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Madison ivy big tits model bang blonde cock
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When Conner fell asleep he became aware of his being alone in a space full of nothing. He could tell he wasn't dreaming but he knew also that he was asleep. Suddenly he felt the presence of something… unearthly. The harsh, nails on chalkboard laughter around him gave him a startling suspicion that he was in the presence with the Stranger. "Yeah kid, you got it right. I gotta tell ya, you work faster than any other teen I seen.

Even faster than this other kid I have to watch over, this little bastard named Chavez. These gifts are nice, aren't they?" Conner could barely nod his assent before the laughter sounded again and he cringed.

He watched the empty space in front of him shimmer until the Stranger materialized there. Suddenly they were bigtitted teen drilling her pussy with toys on the park bench again. Conner looked around and thought he might throw up. The Stranger laughed again and snapped, taking away all of the sick feelings. "Did you enjoy that hot little piece of ass? I'll bet you did. And now you know what I meant by boosts in other departments.

Any questions?" "Did I get her pregnant?" Conner blurted out the question before he even thought about it. He was genuinely worried about his and Maia's positions on that. The Stranger looked at him queerly. "No… No you didn't. The Powers were somewhat afraid of giving the mortals the gifts of the evangelicals, especially to hormonally charged teens.

That was why we shot you through puberty. No, there were three rules placed on your gifts and one promise I was made to keep. You have no crazed hormones and your mind is calmer than the average mortal. You cannot impregnate any female of your species and you cannot you cannot alter the larger streams of fate.

These things are prevented on a level that you and your species cannot even comprehend. My promise was to keep watch on you to ensure your survival and your compliance. This my friend, is called divine justice." The Stranger just looked at him for a minute. "Now my turn, and since you got to ask one question I will ask three. First: Why were you worried more for that little slut's future more than your own?" Conner felt rage bubble up at this question but realized that the Stranger was something that wanted him to become upset.

He noted it in his mind and brushed it by. "I… I just don't want to ruin her future because I made her sleep with me." The Stranger's eyebrows shot up behind those circular glasses.

"Made her? Buddy, she would have slept with you anyway. Maia, as the mortals know her, doesn't get emotional for many. She has trust issues. But she fell for you and she fell hard buddy. Hard enough to realize that it's more than a crush. But man, is she good at hiding things. You got yourself a good girl there, though you'll end up with more the way things are shaping up for you. All right, second question: Why didn't you just make her?" Conner didn't have to think on that at all.

"I don't want to be a person who forces other people to do things. I'll know what I did even if they don't, and Maia was a virgin. Kind of hard to hide that from attractive cutie and her vaginal balls softcore amateur Stranger accepted this without any question. He simply chuckled.

"My third question will come later. For now, enjoy your time and your women." When Conner woke he found Maia sleeping peacefully beside him. Checking the clock on her nightstand Conner noticed it was already one o clock. He jumped into Maia's head and found her brain rapidly cycling the images of Maia's first fuck.

He looked about for the time her parents would be home and found that they had a few hours. He pulled out and lay there on the bed, thinking on the Stranger's questions and his own answers. Conner didn't register how long had passed before Maia woke up next to him. She turned over in her sleep and looked at him, stretching widely and smiling beautifully.

Conner remained where he was as she cuddled up to him and wrapped her hands around his neck. Her nude body came in contact with his own and brushed erotically. Maia kissed Conner lightly on the lips before pushing her entire body onto his.

"Good afternoon darling. How did you sleep?" Conner looked into Maia's deep silver eyes and felt his stomach lurch. The feeling was accompanied by a weightlessness that was both unsettling and invigorating. He could only wonder what it was and hope that it was love. "Well, I slept with a naked, thoroughly loved woman this morning for the first time in my entire life. It was glorious." Conner whispered the last line and kissed her again.

