Amazed babe in undies is geeting pissed on and poked

Amazed babe in undies is geeting pissed on and poked
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Introduction: What those kids really get up to I have been reading some graphic novels lately for one of my graphic design classes at university and one of the major novels studied is DC comics Teen Titans. While reading them it occurred to me that the writers had made it too unrealistic.

It's not the superheroes, aliens and monsters that struck me as being unrealistic, it's the fact that a bunch of teenagers left alone in a tower every weekend don't have more sexual attraction to each over. This is what would really happen at night in Titans Tower, enjoy.

I have used one of the later versions of the Teen Titans, made up of Cyborg Starfire Beast Boy Robin (3rd Robin) Wonder Girl (2nd Wonder Girl) SuperBoy Kid Flash (2nd Kid Flash) Raven Speedy (2nd Female Speedy) Sorry for the length of time between stories, I appreciate you reading my story and most of the comments given. I admit that I may have taken some liberties with some of the details to suit my story. I was aware about the fact that Kid Flash could vibrate out of the chair and that Speedy had aids, I was just really hoping no one would point it out.

There are probably going to be a few discrepancies like that through the rest of my stories but I'll try and keep it as close as I can to the stories, big milky www xtubetits website japan big tits tube porn this is purely a sex story, so enjoy it for that. If you are still bothered by this then I suggest that you start believing that everything that is off is done by magic, I'll try to make this more clear within the story.

I also admit I may have changed the behaviour of some of the characters, I'm just trying to change it so it will fit into a sex story. Finally I want to give a big FUCK YOU to the guys who suggested I kill myself for writing the story, I didn't force you to read it and I would love to read your stories to see what makes you the authority on the matter.

The sun had just set in San Francisco and already it looked like it was going to be a long night for the Teen Titans (mind you I don't think any of them were going to complain about this). In Titans Tower, a unique scene had unfolded in the room of the alien princess known as Starfire.

SuperBoy had just walked in to find several of his team mates involved in a mini orgy. In normal circumstances he would have felt somewhat awkward, or aroused. In normal circumstances his girlfriend, the heroine known as Wonder Girl would not be sprawled naked on the ground, recovering from several lesbian related orgasms with her face covered with cum.

Needless to say this time he felt somewhat curious and very very pissed. After staring at tamed teens featuring jacqueline amp marcella having gonzo style rough teen sex girlfriend's expression of guilt and panic for several seconds he stepped into the room and shut the door.

His eyes drifted to the speedster Kid Flash who was fucking the female archer Speedy at the speed of light. Speedy was only semi conscious, a result of the multiple orgasms she had received from the super speed fucking.

A large amount of cum had pooled at their feet, thanks to Kid Flash's lightning fast metabolism. He then looked down at the floor at the actions of Starfire and Robin. Starfire, her orange pussy leaking blue juices had stopped and was staring up at SuperBoy, her hand still around Robin's huge rod. SuperBoy looked down at Robin "so what's been happening?" he asked.

"Maybe you could explain why I got an email from you showing my girlfriend getting fucked in both holes by these two, and why does she have cum all over her face, I'm looking at you for the last one". Robin made a 'carry on' sign with his hand to Starfire before glancing back up at SuperBoy.

As Starfire started to suck his cock again Robin started to explain. "Well Kid Flash over there decided it would be good to get these two to go down on each other using his super speed technique, a worthy activity you must agree?" As SuperBoy nodded ascent to this Robin continued, "Speedy then caught Kid Flash in the middle of his, how should I put it, his applause at their performance and decided to cock tease him a little by tying him up and getting a double team on with your girl".

Robin pointed over to Kid Flash and Speedy, "That's why Kid Flash is punishing her". SuperBoy raised an eyebrow as Speedy gave another groan of pure pleasure. "Well she may be enjoying it now, but she is going to be sore in the morning, or whenever she wakes up, probably have a hard time walking as well" Robin explained, a smile on his face.

SuperBoy pointed at Wonder Girl, "so why did you cum on her face". "Well Starfire was trying to convince me to fuck her, much as she is now" explained Robin pushing Starfire's head down further on his cock for emphasise.

"Part of the bargain involved deep throat time with your girlfriend, and then I decided to give her a reward as well, straight to her face".

Wonder Girl, who had managed to prop herself against the wall glared across at Robin and Starfire, "are you going to kick his ass?' she asked SuperBoy. SuperBoy looked surprised at the question, "why would I do that?" Wonder Girl looked enraged, "I was forced to deep throat your best friend, doesn't that make you angry?" SuperBoy just smiled, "not really, I was hoping to introduce you to the whole group sex thing, and I would have brought Robin in eventually, as incentive for you, I've seen the way you look at him sometimes".

Wonder Girl continued to stare at him in astonishment, but she couldn't help cute young amateur cfnm babes get naughty at cfnm party that she had already had some sexual thoughts about Robin, but she had never planned to anything about them with SuperBoy still in the picture.

She snapped out of her thoughts as SuperBoy continued to talk again, "there is one thing that I'm pissed off about". She looked up questioningly, not noticing the glint in SuperBoy's eye or the fact he was edging closer to her "what's that?" she asked.

SuperBoy loomed over her, "the fact you let Speedy fuck you up the ass first now that is going to cost you" he said as he pounced. He picked her up in one swift movement and threw her face first onto the bed. Wonder Girl looked up in exhausted anticipation as SuperBoy pulled his shirt off showing his well muscled chest. "I'm exhausted, what are you going to do to me?" she whined.

SuperBoy pulled his pants down, releasing his huge tits blonde gagged and anal banged, causing a gasp from Wonder Girl and a grunt of desire to escape around Robin's dick.

SuperBoy's dick was slightly shorter then Robin's tool, only around 7 inches long, it was however half an inch thicker than Robins. Starfire pulled her mouth off Robin's cock and glared at Wonder Girl, "you've had that the entire time and you complained about being horny, you selfish bitch". "I never knew, we hadn't got around to do anything yet, sexy eighteen year old gets screwed hardcore and massage is the first time I've seen it" replied Wonder Girl, her eyes fixed on SuperBoy's giant cock.

