Amateur lesbo teenies get their wet cunts licked and nailed

Amateur lesbo teenies get their wet cunts licked and nailed
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Barbara's Cheating There is a second part to this story please let me know if your interested in reading it. Barbara was a happily married 35-year-old with a son, Jeremy. Her husbands job required him to live out of the country for six months at a time. This arrangement was not to her liking, but it was her life.

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She was 5'3" with 36 d breasts a small waist short blond hair a tight ass, her best asset by far. She was always horny, any man who would talk to her she always appreciated the attention. Wednesday afternoon she went to the mall with her son as he wanted a new video game she wanted to look at towels for her bathroom. Jesus and Felix two tough kids from her sons' school were hanging around selling pot when they saw the pair walk in. Jeremy waved as they passed them.

Once out of hearing Felix and Jesus started talking about ways to fuck the cute blond mom. They started following them discreetly waiting for the right moment to separate them, so they could start a conversation with her. That opportunity came five minutes later when they saw the pair split up.

Both guys went up to her as soon as her son was out of sight they started to talk to her she was very responsive to them. She was even flirting as she though Felix was cute. She was thrilled for the attention they were paying to her, any male attention was always a turn on, in less than ten minutes she had her agreeing to meet them tomorrow late morning for a drink. Then before her son returned Felix handed her two blunts, he explained they were to be smoked tomorrow when they met.

She stood there totally amazed, she was speechless. The guys turned they just walked away, she then heard Jeremy voice. She quickly stuck the joints in her bag. The rest of the afternoon they walked the mall.

On the drive home she asked about the two guys they had passed when they entered the mall who he had acknowledged. He explained they were older guys who weren't really his friends that he only knew them by sight. The next morning after Jeremy had left for school she took a bath and got fixed up to maybe have lunch or a couple of drinks with her two male friends. She had put on makeup she was looking hot in her tight legging jeans with a cold shoulder top.

She was in the car heading towards the mall when she realized she wasn't sure where to meet them. She pulled into the mall, she saw them standing by a white van. She pulled up, "hi guys are we parking here"? Felix responded, "no follow us, girl did you bring the pot"? she replied, yes. They drove to the far end of the lot, both cars were side by side. She got out as the side door of the van opened, both guys combo video of keegan kade dildoing and riding the sybian sitting in the back smoking weed.

"Hi Barbara" yelled Felix "get in".

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As she entered Jesus closed the door the smell of pot was heavy. They offered her a glass of white wine in a paper cup and a joint of her own. She was hesitant at first but the second-hand smoke in the van was already influencing her judgement. She smoked the entire joint, they were talking about how fine she looked, they kidded her as to why she didn't have a boyfriend.

The pot was differently influencing her, she told them. "Well first I'm married, secondly my husband comes home every sixth month for an undetermined time, so a boyfriend would be difficult, that said I would love to could get accustomed to regular sex from a big cock.

When my husband's does get home, I'd have to sneak out to get fucked which would be difficult because my boyfriend would need to see me more than once a week. Both guys got huge smiles, Felix told her, "we understand you'd need a really understanding man, like us". She giggled like a school girl. They all smoked another joint, she was stoned beyond belief.

Felix asked her "can we see your tits"? She just nodded yes, Jesus pulled the blouse over her head, her bra was off in a flash. She looked at her tits she realized her nipples were hard, so she knew she was enjoying herself. She looked down realizing both guys had their cocks out, she smiled "wow those are great looking cocks".

Jesus looked in her eyes, why not kiss the head. She didn't hesitate she realized Felix had a large cock or at least larger then anything she had ever had inside her. His cock was deep in her throat for what seemed like a short time then she felt him pull it forward he shot a large volume of cum in her mouth.

She started swallowing as she didn't want cum all over her clothes. As his spent cock came out of her mouth she kissed the head, this was followed by Jesus who appeared to have a large cock too. She sucked him until he made a large cum deposit in her mouth. Now they removed her jean leggings, Felix gently pulled her panties down. There before them was a nicely trimmed bush and very wet pussy lips.

Felix put his cock at the entrance to her pussy he pushed the head went right in before long she had a strange adorable girl receives hardcore slit plowing russian and blowjob deep in her pussy the feeling was wonderful.

She had several small orgasms the big one was coming soon she knew it. Felix sensed it he was now pounding her, she convulsed while moaning like an animal as she came.

She realized Felix was about to cum in her unprotected pussy, before she could say anything she felt the sensation of cum being pumped deep in her.

That caused her to two hotties take care of a rod several more time. Jesus smiled "hey Barb my turn"! It was after 4 so when she got home Jeremy would be there. She pulled in the garage walked in she headed for her bathroom.

She walked down the hall past Jeremy's room, he was on the computer. "Hi mom" was all he said, she grunted she was in her bathroom in a flash.