They laughed sweetly, softly as they kissed. Suddenly Maia had Conner on top of her and his cockhead was rubbing against her pussy. Maia was breathless as Conner pushed into her newly stretched and still incredibly tight pussy. Conner was overjoyed at finding Maia's pussy still too tight for him to push fully inside of her. He fucked her just as he had earlier that morning, pushing into her and retracting just as quickly. Maia grunted and cried as he invaded her inner cavity, working her muscles and pleasuring her so.

She reached up and grabbed Conner's face, puling his lips down to meet her own and pushed her tongue into his mouth. He responded generously and with equal passion, slowing his pace and putting more force behind his thrusts.

He sighed as her walls contracted around his cock and she screamed. He felt the juices squirting onto his groin as Maia came and shuddered under his attempt to continue fucking. He found that as tight as she was it was damn near impossible to push into her or pull out when her cunt was trying to squeeze all the cum and life out of his member.

Finally it became too much and he came inside of her, bringing more screams (this time more surprised and concerned than her orgasm fueled howls) and shocking Maia into another, slightly less powerful orgasm. As Conner pulled out of her and lay down next to her he watched her convulse around her cum filled slit. He found the sight incredibly erotic, Maia's little cries of pleasure and her body's extreme reaction to his cock.

When she was finally finished Maia looked over at Conner exhausted and happy. She rolled herself onto his chest and stayed there as his erotic love tunnel poundings pornstar and hardcore encircled her waist. She purred as he massaged her ass and rubbed her back. "What would you do if you got me pregnant?" Conner looked down at Maia. She wouldn't look him in the eyes, but he could feel her shaking on his chest.

He thought it over and realized a perfect way out. "I can't get you pregnant baby. I'm barren. Can't have a child." She looked up at him as if to see whether or not he was lying to her. She smiled when she decided he wasn't.

"Well then, promise me never to stop cumming in me!" Conner didn't return home til five. He walked in the front door with damp hair from a very thorough shower and saw Hannah sitting on the couch watching TV.

She was wearing one of her usual summer outfits, a red spaghetti strap blouse with a pair of cutoffs so short he could see her underwear, if her was in the right place. He could only wonder where Erica was. Conner ignored the list of chores and walked straight into the kitchen for a glass of water. Hannah noticed Conner walk in and tried desperately to keep her focus on the television.

She had never liked to see Conner but somehow he was… different. His usual air of a defeated, angry boy had left and he now stood confidently, almost proudly, in the room.

She felt herself get moist and shuddered, thinking of Erica. She would have killed Hannah if she knew what thoughts were rolling through her head. Still Hannah couldn't get Conner out of her head. He sat down on luxurious euro club hot initiation for new blonde members couch and she looked over at him, just sitting there with that stupid grin on his face.

"You seem awfully happy. What the fuck's gotten into to you, finally beautiful teen in sexy lingerie masturbating on webcam porn?" Hannah nearly bit her tongue as the words left her lips.

She had always made it a point not to be a total bitch to Conner, in the hopes that one day he might repay the favor. But now as she stared at him sitting on his end of the couch with that wavering smile at her she felt… Jealous.

She knew he'd been out with his friends, four of whom were extremely attractive girls. Turned her thoughts away from that subject but somehow came back to it every time she diverted herself. The whole thing just made her more upset, angrier.

She turned her attention back to the TV and tried not to let her inner turmoil show through. "Huh. I guess it was too good to be true." Conner got up off of the couch and walked toward the stairs. Hannah felt her cheeks flush and stood up to yell at him across the room.

"What was that?" "I always thought you were the nice one in the family. Always appreciated that. Now I can see you're just like the rest of them." Conner walked upstairs. Hannah sat back down. She could feel her throat closing up and her cheeks getting hot. On top of all of that she was wet.

When that came to her mind she froze. Checking to make sure no one was around she unbuttoned the cutoff jeans that she wore and slid them down a bit, exposing her blue and yellow panties.

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She slid one delicate hand under the hem and was infuriated to find that she was indeed moist, and at the thought of Conner her snatch throbbed. She groaned at the feel of her cool hands in her hot, wet crotch.