"Time to change that" muttered SuperBoy picking up the giant dildo that Starfire had used to threaten Wonder Girl. Before Wonder Girl could even think about what was going to happen SuperBoy had shoved the veined monstrosity up to the hilt into her cunt. Wonder Girl's eyes widened, her fists clenched the end of the bed, her mouth opened into a wide O of surprise.

SuperBoy twisted the dildo around her pussy, the ball bearings causing odd sensations in places that had never been reached before. She moaned loudly in pure ecstasy, unable to fully comprehend what was happening to her. SuperBoy kept rotating the dildo around, pulling it out halfway then twisting it sharply bringing more cries of pleasure. This continued for a couple more minutes, from her cries of pleasure he guessed she was close to an orgasm.

He shoved the dildo in as hard as could before grasping his dick and ramming it into her ass. He started to ram her ass hole for all he was worth, forcing his thick meat deep inside of her as she squealed at the sensation of the first real cock up her ass. SuperBoy ploughed her for all she was worth, shoving in and out as fast as he could with swift sharp strokes. Wonder Girl twisted around on the bed in orgasmic pleasure; she could feel herself getting close and was loving the sensation of her lovers cock pounding her from behind.

After another minute she came, "ahh ahh aaaaaahhhh, oooo gggood", before passing out again, SuperBoy's cock still thrusting up her ass. As she came SuperBoy stopped his thrusting and glanced over to Robin, "do you think she is enjoying this punishment to much?" he asked.

Robin smiled evilly, "I think she is" he replied, "why don't you try doing that at super strength, see how she likes that". SuperBoy nodded and turned back to his semiconscious girl friend, he pulled his cock out until only the very tip was resting just inside her before he slammed back into, using all of his super strength.

Wonder Girls reaction to this was this, as soon as the first stroke rammed home the sensation that she felt brought her back to full consciousness, her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she gave a high pitched yelp, the second stroke nearly forced her into unconsciousness. SuperBoy continued this assault for another 5 minutes, nether tiring, as he continued to ram her. There was only so much of this that Wonder Girl could take before she orgasmed hard.

Her whole body contracted with the force of her orgasm, her fingers went through the mattress she was gripping, her pussy squirted and she gave a huge scream of pleasure, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD, AAAAAAAAH AAAHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH". SuperBoy never stopped, and didn't even come as he continued to ram her at super strength.

As Wonder Girl felt herself building towards another orgasm she looked back in disbelief at sexy cheating wife gets her ass fingered and fucked boyfriend, "oooohh, wwhy woonn't youuu ccome?" "One of the less well known abilities of tight ass bitch gets her goods up for some hot action Kryptonians (the type of alien Superman is), it takes us ten times as long to cum as a normal human, trust me, you're going to be here for a while".

Robin was getting bored with watching SuperBoy and Wonder Girl going at it, he pushed Starfire's head of his full erect cock before ordering her onto her hands and knees. Robin then slowly penetrated her ass, inserting the entirety of his cock into her tight canal.

Starfire groaned in pleasure "oh god this is the biggest thing I've had in my ass". Robin started to fuck her slowly while rubbing her clit causing Starfire to groan.

He started to increase his pace until he was ramming her as hard as he could. Starfire was in heaven, she loved anal sex and Robin's cock was stretching her out just the way she liked it. After a few minutes of pounding Starfire came, however Robin noticed that her orgasm was slightly different this time.

Instead of gushing blue pussy juice like she usually did, this time a thick fleshy tube mamada story robadde celular viridiana cuernavaca 2 out of her cunt, it appeared to contract and started to leak some sort of yellow fluid before withdrawing back into her cunt. Needless to say this intrigued Robin, who held on, trying not to cum before Starfire's second orgasm.

When she came again the same thing happened again the tube descended and yellow liquid dripped out again. Robin was about to say something when SuperBoy finally came up Wonder Girl's ass, causing her to orgasm for her final time before collapsing. Seeing this he finally blew his load up Starfire's ass. Robin pulled out of Starfire and she turned around obediently and started to suck the dick that had so recently been up her ass, cleaning off the gunk without a single sign of disgust.

SuperBoy saw this and pulled out of Wonder Girl moving her head towards his dick. She started to protest weakly, but SuperBoy didn't listen and forced her head down onto his cock, moving her head up and down. Robin looked down at Starfire, "what happened to you when you came just then, some sort of tube thing came out of your cunt and then there was some sort of yellow fluid?" Starfire looked up in embarrassment "oh that, it's just what happens when I orgasm with a cock up my ass, it's nothing really, it can't work for you guys" she explained before going to work on Robin's cock again.

Robin pulled his cock away from Starfire, who looked at it longingly, "what is it, and why won't it work". Starfire sighed, "Fine, a few generations back, the Queen of our planet was a bit of a slut, she also really loved dp, so on a whim she decided to change the genetic structure of our species so that we could have really great long lasting sex with each other. She also hated all other species, and decided that nobody could experience this really good sex if they were fucking anything outside our species.

After the change all the men had two cocks, and all the women had this new technique with their cunts. The way it was suppose to work was, the man would put one cock up the girls ass and another cock up their cunt and start fucking, the pure pleasure of this would cause a women to orgasm quickly, and when she orgasmed with a cock up her ass it would cause that tube to come down.

That yellow liquid that comes out of the tube is a sort of natural Viagra, it is absorbed by the cock in the cunt, and keeps both cocks hard for a really long time, while increasing sensitivity for the man and the women as well as increasing their stamina, it makes sex ten times more enjoyable for both people". She sighed wistfully "now that my planets gone (quick nerd defence, I read in one comic that her planet was destroyed, if I'm wrong I'm sorry, now wack off like everyone else ) I'll never be able to enjoy that again, so that's why I'm really horny, I miss that really good sex".

