Sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits

Sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits
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My first story, tell me if you like it and maybe i'll write more. WARNING: This story contains themes of, as you may have guessed from the tags, children, homosexuality and rape. I fthese offend, please don't read this story. Introduction: this story is it when I was on holiday in europe. I am 11. One of my old freinds, Harry is also on holiday with me, along with his 4 year old brother, Tom.

After a long day, Harry, Tom and I got back to the hotel room.

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I immedietly flopped down onto my bed, while Harry went for a bath, leaving me and Tom alone. "Tom" I said "You can play on sex stories pic full xnxx aunty german iPod, but only if you let me do whatever I want to you.". "O.K." said Tom, running over happily. He jumped up onto my bed, and I handed my iPod over to him, but only after telling him that he was not to tell anyone about what I was doing or they would be very angry with him.

After he had settled in, I slowly pulled his trousers down, leaving only his babyish pants covering his virgin ass. Slowly,gently, I pulled his pants down aswell so that I could see his tiny, chubby, butt cheeks.

"What are you doing?" he asked nervously.

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"Nothing", I said, before licking my finger to lube it up before I slowly ran my finger aroung the four year olds' slightly dirty and very sweaty sphincter.

Then, after licking my finger clean, I put my right index finger slowly Toms` tight anus. "What are you doing?" he asked nervously. "I thought you said that you would let me do anything to you. Now, unless you don't want to play on my iPod, be quiet.".

To this day, i donot know why Tom was so obsessed with it, but that certainly shut him up. Now that I had fingered Tom's asshole and gotten away with it, I decided to try some thing a bit more forward.

I slowly bent down to his asshole and, grabbing both of his small butt cheeks, shoved my tounge as far into his dirty asshole.

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My tounge got about 2 centi meters in before Tom yelped so loudly that Tom heard from the bath. "Is everything all right in there?" he asked, sounding worried. "Yep, fine" came my muffled voice, as my tounge was still probing Tom.

"O.K." said Tom, still sounding unsure. This close encounter made me remember that I did not have forever. Quickly, I unzipped my flies to let my small but rock hard 3 inch erection out of my straining pants. Covering Tom's mouth, I sunk my small, preteen penis into Tom's innocent asshole. As sunk my cock into him I felt him trying to cry out through my hand, trying not to lose his virginity so violently.

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After raping his inncocent ass for about 2 minutes, I felt myself about to cum. The next thing I knew, Harry was walking through the door. After about 10 seconds of staring at my thin cock in Tom's raw, pink butt he began to talk. "What are you doing George?". "Um. Well., It's kind of hard to explain" I said, scared that Harry would tell on me. Then, after we had both been silent for about 20 seconds, me completely naked and Harry with a towel, I saw a small bulge grow under Harry's thin covering.

Quickly, I walked over to him, shut the door and ripped his towel away from his skinny body. Slowly, I took his tiny cock in my hand and inserted into my own ass, Tom beautiful teen in sexy lingerie masturbating on webcam watching.

"Fuck me until I cum" I told him, and he agreed by pummeling my smooth, puckered asshole. When he and I finally orgasmed (Dry of course as he was only 11) we both flopped down onto my bed, exhausted. "That felt so good moaned harry. "But what are we going to do about Tom?" I asked, scared that he would tell someone. "Don't worry" said Harry, "Tom never tells when anything is done to him".

And sure enough, there he was, playing on my iPod like nothing had happened. I could finally relax.

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