She found her clit engorged and began to massage it, feeling the pure pleasure ripple through her body and numb parts of her mind. Finally she stopped her self and dedicated the rest to a shower, knowing that it would have to be soon. She extricated her hand and pulled the cutoffs up to button them.

Then she thought over the past few minutes. It was only a few minutes, wasn't it? Or was it longer? As Hannah thought about it she became scared. Something was wrong about him. Very wrong. Her eyes had been drawn to him simply closing the door and had found a very pleasing subject where once she had simply seen another boy, a mildly-attractive-but-far beneath-her-level boy. Now his very presence, his simply being within her reach had set her off.

She had been jealous of his spending time with girls who were less attractive than she was. She thought on the girls and decided that they were on the same level physically, but not socially.

Suddenly, as fast as she had gotten off subject her mind went to Conner and she ached again. Hannah moaned. She wanted him so badly… Again she stopped herself.

It was getting worse. What the fuck is wrong with me…? Maybe I just need a shower… Hannah stood up off of the couch and walked toward the stairs, hearing the back door shut and watching Erica walk into the kitchen. Hannah smiled at her sister, her flaming red hair plastered down her back and her icy blue eyes indeed icy underneath the wet hair.

In her swimsuit she was a beautiful sight to men and women alike. Hannah knew on some level she found it pleasing the same way she found a mirror pleasing, but still seeing her sister in a bikini even turned Hannah on. Erica smiled back at her and walked up to the stairs. "How was your swim, my lovely sister?" Erica smiled at Hannah's tone and smacked her playfully on the thigh. "It was nice. This summer is going to be warm even if it is cloudy. Where's the creep I saw him coming up." "He's in his room.

Forget about him. I'm going to take a shower and it appears you may want to join me…" Hannah grinned impishly at her sister and was rewarded by a flash in Erica's eye and even a moan under her heavy breath. Erica smiled wide and stepped up onto Hannah's step of the staircase and stepped close to her sister. Hannah wrapped her arms around her sister and kissed her, the feeling of the bikini under her palms and Erica's wet, silky skin on her own made her pussy drip with anticipation.

The two separated and ran up the stairs towards their room and the bathroom. When they entered their bedroom Erica shut the door and turned around only to find Hannah throwing herself against Erica in a desperate kiss.

Erica felt her cunt flood and kissed her sister back, jumping up and wrapping her dripping legs around Hannah's waist. The two kissed passionately for a full minute before Erica unwrapped her legs and swung around, slamming her sister into the door as she had been. Hannah groaned and kissed Erica back, grabbing the back of her sister's head and forcing her to her while she shoved her tongue deep into Erica's mouth.

Erica pulled back and Hannah shoved her back onto the bed, smiling and attacking Erica's bikini covered lips. Neither of them noticed or even heard the lamp hit the floor or the bed slam against the wall. The only thing they paid attention, the only thing encompassing their vision and actions, was the other living half that was so intent on pleasure, on sex. Neither of them noticed the door opening, or for that matter the door staying cracked open until Erica pulled Hannah into the shower and shut the door to the bathroom.

When Erica fell asleep Hannah was still buzzing with hormones. She stockinged brit babe gets sperm in mouth up and looked at the sight of her naked, more passed out than sleeping twin and huffed. She was still wet and horny, and it was eleven o' clock on a Saturday. What the fuck was she going to do about her flushed red pussy and her horny ass now?

Absentminded and frustrated, her troubled mind went to her foster brother. His room was just down the hall, not fifty feet away. He had that strange aura and that presence… Before she knew what she was doing Hannah threw on a pair of pajama pants and an overly large shirt that hung well down over one shoulder, not bothering with underwear as she opened the door. She was at the doorway to Conner's room in less than a minute, but it seemed like forever to Hannah. She was throbbing with need, throbbing painfully with need.

As good a lover as Erica was she could be selfish. Hannah now found, however much she wanted Conner's fuck, she was apprehensive for the same reasons she had been before. This was Conner, the little dork who hung out with the outcasts and the nerds and all the kids in their school who deserved to be looked down on! Conner, the one who they had taken out a foster home only to find him not extraordinary and totally useless, despicable!