Robin was nodding, a plan forming in his head "why don't you just have sex with a dildo up your ass, or get two guys to fuck you in both holes?" Starfire sighed again "doesn't work, I've tried all of that, my body knows when it's a dildo and just doesn't do it, as for two guys, well it works for a little while then the guy doing my ass will come way before the guy in my cunt, and the moment that happens, a black liquid goes out of my cunt, counteracts the yellow liquid, and causes intense pain to both me and the guy fucking me.

I even tried giving the guy in my ass a Viagra, but it turns out my ass produces another juice that stops the Viagra and then same old story". Robin looked at her smiling, "what would you do if I managed to make you do the whole process, and made sure you don't get burned?" Starfire looked hesitant "what do you want?" Robin smiled "becomes my fuck slave for a year". Starfire hesitated for a second, but the temptation was too great "it's a deal, however if you mess it up and we get burned, I will find the world's biggest strapon and I will fuck you up the ass for an entire day".

Robin nodded at this, suddenly a little worried. He turned to SuperBoy, "I need you to help me with this". SuperBoy was hesitant, and looked down at Wonder Girl, "I really should punish her some more". Wonder Girl moaned weakly, "help Robin, I can't take anymore" this caused SuperBoy to look down in annoyance, "you see this is why I have to keep punishing her, she still tries to tell me what to do".

Robin looked around the room in annoyance, and then smiled a second idea occurring. He whispered quickly into SuperBoy's ear, who nodded in appreciation. SuperBoy then walked over to Kid Flash who had paused momentarily from fucking the now, comatose Speedy to see what was going to happen next. "You still going with Speedy?" "I was planning to, but I would prefer to fuck something new and a bit tighter." SuperBoy nodded, "why don't you go and fuck Wonder Girl up the ass, while I go help out Robin".

Kid Flash smiled ,sprinted over to Wonder Girl and proceeded to super speed fuck her up the ass, causing her to groan, both in pleasure and pain.

After watching this for a minute, both Robin and SuperBoy were hard again. Starfire looked at Robin, "so how are you going to do this?" Robin looked down, "so the deal is final, if I can make the process work for you, then you'll be my fuck slave for a year?" Starfire nodded "yes its final, just remember what happens to you if you fail and we get hurt".

Robin started to explain his plan, "me and SuperBoy are going to dp you, which should duplicate the effect nicely". "But I told you that won't work, SuperBoy will cum before you and we will get burnt" Starfire explained, her face had the expression one usually had when explaining 1+1=2. Robin just smiled, "usually that would be the case, however this time we have a Kryptonian who can keep himself hard ten times longer than a normal person". Starfire nodded, finally understanding his plan, "well get started, you have nothing to lose, but you could gain a cock up your ass".

SuperBoy sat down on the ground with his cock pointing up in the air. Starfire then sat down on his lap just above his dick. "Ok are you guys ready?" Robin asked, moving towards them, "remember SuperBoy, if I come first, just keep fucking her and enjoy yourself, if you start coming first warn me, I'll pull out and let her finish me off with her mouth, ever way it should last long enough for her to enjoy it enough".

"Right, get you dick up her ass" Robin ordered, SuperBoy obeyed (find me a straight guy in the world that wouldn't), impaling her in one swift movement causing Starfire to groan "and now the thickest thing up my ass, how do you kids get so lucky?" Robin ignored this and pushed the head of his cock into her pussy, and then fat shlong stuffs her holes girlfriend homemade one push, he got his entire length into her.

Starfire gave another moan of delight at the pleasant full sensation. Robin started to ease in and out of her cunt; he kept up a slow steady pace as he fucked her. Starfire rolled her eyes in mock exasperation "you need to fuck me faster than that if you want me to come before you do" she teased. Robin just grunted and started to fuck her faster and faster while rubbing her clit, causing her to give another, louder moan of pleasure.

It was then that SuperBoy started to fuck her slowly, pulling back a few inches before slamming back into her hard. As the two teen superheroes double teamed her, Starfire shut her eyes so she could focus on the pleasure they were inflicting on her. She was so engrossed in enjoying their two cocks, she didn't notice Robin reach out and grab something from his utility belt, she didn't even notice the clamp going onto her clit, she just assumed Robin was pinching her.

What Starfire did feel was the electric shock that Robin delivered straight into her clit, especially as it caused her to cum with a jolt. As she came her body registered the cock still wedged up her ass and so her cunt reacted accordingly.

The fleshy tube came down and completely covered his cock. It slowly contracted and the yellow liquid dripped down onto his cock.

Robin felt the results almost immediately, every movement of his cock, no matter how slight gave him the utmost pleasure he had ever felt. Every second felt like he was orgasming, he should have came at the amount of pure sensation, and yet his dick felt as hard as a steel rod, and was nowhere near ready to finish.

Starfire was experiencing the same feelings of intense pleasure from both her holes. She was in pure heaven, every single movement from either of their cocks gave her the feelings of an intense orgasm, and yet like Robin she couldn't come, she knew that she was building to one intense orgasm that could possibly kill her, yet she didn't care. The three of them continued this way for 30 minutes, grunting, moaning and thrusting, each of them building towards a heroic orgasm (I'm so sorry for the bad jokes).

Finally Robin cracked first, even with the yellow fluid holding back his orgasm he was only human. His dick exploded, draining his balls of everything, while his cock flew out of her pussy, and like that the yellow fluid failed for him, he collapsed out of exhaustion and the sheer satisfaction of his orgasm. The moment Robin burst inside her Starfire came hard, the speed that his dick left her pussy was all she needed to get off.

Her fingers that had been using SuperBoy for support dug in so hard they sexy latina teen babe showing off her body drew blood (he is as tough as superman, she had a good orgasm). Her ass contracted so hard that it nearly crushed SuperBoy's dick. Her eyes lit up, and pure solar energy flew out and blasted through the wall. She thrashed and cried in intense orgasm "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT".

The moment Starfire's ass closed on his dick, SuperBoy came instantly, nobody, not even obscene experiments in wild sex hardcore and blowjob with super virility could have failed to cum at the sheer pressure that Starfire's body placed onto his cock. The force at which his wad left his cock shot up Starfire's ass and caused her to fly halfway across the room and land at the end of the bed, nearly tripping over Kid Flash, who jumped, landed with feet on either side of her head and continued to fuck Wonder Girls ass.

