Diesel mom and blonde milf teen having her way with a rookie

Diesel mom and blonde milf teen having her way with a rookie
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Its residents had heard the news that a meteor shower would be clearly visible for them to see during the night hours. It was a festive occasion and the people gathered with their drinks and cameras to watch the rare event.

Only a handful saw the meteor fragment land in the park that was in the middle of town, leaving a four foot deep hole. Within moments, the fragment's parasites were burrowing into the soil. The park was closed while stickyasian compilation girl teens love big cock in mouth blowjob and thai impact was investigated and reopened 24 hours later when no danger to the citizens were detected.

As the parasites spread outward, they came in contact with earthworms and in two weeks, a new species of worm was evolving and adapting to their earthen environment. The newly formed colony became sensitive to the noise and vibrations generated by the towns businesses and traffic, causing them to migrate toward the quieter suburban areas. Communication between the worms were on the telepathic level allowing information to be rapidly passed throughout the colony.

This level of communication could be passed to humans in the form of a 'suggestion'. Their vision could be tuned to the entire light spectrum, infrared through ultra-violet. It was a warm summer's night and some of the worms had risen to the grassy surface in the backyard of a house. A couple were having sex and were unaware that they were being studied. When they finished they went into the house and the worms began analyzing the fluids that were on the grass.

Within seconds internal chemical changes were remapping the worm's DNA and biological makeup. The need for more of these fluids became a priority. All returned to the soil and began passing the enhanced DNA to the rest of the colony. They needed to know more about the human anatomy and the colony entered several single homes where they observed the mating practices of males with females, males with males and females/females.

A group of worms returned to the town's center and came upon a fertility clinic. Here, they learned all they needed to know about the human anatomy and its sexual organs. A The colony selected two homes where a female and a male lived by themselves.

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The male was chosen because he was observed having sex with another male. The worms watched as the humans undressed each other. They saw the human's hands and mouths arouse each other's bodies and ultimately witnessed their orgasms. They saw the unassisted forceful ejaculation of the male that was being mounted by another male. The colony was now ready to acquire and store the valued fluids that the humans could produce for them. They selected two homes where a female and a male lived by themselves.

The male was chosen because he had mated with another male. 1.02 ELLIE AND THE WORMS: The four worms entered the crawl space under Ellie's house. Guided by their infrared vision, they made their way into her bedroom. The worms crawled onto the bed and observed their sleeping target. Ellie was resting on her right side and one of the worms 'suggested' that she roll over onto her back and Ellie unconsciously did so.

Two 8" x 2" worms made their way toward the sides of Ellie's body. As they neared her body, the color and texture of the worms changed to a clear transparent color and their physical shape became circular.

The rounded worm masses made their way upward onto Ellie's chest and slowly formed two massaging pouches over her firm breasts. Two internal school boy and madam xnxx depressions formed and descended onto her nipples, gently sucking them into their warm 'mouths'.

At the same time, two worms were making their way from the foot of the bed toward the junction of her thighs. One was long and thick, 12" x 2" and the other was small, 3" x 1/2".

The smaller one reached its destination first. It also, changed its from color to a clear, transparent color. The leading 'end' formed into a suckling 'mouth' and slithered into the soft confines of her clitoral hood and became dormant when it nestled onto her clitoris. The larger worm was now inches from Ellie's labia and its leading 'end' formed into two thick 'lips' and molded itself over the closed folds of her labia, just under the smaller worm. It secreted a chemical that would put Ellie into a dream state.

The encasing pouches on her breasts began a sensuous massaging and kneading action and the suckling 'mouths' now had her nipples fully erect. The new sensations rippled across her chest and flowed downward toward her aroused sex. As the pouches and 'mouths' intensified their actions she began pushing her aching breasts and erect nipples into the worm's silky pouches.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Ellie was dreaming that her Lover was laying beside her and his hands, tongue and lips that were exploring body. A long soft moan escaped her sleeping mouth and she unconsciously bent her legs and spread her thighs wide apart.

As her bent thighs spread apart, her Lover moved between them. At the same time, the thick worm attached to the folds of labia nestled further inward as her thighs widened. Her arousal slowly grew and radiated across her loins.

Cilia-like tubes formed within the lips and massaged their way between the swelling folds with a delicious suckling action. The smaller worm felt Ellie's clitoris harden within its rippling 'throat'.

The more it expanded, the more the worm had to suck and suckle on. Ellie moaned as her rigid clitoris began spasming within the clenching 'throat' of the worm's body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Ellie's sleeping hips jerked and a gasp escaped her mouth as jolts of pleasure exploded across her loins.

A thick mass pushed through the center of worm's suckling lips and pressed between her swollen folds, pushing them further apart. She felt an exquisite pressure as her inner lips and vaginal opening stretched to accommodate the flexing thickness of her dream Lover's erection, then felt unbelievable sensations exploding within her as the worm's twisting cilia nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls.