But still… She found herself turning the doorknob before she could think anything else of it. Sister joins her brother and his gf was on that stupid little flip phone of his, the one that his uncle provided.

Probably texting the slut Maia Goltano… Hannah shook her head slightly and looked sorry for his benefit. He ignored her until he flipped the phone shut.

Hannah felt herself ache for him again and wonder what was so different about him. He was in his usual black t-shirt and faded bark blue jeans, his worn to shit tennis shoes and a watch. He looked nothing special, with that oddly colored mess of hair that was attractive, and his solid, hazel eyes that betrayed nothing.

Then Hannah realized what it was. It was that gaze, the way he held himself, the way he looked at her. Now she was sorry. Sorry she had come in here, into his room. She was at his mercy. Conner looked at her expectantly before she finally started, angered at her own stuttering in front of him.

"I… I j-j-just wanted-d to apologize… fo-f-for what I said earlier. I didn't mean any of it and I was just upset. Erica and I had this fight…" "Is that what you were settling in your room?

I thought it looked more like you were ready to fuck your sister silly. But you were just making up, right?" Hannah tried to explain that and she was at a loss for words.

If Erica knew that Conner knew what they did in their he finds her masturbating and offers his help then she would ruin Conner. She looked at the carpet as she heard him get up and walk toward her. To her surprise he didn't do anything, only opened the door.

"I won't say a word. Go to sleep Hannah. They probably wouldn't like seeing you down in my bedroom this late." Top-heavy babes kyra hot dolly fox lick their pinks squeeze their tits just gaped at him.

He was being… kind to her? After everything that they had done to him? She had to shake herself again. "Can I talk to you about that? About them, and about Erica and I?" Conner shut the door and walked over to his bed, flopping over on one side and gestured for her to join him. She sat down and looked at the mattress and started speaking, though she wasn't quite sure what was really coming out.

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"I just wanted you to know that I don't think you're not a creep. I don't really think anything of you but I guess I don't know you that well. And our parents don't really hate you or dislike you; they just don't really know what or how to say anything to you.

At least I hope so… Erica is a different story. She really doesn't like you, and it'll be bad for everyone if I don't pretend the same, so I hope you don't take anything I say around my sister seriously. And about our… sleeping together… Well the thing is it just kind of happened one night. That's the best way of putting it I guess. It's not an attraction thing, more just a fling when neither of us is dating. Basically what I'm saying is that we aren't lesbians… we're not gay, you know?

I mean, I HAVE been with one or two of my other girlfriends in the same thing and one I guess was a bit more than just sex but I'm more straight than gay…" Hannah was appalled at her own rambling and at the thought that she would continue. Conner saved her. "Hannah, stop before you have a heart attack. Now," he sat up and put a hand on her shoulder, seeming more bored and annoyed than concerned.

Hannah could only wonder what that meant and what he actually thought of the whole situation. "Why are you really here? You aren't here to reassure me that you like me and you definitely don't give a single fuck about whether or not I think you're gay, so what could you possibly be doing in here rambling on about your sex life?" "Erica passed out and I never got off…" Hannah slapped her hands over her own mouth as the words shot out.

She was shyer by nature than her sister. Conner stopped in mid air, ready to lie back down on his pillows and mattress as she blurted her dilemma. He slowly creaked back up to sitting position. "You're telling me that you, my foster sister, didn't get a chance to get off earlier and you're asking me for help? Sexual help?" Conner stared at her incredulously. "Well I… I, uhhhhmmmm… I'm just not used to masturbating anymore since Erica and I usually get each other off every time we need to, so it's not as satisfying as it used to be, you know back when I didn't have ready access to another person… So I figure that since I'm sorry about the way you've been treated around here and you must need to get off somewhat and I'm really fucking desperate…" Hannah felt her stomach flip.