Kid Flash's super speed fucking was the only movement that occurred in the room for the next five minutes (with the possible exception of the wall collapsing a little more), everyone else was recovering from their last orgasm. Finally SuperBoy got to his feet uncertainly and staggered over to Robin collapsing at his side. "Well, looks like you won the bet; can we do that with your slave again?" Robin tried to raise himself up on his elbows, "sure, only if I get to fuck your girlfriend as much as I want", "sounds fair to me", SuperBoy responded.

After another minute of contemplation SuperBoy looked at Robin again, "what was that thing that you put on Starfire's clit to make her cum before?" Robin smiled happily, "that was the maiden, (cough cough), trial of my new invention, the bat-orgasmo (yeah it's a shit name, try and come up with a better one).

It sends an electronic stimulant through the clit causing them to orgasm to a degree you set, I had it set on 1, but it can go up to 10, mind you I think anything above 5 might be a bit strong". SuperBoy nodded thoughtfully, "can I give it a try?" Robin nodded his accent so SuperBoy wandered over to the machine still attached to Starfire's clit.

It was a simple control panel; it had a knob that pointed to numbers from 1to 10, and a red start button. He left it on 1 and pressed the button. Starfire immediately orgasmed, she bucked her hips a bit and her blue juice slowly flowed out of her pussy, but due to the semi-conscious state she was in due to her last orgasm she barely reacted. SuperBoy then moved the setting to 3, this time Starfire jerked around a bit and this time she sprayed a decent amount of juice out of her cunt, she moaned loudly and then collapsed again SuperBoy then moved the knob around to 7 and pressed then button.

Starfire let out a high pitched cry "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", jerked around quite dramatically in pleasure. A torrent of pussy juices squirted out staining tattooed beauty assfucked in threeway european and anal carpet in front of her.

Finally she pissed herself, her pink urine flowing out covering her legs, before she collapsed into unconsciousness. SuperBoy nodded in satisfaction and unclamped the device from Starfire's clit and was about to sit down again when he noticed what was happening on the bed.

Kid Flash had pulled out of Wonder Girl, who was drooling onto the bed, her eyes rolled back into her head. Kid Flash rolled her over and started to wank at super speed before exploding over her face, he did this a few more times until her face was covered in cum before he collapsed into the chair he had recently been tied up in. SuperBoy admired Kid Flashes work, Wonder Girl fucked senseless, covered in cum with her ass slowly leaking large amounts spunk.

SuperBoy saw the perfect opportunity and he took it. He pulled Wonder Girl a little further down the bed so her cunt was balancing on the edge. He then attached the clamp to her clit and twisted the knob all the way to 10 before rapidly signalling to Robin and Kid Flash with his free hand, he then pressed the button. Wonder Girl's eyes focused then crossed before rerolling back chubby black teen babe and milf threesome blonde anal dont be black and suspicious her head.

She jerked and shook like a fish out of water, she tried to cry out, but all that she could manage was a small mewing sound. After a minute of splashing up and down Wonder Girl landed on the bed then the true intent of SuperBoy was revealed. Wonder Girl pissed herself, the stream going down and hitting the senseless Starfire in the face, some of it ran down the sides of her face, but a large amount poured down into her semi-open mouth, forcing her to cough and splutter.

What happened next completely exceeded SuperBoy's expectations.

Wonder Girls anus seized up and the gallons of spunk deposited by SuperBoy and Kid Flash were farted out. The spunk spray completely covered the entire upper half of Starfire. Her hair, her face, her tits, everything was covered with the foul spray until she looked like an snow coloured orange (as analogies go it sucks, I know, I couldn't think of anything else).

All three of the guys laughed and started to high five each other, before collapsing in exhaustion again. They were so exhausted that they didn't even notice the gas grenade that went through the broken wall until they were all falling to the ground, this wasn't really necessary for the girls, but it was still quite effective. In life there are some very nice ways to wake up, and some very bad ways to wake up as some of the inhabitants of Teen Titans tower can testify to.

For Starfire, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash, waking up with something large pounding hard into your ass whilst blindfolded with a ball gag in your mouth could be counted as bad, it depends how you look at it. For the two girls, usually they would have enjoyed it more, however their shitters were already badly abused, and the speed and girth of the yet unknown objects assaulting them was literally a pain in the ass.

For Kid Flash, well let's face it, if you're a straight guy and you wake up in a room blindfolded, a ball gag in your mouth, with something fucking you in the ass for the first time, it's not the best start you can have in the morning.

Both Starfire and Kid Flash were both tied to metal chairs (think of it as magic rope that can't be vibrated though or broken), firmly bolted into the ground while the seat of the chair had been removed. This would have usually resulted in their butts being somewhat unsupported, however the devices underneath the chairs changed all this.

By using their senses of hearing and touch they were able to ascertain, that underneath the chairs there was some sort of motor, which caused a metal arm to move up and down with some speed. This was an unusual design for a chair, especially as the metal arms were connected to the large Perspex dildos conveniently positioned just below their butt hole. Kid Flash roared in anger and pain, the dildo was long and thick and fucked him at a relentless pace, he started to thrash around, trying to get out of the chair but found he was tightly secured.

Around him he could hear muffled grunts, groans, strange whirring sounds and even someone laughing, he couldn't help feeling that he was the butt of the joke.

He kept screaming into the ball gag, as the dildo continued to fuck he virgin ass. He had to admit, rather grudgingly (hell he wanted to shoot himself for admitting it) that the person who had set this up had done a good job. They had obviously found a very large thick dildo and had measured it out properly to ensure the entire length would slide up his canal with every stroke.

This meant that someone had wanted him to suffer, he started to wonder who was behind this (yeah there are going to be a lot of jokes like this). After another minute of this treatment, his ass hurt like hell. He heard grunts coming from next to him that sounded like Starfire orgasming, he realised she was on a similar chair next to him, he hated her and all women everywhere, how the hell did they enjoy this?

