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Chap kisses raunchy beautiful girlie pornstar and hardcore
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A Vacation in Mexico "All characters in this story are of the age of eighteen or of a higher age and are consenting adults. Please fell free to vote and leave your comments on this story."(I would like to thank Nikki James for her help with editing this story and input) As I parked at the ruins of Palenque on the second morning of my trip to Mexico, I noticed a busload of people unloading at the entrance gates to a Mayan temple just ahead of me.

The group of people had gathered at the gate, where a guide was giving them instructions when I walked up. I noticed two beautiful girls with perfect figures, about five foot five, weighing about one hundred and ten pounds each, with golden bronze skin and very short skirts, standing in the back of the group.

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As I looked at them, they both smiled at me. To my shock, they both spoke English. They both said hi and I returned their pleasant greeting, saying, "Hello, ladies." The first girl introduced herself telling me that her name was Maria and then the second girl introduced herself as Alyssa.

I told them that my name was Anthony. As we walked, we talked a bit, following the group. I found out that they were both from the local Mexican University and that they were on a field trip for a class project.

I found out later on, that they were sisters. As we continued to talk, a local merchant approached me. Not wanting to be bothered, I told the man, "Sorry, I don't speak Spanish." Confused, the man shook his head and backed away. The girls then offered to translate for me if I followed their group. Since I could understand their English better than the Spanish of our guide, I took them up on their offer.

As young hot kamilla screwed well in the kitchen walked through the ruins, they told me that they were direct descendants of the Mayan race and their parents insisted they continue the bloodline of their family. They read the inscriptions and were nice enough to explain everything about their Mayan ancestors. Then after we ate our lunch, we came to a large building.

They explained that the Mayans' had built their structures at a sixty-degree angel or close to that. As we toured the ruins, they would go up the steep steps ahead of me, giving me a perfect view up their skirts. I was greatly surprised to find out that they were both wearing g-strings. The sun only helped me to see through their thin skirts, showing off their nicely shaped bodies and their crotches as if there was a spot light shining down on them.

My face was so close to their backsides, I could almost count the number of tiny black hairs hanging out on each side of their underwear. I could even see the tight ridges of their inner lips showing between the thin material that barely hid their cunts. Every step we took, I became harder and was beginning to sport a large bulge in my pant leg.

The girls began glancing at my crotch as we reached to top of stairway. Catching my breath, I overheard Maria speaking to Alyssa, saying, "I don't care what our parents want. I'm old enough to know what I want and I don't want to wait any longer for Dad to find me a suitable partner to marry me.

I want a dick in my cunt instead of my damn fingers. Maybe I'll get pregnant and Dad can stop trying to find me a man to marry." Alyssa's only reply was, "I'll help you, but don't tell anyone I was with you, not even Dad or he'll kill me too when he finds out that you got pregnant from an American." I couldn't figure out how they planned to work their plan, but I definitely wanted to show her how much better a dick felt than her fingers.

My balls began pull their way up after I heard them talking and my dick was crying to be released from its restraint.

The next ruin we came to looked like a cathedral. They informed me that it was a temple for priests. They seemed to be all too excited to tell me about it. They started translating the story about the temple, but seemed to add many more details the guide left out. Their eyes began to sparkle as their faces seemed flushed, as they told me about all the many dark rooms used by the priests to breed the women of the area desiring children fathered by a man of high intelligence.

Each room contained an altar with straw padding and foot rests. It looked like an obstetricians examination room for women. There was no light in the rooms, but each room was connected to a ventilation system that provided the chambers with fresh air. The women would leave a flower hanging on the wall outside, enter the temple, place a small stick in a hole in the wall by the door of the room the picked, then they would go inside the room and wait for a priest to have sex with them.

When a priest saw a flower on the wall, he would take off all of his clothing as he entered the chambers and would feel his way to the stick in the wall. Upon feeling the stick in the wall, he would then enter the room and have sex with the lady. The priest didn't know the women; neither did the women know which priest it was that fathered their child. As our group moved into the next ruin, the girls grabbed me by the arm and told me to hang back. We stayed back until everyone in our group was out of sight, then they grabbed my hand and lead me to the entrance of a chamber.

Maria reached down grabbing my raging hard-on. She gasped out as she started to rub my cock, sexy year old gorgeous girl hardcore massage, "Will you fuck me with that big cock of yours?" I replied, "I would never pass up the chance to sleep with a woman as beautiful as you." Maria asked me for my lighter, and then led me through the zigzag entrance that blocked out the light.