What if he laughed at her? What if he didn't want her, what if he had really been part of a seven-person orgy this afternoon with four girls and three guys? Or maybe four girls and just Trainer drills his gorgeous student schoolgirl and hardcore She watched the wheels turn in his mind and finally he turned his body toward hers and looked at her.

"You really need this that bad? You really want to have sex with me? You want to fuck me, the thorn in your side?" Hannah only nodded, and nodded sheepishly at that. Then she winced at his language. He laughed and stood up, walking around and finally standing a few feet in front of her.

He looked apprehensive at best. "Well I guess I could use a fuck, if it's tha…" Hannah stood up and moved at Conner fast, wrapping her arms around his neck and grabbing the back of his head to pull towards her face.

He grunted in surprise and placed his own hands under her shirt on her waist. Hannah wasted no time in pulling her shirt off and dropping her pajama pants, leaving Conner staring at her perfectly nude body. As soon as she was done undressing Conner was there, grabbing her and throwing her backwards onto the bed. She moaned and watched as Conner dropped his pants and underwear, his cock immediately taking its place full mast in front of his stomach.

Hannah looked at in shock for a moment, remembering one darksome hotty gets holes fingered girlfriend and hardcore in their history when Erica had pulled Conner's shorts down in the pool to expose a small penis. Now he was huge. She watched him walk up and climb on top of her, his cock lining up with her pussy as he kissed at her tits.

Hannah felt herself start to breathe faster as he pushed inside of her. The feeling wasn't unfamiliar to Hannah, but her last lover had been on the smaller side. Now that she was totally filled, every inch of her cunt touched by throbbing cock she moaned and kissed Conner.

He returned the kiss more formally than passionately and began to fuck Hannah injured granny is healed by young dick, pulling out and pushing inside as fast as she could take. Hannah came fast and hard within the first few thrusts.

Had it not been for Conner's tongue in her cheek she would have screamed and both of them knew it. Conner pulled back as her cunt spasmed around his cock and pulled out of her, eliciting a cry of indignation until he flipped her over and pushed into her again.

Conner found fucking Hannah from behind was a major turn on, allowing him to fuck her harder than he had been able to before. She moaned and whimpered and cried as he fucked her. She came again, not as hard but longer than her first orgasm as Conner pushed into her hard enough to slap his hips against her ass. "Ooooh fuck yea big brother fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck til you cum all over me with your big fat COCK!" Hannah felt almost as if she was watching the whole thing from outside of her own body.

He could feel Conner inside of her and had no objection to the large cock and she had talked dirty to her last boyfriend, but she still wondered what the hell had caused all of this. She was suddenly shot back into her own thinking as she heard Conner tattooed dollie darko insane pussy fuck with lexingtons cock and felt her third orgasm coming on.

"Shit Hannah I'm going to cum soon…" "Ooh yesss… just a little longer Lover fuck just a little bit longerrrr&hellip. OOOH FUCK…!" Hannah massaged her clit as she came for the third time and felt Conner's cock bottom out inside of her.

Then she heard him moan and felt him slow down. "Fuck Hannah I'm going to cum!" When she heard Conner grunt Hannah became scared. She couldn't stop her orgasm and knew that he wouldn't be able to pull out. By the sound of Conner's grunting and the feeling of something warm filling her pussy as Conner came inside of her she had been right.

He fell on top of her as he recovered from the quick fuck and Hannah embraced him, kissing big mom xxx ve dulokal as she cried. When they were both recovered and Hannah had dried her tears Conner held her.

They rocked on his bed, Hannah crying again on his shoulder as Conner swayed back and forth, trying desperately to comfort her. He had pushed into her mind once or twice and had only deciphered sobs.

He felt bad for having ever accepted the invitation to have his way with her. Finally she pulled away from his shoulder and tried to gain control of herself. Conner watched in silent agony as she did. "Fuck… Conner I'm not on the pill, I'm so sorry… I should never have asked you for this, I've got to leave!" Hannah stood and picked up his shirt, pulling it on her sweating body and grabbing for her pajama pants.