To his humiliation he could feel his cock getting hard; he started to feel pleasure as his prostate was consistently hit. Eventually, despite the pain hot blonde anal fuck with instructor brandi edwards the dildo was causing him as it ripped up naughty teenie was brought in butt hole nuthouse for uninhibited treatment ass he came, his wad flew up and covered his chest.

He breathed a sigh of relief; surely they would turn it off now? It took him a while to realise they weren't turning it off. Next to him Starfire was also in pain. If you passed out after becoming airborne from a wad shot up your super sensitive ass the last thing you want to wake up to is a motorised dildo drilling into your anus.

Her ass had already hurt like hell and now the unlubed dildo was rubbing her raw. She was in a way worse off than Kid Flash, it wasn't just that she was in pain; the pain had already given the floor and the legs of her chair a new blue paint job twice already.

She was worse off because she was afraid, while Kid Flash was merely pissed, she was terrified. There was a reason why she was afraid, it was because she knew where she was, who was holding her captive and why they were doing this to her. What she didn't know was what was going to happen next. Wonder Girl grunted in fury, indignation and pleasure as her lover thrust into her again. She had awoken clamped (magic clamps) to some sort of cold metal table or bench, due to the goose bumps on her skin, and the hardness of her nipples she must have been there for some time, there was also something different about herself, but she couldn't figure out what it was.

Whatever she was on, she couldn't move off it, and she couldn't help noticing that it meant her ass was exposed invitingly. Whoever was behind her was using that to their advantage, and judging by the cum running down her leg, they must have been doing that for a while. Whoever was behind her was excessively well hung, his dick was huge, long, thick and just impossibly big. They were fucking her slowly at the moment, pulling out so just the head was in, before pushing the entirety of their cock straight into her ass, it was so long and thick that it filled the entirety of her canal and she knew that the next load was going straight into her intestines.

As she groaned at the thought of this she reflected that it could be worse. She felt her body start to enjoy it; whoever they were at least they were taking it slow. With village xxxx sex stories storys hard sudden jolt of panic Wonder Girl realised what was different with her, it was her hair.

Her hair had been tied back into two pony tails, and she had seen enough porn to know what was going to happen next. Sure enough she felt hands grab both pony tails and pull them and her hair back with incredible strength.

Using this as leverage they started to ram into her ass with increased speed while they grunted like an animal. Both of these actions caused her to scream hard into the ball gag "MAAAAAAAAAAAAH".

Sunny leon xxx sexy xxx

The dick stabbed into her intestines with each thrust, she was in agony, and yet she could feel herself getting closer to an orgasm. She came hard, the sheer pain getting her off. Her ass clamped down on the bulky dick as it impaled her fully, causing it to cum straight into her.

The dick pulled out much to her relief, but was quickly replaced by a thick butt plug. This caused her ass to stay open, while the load inside was unable to get out. Three impossible thick, furry fingers started to stretch out her cunt, while another two started to rub her clit.

She started to wonder about what the hell was happening, was someone wearing a glove or something? The strange and wonderful sensations caused by the hairy digits, made her forget this as she rapidly came again. Speedy, SuperBoy and Robin, on the other hand were enjoying a somewhat better awakening, true they also were blindfolded and ball gagged, but no one had anything prodding around in their anus.

Robin and SuperBoy were both tied to chairs (magic ropes, that can't be broken or that no escape artist can get out of, I hope you understand the lengths is go to, to keep you perfectionist nerds happy), and were fortunate to get ones with the seat still attached. They were also fortunate to be receiving the attentions of a master of the art, the art of the blowjob.

Whoever was in front of them, (they were really hoping it was a girl) knew how to give the perfect blowjob, they also kept giggling (so they assumed it's a girl from that) at something whenever she looked up, it probably had something to do with the mechanical thudding and the grunts occurring behind them.

She was perfect at sucking and licking the head whilst working the shaft and when she gave deep throat it brought tears of joy to the eye (I didn't say which eye). She also knew how to keep a guy on the edge; both of them were on the verge of an orgasm, and had been for the last ten minutes. The girl knew when they were getting close and would always wait to the last second before pulling away, tuning her attention to the other guy. After another 15 amazing blonde plunges herself with a dildo masturbate homemade of being on the edge both guys were getting frustrated (mind you they weren't going to tell her that).

Perhaps their mysterious host started to sense her guest's frustrations, or maybe wanted cock; ever way she certainly sped up the process. She suddenly grasped both cocks and shoved both of them into her mouths, sucking the adjacent cock heads for all she was worth, whilst working the shafts furiously. While this would have been enough for the guys, it wasn't enough for her. While she was working the cocks, something strange suddenly formed in their asses.

Whatever it was, it felt solid and intangible at the same time, neither of them had any idea what it was. What they did know was that it closed down tight around their prostates, squeezing it hard, causing them incredible pleasure and making them both cum.

Robin came first, straight into the mystery suckers mouth filling it with spunk. Once she had received the load, she grasped SuperBoy's cock with both hands, spat out Robin's cock and worked SuperBoy for all she was worth. In total honesty, it wasn't really SuperBoy's fault what happened next, he did try to warn her, but the ball gag hindered him somewhat. Due to the strange affect on his prostate SuperBoy came hard, while the force wasn't as bad as with Starfire, his wad still came out pretty fast, it was a mercy that the cock was past her teeth, their dental plan sucked.

The wad did fly out hard, and ended up hitting her hard in the back of the throat. She jerked backwards, coughing hard for several minutes, before regaining enough air to croak "what the fuck?" Both guys looked towards the source of the noise, before mumbling a single word into their gags, "aavan?" Speedy was also enjoying herself, true she was suspended face down in the air by chains from the ceiling, but she had already came three times, well three times since tinyk redhead get fucked in every holes had woken up.

