Busty milf wants to cherish your balls

Busty milf wants to cherish your balls
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Right after mom spent the night with me, teaching me the ways of passion between lovers, my sister began hanging around me, and I could not fathom why. Usually, Laura only got along with our younger sister Heather and ignored me. That was understandable; she was thirteen and still seemed a little girl, and I was already showing the build and interests of an adult, even though I was only fifteen.

"Erik," she asked, "Do you thing I'm pretty?" She was sitting on my desk chair while I, lying on my bed, tried to read my book. For the umteenth time I replied, "Yes, Laura, you are pretty." "I mean," she emphasized, "really pretty." "Yes, sis, you are really pretty." "Big-girl pretty?" "Come on, Laura, you aren't a big girl yet. How could you be big-girl pretty?

You are pretty for how old you are. Now let it be!" There was a lapse, a silence of several minutes. Then my sister said in a small voice, "I saw you and mommy." "What?" I replied. I looked at her, hoping that Laura did not mean what she had said. How could she have seen us? Was not my door closed? "I saw you and mommy together the night she stayed in your room.

I had to get up, and I saw you together, naked, lying on your bed." I cursed under my breath and attempted to maintain my outward calm. I tiny tits blonde teen elizabeth jolie railed by fat cock as calmly as I could, "Mom was just tucking me in the way she always does, the way she does you and Heather." Laura smiled and shook her head no.

"I saw mommy kissing your willy, and then she played with it until is squirted. Then she had you kiss between her legs. Later she made you lie on top of her." "Maybe you were dreaming," I suggested.

She had seen it all. "No, Erik, I was standing in the hall the entire time, and I left only after you and mommy fell asleep." "So what?" I said exasperated. I decided to give up the pretense. Laura gave me a big lesbian domination hair pulling rough. "Could we play that game too?

I want to be a big girl like mommy." "I don't know, Laura; I don't think that mom would like us to be doing anything like that." "She doesn't need to know. We are here home alone. Mommy and Heather went to that show." She had been fingering the buttons on her blouse, and finally released one. "Besides," she added, "what you and mommy were doing was naughty." "I don't know, Laura.

She undid another button, then another. I could see she had nothing on underneath, so I said not a word, hoping to see some more of my sister's bare flesh. She smiled at me again. She was really a very pretty girl even though she was my sister. Now all the buttons were unfastened. A wide strip of her naked chest was visible between the parted blouse edges.

She shrugged the garment off her shoulders.

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Right away I saw her little immature boobs. They were almost all puffy nipples on top of little soft mounds of pure virginal skin. I sucked in my breath. "Wow, Laura, you really are pretty!" My sister stood up and carefully draped the blouse over the back of the chair. Laura undid the waist of her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Underneath she was wearing flimsy panties with a flowery pattern. My sister, now that I could see almost all of her, was almost straight up and down with a slight flaring of her youthful hips.

Her lines were trim, smooth, and. well, sexy, I suppose.

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My dick was hard enough. She picked up her skirt and placed it carefully on the chair and ambled over to the bed. Was she trying to make her hips sway like that, or was it just they way girls pron xxx bf story dowlod "Move over, Erik." I moved over. Laura slid onto the bed next to me and pressed her near-naked body against my own.

"Don't all those clothes interfere with what you want to do?" she asked. "Uh. uh. I guess so." "Well why don't you take them off, silly." I jumped up and shucked off everything, tossing my clothing onto the floor. My dick was sticking straight out as I lay down again.

Laura reached out and touched it.

It jerked, and she squealed with laughter. "That's so funny; your willy jumps around on its own." Then more seriously, my sister said, "I heard the other girls talking about boys, and I want to see what they were talking about." "Do you want to give me a hand job?" I asked.

"I heard about that kind of fun," Laura replied. She reached down and put her hand around my ddeep fisting elbow fisting perfect nurse anal fisting tube porn and began to stroke it up and down. It seemed she had heard about how to do a hand job. I reached down and put my hand between her legs and began to feel up her littly pussy. She was already moist and parted her legs more for me. "Suck on me for a while, sweet sister," I urged.

She looked at me, but just kept on stroking my rigid prick. "If you suck me, I'll suck your pussy like I did for mom," I promised. Laura leaned down and took the end of my cock into her mouth and rubbed her little tongue over the head. I could feel her lips applying suction as she teased me with her tongue.

Her mouth was so good. After a few minutes she lifted her head. "Do me for a while now, Erik." I moved downward and my sister spread her legs wide apart. I lay between her smooth thighs and began to kiss and tongue her wet cunt. She had only a few little hairs on the soft mound above her outer lips.

She pressed her herself against me, and I could feel her hips begin to wiggle against my face. After several minutes, I stopped and slid up along side her and we kissed.

"Mmmm. I can taste my cunny on your mouth. Can you taste your willy on mine?" "Yes, but I want you to suck me again, OK?" Laura moved down and began to suck my aching cock.

I started needing to come so bad, but after a few minutes, she stopped once again. "Suck my cunny again, my lover. It needs you so much." she said. I did. The switching back and forth was a bit annoying. I had an idea. I turned around so that I could lick Laura's pussy while she sucked my penis. She looked at me with questions in her eyes.

"Here," I said, "we can do each other brunette slut with small tits and big ass pounded in a threesome the same time." "OK," my sister agreed, "but we aren't done until we both are done." "Agreed." I leaned down and began to lick her pussy.

Soon her lips were wrapped around my prick. I kissed, licked, and sucked. Laura kissed, licked, and sucked. We were having a great time.

I began to feel the tingling begin in my balls, and my sister was bucking her hips against my face. Who would come first, I wondered, as I drove my face into her virgin twat. Laura began to moan. The moans became louder and her little pelvis rotated against me faster and faster.

I pushed my own hips against her trying to drive my cock down her throat. My sister pulled her mouth away. "Ah. ahhhhhh. AHHHH!" she cried out, and her body became immobile with her legs clamping my head. Soon she relaxed and remembered her duty. I felt my sister's warm mouth around my cock once again. I began to lick her wet pussy, enjoying the flavor as my sister sucked me deeper and deeper into her mouth.

I could feel my own climax begin to well up. I groaned and drove my cock into her mouth. "Uhhh. Uhhgh. Oh. suck me off. suck me," I begged. Laura's lips were locked around my prick as it began to spew my thick, creamy cum down her throat. The pleasure was so great that I almost passed out. When I came back to my senses, I looked up. My cock, already somewhat limp was still buried in Laura's mouth.

She pulled it out, but held it ready nearby. "Can I stop sucking now?" she asked. "For now," I replied weakly, "but wait until I get my strength up again, and you can suck me some more." "We have all afternoon," Laura replied and smiled sweetly. She was so beautiful. Why had I never seen that?