She was stopped by sight of Conner picking them up and throwing them onto his bed. He walked forward and pushed into her mind again, wanting the inside track through the next conversation. Fuck, what did I do?

I'm pregnant, I've never let a guy cum in my pussy, even when… Conner was stunned by the vivid images of the football team ganging up on the cheerleaders (much to the girls' and guys' joy) and having their way with each of them. He returned to her thoughts and ignored that entire episode for a moment.

And now I let my BROTHER fuck me and cum inside me… just because I wanted to get off… He'll hate me for letting it happen, he'll want more, he'll want nothing to do with me he'll… Conner pulled out and decided to stop the whole thing right then, even though he had a pretty good idea of how it would all go down.

"HANNAH!" She started as he grabbed her by the shoulders. Conner was glad that he could no longer feel her crazed train of thought. "Listen, I can't get you pregnant. I'm barren. You couldn't have gotten pregnant from my sperm, so just calm down. You got off, that's what you wanted. I'm sorry I didn't pull out… sorry I scared you." Hannah looked at him for a bit before she looked down at the floor.

How'd he know what I was thinking? I was frantic, he guessed. That's it… He's barren… I'm not… Conner was surprised to find he could hear her thoughts without pushing into her mind and invading. He didn't receive any images from hearing her thoughts like he did when he was inside of her mind, but he definitely heard her.

He decided to worry about it later. She looked at him for a minute, just staring at him. Then she sniffed and started to cry again. Conner sighed and embraced her, ignoring the fact that his flaccid penis was not once again pushed against her groin.

She cried into his shoulder again until Conner picked her up and set her down on the bed. Hannah surprised him by pulling his head down and kissing him once, lightly on the lips. He lay down behind her and turned over, looking in the opposite direction and thinking.

He could still hear her thoughts… Thank god… I'm not about to have a kid. That was really scary there for a minute. Conner thanked god that that bit of his life was over. He almost fell asleep until he realized she was sexy black luscious babe team fucked doggystyle thinking… I wonder if Conner liked it… I know he's had sex before.

I wonder what it was for him… It was so big, and it felt sooo good… Fuck I'm getting wet again. I should really just go back to my room… Conner heard Hannah turn over and he did as well, watching her face as she looked up at the ceiling. He looked his foster sister/lover up and down once and felt his cock twitch. She really was one of the most beautiful girls in school. The fiery red of her hair, her pale eyes that showed every emotion, her tight, tanned, toned muscular body.

Conner smiled over at her and her entire roll in the situation. She had wanted to fuck him just to get off. She had been so enthralled by his new aura that she had come to him for sex.

She saw him smile as he looked at her and rolled over on her side, resting her head on one elbow while the oversized t-shirt hung from her upraised shoulder. She smiled back at him and scooted a little closer. Conner scooted the rest of the way, getting closer and closer until he was nose to nose with her.

She smiled still, almost apprehensive at the closeness. Conner placed a hand on her waist and pulled her bodily to him while he kissed her, lightly at first. They stayed like that, the kiss growing in passion as they moved in the tiniest motions against one another.

Finally they separated and simply looked at one another. Hannah was breathing hard, her nipples pushing through the fabric and rubbing against his chest. Conner smiled and rubbed the tip of his nose against hers before he finally pulled his face away.

"You should probably go back to your bedroom." Her smile wavered a fraction at that, so he added in the same whisper, "But anytime you need some release… I'm here. And I can always use some release… especially from a super sexy sister." She smiled even wider at that and rolled on top of him, kissing him once more.

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Before she stood up she reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking it once up and down the length. "Good… because there's a lot I haven't been able to do with this big stick of meat…" She stood up and walked to the door, turning the handle and looking back once. Conner nearly called her back and fucked her again she looked so damn seductive.

But she waved and blew him a kiss and walked out. Conner fell with his head back against the pillows and sighed, then groaned and turned over. What the fuck had this thing gotten him into?