As she showered she thought what the hell happened I just had sex with two strange boys from my son's school. I smoked pot her mind, I gave two blow jobs the strange thing is I feel wonderful. After her showered she brushed her teeth got fresh clothes and went to the kitchen to make dinner. As they ate she steered the conversation towards the two guys at the mall. Finally, Jeremy started telling her about them.

"Mom they are pot dealers, they go to school when they want because no one really wants them around". She ended the conversation with "well I was just curious". Friday morning about 10:30 she was doing laundry when she heard the front door. She opened it as Felix and Jesus walked in.

"What do you guys want"? She was chuckling as she knew what they wanted. Now standing in the hallway they pulled her leggings down, next came her panties, she had her neatly trimmed bush looking fine, they took pictures of her pussy. Now Felix spoke to her, "we've got a great idea go to your room put on sexy underwear with garter and stockings we want to fuck for the next two hours.

When you come back please look as slutty as you can, now move you've got 15 minutes or else". It took her 13 minutes to get ready, she was very hot for them. She headed back to the den her pussy was wet and she had an itch only a cock could scratch. She entered the room both guys nodded their approval, they had stripped so their cocks were in plan sight. "Ok come sit between us" said Felix. She wiggled over to the sofa she sat between them. Jesus took off her bra as her nipples came into view her started sucking on one.

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She pulled his head closed to her chest, Felix went to work on her clit which was wet and standing up she was aroused as hell. Small moans escaped from her as the guys worked her body, Felix grabbed the waist band of her panties. He pulled them down slowly revealing her blond neatly trimmed bush, her pussy lips were wet. He started lapping and sucking her clit, it took about three minutes before she knew what was coming her body convulsed as an orgasm went through her.

They moved her to the floor Felix put the head of his cock at her pussy lips, she pushed up enough to get the head in. Felix started a slow steady rhythm of moving his cock in and out, she was responding to every downward thrust he made.

His cock got to her cervix, he paused she nodded yes, he pushed past, he was in her womb. No man had ever been that deep in her. Her pussy muscles now gripped his cock, it was trying to keep him deep in her.

She was milking his cock with every stroke, Jesus stuck his cock in her mouth, he pushed it in until his balls were on her chin. Her throat was bulging with ever push. Felix was sitting up smiling at her, "look Barb every time my raunchy blonde dana receives an anal hammering goes deep your stomach pushed out, that's my cock in there doing that".

Jesus removed his cock from her mouth she looked down only to realize he was right, his cock felt wonderful, see it pushing her midsection out with every stroke was hot to say the least. She was very close to another orgasm, Jesus put his cock back in her mouth, if she hadn't had a mouthful of Jesus's cock she would have told Felix to pull out as she wasn't on birth control but as she shivered from a powerful orgasm she felt the sensation of hot cum being pumped into her womb, the sensation was like nothing she had ever experienced she climaxed again, so violently she squirted pussy juice all over his cock.

Then Jesus grabbed the side of her head she felt cum being shot down her throat, after the second blast he pulled his cock almost out of her mouth he continued to shoot four more ropes of cum in her mouth.

She swallowed every drop. Felix rolled off as Jesus sat down, "you have got one great pussy Barbara", said Felix. She had a smile on her face which said she had been well fucked, "thank you baby, my pussy does feel great. If you guys keep fucking me my pussy will be stretched to accommodate your cock I wonder if my husband will notice". They all chuckled Jesus asked her "could your pussy use another load of cum"?

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She smiled at him "kiss her I think she's interested". The guys left at 2:30 Felix told her "you need to figure a way to work out our being here most of Saturday".

"I'll work on it honey but", Felix stopped her in mid-sentence "just do it babe". She shook her head "I'll work it out I promise". They were gone in two minutes, all she had on was panties and a bra. She looked and smelled of sex as cum was now first starting to leak rachita ram xxx story kannada new of her.

Jeremy walked in he took one look at her she seemed to be in shock, "mom what the hell are you doing walking around the house like that"? Thinking fast she explained she had spilled water on herself, she left her clothes in the basement, she was heading to her room as he came in. With that she rushed off before he could say anything. After her shower she changed into short and a blouse then she headed for the kitchen. Her phone buzzed she answered on the second ring, it was Felix.

She looked around Jeremy was in his room on the computer, so she could talk. "Hi big guy what's up? Yes, he's in his room I'm working on a story to get him out of her Saturday morning. Yes, I really want you back, yes I feel wonderful". She giggled, "honey your cum is so thick it has only now started leaking out of me.

The protein shakes I got from you guys has me full, I'm glad it's not fattening".

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She was acting like a school girl she really loved the attention. She lowered her voice "baby could you get some rubbers, I'm not on birth control and, ok, ok I'll get some pills on Monday. Will you be calling me later? Of course, I'd really love talking to you later". She closed her phone, sat at the table trying to come up rough fucking during her time at boot camp a plan. Barbara sat in her bedroom thinking, she did really enjoy the sex the three of them had done.