As the worm slithered inward it began circling the sensitive lining of her enflamed passage. Suddenly, Ellie arched up from the bed and her hips began franticly grinding her seething sex in the air. The worm had found her illusive 'G' spot and Ellie screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with jolts of joy. Ellie began twisting her hips in a desperate attempt to get her Lover's erection to deeply penetrate her vagina.

She wanted it all, she needed it all. She thrust her sex upward, forcing the worm's body to lunge into the depths of her sexual being. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The worm rested for a few seconds while Ellie cooed and gurgled with joy. Then, it slowly withdrew and plunged back into her seething vaginal sheath.

The worm's mass was now expanding to 3" as it flexed deep within her body. Her dream Lover pulled out and twisted his way inward, again and again and again. Ellie's body was catapulted into a sexual frenzy.

"Ohhhhhhh!! Yessssssss!!" The worm-like phallic expanded and contracted, twisted and turned as it burrowed into Ellie's enflamed passage then slithered back out. Her frenzied body was now totally controlled by the ravenous worm. Ellie instinctively fell into the same rhythm.

She began urgent counter thrusts with her thrashing hips, her thick vaginal juices were being sucked up by the thousands of cilia-like tubes that were ecstatically tormenting her seething vagina.

All the while, the worm's pouches continued to massage and knead her aching breasts and suckle on her bullet-like nipples. The purring 'mouth' and 'throat' that encased her rigid organ of joy now joined in on the ecstatic assault on Ellie's body. Her rigid clitoris exploded sending ecstatic jolts of ecstasy roaring through her body like a series of freight trains.

The worm knew that Ellie was at her orgasmic point of no deepthroater darling lilith gets her pussy hammered hard and it intensified its assault on her sexuality.

Her clasping and clenching vaginal muscles tightly gripped the worm's flexing body. Her mouth opened wide but no sound was heard, Her glassy eyes opened wide but saw nothing. Her entire body arched upward and froze as her orgasm was unleashed.

With a deep intake of breath, Ellie's orgasmic wail echoed around the room as her body finally exploded with its total orgasm and the worm feasted on her gushing nectar. IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Ellie slumped down onto the bed, gasping and panting. A low moan escaped Ellie's unconscious body as the worm slowly withdrew from her reluctant vagina with a loud slurping sound. The slick 'mouth' slipped away from her engorged clitoris and her rigid pink organ popped into the air.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The suckling pouches lifted from her breasts and nipples and slipped down the sides of her body onto the bed. Ellie drifted back to sleep as her 'wet dream' and her Lover faded. The worms pooled their information with each other and drew up the requirements to arouse a female and bring her to full orgasm. They also had the information needed for a female's sexual enhancements.

They left the way they had arrived and returned to the colony. 1.03 OWEN AND THE WORMS: The five worms entered the crawl space under Owen's house. Guided by their infrared vision, they made their way into his bedroom. The worms crawled onto the bed and observed their sleeping target. Owen was sleeping in the nude with the sheet partially covering his body.

He was dreaming of his Lover Stanley and his penis was half erect. The two smaller worms, 2" x 1/16", made their way toward the sides of his body.

As they neared his body, the color and texture of the worms changed to a clear transparent color and their physical shape became circular.

The rounded worm masses made their way upward onto Owen's chest and slowly formed over each of his areolas. Within each mass, internal mouth-like depressions formed and descended onto each nipple with a gentle suckling motion. Owen sighed as his dream Lover lowered his mouth and his lips paid homage to his stiffening nipples. At the same time, the other three worms were making their way toward the junction of his thighs. One was long and thick, 12" x 2" and the second was smaller, 8" x 3/4".

They also changed their color to a transparent clearness as they neared his body. The last worm, 10" x 1/4", made its way toward his waist. The 8" x 3/4" worm reached Owen's body first and pressed between the spread cheeks of his buttocks, nudging against the tight opening to his rectum. The larger worm slithered under his testicles and upward onto his half erect member. An opening appeared under Owen's testicles and his balls slipped into a warm, silky, massaging pouch.

It secreted a chemical that would keep Owen in his dream state. Owen sighed and his penis grew harder as the hands of his Lover lifted and massaged his testicles.

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The portion of the worm that lay over his erection now formed a opening and Owen's sigh became a moan as his hardness was manipulated into a warm velvety sheath. As the worm closed around Owen's erection, its sheath began to caress and squeeze his engorged member. The long, thin worm slithered onto Owen's lower abdomen and became dormant.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Owen was dreaming that Stanley's hands, tongue and lips that were exploring every erogenous zone on his body. He unconsciously bent his legs and spread his thighs wide apart allowing his Lover to lay between them. The worm that was snuggled against his rectal area nestled deeper into his anal lips. His breathing quickened as an exquisite tingling grew within each nipple as his Lover's lips and tongue adorned his nipples.

