Porn hubsunny leone sex story

Porn hubsunny leone sex story
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Chapter 3 - School Days: I started as a freshman in high school that fall. I never did get with either Janet or Gail again. Janet had proven to be an unfaithful slut, and Gail apparently felt guilty about having sex with a minor, and was careful to avoid opportunities to be alone with me. By the nikita dildos herself nikita von james masturbation school started, I was feeling pretty randy, as you may imagine.

Janet was a senior at the same school and I saw her on occasion, but while I didn't actually think about it mom and sun xx x com those terms, I didn't want to use her and, in turn, be used for just sex. For her, I had just been an available cock, albeit, larger than most. My feelings about her were more complicated than that. I didn't want to have to share her with anybody, or have the whole school know I was banging the school slut.

The fact that she teased me about it once in a while didn't help, either. The school was new and had a large modern library that I used nearly every day.

When they formed the Audio-Visual (AV) Club, I joined up. The AV Club members were taught how to operate the school's projection and recording equipment, and it was kind of cool. We were the ones to set up the film projectors for special class presentations and other projects. The library also had a "listening" room (officially, the AV Room) that students could use to listen to music and other audio programs. One of the routine duties for club members was to record The Top 40 radio program every week so that the tape was available in the listening room.

The room became the "Club House" for AV members, and at least one of us could be found hanging out there for most of the day. During study hall, often nearly all of us might be in there. Adjacent to the Club House there was a medium-sized storage room for the AV equipment and library supplies, and as members, we had access. The AV Club only had four or five members. The two closest to my age were both sophomores, Jackie, a rather pretty girl with long red hair, and Tony, a guy that loved to fool around and play jokes on people, and was always on the edge of getting into trouble with school officials.

Jackie was a tease. She was constantly making sexual innuendoes directed at either Tony or myself, occasionally pinching our butts when no one was looking, or playing "footsie" while we were sitting in the AV room.

Tony had no problem playing along with her and always seemed to have a good come back, but I was never that quick witted, often having nothing clever to say until long afterward when it was far too late. Naturally, this just made Jackie tease me even more, but she was a friendly girl, the teasing was never mean spirited, and I liked her.

I did wish I could find an opportunity to have the last word at least once, though. Tony and I did take advantage of every chance to get even for the butt pinching.

Grabbing a quick feel whenever possible, her taut ass cheeks, her legs, hips, or thighs, and occasionally, the quick squeeze of a firm breast, Tony and I gave as good as we got, if not better. Jackie always took it in good humor, twisting away with a taunting laugh, or a quick slap of the hands, and often with an "in your dreams, buster," or some similar comment.

This went on for a couple of months. Jackie, Tony, and I were now friends, if not best buddies. None of us had a driver's license, so a real date was not an option, and I doubt Jackie was really ready for something like that, even with all the innuendo and teasing. Sometime in mid November, I was in the storage room putting away supplies when Jackie came in, saw me, and walked over.

Continuing past me in the narrow aisle between the shelving, she grabbed my butt, then danced away laughing as I reached for her. "Want some help?" she asked. "With what?" I shot back, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

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Laughing again, she came back and started to help me put the last of the supplies on a shelf. She was wearing a rather tight t-shirt that showed off her full breasts to good advantage, a tight pair of jeans, and an open jean jacket.

Her long red hair flowed down her back, reaching almost to the curve of her ass. I was at half-mast already, just standing beside her. The bulge in my pants must have been noticeable, for she suddenly reached over and rubbed her hand up the length of my partial erection.

"You got a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy sanilyn xxx storys sex stories foll see me?" she asked coyly. My cock instantly came to full attention, while I just stood there with a stupid grin on my face.

The bulge in my pants was now twice as big as before and it was getting very uncomfortable. Her hand stroked me gently while a look of awe passed over her face. "My, my, you are a big boy, aren't you?" she asked rhetorically. My answer was to reach out, wrap my arms around her, and pull her to me, hard.

"How would you like to find out?" I asked, grabbing her butt cheeks, pressing our hips together tightly, and grinding into her. She my stepsister got stuck in the window its time to fuck her hands on my shoulders and tried to push me away.

Suddenly the door opened behind us and I spun my head around to look. Tony walked in, saw us, and shut the door, locking it. Then he reached out and shut the lights off! With no windows, the room was plunged into darkness. Jackie was still in my arms, our hips still pressed tightly together. She had made a small tactical mistake. The aisles were open only at one end. She could not get out without getting by both Tony and I. I walked her backwards about six feet, half carrying her by her ass cheeks as she fought to get away.

She was breathing hard, pushing and squirming against me, but she was not trying to hurt me. Her back came up against the cinder block wall and I pinned her to it with my hips as my hands came up, squeezing and fondling her full, firm breasts through her t-shirt and bra.

I heard Tony come up behind us, and a hand touched my back. "What have we here?" he asked.

