Wife and husband first night sex bides

Wife and husband first night sex bides
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this is true, I was about 14 and it was really amazing and im still going out with him! it was a sunday night, i was sitting in my room playing on the computer, all of a sudden this sex add came up, it had porn and girls and everything on it i was amazed how sexy it looked, i clicked on it and all this hard core porn showed up, there was gay, lesbian.

i clicked on this porn film called 'fuck reall hard', i began to watch it seeing this made me so horny, i slowly slipped my hand down my body feeling my boobs then my belly and in my pants, i started to rub my vagina softly, as i watched it they started to go really fast, so i copied them and felt this hole so i put my finger in it, it hert at first but then i put another finger in and soon i had 3 in, on the porn they started cumming, and i got this strange feeling, my legs turnd to jelly as my spine tinggeled i got an orgamsam.

i just sat there in glory and pain, not really knowing what has happend, i heard my dad coming up the stairs so i took my hand out of my pants and turnd of the porn, sitting breathing heavy i got my hoodie that was on my bed and put it on and put up my hood, he came in and asked me if i was ok and what i wanted for dinner, i answerd saying " whatever your having," whilst breathing heavily, "ok," said my dad a bit curios to see my face, as he walked down stairs i busty ebony babe gets banged hard outdoor my computer of and read a book, it wasn't soon till he came back up with a sandwich and a load of crisps, and put them on my bed and looked at me and walked out.

for some strange reason i fell asleep, probably to tierd after that. the next day i awoke with my friend (luke) knocking on the door asking for his game back, i walked down stairs in my dressing gown and slippers, "shannon, hurry up!" luke shouted, "ok,ok, im coming!" i screamed i answerd the door and shuved him inside and practacly dragged him up stairs so he could get the game, "you woke me up.For THAT Game?" i asked "yes, i want to have my go now" luke answerd "here!, i want it back tonight!" i screamed "all right.jeez" luke said cocky like he ran out and shouted thanks half way down the street, my dad just got out of bed and ran to get his clothes and went to work, "working late tonight dont answer the door to nobody!" shouted my dad as he got in the car.

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i went back on the computer and looked at the porn agian, this time there was stories, which i read for more than an hour, soon i wanted to watch porn insted of read it, so i looked over and over agian for the hardest porn ever, it was 2 hours till i found the dirtest, rudest, sexy porn you could imagin, agian i started fingering myself but more confidently and horny, it was 5pm and my dad stays at work untill 6am as he works as a security man down in the shopping center.

so i knew i was safe to go on all night if i wanted to! i turned the volume on loud so i would get dad forces sissy fem son tfuck horny, suddenly i herd a bang on the front door to slow my bedroom door opened, it was luke, he just stud there, mouth opened and gazing at me, i jumped up and turned my computer of, i was so embarrest, i had a red face and i was half naked, luke had a big smile it was as if he liked it.

i said sorry so many times and he just giggeld, i out my pants on and took him down stairs, he asked if he could have a drink and i said no but he kept asking so i made him some coco (to tell you the truth i did have a secrat crush on him) i sat near him and he just smiled, i turned the TV on and started watching this cartoon, "sooo, why did you do that?" he asked "hhherrrrrmmmmm.i don't know(?)" i answerd "don't worry, my mum caught me!" he said "what happend?" i asked "i got grounded then she gave me 'THE' Talk" he answerd 'Dramaticly' "god, thank god it was only you!" i said "why didn't you want the talk?" he asked "NO!" i answerd "you not going that easily then!" he said "why what you going to do then," i asked he looked at me and i looked at him, suddenly i grabbed a pillow and hit him with it and so did he, the pillow fight went on for ages, and then we got bored so i asked him if he wanted to go on the trampoline i have in my back garden, he agread and we ran, knowing it would be dark i put on the big light that is used to detect people if they go near our house, we jumped on the trampoline pushing eachother over every time we got up, we started breathing heavily and sat down still jumping on our bums slowly.

"hey," wisperd luke "what?" i asked "wana play truth or dare?" he asked "yea of." he stopped me "dirty typ?" he asked sex sax story 18 sex stories com i said "truth or dare?" he asked "truth" i anserd "have you ever had sex?" he asked "no.no i havn't," i answerd "truth or dare?"i asked "dare!" he answerd "i dare you to hump that tree.pants down!" i requested "yuk!.but i'll do it" he answerd He pulled his pants down with a large thick penis, and started humping this tree, and got a bit of an erection.

he came back on the trampoline and asked, "truth or dare?" he asked "truth!" i said "oh.say dare please!" he begged "fine.DARE!" i said "dare you to pull your pants down and run round naked!" he asked "no way!" i said "i had to hump a tree!" he said i got of the trampoline and pulled my pants down showing my vagina and ran round, he started getting an erection full on!

he jumped of and ran to me and kissed me, i kissed him back and we went up stairs. "shannon, i love you!" he said "i have a huge crush on you!" i screamed as we giggeld and went in my room, he sat on my bed and pulled his top of, i ran into my dads room looking for a condom, i found one saying 'apple flaver'.

i ran back in and he was fully naked with a bulging erection, i passed him the condom and he put beautiful kagney has her tight pussy drilled one, i started getting naked for him and jumped on him, he suddenly asked, "have you really never had sex?" "no, but i want you to pop my cherry!" i said he looked suprised and tried to put his dick in me, as soon as he did i felt a massive pain through my body, he asked me if i was alright but i just said carry on, we started slow and gaind speed, it turned from pain to pleasure, "faster.faster luke!" i demanded "ok, you want this harder!" he asked "yes, yes.harder faster" i screamed his penis was raging hard, he screamed, "im cumming, im cumming!" over and over agian "let it out" i screamed "oh, a,a,a,a,a,a,a,a.OH FUCK ME" he screamed as he was having an orgasam i laid on him, trying to get my breath back.

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i got of him and i started bleeding on my sheets, we looked at each other and laughed, "how am i going to explain this to my dad?" i asked "i told you.you were going to get 'THE' Talk" he said i looked at him and kissed him agian, i looked at my alarm clock and it said 4:56 am, "luke, my dad will be home soon, just leave it your 14 he will understand!" said luke we laid down naked under my covers and went to sleep, knowing i'll have ALOT to explain!

To Be Continued.