The feelings intensified as his dormant male nipples tingled and grew erect within the suckling 'mouths'. The thick head of the worm that was nestled between his anal lips began to ooze a muscle relaxing chemical. The warm liquid caused his anus and rectal sheath to ripple with pleasure as the fingers of his Lover caressed the treasured opening to his 'womanhood'. "Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!" The worm's mass slipped inward twisting and turning and Owen's hips squirmed as the slick length nudged its way into his rectum.

He moaned with pleasure as the 'fingers' began to massage the sensitive lining of his rectal sheath. "Ohhhhhh!! Stanley!!" The tip of the exploring worm began circling the walls of his rectal sheath as if were searching for something . and then it found it, Owen's prostate. The worm incased the sensitive tissues forming a soft, warm 'mouth' and began a delicious sucking motion.

Owen arched up and gasped at the incredible contact. His erection jerked as ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to the thick, sensitive gland of his erection.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The worm's slow, soft massaging motion was constant and never faltered. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted across his loins. Preseminal fluid seeped out of the opening slit on the excited crown and was eagerly swallowed by the worm's thirsty 'mouth'. Within a minute the small explosions intensified and Owen was moaning and gasping. As his body quaked with minor orgasms, the hips of his sleeping body thrust his engorged member into the worm's 'vaginal' sheath in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

The worm suddenly stopped its exquisite massaging of Owen's prostate. The worm lay dormant within Owen's spasming passage. Owen moaned in disappointment and kept thrusting his erection into squeezing sheath. The top of the worm's sheath opened and the head of Owen's glistening erection popped into the air. The dormant fifth worm that was laying on Owen's abdomen, came to life and slithered up his companion toward the bared gland. Its body oozed a clear thick liquid as it arched upward and then downward into Owen's urethra.

A long sigh escaped his lips as the worm slipped deep into his manhood. The worm reached the valves that controlled the flow of semen and sperm into the urethra. Not knowing which was which, it opened the first valve and slithered downward into Owen's testicles. It began analyzing the fluids and its sperm content. The worm then returned to the valve, closed it, and moved to the second valve. It communicated with the rectal worm as it slipped into the fleshy tissues of Owen's prostate and seminal vesicles.

Owen gasped loudly as they worked in unison to stimulate the sensitive organ. The seminal fluids were analyzed as the spurted past the body of the long worm as it flowed toward the straining head of his erection. Owen's engorged member jerked wildly and the worm's exposed length whipped back and forth in the air. The worm now had the information of a male's internal sexual makeup and withdrew.

Owen sighed as it slipped out of his oozing urethra and once again became dormant on his abdomen. The open sheath closed around Owen's erection.

The body of the rectal worm now lengthened and thickened to 8" x 2.50" as the clenching sheath began to ripple up and down his manhood. Owen's dream Lover began slow inward and outward thrusts into his excited, slick rectal sheath. The phallic shaped worm bored deeply into Owen's 'womanhood' and his chest arched up pushing his rigid nipples into the worm's suckling mouths. Owen was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. His body thrust his hardness upward into the worm's loving sheath and then plunged his enflamed rectal sheath downward onto the worm's flexing phallic shaped body.

The room was filled with gasps and pants as Owen's dream Lover pushed him toward his orgasmic trip point. UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!" His convulsing body heaved and bucked on the bed, his head thrashed from side to side. He gasped and wailed. His huge, thick erection was jerking wildly within the clenching and squeezing sheath as the rectal phallus lunged into the depths of his spasming rectal sheath. His thick gland twitched with a sense of urgency as his rectal muscles milked his Lover's stroking erection.

Owen's whole body went on hold as his hot thick load of semen entered the base of his erection. The thick stream surged its way upward and seemed to stall and play with the most sensitive of male glands, the crown of his penis.

The liquid joy swirled around the head and then jettisoned into the worm's feasting mouth. His legs kicked outward in a wide 'V', cycling frantically in the air over the bed as his orgasm exploded across his body. Owen slumped down onto the bed moaning as the delicious aftershocks rippled throughout his body.

The moans and sighs slowly ebbed and he drifted back to sleep as his Lover and 'wet dream' faded. The worm disengaged itself from his softening, slick penis and it plopped onto his abdomen oozing the remnants of his ejaculation. A soft moan was heard as the fullness slipped out of his rectal sheath with a loud slurping sound. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Finally, the two worms that were attached to his nipples and areolas withdrew from his chest. The worms pooled their information with each other and drew up the requirements to arouse a male and bring him to full orgasm.

They also had the information needed for a male's sexual enhancements. They left the way they had arrived and returned to the colony. 1.04 THE COLONY IS READY: The information gathered from Ellie and Owen was distributed throughout the colony.

For the female, the three major erogenous zones were the nipples, clitoris and vagina. Enhancing these areas would result in a greater orgasm and more production of the orgasmic fluids.

For the male, the four major erogenous zones of a male were the penis, anal area, prostate and nipples. Enhancing these areas would result in greater volumes of semen and sperm, along with more forceful ejaculations.