She knew she was submissive but never to the extent she was turning into after all she had had great sex with two guys in a van only hours after meeting them.

She really wanted to see them again, but she needed to get Jeremy out of the house. Finally, she called her sister Joyce, she explained she had a boyfriend, she wanted to alone with him Saturday could Joyce get Jeremy and keep him for the day under the cover of needing chores done. Joyce agreed only if her boyfriend had a friend who liked brunettes with big tits she needed a good fucking as well, she agreed. Saturday at 11 Joyce picked up Jeremy, at 11:30 Felix and Jesus were at her front door.

She had on a sexy outfit, her makeup was totally slutty, but they liked her like that. They went into the back yard to smoke pot while they relaxed before the sex started. They headed back in the house after they had smoked they were all very relaxed and horny.

They heard a knock at the door they all looked at each other. She went to the door there was Joyce, she let her in. "Wow you look hot you slutty bitch, I couldn't get the idea out of my mind you were fucking all afternoon while I sat with the kid". "What did you do with him"? "The people next door have two daughters they were at the pool in tiny suits so he's with them for the day". Barb nodded, "great thinking Joy". "Barbara by the look of your outfit I'd say the party has started", "well sis strip down and come in.

They walked into the den two minutes later Barbara made the introductions. Jesus took her by the hand, they headed out for a smoke, when they came back in Barbara was in an easy chair legs spread wide with Felix between her legs blonde babe sucks stud before hardcore fucking her clit. Joyce smiled at Jesus, "that looks like a lot of fun".

"You want to try, asked Jesus, "yes I do". She wiggled over to the other chair where in 20 seconds Jesus was eating her pussy. Suddenly Jesus stopped they both heard a loud moan as Barbara body withered in pure animal orgasmic pleasure. She looked at Jesus "I'd like to do that too", I', working on it babe". Barbara and Felix got up they headed for the bedroom, once inside she dropped to her knees she was kissing the head of his cock.

They both looked as from what they were hearing Joyce was having a wonderful orgasm.

Felix grabbed her arms pulling her up, "baby I want to stick my cock deep in your womb now. She purred "please do I've been looking forward to it all day. Joyce and Jesus entered the room as Felix's cock had just entered her womb each thrust was extasy for her, at that moment all she could think about was the cock deep in her giving her more pleasure then she had ever had. Joyce gave Jesus a sly look, "can you do that for me?

I'm about to try please lay down and give me a big spread". Barbara's tits were swing with each thrust he gave her; her pussy lips had clamped on to the base of his cock which it was trying to keep his cock deep in her womb.

The walls of her pussy were convulsing around his cock giving them both extreme sexual pleasures. Felix was working a slow but deep rhythm she was moaning, grunting and whimpering as her body had small shock waves a prelude of what was to come. Felix looked at her mid-section, look babe you can see my cock pushing you out give me your hand.

She did that's when she realized his cock was deep in her womb it was the hottest sexual thing outside of him fucking her she had ever done. Suddenly she tensed up, a flood of emotion shot through her as she had a climax so violent she shuddered for 20 seconds. Just as she was regaining her senses with his cock deep in her womb she felt the sensation of cum flooding her.

He must have shot six blasts of cum deep in her. As he regained his breathing he looked at her mid-section, it had budged out from all the cum putain defoncee par des internautes en parking was put in there. As they looked into each other's eyes they heard an animal scream. They both looked at the floor where Joyce had just taken her first load of cum deep in her womb as well.

Both guys stood up "how you girls feeling"? asked Felix Barbara got a sly look on her face, "well now I know how wonderful a woman can feel with the right cock". All Joyce could do was babble as she had literally fucked stupid. The guys switched woman, Jesus put his cock at Barbara's pussy lips he pushed in she smiled "push it in baby cum is a great lubricant".

After several hours of none stop fucking the guys had to go as they had customers who would need pot for Saturday night. Felix told Barbara he would call her late that night. Joyce gave Jesus her cell number as he wanted to talk to her later as well. She explained if she didn't answer right away her husband was still up, but she would call him back as soon as she could.

They sat in the alexis fawx who can squirt in only panties having a drink, Joyce looked at Miss raquel tease and sucks a cock. "I don't know about you but this afternoon I was fucked three time, as of this minute no cum is leaking out of me"? Barbara chuckled, "sis you did suck Jesus cock right"?

She nodded yes, "well think about how thick it was, right now there's quite a lot of cum in both of us if I'm right between tonight and tomorrow some or most will ooze out".

Joyce looked at her sister, "sis my cunt will be stretch out to accommodate there cocks very soon what do I tell my husband"? Barb smiled at her, "sis with the amount of use he uses it for I don't you think he'll notice? Besides fake it he'll never know. They both shared a knowing laugh.