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"A cock-tease who deserves to be taught a lesson, me thinks," I replied. "Yeah, I think you're right," he said. Jackie was still trying to free herself, but I out-weighed her by at least sixty pounds. She wasn't going anywhere. "Let me out of here," she said, "or you will both regret it." "I don't think so," I said, and leaned my head forward, finding my target on the first try. I thrust my tongue deep into her open mouth before she could react, kissing her hard, my steel-like shaft still grinding into her crotch.

She moaned deep in her throat. Tony pushed my hand away from her left tit and grabbed it himself, kneading it repeatedly. I continued casting a la argentina layla kiss her, and she was starting to kiss me back.

My unemployed hand stroked down her side, then reached around and cupped her ass cheek, gripping it hard. Jackie moaned again, louder this time. Tony's hand passed down between us, and he was apparently working on undoing the front of her jeans. I gave him some room, pulling my hips away a bit, while pinning her hard to the wall with my chest against her firm, ripe breasts, and my mouth, still locked on hers.

The tension in her jeans suddenly released, Tony had accomplished his mission. I moved both hands to her waist and pushed her jeans down past her hips with Tony's help. A second or two later and Jackie moaned again into my mouth, and her arms, which had been pushing and pounding on my shoulders to no effect, suddenly blondie lolly small gets dicked down and creamed around me tight.

I moved my right hand around to her pussy and found Tony's hand moving frantically against her. Good enough. I brought my hands up under her t-shirt and reached around to unsnap her bra.

I hadn't had a lot of practice with that (Janet had rarely worn one), but with a bit of fumbling, I got the job done. I slid my hands to her front and pushed the cups up and over her breasts. Taking them in hand, I kneaded and fondled them, rolling her hard little nipples between my fingers. Her breasts were bigger than Janet's, but nowhere near the size of Milf bj swallow she walks him into the kitchen and takes his shyness into her own hands, somewhat more than a handful, high and firm.

By this time, Jackie and I had been kissing for something like two minutes, our tongues wrestling with each with the other, breathing each other's hot, panting gasps, Jackie moaning now almost continuously into my mouth as Tony finger fucked her. I had to come up for air, and I did, ours heads each resting on the other's shoulder as we breathed hard into each other's ear.

I moved my hands down and pushed Tony's hand away, then slid her panties down over her hips. Tony took it from there apparently, for I felt Jackie lift one leg, then the other, and heard the rustle of clothing on the floor. I cupped her pussy with my right hand and squeezed, my index finger entered her hot, moist opening briefly, and another moan came out of the dark. Moving quickly, I dropped my jeans, freeing my rock hard cock for the first time.

I grasped the back of her thighs and lifted both of her legs around my waist. Driving forward, I hit the target on the first try and entered her pussy, lancing in several inches wife swap sex story gallery hitting an obstruction. Jackie all but screamed, and I had a momentary fear that someone might hear us, but with the tightest pussy around my cock since the first time with Janet, that thought soon disappeared.

Jackie was apparently a virgin. I had read about such things, but again I was in unknown territory. I might have considered another course of action if I had had some experience to guide me, but with a hot, clenching, and very wet cunt to probe, all I was interested in was getting the rest of the way into her.

I pulled back and drove into her again, harder. Just in time, I clamped a hand across her mouth as my cock went through her barrier like the proverbial hot knife. Jackie screamed into my hand. Tony was standing beside us and I heard him exclaim, "What are you doing to her!?" "I'm fuckin' her. Whadidyathink?" I gasped.

I held her gored to the wall, her legs wrapped around my hips, her hot breath in my face as I let her breathe again, my rigid cock soaking in her searing depths.

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I could feel her fluids dripping off the base of my cock and hoped there wouldn't be any major blood stains on our cloths. I gave her a few moments riding on a biggest penis hardcore and blowjob recover a bit, then moving slowly, pulled back almost all the way out, then sank back into her depths again. She groaned this time, a long, drawn out sound of ecstasy/pain. I pressed my loins against her, trying to get every millimeter possible into her, and ground my pubic bone against hers.

I pulled back again, moving a bit quicker this time, and shafted back in. I was rewarded with a long moan this time. Tony hissed in my ear, "Hey! I want some of that, you know! Lay down on the floor with her on top and we can both fuck her." I wasn't sure what he was suggesting, but I was not quite ready to stop what I was doing just yet.

I put several more long, hard strokes into her before pulling back some and letting her feet hit the floor, my cock still in her.

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There seemed to be no graceful way to do this, so I found her hands and lowered my backside to the cool floor, pulling her down with me as my cock slipped out of her warm, clasping nest. To my surprise, she came down with her knees on either side of my head and pressed her pussy into my face as I lay back. "Lick my pussy, you bastard. Make me cum," she demanded. I had read about such things, but to unexpectedly have your face smothered in hot, dripping pussy was quite a shock.

After tilting my head back enough so I could breath through my nose, I tentatively pushed out my tongue and licked her pussy lips. The sweet and salty taste was a surprise, but I decided I liked it and went back for more. Something brushed my upright member, a second or two later something both rigid and soft hit the bottom of my chin, and there was some weight on my chest.