The colony was now divided into two groups. One would be assigned to males and the other to females. The female group consisted of four worms and the male group with five worms. Each had its assigned target on the human body. Included in the worm's mix of chemicals, were aphrodisiacs, sedation and acceptance drugs. The leader of each group would select the target and if required, use its telepathic 'suggestion' to have the target undress.

The worms spread silently outward in the soil below the suburban areas of the town. They would apply their 'magic' day or night whenever they found a male or female alone. The worm's bodies had evolved so they could maneuver out of the soil into the open sex kutty web com xxx storys porn as well as into water.

1.05 LISA AND ARON INTRODUCTION: Lisa and Aron are 16 year old twins. Lisa is sexually mature and very promiscuous for her age. She is internet savvy, strong willed and has dreams of seducing her brother. Aron on the other hand is not as sexually mature as his sister. He has not masturbated and is quite content to play with his friends or lose himself in his Xbox, playing video games. Lisa had learned from her friend next door that the previous owner had installed hidden wireless HD cameras in all the rooms as part of a home security system.

After much searching, she found extreme and hardcore anal gape ryland ann loves it rough system and with help from the internet, she activated it in her laptop. The multiple views of each bedroom took her breath away. Adrian and Michelle were on a 'get away' weekend and Lisa and Aron were looking after themselves. Their next door neighbor would look in on them occasionally.

It was Friday night and Lisa was at her computer and Aron was totally occupied playing Starwars 3. Lisa was again surfing the erotic sites for videos and stories. At 10:30, they decided to go to bed. 1.06 LISA AND HER WORMS: Lisa had folded the covers down on the bed and lay naked on the bottom sheet.

As her hands pleasured herself, her mind was filled with naked images of her brother. The worms moved toward her body. The breast worms reached her first and through the fog of her arousal, she felt the warm, slick masses slipping onto her upper abdomen.

She opened her eyes and saw the two 8" x 2" worms. With a startled gasp, she quickly sat up on the bed and then she saw the other two worms crawling toward her spread legs. She was about to leap off the bed when the breast worms secreted a docility drug that was absorbed into her skin. Lisa calmed and watched with mesmerized eyes as the two worms formed into clear, circular masses and swept over her breasts, encasing each of them within a massaging and kneading pouch.

'Mouth' like depressions formed within each pouch and descended onto her erect nipples with a delicious suckling action. Thoughts of her brother faded and were replaced with mental images of the stories she had just read.

She slumped back on the bed with her head on the pillow and let the sensations flow across her body. Through dazed eyes, she saw a 12" x 2" thick worm approach the junction of her thighs. She instinctively closed her legs but the worm kept slipping forward. It 'head' formed into two thick lips and Lisa held her breath when she felt it nudge against the folds of her labia. The worm's 'mouth' opened and she gasped as it spread over her labia just below the hood of her clitoris.

It began an exquisite massaging action and suckling cilia-like tubes pushed between the folds. Lisa moaned and her legs quickly bent at the knees and her thighs spread apart. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Her eyes opened wide when she saw the long, thick worm lying between her thighs attached to labia.

The sensations that were flooding her loins were incredible and her breathing came in pants and gasps. It was then that she saw the forth worm, 3" x 1/2", slither onto her left thigh and make its way toward her labia.

Again she held her breath as the smaller worm edged its way toward her hardening clitoris. Its clasping 'mouth' deliciously slipped over the pink tip of her organ of joy and slowly suckled its way over the rigid appendage and slipped into its protective hood.

Lisa squealed at the ecstatic contact and her hips jerked wildly as jolts of joy shot across her sex. The suctioning 'mouths' of both worms were now firmly attached to her labia and clitoris. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The worms slowed their actions on Lisa's swelling labia, clitoris, breasts and nipples to a low lovable kitten is spreading narrowed fuckbox in closeup and climaxing purrs and suckles.

They now had Lisa's body under their control. They let her rest for a few seconds as she savored the new sensations that were flowing throughout her body and mind. 1.07 LISA, WORMS, FIRST ORGASM: In a few moments, the worms renewed their assault on Lisa's highly aroused body.

The head of the worm that was formed over her labia slipped into the flared pink crease, pushing the folds further apart and began sucking on the excited entrance to her vagina.

The exquisite sensations melded into those from the clitoral and breast massagers. Lisa arched up from the bed gasping loudly. "Ohhhhhh!! Kayla quinn drills her tongue on man ass for cum in mouth Lisa closed her dazed and aroused eyes and began moving her swollen sex back and forth onto both massagers. Her mind became saturated with wonderful waves of joy that were cascading across her body.

Soft slurping sounds could be heard as her juices mixed with the slick 'lips' of the worm's labia massager. Her excited and clasping vaginal opening was trying to draw the suckling 'lips' further into her vagina. Lisa was jolted out of her euphoric daze when she felt a slight pulsing pressure nudge against her clasping inner lips. The pressure built and Lisa gasped when she felt the entrance to her vagina being gently stretched opened.

