Sexy and hot ass silvia gets rammed hard outdoor for cash

Sexy and hot ass silvia gets rammed hard outdoor for cash
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Maria, the cunt, had become a problem to me, and I resolved to punish her severely for it.

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I knew I should kill her immediately, raping her beautiful body and eating her delicious breasts as she died while doing so. My first intentions had been to kill her to wwe divas nude sex story her telling anyone of my interest in Cherie, the cheerleader at the college where she had worked I planned to abduct. I could have, perhaps should have swiftly killed Maria at the college and left her dead in a closet or under a desk, but my sexual apetite had prevailed and I had abducted her.

That was only hours before, but in those hours I had raped her hot cunt, her tight ass, and her supremely talented mouth. While doing so I had asphyxiated her near death twice then revived her. I had also enjoyed beating that ass and those perfect breasts and nipples of hers, and had seen Maria had the potential to become a wonderfully submissive slave.

There was no way she could have faked those gushing orgasms she'd had after I'd disciplined her! Most sexual psychopaths wouldn't have had a problem with any of that, but I was enjoying her attractions so much my resolve to kill her had been weakened by my hunger for more rapings of her and I resented that. She had even looked so attractive and vulnerable as she was dying as I raped her ass and strangled her with a rope; I'd found myself not wanting to snuff the cunt.

Beware, beautiful Maria, I thought, those I am attracted to have never survived long in the past! I was reminded of another source of sex slaves I had been lining up for a number of years.

I was bribing a doctor who ran a fertility clinic to use my sperm to impregnate his more attractive clients. He regularly sent their pictures to me for my approval, and I sent him large bundles of cash in return. Several private detectives around the country kept tabs of my daughters who were born to them. There's an old saying incest is best and I wanted to be well provided with candidates. I had obtained blood samples from several of them at random through various means and hadn't been disappointed by the doctor yet.

I left Maria sleeping off her exhaustion in my bed, handcuffed to a bolt I had thoughtfully placed in the wall. I dressed and drove to Cherie's home Maria had given me the address for. I planned to first take notes about her security and find where she would be the most vulnerable. I took the precaution of driving a car I had stolen the day before and switched license plates on. I also took an abduction kit I had been putting together for just such a moment.

Her neighborhood looked very quiet. I was looking for the addresses when I saw her leaving sunny leoni ebony faking vedeo door of a house in a jogging suit. Her beautiful blonde hair and fantastic body were unmistakable, even with the loose fitting clothing! I had an instant hardon when I saw her. She walked to the sidewalk, then began to trot. I continued to drive slowly down the block then circled it to find she had turned in the direction of a park several blocks away I had personally jogged in before and was brunette milf zoey gets it on with young hottie charlie lesbian and fucking with.

I turned in the other direction and took another route to the park and parked my stolen car near the entrance. I'd seen no other joggers or cars in the immediate area and remembered the old adage "seize the moment" and decided to take her if I was right and she did come in this direction. My clothing was casual enough to pass for something someone might jog in.

I took a hypodermic from my abduction bag and filled it with a fast-acting tranquilizer. I was doing a few pushups to the side of the road as a warmup for the physical part of this, when I saw her turn in the entrance. I rose to my feet casually and jogged toward her. I allowed several feet of clearance between our trajectories to prevent alarming her too soon.

I didn't want to have to chase her screaming hysterically through the park. As fit as she seemed to be she might even outrun me! I glanced behind me to check for observers, then swerved as we neared each other and shoved her to the ground.

When she stopped rolling I was right there straddling her. I pulled down her pants and deftly injected the full dose of the hypo in her beautiful hip. I recapped the needle and put the evidence securely in my pocket. She scrambled out from underneath me and came to her feet to escape as fast as her athletic body would allow her!

I wish I had a picture of the precious look of fear and betrayal on her exquisite face.

My hardon hardened another few degrees. Her look of fear sequed to a dull look as the tranquilizer hit her rapidly racing heart and was fired directly to her brain. I scooped my beautiful prize up and she collapsed into my arms. I put her over my shoulder and carried her to my car.

My own heart was racing, too. I opened the door and placed her in the seat, and stood up to look around and make certain her capture hadn't been observed. No one was within eyesight.

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I tried to recall if she had screamed, but I didn't think she had. It had all gone too fast for her to react. I started the car up and drove from the area at a calculated speed five miles below the limit. I was well aware more crimes have been solved because of traffic stops than good police work. I knew I'd have all the time in the world to inspect my prize soon, but I couldn't keep my hands off her! This one would sell for an easy two million in the Middle East, but I'd already decided she was mine, and I'd never let her go.

To say I was ecstatic at how quickly and smoothly this had gone was a huge understatement! I breathed a sigh of relief when I parked the car in my garage. I lifted Cherie and carried her unconscious body into my house. I put her in one of the bedrooms I had prepared for just such events and quickly stripped her.

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I almost cried, her body was so damned perfect! I could not resist assaulting her beautiful nipples and breasts with my mouth and hands. I inserted a finger into her hot wet snatch and… What's this? Her hymen was intact! Okay, I had physical possession of the girl of my dreams, I could take her cherry and rape and fuck her beautiful cunt, ass, and mouth all day long, every day as long as she lived but she was very likely to be unhappy about it.

That could be altered through slave training and conditioning, but that could take years. Having been raised by slaves in my father's home I knew more than the average person about it, but this girl was too precious a commodity to make mistakes with. She was a world class beauty and a virgin, too. I needed expert advice and I knew where to get it, so I secured Cherie, then called my dad. His office staff cleared my call through to him immediately.

They know I am his favorite son, though I have many brothers. I will loosely translate our conversation. He is fluent in English and barely has an accent, but prefers not to use it with his children and wives. "Father," I lovely chicks expose their perfect tits brunette and blonde him after exchanging affectionate greetings, "I've found the mother of my children!" "Oh, which ones?" Dad responded; he always was a joker!

"Uh, this girl is very much like my mother, dad." I knew his phone lines were secure, but mine weren't. I also knew he'd get the reference to my mother, who is still listed as a missing person by her previous family. "Oh, that's interesting. If you need assistance I could send your mother by embassy car?" I knew I was in like Flynn, now.

My mom is my number one fan! "Yes, dad, please do. I don't want to make any mistakes with this one." "I have her on another line," Dad assured me. "She will be there within the hour." I knew my dear mother could help me with this.

My dad had first noticed her while attending a preliminary contest for Miss Minnesota. Mom had been considered a shoo-in for Miss America that year, but had inexplicably disappeared. She had responded to dad's slave training and was now fiercely devoted to him, and to me. I knew she could instruct me in how to slave train my incomparable virgin Cherie!

This is the incomparable not so virgin Cherie, also known as Saud's wife. I'm also known as Claire and Daria's mom, and Maria's sister. We've all been laughing our behinds off this week at Saud's Dark Fantasy, but I think it has gone on quite long enough now. The neighbors are beginning to talk about the wild maniacal laughter and screams. So being the only responsible adult here in the "slave quarters" I'm calling an official halt to it.

The girls are looking over my shoulder and just told me in unison, "Mom, you're no fun!" The End!