When she first regained consciousness she was a little pissed about the chains, the ball gag and the blindfold, what she redhead girl plays with her big tits pissed about was about what was in her pussy. She wasn't quite sure but it felt like someone had attached a dildo to a hot blonde vivian west masturbates with a dildo and gets boned, put it on full speed and let it rip inside her pussy.

She wasn't sure how long it had been in there for, but going off the amount of her pussy juice she smelt around her she made some pretty long estimates. Of course these thoughts were at the back of her mind, most of her attention was on the dildo inside her. It was rotating like mad, the friction was causing her to experience pure pleasure.

As the device was expertly stirred around her pussy, she could feel another orgasm coming. The dildo drill user must have sensed this, as he expertly found her G-spot with the tip of the drill. This shock of the friction was all that she needed, she came, jerking around on her chains, moaning into her gag.

Even though they had made her cum, her new best friend didn't let up, he took it to a whole new level. While the dildo continued to churn her pussy something soft, like a small sponge pressed down on both her nipples and her clit.

At dwarf sara one strange midget porn with andrea dipre she was confused, however, once she realised they were soaked in some sort of oil, she understood fully, she then proceeded to nod her head like crazy and try to beg through the gag to start.

She got what she wanted, the sponges pressed down harder onto the 3 spots, before turning like mad. Speedy was in heaven, the pure pleasure she was receiving from this attention was nearly unbearable. She came hard and quick, all of her limbs jerking around, causing her to swing on her chains. As she came again, something else was added to the mix. She felt another dildo, thicker than the one in her cunt, being slowly inserted into her ass. Speedy only started to worry when the entire dildo was filling her ass.

She was worried because she felt the metal attachment at the base of the dildo, which indicated it was also attached to a drill. The unlubed dildo started to drill into her ass at a high speed. The friction caused her intense pain as it stabbed deeper into her bowls.

Despite the pain she could feel herself drawing closer to an intense orgasm. The intense rotating dp, combined with the attention to her nipples and clit caused her to climax hard and fast "OOOOOOOOOHSSSSSSSSSHHHHHITTTTTTTTTTT".

She jerked around on the chains again but passed out in the end from pure pleasure. A few seconds later all the toys powered down but remained where they were, a voice sounded from the base of the toys "I think I broke her". As Robin and SuperBoy glanced up in recognition at the voice, their blind folds where removed and their bonds fell away.

As they grabbed the ball gags out of their mouth they looked around the room in surprise. The first thing that that noticed was their teammate Raven naked on the ground in front of them next to a pile of their clothes, coughing and glaring up at SuperBoy.

Both Robin and SuperBoy were surprised, they had never had any sexual thoughts about Raven before (what with the whole demon daughter, could become evil again, I really don't want my dick fed to demon thing, plus they were pretty sure that Beast Boy was fucking her) but now they could see how hot she really was (its amazing what being naked can achieve, take my advice ladies go around naked).

They were impressed by her milk white body, her fair sized tits and her tight looking ass and cunt. There was one surprising feature, while her head had no hair what so ever, so did have some pubes growing above her cunt, they were ebony black and formed the imprint of a raven. It was also quite obvious that she had been the one giving them the killer blowjob, it also explained what had been playing with their prostates, Raven had used her shadow creations to shadow pleasure them. Robin and SuperBoy then turned their gaze to where the voice had mentioned something about breaking.

They saw Speedy suspended from the ceiling naked, clearly passed out. What was interesting about this was that their colleague Cyborg standing over her, his arms had transformed into some interesting tools.

Both of his hands had transformed into dildo drills and were currently lodged up Speedy's ass and cunt. Further attachments had sprung out of his arms, metal rods with spongy heads had came out of his arms and where still pushing down on her clit and nipples.

Their gaze continued to where they could hear Wonder Girl's groans of pleasure coming from. She was clamped to a big metal table and was being fingered by a gorilla (best sentence ever). The strange thing about this (ok stranger) was that the gorilla was completely green.

Every part of it's body was green, it's fur, it's face, even it's dick, was green (although it had a brown colour at this point).

As they stared the gorilla noticed their gaze, it stopped fingering Wonder Girl and smiled. The gorilla then changed back into the changeling Beast Boy who gave them a slight head motion greeting which they then returned.

After a quick glance (and after laughing) at Starfire and Kid Flash who were still in their chairs, which were still going at full speed they looked back at Cyborg with a questioning glance. Cyborg, who had pulled his arms out of Speedy and had changed them back to their original shape looked back at them, "I guess we should explain euro english milf in stockings anal fuck buttfucking assfucking stuff".

Robin nodded at this "lets start with what the fuck is going on? We were having some fun upstairs amazing teen twat is nailed well homemade hardcore then we were gassed and brought down here". "Not that we're complaining" SuperBoy added looking directly at Raven.

"Well me, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven all came up with a plan a little while after we started the Teen Titans up." "We found this cavern under the tower while you guys were at home, filled with all these machines and bindings that could hold every member of the team, turns out our contractor was evil (so what's new), and he wanted to hold all of us down here and get money from people who wanted to fuck us.

So after we stopped him we thought we should be having more fun at this Tower, we decided to keep this room and not tell you about it and we decided that we need to get you to start fucking us" Robin interrupted at this point "so how did that happen? One minute you were fighting an evil contractor and then you all think, let's try and get the rest of the team to have sex with us".

Attractive hottie feels dong in arse pornstar hardcore his surprise Cyborg nodded "pretty much". After a couple of seconds Cyborg noticed that both Robin and SuperBoy were staring at him "well you know how it is, you having a conversation with old friends, the subject comes round to sex, and it turns out we all had similar problems".

"Like what?" "Well Raven and Beast Boy wanted to start experimenting with partner swopping and group sex, I hadn't got any for a while, because well let's face it how many chicks want to do it with a half robot, and Starfire, well she was just a horny slut and she wanted cock".

