Natural chick gapes tight twat and loses virginity

Natural chick gapes tight twat and loses virginity
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I've had these dreams all my life, though I've never done anything with a man. I dreamt you answered my add, and sent me pics and warm reassuring words.

You are kinda Twinkish but masculine and seem to be a take charge gently kind of guy. We email back and forth and send each other pics. One day you send me a pic of your big beautiful cock and I start salivating immediately, I marvel at how much smoother your body is than mine full of hair. You tell me your wife is out of town for the week and would like to have beers at your place and watch movies asiana girl with big nipples for you something.

I'm so nervous and scared, and I didn't think I could bring myself to agree, but I do. You tell me to come over Thursday night. I'm so nervous I'm shaking but I can't quit thinking about you and that body, and what it would feel like wrapped around me, and how your lips would feel on mine, and how my mouth would feel around that beautiful cock, or how it would feel inside me. Yep I'll be there alright.

I may need to have a few drinks before I get there to work up the courage. I'm terribly shy in normal circumstances and this is way outside my norm. Thursday comes around and I can't even concentrate at work all day. As soon as I get out of work I have a drink to calm down.

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I'm just watching the clock now, I can't tell if I'm excited for or dreading time to go. Finally 7:00 rolls around and somehow I make myself get in my car and head over to your place. By the time I get to your house, I'm on the verge of full fledge panic. It's taking everything I've got (and those few drinks) to not turn around and go home and make up an excuse. I sit in the car for a while trying to find the will to go knock on your door. I'm so scared you won't like me as much in person.

Ok so I feel like an idiot sitting out here like this so I go up to the door and ring the bell. When you answer the door, you're wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt, totally casual.

You smile at me with such a cute/sexy grin I can't help but smile a bit even though I'm about frozen with panic. You show me to the living room and ask if I'd like a beer. I would absolutely love one about now lol. We sit on the couch and start watching a movie. It's not a big couch but it's not a love seat either. You're on the opposite end.

I wonder if you're disappointed meeting me in person. I'm sure not, you're even sexier in person, and your outgoing talkativeness is perfectly countering my shyness in a way that somehow has me feeling more at ease with every little laugh. You get up to get us another couple beers, but this time when you come back, you sit closer to me. Not uncomfortable so, but closer. We're talking a bit less now and are watching the movie, I'm enjoying it.

After a while you lean back and put your feet up on the stand, and your arm on the back of the couch just relaxed. A few minutes go by, and I'm starting to get a little nervous again as I realize I want that arm around me, not on the back of the couch. I slow start to lean over closer, you didn't move away or push me away. In the middle of that thought I realize my head is on your chest and your arm is starting to wrap around me.

You can feel me shaking, I look up at you and you have just a little grin on your face while you teen anastasia blonde tasting an old pussy and gets licked young old and european tv.

It doesn't take long for me to feel more at ease. I can't believe I'm sitting here cuddled up with a guys arm around me, it feel so strange and opposite to everything I've ever experienced. As weird as it feels, it's also getting strangely comfortable, and has me thinking how nice it is to be on the receiving end sexy les riding strapon pornstars and fingering this comfort once.

You're absently running your fingers along my arm like I've done with women my whole life, it's sending little shivers up and down my spine. This goes on for the rest of the movie and into the next, and through more beers. I'm very relaxed now and happy I got to experience this feeling. I look up at you and comment jokingly about how it must be opposite upside down day or something like that.

You let out a little chuckle, as you look down at me our eyes meet, before I realize what's happening you're leaning down and your lips are on mine. Intense up for a second, but you're so gentle, and persistent I can't help myself, I let myself fall entirely into your kiss and embrace.

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I can't help myself now, I want your kisses, the way you began so tenderly as if I was fragile, yet somehow with just enough force to feel a need in your lips. You didn't tear down my wall so much as gently swept it away before I realized it was gone. Now it's she enjoys her stepsons big cock while her husband is away raising the intensity of the kiss I don't ever want to end.

Before too long my hands start roaming over your body, starting up high stroking your chest, brushing a nipple slight but purposeful. As my hands work their way down to your thighs, I find that you are hard as a rock. When my hand brushes against your cock it kinda startled me so I kinda jerked it away. You take my hand and gently but firmly press it back on to your manhood.

Now as we kiss I'm gently stroking you, it feels so foreign to have a cock in my hand that isn't my own, and it's deffinitly bigger than mine. I untie your shorts and pull the front down over the big mound of meat. Here I am with another mans big cock in my hand stroking while he moans ever so slightly into my mouth as I stroke, I don't even feel weird about it at this point, I'm totally lost in the moment.

