Hollywood sex movies full ebony dubbed on you sex fairy tales

Hollywood sex movies full ebony dubbed on you sex fairy tales
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This story is an actual roleplay (cyber) between me and my boyfriend online. I did edit it for spelling and got rid of the short hand.most of it. I hope you enjoy it because I enjoyed making it.

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Just to let you know lol is laugh out loud and paranthesis arond a word like this: ((word)) is me and my boyfriend breaking out of our role. Enjoy and please comment.

This is a dad/daughter role if the title didn't spell it out for you. fucinhigh08 is 5'10'' with shoulder length brown curly hair. he has an above average sized shved cock and a very nice body. yankees2girl is 5'5'' with long brown hair.

she has a 36d chest and is shaved. fucinhigh08: it's christmas day and i haven't gotten my present from you yet fucinhigh08: you were waiting for everyone to leave yankees2girl: k yankees2girl: where's mom fucinhigh08: taking a nap yankees2girl: good mom yankees2girl: lol yankees2girl: ok so i'm wearing my low v-cut red sweater with tight jeans that hug my hips and ass nicely with a matching red bra and thong fucinhigh08: im sittin on the couch watching t.v.

when you come walking in fucinhigh08: "hi hunny, so did you enjoy your christmas?" yankees2girl: "yeah i did dad. thanks again for the iPod.

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i love it" i come and sit on the other couch fucinhigh08: "you're welcome sweetie. anything for my lil' girl" i say as i watch your hot body yankees2girl: i smile and then my face quickly goes straight as you see me thinking hard staring back at you. i take a deep breath "so i know i didnt get you anything.but i kinda had somthing else in mind" fucinhigh08: "you dont have to get me anything sweetie.but what did you have in mind?" yankees2girl: i stand up and pace around nervously "well it's.hmm i don't know how to say this.so i guess i'll just show you" i walk over to you and stand in front of you placing my hands on your thighs staring into your eyes fucinhigh08: "erica what are you doing"' i say looking up at you a little teen girl smokeyeyed honey jojo kiss is broke and alone seeing the lust and horniness in your eyes yankees2girl: "i know this is what you really want for christmas.i've seen you snooping around when i get out of the shower hoping for a glimpse" i slide my hands up until they meet at your zipper and i start unbuttoning your pants fucinhigh08: "erica stop your mother is sleeping in the other room" i say wiggling around a little not really wanting you to stop yankees2girl: "then you better stop making noise" i smile as i start pulling your pants down hinting for you to lift your ass up a bit to help me fucinhigh08: "jesus your fucking crazy" i say softly as i lift my ass a little letting you slide my jeans down yankees2girl: i drop to my knees "yeah, well your just as crazy letting me" i don't pull down your boxers yet, i just run my fingers up the legs of your boxers getting a little higher with each stroke fucinhigh08: "well do you blame me look at you, you're fucking gorgeous" i say grabbing my hard on through my boxers then grabbing your hand and putting it on my cock yankees2girl: i whisper "oh my god" under my breath and i look up at you with big eyes quickly pulling down your boxers "wow you're huge" i say lighting up fucinhigh08: "yep, why you think your mom stays with me" i say smiling down at you as you stroke and admire my cock yankees2girl: "good point daddy" i feel your cock throb hard as i say that and i see you shiver "merry christmas dad" i smile as i slide your cock in my mouth fucinhigh08: "mmmmmmm thank you baby.

merry fucking chistmas to you sweetie" i say grabbing onto your head as you lower it on my cock and lean my head back with pleasure yankees2girl: i start bobbing my head up and down getting progressively deeper letting my throat take in your cock as i slide it all the way to the back. i hear you moaning quietly and i reach up to massage your balls in my hand.grabbing and pulling em as i suck your cock harder fucinhigh08: "mmm fuck yes thats my little girl.

god damn" i say as you start slurping and sucking my cock hard pulling on my balls as i breath heavy and pull your hair up and down yankees2girl: i take your cock out of my mouth and i jerk it off with the hand i was rubbing your balls with.

i go down and start sucking hard on your balls, one at a time then i try to shove both of them in my mouth fucinhigh08: "mmm that my girl eat daddy's balls you nasty little fuck" i say lifting my legs and spreading them a little yankees2girl: ((mmm you know i love that)) i go down even further and i lick the outside of your ass, tickling it with my tongue.

i look up at you seeing sheer pleasure on your face fucinhigh08: "mmmm daddy's little girl gonna lick his asshole" i say with a huge smile stroking my cock i push your head down a little yankees2girl: i suck on two of my fingers and then slide them into your tight ass starting to pump them in and out slowly. with my other hand i stop you from jerking your cock and slide it into my mouth again.

sucking your cock in sync with my fingers fucking your ass getting faster and faster fucinhigh08: i start moaning quietly as you suck hard on my cock and finger fuck my ass even harder "damn baby eat daddy's cock" yankees2girl: as i slide a third finger into your ass i slide your cock in my throat as deep as i can hitting my nose on your stomach coughing hard, my eyes watering fucinhigh08: "oh my god yes" i say as your nose touches my stomach and my cock hits the back of your throat and you gag and cough a little bit but you leave it there deep as you stretch my ass yankees2girl: i wiggle my fingers in your ass as i gag on your erotic martial arts fucking aikido uncensored jav leaving it there as long as i can.

i pull off after a few more seconds gasping for air. fucinhigh08: as you take a deep breath i force your head back down making your face smash my stomach fast "mmmm ya baby fucking choke on daddy's cock" i say as i wiggle my ass around yankees2girl: i cough hard out of suprise as your cock hits the back of my throat roughly. my eyes watering from coughing so much. i look up at you as i try to gain composure with your dick burried in my throat fucinhigh08: i thrust my hips partly fucking your throat partly riding your fingers.

i grab your face "fucking choke on daddys cock you little bitch.