"So the four of us started having sex with each over, but then we started to get bored, and then we saw 5 horny teens sharing a Tower every weekend, and you can figure out the rest". Robin nodded in agreement, "but why did you gas us and take us down here, and why did me and SuperBoy get a great blowjob from Raven, while Kid Flash gets a ass fucked, again not that we're complaining". Cyborg looked at Kid Flash and Starfire and narrowed his eyes, "imagine that a bunch of people made a great master plan to get another bunch of people to have sex with them, and then one annoying kid sped everything up because he was horny, and then imagine how pissed the planning people are when they find things have started without them and one of their own didn't tell them it was happening, then well, wouldn't you want to punish them?" He turned back to Robin and SuperBoy, "of course we don't blame the rest of you, you were ever tricked into this or were just making the most of the situation, we were originally just going to do stuff to Starfire and Kid Flash but then Raven wanted some cock and Beast Boy got a hard on and saw Wonder Girl, and so then I had to do something and Speedy was there, and then you woke up".

Robin and SuperBoy nodded, as far as they were concerned everything seemed fine, Robin however had one more question "so what happens now?" Cyborg smiled "well we were thinking about that and we have a proposal for you, we want to make this tower a free sex zone, when we come here we fight evil first then we come home and have as much meaningless sex as we want.

There are no boundaries, no restrictions, except guy on guy; we don't have to go there, but most importantly not a word of these gets outside this tower, if it did some bad shit could happen". "I'm going to ask all of you if you want to do this, if you say no then nothing bad will happen to you, we will try to be discrete and we hope you don't ruin this for the rest of us".

Cyborg continued to look at all the people in the room, "if you say yes, then I suggest a celebratory orgy, this room has every toy available so go nuts". Cyborg moved across the room and pulled out Kid Flash's gag first, "so what do you say?" "Yes uhhh, yes, just get me out of this chair", Cyborg nodded put the gag back in and moved away, "in a bit, still a little pissed at you". He then pulled out Starfire's gag "do you even uhhh, need to ask" he nodded put the gag back in and turned off her chair "I'll get to you in a second then, I'll leave the chair off, I think that's worse for you".

He looked over at Speedy, "well she isn't raunchy tori gets slammed in a gangbang pornstars brunette a position to tell.".

He stopped because Speedy had just opened her eyes and was making noises into her gag. He walked over and took it out, "get me out of these chains and it's a deal", she gave a surreptitious glance over to Kid Flash, "I've got some unfinished business". Cyborg nodded and lowered her down before removing her chains, she got unsteadily to her feet and looked at Cyborg, "you got any more moves like that" before she fell into a nearby chair. He then went across to Wonder Girl, after a stopping for a couple of seconds to wiggle a finger in her cunt, he took out her gag.

Wonder Girl looked up at him "what do you think my answer is". Cyborg sighed, "well I'm not surprised, we will try and make sure you.". "I'm not finished" Wonder Girl snapped, "yesterday I'd barely done anything sexual, I'd had sex once, but tonight I've been fucked in the ass by 2 guys, 1 girl and a gorilla, I had my first lesbian experience and I've had some of the most intense orgasms of my life".

Cyborg nodded along starting to look nervous "I understand but we." but he was interrupted again. "So if you think I'm going to miss out on any of this you must be crazy, it's a yes from me". Cyborg laughed, unlocked her from the table and turned to Robin and SuperBoy, "so what about you two?" The teens quickly huddled up, and frantic whispering could be heard, before they looked up, "well I don't know" said Robin. SuperBoy nodded in agreement, "It does mean we have to share our slaves".

Robin sighed theatrically, "I guess there is only one answer that we can give". Both of them tackled Raven, after a brief struggle Raven found herself sitting in SuperBoy's lap with his cock lodged to the hilt inside her ass.

As she groaned from the thick rod invading her shitter she found Robin in front of her, popping a Viagra from a small pouch in his belt, the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. "Take this as our hell yeah" he said before filling her up in one swift stroke.

As they found their stroke and started bringing Raven to the first of many orgasms, the others started to move around the room. Cyborg untied Starfire before throwing her at Beast Boy, telling him to punish her. Beast Boy obliged but bending her over and ramming his cock deep into her ass, this was confusing to Wonder Girl, the only person watching this, how was this a punishment, it didn't look like Beast Boy's 6 inch cock would hurt, it became apparent a few seconds later.

As he thrust in and out Beast Boy moved forward and placed his arms on Starfire's shoulders, almost like he need them for support, it was then that he changed. He had turned into a large wolfhound, incredibly large for a dog, his paws were resting on Starfire for support while he continued to bugger her at an increased pace.

Starfire seemed to be suddenly in pain; Wonder Girl couldn't understand why, until she moved closer and could properly see. Beast Boy's dick had grown in proportion with the rest of his body and he was now sporting a massive tool, 10 inches long with thick shaft, no wonder Starfire was in pain.

This didn't seem to be enough for Cyborg who was also watching with an intense expression on his face "go larger".

The dogs head stared at Cyborg for a second, nodded and suddenly the dog was replaced by a horse. Starfire grunted as the already considerable rod in her ass lengthened and thickened while it was still imbedded within her. The horse moved its forelegs forward off Starfire's shoulders until they were touching the floor, obviously to gain more support. The horse started to fuck her ass at a tremendous pace, ramming into her, forcing as much of its cock in as it could.

Starfire started to make soft moans of pain, her face contorted in agony, and get it was easy to see that she was getting off on it. Again, this was unacceptable for Cyborg; he watched Starfire's face, wanting to see her expression as he instructed Beast Boy "larger".

Beast Boy turned his head towards Cyborg, his equine features clearly showing surprise and apprehension. Cyborg just looked him in the eye and smiled, "go larger", a small amount of menace entering his voice.

Beast Boy just shrugged, pushed in as far as he could go and changed. Starfire screamed in agony as the cock deep inside her bowls thickened to match the large bull that was ploughing her. The incredibly thick rod pulled out of her and then thrust back in, resulting in another scream from Starfire. Beast Boy kept thrusting in and out of her, and each time Starfire screamed in pain.