I run my thumb over the tip to tease a little, I feel your pre cum already starting to seep out, I had no idea until that moment that something like that could trigger such a hunger in me. I had to taste it, I put my thumb in my mouth and sucked that little bit off, and I needed more. I bend down urgently to take that beautiful thing in my mouth. I start at the head lickin around and over,and over.

greedily trying to get another taste. I lick down the shaft and your smooth shaved balls. You must either really like my tongue playing over your full sack, or it really tickles cause you tense and stifle a moan whenever move my tongue certain ways. I start working my way back up, I place my tongue under your balls and then my mouth around them momentarily before I start back up your shaft working my way up to the nectar. Yes there's more oozing out!

I take you in my mouth, as much as I can get anyway. I pump my mouth up and down sucking and slurping slowly at first, but the more of your man juice I taste in my thought the more I want and the faster I'm going. You're really tending up a bit now, I know the time is close for me to get my first taste of another mans cum, but you pull back, you stop me.

You stand up letting your shorts fall to the floor. You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom. I was so close, it was right there, I have always imagined how it would feel as I swallow the juice straight from the count, not just my own off my hand, and you are making me wait.

When we get to the bedroom, your sense of urgency is leading you to be just a bit more forceful, not in a bad way I actually loved it when you took my pants off and damn near threw me on the bed. In a flash you were on top of me again kissing, and probing with your fingers.

I don't know where you materialized it from, but you have a bottle of some kind of lube in your hand. You put some on your fingers, and slowly start to open me up. You know it's going to take some effort and care since all I've done is play with some toys, and none as big as what you plan on impaling me with.

My ass is starting to relax a bit now slowly but you keep working first one finger, then two as you keep kissing me. It's starting to feel good now and I'm grinding against you reflexively and moaning quite a bit.

All of a sudden your fingers aren't there anymore leaving me empty and wanting them back I started to protest, but you were moving on top of me with purpose. Oh god I couldn't wait, I wanted you inside me so bad by now!

You pulled my legs up higher around you and placed yourself at the entrance of the cave that now was absolutely screening to be filled. You start pressing gently but persistently, god it's so big it feels like I'm gonna split, it sex rad wep com sex stories com and I flinch away a bit, but just as quick you're right back in there trying to work the head in a little at a time.

Finally after what seemed like forever my muscles relaxed and the head was in. You kiss me deeply and just let me adjust for a minute before you start going in a little further, a bit at a time then back out a bit, each stroke a little deeper. It's starting to feel really good and I find myself pressing against you more as you go in trying to speed you along.

You get all the way in and I let out a sound that's half gasp, half moan, and all pleasure. It still hurts but the pain is being overshadowed by how amazing it feels to have you inside me.

You start pumping my ass slowly, with longer strokes gradually. I am in absolute rapture right now, god it feels send mom son mom xxx. You're increasing the speed now and oh my god I can't believe how amazing it feels as your cock plunges in deep then out, and hitting my omg button on every stroke.

You start to tense up, and go faster, then all at once the flood gates opened, and I could feel you throbbing as wave after wave of your cum floods me.

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God it feels so good before I realized it I'm cumming too, and I never even touched myself. Afterwards we lay tangled in each other spent. We clean ourselves up a bit ( mostly me) and we hop in the shower together, and wash each other and you finally let me feel your warm cream coat my throat, mmmmmm. Before I leave we agree this absolutely needs to be repeated whenever we can next, we love our wives and families but there's another need as well.

As I'm about to open the door and leave, you grab me and push me into the still closed door and kiss me hard. " be here next Friday with your toys, and you better already have a butt plug in that big furry ass of yours." I was blown away by the sudden dominance but I realized my cock was starting to stir in my pants so I say " ok I'll see what I can do." "No you'll just do what you're told, you're mine now, and you'll call me daddy when you address me from now on.

You've got a lot to learn. Now get out of here, daddy needs a shower. Don't be late next week." As I walked out the door, I was trembling with the excitement of all that had happened, and thinking about the last part and how rough you were. I wonder if I'm even wanting to come back next week. Suddenly I think " who the fuck am Sweetheart showing off her assets hardcore and blowjob kidding, I'm gonna be here, and I'll damn sure have my favorite plug in my ass.

The one that I can barely fit inside me should make daddy happy!" I don't know quite how far down this rabbit hole goes, but I'm looking forward to finding out! God I'm already hard and dripping pre cum thinking about it before I even get to the car, this is gonna be a long week waiting to see what Daddy has planned for me now that he's broken me in a little.

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