The thick interior of the worm had formed into a phallic and was nudging at the portal to her to her virgin womanhood. She felt a warm liquid oozing from the head of the worm and a delicious warmth spread around her eager entrance and spread inward. Her inner lips stretched excitedly over the pulsing head and Lisa moaned as waves of joy flooded her sex. She pushed down and ground her vaginal entrance against the slowly advancing head of the worm and she squealed as it slowly slipped inward, twisting and turning.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Lisa felt an exquisite pressure as her inner lips and vagina stretched to accommodate the flexing thickness of the worm's phallic, then unbelievable doctor guorp xxx storys narus exploded within her as the worm's twisting cilia nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls.

The flexing head nudged up against Lisa's hymen and secreted a numbing chemical which destroyed the nerve endings of the sensitive membrane. The tip of the flexing worm pushed through the small opening in the center of the membrane, shredding her hymen as it slipped through it. With a few slow, reversing strokes, the worm insured that Lisa's virginity was taken. The worm now slithered inward and began circling the sensitive vaginal lining of her enflamed passage, as though it was looking for something.

Its circling head intensified as it neared its target. Suddenly, Lisa arched upward, her hips began franticly grinding her seething sex onto worm's thick body. The worm had found her elusive 'G' spot and Lisa screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with of joy. "OHHHHHHHHHH!! GODDDDDDD!!" Her arousal vaulted and she moaned in joy as the ecstatic sensations rippled throughout her enflamed sex.

As the worm slipped inward, so did the number of pulsing nubs. Lisa wailed in ecstasy as her vaginal muscles rippled in sync with the nubs. The suckling clitoral 'mouth' made her organ of joy feel as though it was going to explode. The loving worm now sunk deeper into Lisa's enflamed passage. It twisted and turned, pulsed and purred as it explored the excited sheath. Soon its eight inches of warm undulating thickness made Lisa's mind reel with its ecstatic fullness. The worm partially withdrew then slipped back inward, twisting, turning and flexing.

It began an ecstatic rhythm, all out, then all in, slow then fast. The worms was now assaulting every erogenous zone in and on her body. From the encasing pouches and 'mouths' on her breasts, to the suckling clitoral sheath to the labia massager and its incredible lunging phallic. Lisa was thrown into a sexual frenzy.

The relentless thrusts of the worm twisted, turned and flexed as it explored her enflamed passage. The clitoral massager now began to push Lisa toward her orgasmic trip point. Its suctioning 'lips' caused her spasming organ to explode with jolts of joy. All the sensations now melded together and Lisa's body bucked and thrashed wildly above the bed.

Her wail's echoed around the room. "AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!" A clear sac at the exterior end of the worm began to fill with a milky colored fluid. Suddenly, the worm lunged inward and stopped. It swelled to a full three inches inside Lisa's enraged passage. Lisa mind went into an ecstatic freeze when she felt her 'Lover' begin deep jerks and flexes. Lisa was at her orgasmic trip point and her spasming vaginal muscles could feel the expanding pulses of the worm's ejaculant as it surged toward the flexing head of attractive doll presents huge butt and gets anal shagged amateur and babe worm.

The worm unleashed its forceful torrents of ejaculant which jettisoned into her seething vagina and her spasming sheath ballooned ecstatically. The exterior sac was refilling itself.

Lisa screeched as waves of ecstasy flooded her body and her own orgasm was unleashed. Her vagina went into deep convulsions, her organ of joy exploded and her first total, orgasm was exploded across her body. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Her 'Lover' renewed its deep thrusts and deep orgasmic spasms rolled throughout Lisa's body like a series of freight trains.

She screamed as the orgasmic waves hit her. Her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled. Her legs kicked franticly in the air as the worms pushed her into another total orgasm. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ." Lisa's exhausted and drained body shutdown and the worm rested within her frothy vagina with delicious 'purrs'.

Lisa remained unconscious for about minute. As she slowly recovered, she felt the imbedded 'purring' and moaned as it induced delicious post orgasmic aftershocks. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The worm was feasting on her gushing orgasmic fluids.

She closed her eyes and savored all the new sensations that were flooding her body. The worm slipped out of her contented vagina. Its head remained nestled between he her wet, tingling inner lips. 1.08 LISA, WORMS, BREAST ENHANCEMENT: Lisa slumped onto the bed and pillow while she slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

She looked down her body and saw the loving 'mouth' of the larger worm encasing her swollen flared folds with delicious suckling massages. She could see her engorged clitoris and erect nipples within the loving 'mouths' of the other worms. The purring silky pouches on her breasts now released their enhancement chemicals. Lisa suddenly felt a wonderful firmness grip her breasts. Her erect nipples twitched with excitement when she saw her breasts begin to expand within the worm's clear pouches.