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show daddy how much you love him" yankees2girl: ((mmm oh my god)) fucinhigh08: ((that was hot huh?)) yankees2girl: ((extremely. good job babe)) fucinhigh08: ((thanks)) yankees2girl: ((how do i even follow something so hot?)) fucinhigh08: pashtlocal xxx storys at home story sure really.

tough act to follow)) yankees2girl: because your not letting me breath i try to shove in a fourth finger into your ass stretching it even bigger as you start riding my face making gag and choke harder and harder with each thrust fucinhigh08: not caring about you breathing at all i thrust hard and fast loving your fingers in my ass and my cock in your tight throat "ya that's it you fuckin bitch choke on your father's fat cock you fucking slut" i say pounding your face hard yankees2girl: each time you pull out of my mouth i take short gasps of air.trying to keep up with you because all i want to do is make you cum for christmas.

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i start grinding my hand against your ass as you thrust your hips fucinhigh08: "ya thats a good fucking bitch" i say agressively as i'm about to shoot a huge load "fucking choke you god damn slut. you know you love your dad's cock pounding your throat" yankees2girl: i pull all my fingers out of your ass and play with your balls until i feel you start to tense up and i shove my three fingers back into your ass feeling your cum fill my throat fucinhigh08: "mmm holy fucking fuck" i say as i shoot a huge load down your throat "oh my god.

fuck daddy's ass baby" i say with pleasure in my voice yankees2girl: after your done cumming i breath deeply catching my breath smiling and staring up at you as i pump your cock for more cum slapping it onto my face fucinhigh08: "mmmm daddys cum tatste good my darling?" i say rubbing your head as you stroke and slap my cock hard on your face yankees2girl: "uhuh, the best i've tasted daddy" i stand up and straddle you, your cock resting my thigh "you have to be quieter though, or moms gonna wake up" fucinhigh08: "fuck that bitch, daddy wants to cum again and ur gonna make him" i say reaching up and squezzing your huge teen tits through your sweater "your tits are amazing hunny" yankees2girl: "thank you daddy" i smile big as i raise my arms letting you take my shirt off "i bought this bra and my thong for you daddy" fucinhigh08: "what a sweet little girl" i say lifting your shirt off then playing with your big tits looking great in your new bra "now let daddy see that sexy thong baby" yankees2girl: i stand up and take off my jeans turning around and bending over for you as i take them off yankees2girl: i spin around modeling for you "do you like them daddy?" fucinhigh08: "mmm hell ya they look adorable on you baby" i say stroking my hard cock "you look so sexy baby" yankees2girl: "thanks paradise films ebony jasmine has got into double trouble i smile and hop back into your lap your cock now poking at my pussy through my thong "i have one more surpise for you dad" fucinhigh08: "mmm what is it sweetheart" i say grinding my hard cock against your pussy yankees2girl: i slide my thong to the side and lower myself on your cock.

feeling it stretch my tight tight pussy "this is my first time" fucinhigh08: "mmmmm oh my god your a virgin baby" i say feelin your tight little pussy stretch yankees2girl: "not anymore" i let gravity take over and sit on your cock until my ass is touching your thighs fucinhigh08: "mmmm wow thank you for lettin daddy be your first baby" i say as i kiss your lips hard sliding my tounge in your mouth as you start to grind my rock hard cock "that's it fuck daddy's cock little girl" i say as we kiss yankees2girl: i kiss you hard back massaging your tongue with mine as i start to lift my ass and bounce a little faster moaning loud into vur mouth fucinhigh08: i grab your ass and guide you up and down on my cock "mmm daddy's gonna fill your tight little fuck hole with cum sweetheart" i whisper as you moan a little yankees2girl: "mmm daddy please do i want to feel your cum inside of me" i kiss your neck tryin to muffle my moans at the same time "lets make a mess on the couch daddy" i attractive teen hottie strokes dick smalltits and hardcore "we'll let mom sit in it later" i say as i move your ass faster as im about to fill your little pussy in cum "you ready to take daddy's cum baby?" yankees2girl: "yeah daddy cum in my pussy pleeaase" i whine in your ear grinding your cock hard as i start rubbing my clit fast and hard wanting to cum with you fucinhigh08: "good thing your on the pill" i say as i shoot a huge load into your pussy thrusting my hips up burying my cock as i cum and feeling it drip out and down my balls onto the couch yankees2girl: ((mmmmmmmmm dirty)) yankees2girl: my pussy clenches around your cock as i cum hard moaning louder than i shud as i finish cumming all i can say is "wow" fucinhigh08: "did you like that baby" i say as i lean my head back with my cum still dripping out yankees2girl: "uhuh i sure did daddy" i say smilin huge "can we do it again sometime?" fucinhigh08: i kiss you "we can do it all the time hunny.as long as its out secret" yankees2girl: "k daddy i won't tell anyone" i get off your cock and scoop up some of your cum and lick it off my fingers as i slide my pants bag on and pull my sweater over my head fucinhigh08: "you forgot some hunny" i say pointing to a huge puddle on the couch between my legs yankees2girl: "oops sorry daddy" i drop to my knees again and lap up the cum on the couch between your legs fucinhigh08: "good girl"

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