I was confused for a moment, but moved my hands from where they were resting on Jackie's waist and felt back behind her, only to encounter a pair of hairy legs. Tony was hunched behind her and the thing bouncing off my chin was his boner! I wasn't sure I liked this, but couldn't seem to do much about it at the moment. I felt Tony's cock move passed my chin and felt him rock forward.

His balls hit me on the chin next, and Jackie gasped and shuddered. I reached out with my tongue again and discovered Jackie's cunt stuffed to the hilt with hard cock. Tony was getting some. This was all becoming erotic as hell and my cock was aching to be put to some more use. Tony and Jackie were rocking back and forth rapidly with Tony doing most of the work. I lapped rapidly at the place of their union and they both moaned. I tried to fit the tip of my tongue in Jackie's hot cunt along side of Tony's cock but she was too tight and there was too much movement anyway.

I lapped up her groove and found her hot, rigid little nubbin. I lashed at it repeatedly and Jackie moaned again, louder this time. Suddenly, she was shuddering and fell forward over me on her hands and knees, grinding her clit into my mouth. I took it between my lips and sucked hard and Jackie gave a low scream as she pressed her weight into my face.

I couldn't breath again, and I could feel Tony's cock sliding across my chin and his balls still slapping me. In a few moments, Jackie recovered enough to realize she was smothering me and lifted her hips up and back, driving Tony's rampaging cock deeper into her cunt. Tony was no longer sitting on me and I took the opportunity to slide out from under them enough to bring my face to the level of Jackie's tits. This also brought my raging hard-on up into the vicinity of his driving ass, and every few seconds it would brush along the crack of his ass or his balls would hit it.

I was really not interested in fucking boys, but slut chick audrey noir loves a deep tight anal pounding thought crossed my mind that if he wasn't careful, he could get a surprise.

Jackie's tits were hanging in my face, so I pushed her t-shirt up out of the way and took the opportunity to suck on first one, then the other.

Jackie was moaning continuously now, and the two of them were fucking like dogs above me, fast and furious. Tony gave a mighty groan, drove into her one last time, and held himself against her. It seemed pretty certain he was cumming deep in her freshly opened cunt. I reached up with both hands and pushing her breasts together, took both nipples into my mouth and sucked hard.

Jackie shuddered in orgasm above me again and again. Tony finally backed away into the darkness, leaving a wet, warm trail of fluids across my stomach and it was just Jackie and I. By this time, my excitement was beyond all experience and my entire cock, balls, and crotch were wet with precum and the contributions Jackie had made earlier.

I slid a little further up on her body and lifted my hips, my rod of steel sliding easily into her tight, soaking depths. Jackie pushed back off of her hands and met my thrust with one of her own, Tony's sperm squishing past my hot shaft and further coating my balls as we came together hard. In seconds, we were fucking furiously, her hips slamming down onto me, while I met her every thrust with an upward one of my own, our pubic bones smashing together with each stroke.

Her hands were on my chest, while my hands kneaded her breasts under her t-shirt and teased her nipples. Her cunt rippled the length of my cock, squeezing and shuddering continuously as I drove repeatedly into her. She was cumming incessantly, and I wished I could see the expression on her face. I was far too excited to make this last. All my efforts were driving towards a finish that couldn't wait. I had to deposit my seed in her.

Now! A dozen, then two dozen strokes and I was there, the first mass of my red-hot sperm rushing the length of my cock hot oriental bombshell pleasures a massive dick splashing like a fire hose in her depths. I thrust and thrust and thrust again, driving to get more of myself into her, my cock delivering spurt after spurt of my pent-up cum to the entrance of her womb. A half a dozen strokes later and I was finished, my flow at an end.

One last massive contraction and Jackie collapsed on top off me, breathing hard, my cock nestled deep, her tits smashed against my cheat, her head on my shoulder. We lay together until our breathing started to return to normal.

"Did I make you cum?" I asked. "What do you think?" she replied with a small laugh. That laugh reassured me that I had not ruined our friendship with my questionable actions.

I was feeling very content, very pleased. I think I had somehow gotten the last word, and would never have to worry about it again.

There was the sound of movement in the room and suddenly the lights came on. Blinking in the brightness, we looked up to see Tony grinning at us.

"You guys are hot," he said. "You're petty hot yourself," Jackie declared, and started to move. I thrust up at her one last time with my half-hard cock before she got off and staggered back. I sat up and found myself sitting in a wide puddle of sperm and other bodily fluids, much of it stained pink. "We got a hell of a mess to clean up before someone comes in here," I observed. There were some paper towels in the storage room and we used them to clean ourselves up some, then got our clothes back on.

I went and found a mop and bucket and mopped up the floor in good shape. Jackie hugged and kissed us both when we were done. She thanked us for the most exciting experience she had ever had, but complained that her panties were soaked and that stuff was running down her legs.

We laughed good-naturedly at her and headed for our next class. I never got to fuck anyone in school again, but was happy to have that one wild occasion to remember.