Lighting my lighter, she grabbed my hand as she led me to a room at the far end, and then told me where I should stand at the end of the altar. She handed Alyssa the lighter, removed her panties and crawled up on the altar, placing her feet on the support pillars.

I dropped my pants, finally freeing my cock, causing both girls to gasp with delight as the light fell on my cock. The altar has been built for men five foot tall, so being six foot four inches tall; my cock was almost a foot above Maria's pink pussy. I had to spread my legs until I was at the same height of Maria's pussy. When I pointed the head of my cock into her tiny hole and pushed, she didn't open up enough for my dick to go in her.

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Maria wasn't wet enough for us to fuck yet, so I dropped to my knees and placed my mouth over her pussy, sticking my tongue in her hole, then sweeping up her lips to her tiny pink clit. Alyssa came over, knelt beside me, holding the lighter in one hand and using her other hand to stroke my dick. Like a child with a new toy, she stroked me.

I continued to suck on Maria's clit, causing her little hips to sway from side to side. Little gasps would escape from her mouth every time I ran my tongue over her clit. I reached under her blouse and started to massage her huge firm breasts. Her hips started to sway even harder as I concentrated on her clit, sucking on it with my lips even more. Alyssa was spreading my pre cum all over my cock and would soon be spreading my sperm if she kept it up much longer, so I stood up and placed my cock against Maria's cunt.

As I gently pushed my cock this time, I was able to slid through her tight lips. Her hips started bouncing up and down on the straw pad of the altar and she started to spasm as I pushed farther in her. Trashy teen seducing stepdad in bathroom pornstars movements were so intense; it was causing me pain as it felt like she was nearly tearing my dick off.

As she continued to scream out in joy, her pussy started to squeeze harder on me, causing both of our orgasms to come to their peaks. By the time her orgasm finished, I emptied my balls deep into her womb. She looked up at me as my dick started to go limp inside her.

I pulled out; looked over at Alyssa standing with the lighter in one hand and her other hand under her skirt rubbing herself. With my dick pulled out of Maria and holding it, I gently started to stroke myself getting hard again. Alyssa watched my dick get hard again and smiled.

Maria reached with her legs to pull back into her again, but Alyssa had other ideas for me. She pulled Maria off the altar and climbed on it saying, "It's my turn now." As she propped herself up, she handed Maria the lighter and I could tell from the juices that were running down her legs, that she was ready for me.

I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed into her. She was so tight; that I knew I would have exploded in a matter of seconds if I wouldn't of already fucked her sister. She could only moan out in sheer bliss as I began to fuck her faster. She started coming as her orgasm hit and started pushing her sweet nectar over my cock and down my balls. I could only hold on as her inner walls clamped down on me, causing me to explode as I hit her cervix.

It must of felt like hot chinese whore sucks acock and rides it with a hairy pussy electric shock for her as her hips started bouncing and her cunt muscles gripped me harder, milking my cock for every last drop of sperm that I had left in me.

As each surge of cum gushed into her warm tunnel, I gasped out in a loud grunt that told the girls how I felt. Finally finished, I fell to the floor as I felt all of my energy being drained from me.

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Maria, still holding the light, suddenly realized that I was still smiling as I passed out from our fuckfest. I finally woke about an hour later feeling my cock being sucked. I looked down and saw both girls were taking turns getting me back to full staff.

I smiled and asked the girls if they would like to accompany me back to my RV. Both girls instantly said, "Nothing would make us happier right now." We quickly grabbed our clothes and hurried back to my RV. We were in such a rush, that they didn't even bother putting their underwear back on.

I pulled the door open and walked in; both girls tackled me, barely having enough time to close the door behind us. We continued to fuck each other through the night into the morning. After we all got dressed and had some breakfast. I asked them if they would like a ride home, being the nice person that I am. On the ride back, I could hear them laughing pump tits and anal fuck loud and got curious about what they were talking about.

They informed me that they thought they realized how funny it was going to be when their father had to look up at his grandsons' to talk to them. I could only laugh as I agreed with them.

A mile before we reached the drop off spot, they asked me to pull over on side of the road so they could get something. I was a little confused, since there wasn't a place in sight.

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As I turned off the vehicle, both girls attacked me again. I asked them, "What do you think you're doing," they said, "We want to you to fuck us both again, this way we'll both know for sure that we'll be pregnant." Who was I to disagree with two beautiful women?

After I emptied my load into both of the girls again, I dressed and pulled back onto the road. I finally reached their drop off point; they both gave me a long passionate kiss good bye and thanked me for helping them become women. I have returned to that same Mayan temple every year at the same time for years and never found those two beautiful women again.