Delicious quakes pulsed across her chest as her breasts and nipples began expanding in delicious spurts. "Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!" BREASTS: 32B NIPPLES: 4/16" x 4/16" "Ohhhhhh!! Myyyyyyy!!" BREASTS: 32C NIPPLES: 5/16" x 4/16" Lisa couldn't believe how full and full her breasts were beginning to feel.

Her nipples had never felt so hard and tingly. "Ohh!! Ohh!! ohh!!" BREASTS: 32D NIPPLES: 6/16" x 5/16" The expanding pouches had more to work on and the kneading, massaging and suckling intensified. "OHHHHHHH!! YESSSSSSSS!!" BREASTS: 34A NIPPLES: 7/16" x 5/16" Lisa was thrusting her breasts ands nipples wildly into the loving pouches. BREASTS: 34B NIPPLES: 1/2" x 3/8" Lisa's breasts had now reached their targeted size. The worm now had Lisa's breasts and nipples at their target size and the pouches settled down to a wonderful 'purring' action.

Lisa almost sobbed with joy as she ran her hands over the worm's massaging pouches. 1.09 LISA, WORMS, CLITORIS ENHANCEMENT: She lay back savoring the 'new' fullness and firmness. Her hard nipples felt like bullets and she yearned to touch them. The smaller worm that was nestled over her hard clitoris began intensifying its delicious suckling of the rigid organ. Lisa's clitoris jerked wildly as it strained within the sucking 'throat'. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Jesussssssssssssssssssss!!" As it suckled on her rigid organ of joy, the worm released its growth chemicals and Lisa gasped loudly when she felt her clitoris begin to expand within the and suckling 'mouth' and 'throat'.

L/D EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 1/2" x 3/16" . 5/8" x 1/4" With each ecstatic jerk of her hips, Lisa's clitoris lengthened and thickened. EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 3/4" x 3/16" .

1" x 3/8" Lisa's hips bucked and thrashed as the worm had more and more of the excited organ to work with. "Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!" EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 1.25: x 1/2" .

1.50" x 1/2" The rigid organ's natural downward angle insured an ecstatic contact against a thrusting erection. The worm was now driving Lisa toward her clitoral orgasm. Her throbbing organ was now fully within the sucking worm and she threw her head back and wailed as her organ of joy exploded. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" The worm's 'mouth' and 'throat' slowly and tantalizingly withdrew from her erect clitoris and Lisa lay back gasping and panting.

She leaned up on her elbows and looked down her body and saw her excited, pink mini-erection like clitoris extending well beyond the soft confines of its clitoral hood and an excited smile lit up her face. She whispered, "Oh! God, Thank you!" As if in an answer, the worm rippled along the length of her clitoris with a series of sucks and caresses.

Lisa again gasped in joy. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!" 1.10 LISA, WORMS, VAGINAL ENHANCEMENT: Lisa felt the thick, 'purring' head of the worm's phallic, that lay within her clasping inner lips, begin to move. Her arousal was now at a fever pitch and she ground her hips against her slithering unseen Lover.

The flexing head nudged further inward and Lisa's excited lips eagerly slipped over the thick head as it slowly twisted and turned its way into her welcoming vagina. The loving phallic sunk into the depths of her sexual being and Lisa screamed with joy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The twisting head nestled against the flowering portal to her womb and then rested with delicious 'purrs' and flexes as Lisa savored the wonderful fullness that was stretching her womanhood.

The worm now secreted its growth chemicals. Lisa gasped as delicious antsy sensations gripped her entire vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an 8.0" x 3.0" erection. The sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of the vaginal sheath and her elusive 'G' spot was expanded and enhanced. 1.11 LISA, WORMS, VAGINAL TESTING: Suddenly Lisa's entire body was flooded with waves of rippling pleasure. The massaging, kneading and suckling pouches renewed their loving attention on her firm breasts and bullet-like nipples.

The suctioning 'mouth' and 'throat' of the clitoral worm once again slipped ecstatically over her extended organ of joy. Lisa bucked and jerked as her body was thrown into a sexual frenzy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The worm's phallic that was nestled within her clasping inner lips plunged back into the depths of her steaming passage. Lisa squealed in joy as her Lover began an ecstatic series of rhythmic thrusts and lunges. "OH! GOD! Yes! '' . Deeper . Faster ." The phallic began to vary its rhythm, full in, full out, part way in, part way out, always twisting, always flexing.

Lisa was gasping deeply for air as her body became saturated with waves of intense pleasure and her hips bucked and jerked wildly above the bed as her body rode her enhanced orgasmic wave.

Her orgasm came like a clap of thunder and its lightening bolts of joy flashed across her dazed eyes and mind. She arched upward and froze as her loud orgasmic wail echoed around the room. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" She slumped back down, gasping and panting. Her hips continued matching the deep thrusts of her Lover. Her mewing and gurgling sounds became incoherent as they escaped her drooling mouth.