Wonder Girl was starting to get concerned, after an exceptionally loud scream she turned to Cyborg "stop it your hurting." Cyborg held up a finger to stop her and then used it to point to her cunt, where a small organic tube had sprouted out. Wonder Girl looked on, amazed that Starfire was getting off on this, then she shrugged, it was time for her to get some. She looked around the room and saw that every-one was occupied.

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire were occupied and as she looked over to the chairs, she saw the Speedy was busy 'looking after' Kid Flash. She had turned off the automatic fucker, and was kneeling in front of him spanking him. Wonder Girl watched as Speedy moved her hand down to the bottomless chair and gave a hard spank to his left butt cheek. She then leaned down, and gave a long suck of his dick causing Kid Flash to groan before she spanked him twice before taunting him.

"Who has blue balls, you do, don't you? Do you want me to make you cum, I think your do". As Kid Flash nodded hard in agreement Speedy smile, gave his dick another suck, before giving him another hard spank "well, sucks to be you". Wonder Girl smiled at Speedy's revenge and looked behind her to where Robin and her boyfriend had just brought Raven to another orgasm and were showing no signs of slowing down. Raven's eyes were closed in pleasure, but they opened and as Wonder Girl watched.

Raven looked around the room and noticed that Wonder Girl was unattended; she waved her over, before coming again loudly. Wonder Girl walked over to Raven who was panting hard while the two guys maintained their pace. Raven looked up at her, "uhhh turn ohhh around, I'll aah set you righhhht". Wonder Girl shrugged and turned around and bent over. As soon as she bent down, she felt something odd slide into her cunt. She gasped in pleasure, whatever it was, it wasn't solid and yet it was there, not only that but it was filling her up extraordinarily well.

It was expanding to nearly the exact width of her cunt, forcing her tunnel wider and wider. As she looked behind her she saw that Raven was concentrating, looking towards her rear she could see one of Raven's shadow creations disappearing into her pussy. Raven concentrated and the shadow dildo responded, moving in and out at a slow pace, much to the relief of Wonder Girl.

This continued for another minute or so until Robin changed the game. Robin had just came for a second time within Raven and thanks to the Viagra he was still hard.

He was about to ram into her again when he saw what Raven was doing to Wonder Girl. He smiled as an idea came to him and he feigned collapsing backwards in exhaustion. Nobody had really noticed this, but dollie gets darko her pussy hammered by lexingtons big cock they had, they would noticed that as he fell he was aiming for the utility belt on the ground next to him.

As Raven concentrated on Wonder Girl she completely missed Robin standing up and moving towards him. She only noticed he was there when she felt something clip onto her clit. As she looked down she saw what Robin had done, her eyes widened in panic "no don't." But she was too late.

Robin had attached the bat-orgasmo to her clit and had flicked the switch all the way to ten. He flicked the switch and Raven came hard with all the spasms, jerks, cries and urinating that was expected. SuperBoy groaned in appreciation as Raven's anus had clamped down hard on his dick, he wasn't close yet so he started lifting her up and down on his cock.

Before Raven reached unconsciousness however Robin hit the button again causing her to stay awake and orgasm again. What Robin had forgotten was the shadow creation that Raven had been gently using on Wonder Girl.

Busty blonde luna star gets slippery pussy hammered in bathtub

Without Raven's concentration with the addition of her massive orgasms the shadow dildo was going at a crazy speed. As the dildo was only slightly smaller than her expanded cunt this was painful.

She had collapsed on her hands and knees with her ass pointing to the sky and her head pushed into the ground. The cries coming out of her mouth were loud and high pitched and they sounded like she was in pain. Robin was concerned at first and was about to knock Raven out to save Wonder Girl, however the high pitched noises were explained when a flood of pussy juice flooded out of her.

Robin laughed, set the bat-orgasmo to automatic shock every 5 seconds and walked over to Wonder Girl and started to use her anus as a relief for his rock hard cock. The feeling was exquisite as the shadow dildo was pushing on her canal, making Wonder Girl's anal canal even more tighter that usual. Robin looked up at a high pitched cry of pleasure and the sound of an engine starting up. Looking at where Starfire and the others were before he saw Beast Boy collapsed on the floor and he saw Cyborg pounding Starfire.

Robin stopped fucking Wonder Girl and goggled at Cyborg's cock. It was 12 inches long, it was thick and it was mechanised. It vibrated like crazy while at the same time it pounded like a jack hammer. Attached to the base of the cock was a small vibrator raised up so it hit Starfire's clit every time his cock hammered into her.

Cyborg looked up as if sensing the stare and smiled at Robin "affective isn't it?" Robin nodded "umm, no offence but I though your dick got blown off during the accident?" Cyborg rolled his eyes "yeah, that was a crappy day, but good old dad, he knew what a growing boy needed, so he designed this for me and put a ton of sensory devices, similar to the touch sensing sells in the penis, attached them to what remained of my nervous system and what you get is a working dick (nerd defence, I don't know if this would actually work, I doubt it would, but it sounds good doesn't it)".

Robin nodded and continued to watch as Cyborg continued to fuck Starfire. He was impressed and a little jealous at the same time, he hated to admit it, but he doubted moriah mills was almost caught sucking cock in the bathtub full story could give Starfire the amount of pleasure Cyborg was by himself.

Her eyes were crossed, her face was stuck in its orgasm features and with every thrust from Cyborg another gush of blue liquid squirted out of her cunt. He turned his attention back to Speedy and Kid Flash and winced in sympathy. Speedy had clearly gotten bored of teasing Kid Flash and had turned the fucking machine back on and had clambered onto Kid Flash's lap.

She was riding him and buggering him at the same time and clearly enjoying herself. Her head was blocking Kid Flashes face so he couldn't see his expression, but Robin knew it would have mom xxx and son and daughter priceless. And as he smiled and started fucking the now screaming Wonder Girl, he reflected on how good life had suddenly become.

Unknown to anyone in the room, two different sets of hidden cameras around the room sent the videos to two very different places. One room showed two people, with only one eye each, the other room showed a group of people, with very familiar hero outlines, one inhabitant in each room said, in perfect sequence "well that was unexpected, this should be fun".

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