wife a little bit first.

So I worked my towards her clit, which is the most sensitive spot on her pussy. I instantly feel her hips thrust up into me and her moans were magnified. I rewarded her eagerness by frantically licking her clit. I opened my mouth a little wider and sucked her clit and top lips of her pussy into my mouth. I bite down softly on them and pulled. Her moans of enjoyment turns into an all out scream. She moves her hands to the back of my head and begs me to keep going.

I happily oblige her enjoying the taste of her pussy in my mouth. Suddenly This stunning lady can make you cum as never before romantic brunette slide my down to the hole and start licking it clean. At first the taste of my semen explodes in my mouth. It's almost too much to take, but the sounds of her moans make it impossible for me to pull out.

So instead I bury my face further into her pussy. The taste of my cum subsides some, now I can taste the mix of her pussy and my cum. The combination is amazing. Now I'm not forcing myself to do it, I'm telling myself I'll never end sex without it. The sweetness of both juices combines perfectly and I never want it to stop. When the taste of my cum starts to wear off I desperately shove my tongue in farther searching for every last drop of semen.

I can feel my wife pushing the cum out of her pussy by squeezing it towards me and I am extremely grateful. Her moans are insanely loud as I search her pussy for semen. Slowly the taste starts to wear off and I can't find any more. I feel her hands slowly push my head away from her pussy. Now to my surprise she slides a finger inside her pussy and starts to wiggle it around. She slowly pulls it out and looks at it. She smiles at me and tells me "it's all gone babes".

I look down at my dick and realize that I once again have a raging boner. Right now it is so hard that it starts to hurt a little. I want to slide right into her pussy, but with the night that we were having I didn't want to have sex in such a mundane place. As if reading my mind she stands up and takes me by the hand. She starts to lead me towards the bedroom.

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She pushes me onto the bed, which isn't my first choice for a location, but she is rarely this aggressive so I go with it. She gives me a smile with a tinge of mischief and she tells me to "close my damn eyes". I happily oblige her. I feel her come over and tie my legs and arms to the bedposts.

I try my best to get a little wiggle room but I can't. She leans down and whispers in my ear "I have a surprise for you, but if you even think about opening your eyes I'm going to take it away and never do it again". I tell her I understand and keep my eyes squeezed shut. I feel her slide her sliding her body around the bed. I can tell that she is straddling my face somehow. I hear her tell me that "if you look anywhere but up we're never having sex hairy mom moms sister son porn viedos. This intrigues me but I agree.

"OK open your eyes," she tells me. I do and if my wife had spontaneously grown a dick I wouldn't have been more surprised. She was straddling my face in a way, she was parallel with my body her vagina directly above my face.

The surprising aspect though, was that a dick was sliding its way inside her. I fought my restraints to try and lick her pussy while it was happening but my tongue wouldn't reach.

I hear my wife start moaning in pleasure as this new man fucks her slowly. I watch the lips of her pussy grab onto the dick slide out a little bit whenever the man pulls out some. To my dismay I realize that he isn't wearing a condom, but I know that my wife must know that she is safe somehow.

I start screaming at my wife to let me join in. She tells me to "just shut up and watch". I do and each second turns me on more and more. My wife tells me to look around the room, when I do I am surprised even further. There is another man with massive 10 inch dick hovering in front of my wife's face.

When I look down towards my amateur teen getting machine fucked on webcam I see not one, not two but THREE beautiful women by my raging erection. By looking at these women I can tell that my wife picked them out with me in mind.

There is a one has black hair, one has her hair dyed fluorescent blue and the others hair is dyed a bright green. My wife knows that I like these extreme colors. The one with bright green hair has massive D cup breasts and a nice plump ass. The blue haired girl also has a massive rack probably D cup as well, but her ass is more petite. The black haired girl is more petite all around, with what looked like B cup breasts and firm ass. My wife looks down at me and tells me "you better fucking enjoy this," and promptly starts to suck the dick in front of her.

This man isn't wearing a condom either. The three girls climb onto the bed and crawl towards my cock. The black haired girl starts to suck my dick, while the blue and green haired girls each start sucking one of my balls. I'm in sexual heaven right about now.

I can't decide where to look with every scene turning me on more and more. I look up and see my wife being fucked, if I look to the left she is sucking on a gigantic dick and taking it down like a pro, and if I look down I have three beautiful women servicing my dick. The only thing I can do is to start screaming my pleasure as loud as I possibly can. The black haired girl stops sucking my dick and climb onto it.

I can't believe what I'm seeing, I'm about to fuck this women without a condom, and my amazing wife set it up! As the women slides onto my dick I tell my wife how much I love her and how appreciative I am. She tells me to "shut up and enjoy it" in-between her own screams and gags of pleasure. The blue and green haired women go to the other side of the women fucking me and get in a doggy style position facing her. They three scenes in one story shove one of her nipples into their mouths and start sucking away.

From my angle Grosse salope elle a envie de baiser avec un chien french amateur can see each of their pussys and tight little ass holes. The black haired women started going in a circular motion and it started driving me insane.

I could feel my cock pushing up against the innards of her pussy and it felt amazing. The man fucking my wife thrusted into her once very hard and I could tell that the two of them were cumming together. The man fucking my beautiful wife slowly pulled out and some of his cum dripped across my face. As he did that the man whose dick my wife was sucking switched places with him.

Now my wife was sucking the man's soft penis trying to get it hard again. The man with the 10 inch dick slid his cock into my wife's pretty little pussy, forcing more cum out and onto my face. When I looked down towards my dick I saw that the green haired women had switched places with the black haired one.

Now the green haired woman was fucking my penis up and down and her D cup breasts were bouncing all over the place. The black haired girl worked her pussy up towards my face, under my doggy style wife. I tilted my head up to start eating the women out, while more cum continued to drip down on us. The blue haired woman was fingering herself next to the one fucking me. I told her to switch places with the man who couldn't get his dick hard. They do and my sexy wife starts sucking the blue haired woman's nipple.

This continues for about 10 minutes until the blue haired women backs her nipple out of your mouth and climbs down to my dick. The green haired woman screams, as she finishes cumming, and climbs off and the blue haired one climbs on, in a reverse doggy style. The black and green haired women leave the room, along with the man who came earlier. The man fucking my wife started to moan and I can tell that he is close.

I feel him thrust into her while I feel the pussy of the girl fucking my dick start to pulse from the orgasm. I see more cum start dripping out of my wife's pussy and I know that the man fucking her just came inside her.

The woman climbs off my dick and the man pulls out of my wife. They both leave the room while my wife works her pussy down towards my dick. She slides it in and it feels better than all of the other women's pussys somehow.

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It litl girl faking xstory dawnload better I realize, because it's my wife. I can tell by looking into her ecstasy filled eyes that she feels the same way.

She leans down and whispers into my ear "cum in three, two, one". As soon as she says one I can feel the cum start shooting out into her already filled pussy. The throbbing of her pussy rivals the orgasm she had on the balcony.

She slides off of my dick and lays down next to me. I'm still tied up and she slides her head onto my chest. She smiles and whispers, "get some rest, you're going to need it for my next surprise later tonight". I can't help but smile wondering what she has in store for me yet.