The phallic now expanded its girth and width and Lisa's body went into its sexual 'auto' mode with forceful counter thrusts. Lisa was riding her orgasmic elevator toward her second orgasm. Her hands fisted and her toes curled as her Lover lunged into her womb and unleashed its warm thick ejaculant. Lisa felt the incredible thick volume fill her cervix and vaginal sheath.

Her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing, her mouth opened but no sound was heard. Suddenly, her orgasmic freeze disappeared and the room again was filled with her second orgasmic wail. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ." Lisa's mind and body went into orgasmic overload and she lost consciousness. Her jerking body slumped back down onto the bed. Lisa slowly regained consciousness and she moaned as a series of wonderful aftershocks rippled across her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Lisa purred as she came down from her orgasmic high. She felt The wonderful pouches slip away and her firm breasts and her perky, erect nipples tingled as they sprung into the air. The suckling clitoral 'mouth' released her still engorged clitoris and Lisa gurgled with joy as the rigid pink organ and excited nipples stood tall and hard in the air.

"Goddddddddd!!" The thick phallic slowly withdrew back into the worm's 'labia' mouth. As it detached itself from Lisa labia, a thick mix of vaginal fluids gushed out of the gaping opening as it slowly returned to normal. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Don't leave me!" The worms disappeared as fast as they had appeared. They would wait in the darkened area of the crawl space until morning . for Aron to awake.

After Lisa had composed herself, she got off the bed and stood in front of the closet's full-length mirror and her face beamed with happiness and wonderment. Teen public masturbation squirt library family makes me feel better hands reached for her breasts and she smiled as she lifted and massaged them. Her right hand slipped downward and caressed her still rigid organ of joy and her hips bucked forward as jolts of joy exploded across her loins.

"Oh! God! Oh! God!" She walked slowly into the bathroom and continued the exploration of her body as she stood under the relaxing waters of the shower.

Soon she dried herself off and returned to the bed. She snuggled under the sheet and fell into a restful sleep, thinking about her brother. 1.12 LISA, ARON, MORNING ERECTION: Lisa was up at 7:00 and again her hands and eyes adorned her enhanced body. She turned on her laptop and switched 'on' the camera to Aron's bedroom and smiled.

He was naked, still asleep and laying on his back with the edge of sheet laying over his thighs. His penis was fully erect and twitching over his abdomen. She continued to observe him while she surfed the net.

In about twenty minutes she heard a small moan and saw Aron pull the sheet up to shoulders. His erection pushed up through the sheet like a 'tent' and a small moist circle was becoming visible.

She decided that this morning was the morning that she would discover, first hand, everything there was to know about her brother's body. She put on a robe and walked across the hall to the door of her brother's bedroom.

"Aron . are you Ok? ." Aron, in a quivering voice said, "Yes!" Lisa heard the moan again and opened the door. Aron quickly grasped the sheet and pulled it up to his neck. She walked to the bed and sat down it and saw that the moist spot had gotten larger. She smiled warmly and whispered, "Aron . You know you can talk to me about anything." He relaxed just enough for Lisa to see that he was listening to her.

She put a hand on the sheet covering his right thigh and began a light massaging action. The 'tent' twitched again. "Aron, your body is changing and you are becoming a man. Girls seem to handle the change better than boys. You probably get confused and nervous when your penis becomes hard, especially in the morning, . Is that the way you feel now?" Aron looked at his sister and nodded his head slowly. "Its called puberty and you are going to experience a lot changes, your penis is one of those changes.

Your going to find out that your hardness can give you a lot pleasure and joy . I can help you discover your penis." Aron blushed and just nodded. Lisa smiled, stood up and said softly, "I will help you .

but Mom and Dad must never know . Ok. Since you are naked, it is only fair that I become naked also." Aron watched wide eyed as Lisa removed her robe. He didn't know why, but Lisa's naked, curvaceous, body excited him and the 'tent' got a little bigger. Lisa sat back down on the bed and saw the glistening circle.

She grasped the sheet around Aron's knees and slowly started to pull it downward. Aron was reluctant to let it go. She smiled at him, leaned down and kissed him on the forehead, "Aron, dearest, I can't help you if you don't let me see your body." The hands loosened and Lisa slowly pulled the sheet downward over his body.

She watched intently as the 'tent' neared the edge of the sheet. Aron closed his eyes and moaned softly as his 4.25" erection sprung into the air as the confining fabric slipped away from it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!" Lisa whispered, "Now that wasn't so bad was it, the worst part is over, can we talk about your hard penis?" Aron lifted himself up on his elbows and looked down at his throbbing member. Lisa reached out with her right hand and gently lifted his testicles. Aron gasped as a wonderful feeling spread across his loins and his hardness jumped.

She pressed a finger against Aron's tingling gland, "This is the most sensitive part of your penis." Aron's gasp got louder as Lisa swirled the oozing preseminal fluid around his excited gland.

