Big boobs woman gives head and nailed by pawnshop owner

Big boobs woman gives head and nailed by pawnshop owner
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Lars Pollack was the only son of two prominent scientists. His parents had high expectations of him therefore he was a model student in school. He was a member of several professional organizations, and extremely shy. Having graduated two years early, his parents felt he needed to network. Being a genius was one thing, but you still had to put yourself out there. Lars was step son wants sex with mom 19 and he had a problem, he was a virgin.

He'd never even seen a naked woman. Well not one that was alive. So he decided to fix his problem. Several of his father's colleagues employed women from a local escort service when they needed a companion for an evening. Tonight, he had to attend a cocktail party and he'd called earlier to request a companion.

He gave specific directions for his lady. She needed to be at least five feet five inches tall. Built like a Coke bottle and had long shapely legs. He wanted her to wear something sexy, short, and no panties. He didn't want anything between his hand and her pussy if he decided to indulge. Ten minutes before it was time to go, his doorbell rang.

He opened and was shocked to see who was standing at the door. Laney Benson. Laney Benson was in his AP class and she detested him. He had no idea she was a paid escort. "Um, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you. I can't do this." She turned to leave heart pounding. "Wait, Laney. I paid for a service.

You can't leave. I own you tonight." He whispered blood rushing through him. The sight of his nemesis is such a tight revealing outfit and knowing she was naked underneath, had his cock in full attention. Laney stopped. She turned and looked at him.

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The bodice of her dress was so tight, her breast were barely contained. He stared at her rock hard dime sized nipples and knew his dick was leaking precum.

"I wonder what Dr. Brown would say if he learned his star student is a hooker. Now, we have a date and I will keep your secret, but you have to do what I say." Lars whispered. Laney hated this guy. The thought of him touching her turned her stomach. But she needed the money, and she agreed to accompany him. Lars held the door for her as she entered his home. Watching the sway of hips, Lars salivated knowing she was naked beneath the skirt. Laney refused to let this cretin get the best of her.

"Ok, Lars. We have a few minutes. Tell me what you want." "Lift your skirt." He demanded. "What?" Laney asked. Her directions were not to wear panties and she had no intention of showing him her cunt. It was bad enough her tits were spilling out of her top. "I paid for a service and I paid extra, now lift your skirt." Lars demanded. He wanted to see a pussy. More importantly, he wanted to see Laney's pussy.

Laney stood in front of him and slowly lifted the hem of her skirt. Lars was transfixed at the sight of her neatly trimmed bush.

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Laney saw his cock stick straight out and even under his pants she could see he was well endowed. Lars stepped forward. "Please Laney, can I touch you. It's so beautiful, you're beautiful. Let me touch your pussy.

"Go on." She told him. Lars quickly cupped her entire cunt and squeezed tightly. His rough treatment made her moan. Her wet cunt leaked all over his hand. Laney moaned and Lars stopped.

"Don't baby. It felt so good." She moaned. "Damn it, finger fuck me." Lars then attacked her with fervor. He shoved her skirt to her waist and slammed his fingers into her hot cunt.

"Lars, stop." Laney demanded. "Take your cock out." He stopped and freed his member. Laney was impressed. You see Laney loved big cocks and Lars had a nice one. "Baby, I'm going to stroke you while you finger me, alright.

She then grasped his huge member and squeezed. Lars had never been touched by anyone other than himself and he was ready to explode. Laney pumped his member a few times and with a loud scream, Lars covered her hand with his sperm. Laney greedily locked him clean. His cum tasted so good, she knew she'd have to suck him off.

"Lars, get dressed. We have a function, but I promise you. I will take care of you, tonight." Laney whispered. Lars had just had a beautiful woman give him a handjob. Tonight, the one woman he couldn't stand would take his virginity, and he couldn't wait. He fixed his clothes and they headed to the cocktail party. Lars opened the door for Laney, and then he climbed into the car.

Laney's pussy was burning. She leaned back and pulled her skirt to her waist. Then she took his free hand and guided it into her burning bush. Lars spent his time driving and playing with Laney's wet weeping pussy. Her hot sex perfumed the car and Lars could not wait until he got a chance to fuck that girl. When they arrived mom rubbing on the butt with soap the party and the valet came to take the car.

Laney made sure the young man got a clear look at her pussy as she climbed out of the car. Lars saw it and knew that tonight this was his and no one else's. Placing his hand on the small of her back, Lars led Laney into the party. Laney felt a little strange.

She was standing in a party with her date and she had nothing covering her pussy. Some of the men in this party were men she'd been companions to from her job. However, tonight they were with their wives so they all ignored her. Lars paid extra attention to her and treated her as if she were a real date. At one point, Laney stepped out, to find she was followed by a former client. "Mr. Kim, how are you?" Laney asked politely. "I'm fine Laney." He answered breathing heavily. Laney decidedto go back in, but Mr.

Kim stopped her. "Laney, please. I can smell your cunt. Let me lick it. I'll pay you." Digging in his pocket, he pulled out cash. "Mr. Kim. I am on a date. Please schedule a date through the company." She suggested quietly. Kim was not deterred. He grabbed Laney by the arm and pushed her onto a small bench. Then he quickly covered her pussy with his mouth viciously attacking her clit. "Stop, Oh God" Laney moaned loving the feel of the older man's mouth on her hot cunt.

But Mr. Kim continued to eat her out. "Your wife, she might see." Laney pleaded. "Please stop." At the mention of his wife, Mr. Kim stopped. His face was covered with her juices. "Are you going to fuck him tonight?" he asked. "Yes. I am" Laney replied. "After you finish with him, come to my hotel. Here's the key and rubbing her clit till she cums while watching porn number. I want to suck his cum out of you." Mr.

Kim demanded. Laney started to refuse, but Mr. Kim kept talking. "I'll pay triple my usual rate.

Don't clean up, let his cum drip down your thighs. I will clean you." Laney cringed when he mentioned the money. She hated being a whore. But college wasn't cheap, and the agency paid really well. She was able to go without taking out loans like many of her classmates. So if she had to do a few unsavory favors to earn her degree, then she would do it.

"Yes, as soon as we finish, I'll let you lick me out." She promised her much older client. Lars looked around and realized Laney was missing. Soon he saw her walking back in from the patio, so he quickly joined her and led her back into the party. "Where were you? He demanded. "No where, I just needed a breather." She answered.

There was no way she could mention that she was with another client. "I'm paying you to be with me, not breath.

You are mine tonight, Laney. Don't forget that." Lars reminded her. Laney nodded and donned a fake smile. The party was long, tedious, and boring. Mr. Kim waited a few minutes before returning. Laney and her young man left, and Mr. Kim was excited waiting for a chance to suck the young man's spunk from her cunt. He smiled licking his in anticipation. Laney was one of the best he ever hired.

He planned to young chick sucks and rides old rod steps to hire her exclusively. She hated Lars Pollack and was not looking forward to spending time with him. She'd rather fuck a cactus, but work was work.

She did have to pay her tuition. Lars took Laney back to his hotel. She promised him a wild night, and he planned to collect.