She ran her slick finger down the sensitive underside of his hardness and then back up to Aron's tingling gland. Aron was experiencing sexual sensations for the very first time and his mind was flooded with feelings that he didn't want to end. He slumped back onto the bed panting and gasping, his manhood throbbed as Lisa's finger continued its wonderful exploration. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Lisa wrapped her hand around Aron's erection with a gentle squeezing and massaging action.

Gasps and pants escaped his mouth as his body thrust his excited penis into his sister's loving hand. Lisa leaned down again and whispered, "Relax Aron, close your eyes and think only of the pleasure that my hand is giving you." Lisa's expert hand, swirled, massaged and squeezed its way up and down her brother's straining manhood.

Aron was soon squirming and bucking as the ecstatic pressures built within his balls and engorged erection. Lisa felt the deep throbs and jerks as Aron's first ejaculation pulsed up his straining member. She leaned in close, not wanting to miss any of the spurts and gushes of her brother's first ejaculation.

Lisa's loving hand followed his contorting body and pulled his erection upward so it stood vertical. The surging semen swirled around Aron's agitated gland and then Lisa saw his liquid joy jettison high into the air and splatter back down onto his abdomen, thighs and her hand. "AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!" Lisa wanted to clap her hands in glee but knew Aron wasn't thru yet. She knew she could coax another stream from Aron's body and now, her slick hands, slipped and glided all around his excited member.

Aron bucked again and froze as another thick stream of semen spewed from the tingling head of his penis. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Aron lay on the bed gasping as the exquisite ripples of joy slowly left his body and dazed mind.

A long string of semen oozed from Aron's softening penis and she reached out and lifted it with a finger. She like the taste of her brother's essence and wanted more. "Let's go have a shower together and then get some breakfast." Aron was now totally committed to Lisa and would do anything she wanted him to do.

1.13 LISA, ARON, SHOWER, HAIR REMOVAL: Lisa took Aron by the hand and they walked out of Aron's room and into Lisa's bedroom. She wanted to use her shower.

Lisa thought, 'Now is the best time to get Aron's hair off of his body. A little later on, he might not be so agreeable to it.

Besides he will look sexy with a his hairless penis, balls and thighs.' She got the waters flowing to a nice warm temperature and they stepped into the shower. Lisa reached for the bottle of silky depilatory and said, "Aron, I am going to remove all your hair 'down there'.

It will make you feel nice and sexy." Aron just nodded, not really knowing why Lisa wanted to do that. She had Aron move out of the flowing waters and knelt down in front of sexy best friends making out in their bedroom and told him to spread his legs and hunch down a bit.

She then squirted a liberal portion of the thick depilatory over his lower abdomen, thighs, penis, balls and between the spread cheeks of his buttocks. Aron began panting as her wonderful hands spread the silky liquid all over the midsection of his mi sveglia percheacute lo vuole nel culo, mixing it into all the hair that she could find.

Aron felt delicious 'popping' sensations as the depilatory began dissolving his hair. He closed his eyes and enjoyed Lisa's hands as his penis and balls were swirled and lifted by her silky hands.

He moaned as his penis stirred and grew to full erection. "Oh No . Lisa ." Lisa smiled and whispered up at him, "Its OK Aron, your allowed to get hard in the shower." Lisa smiled and intensified her actions. Soon his hard manhood stood out like beacon between his hairless thighs. She used the removable shower head to wash away the depilatory and all the remnants of his hair. Aron moaned as Lisa directed the pulsing waters onto his erection and she smiled as his hips bucked and jerked outward.

After putting the shower head back, she looked at his hairless genitals and her tongue slipped across her lips. Lisa stood up and turned off the flowing water and then knelt back down in front of Aron. "Aron honey, step back away from the water, I am going to make you feel good again." 1.14 LISA, ARON, SHOWER, DEEPTHROAT: She knelt down in front of her brother and looked up into his excited eyes and said, "Scoot your feet back to the edge of tub, lean over me and grasp the rail with both hands." Aron knew something special was going to happen this time but didn't know what it was.

She reached out with her left hand and lifted his swaying balls. Aron gasped out loud and his body and erection jerked wildly. Her right hand slipped onto his throbbing hardness and she lifted the rigid tube of flesh with the palm of her hand. Her fingers swirled the slick precum over the swollen gland and his erection jumped and jerked as he gasped with joy. More precum oozed onto her swirling fingers. She put both hands on his hips and leaned inward, his breathing quickened as her open mouth came nearer and nearer to his straining manhood.

He held his breath when he felt her warm, moist breath wash across the tingling head of his erection. Suddenly, he felt the most incredible sensations that his 16 year old body had ever experienced. He screeched and his hips jerked outward as the loving mouth descended onto the crown of his engorged hardness. Lisa's lips suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and her tongue swirled ecstatically around the excited gland.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Her mouth started a slow descent onto Aron's throbbing erection. She raised up a bit and tilted her head. Aron's throbbing erection glided past her lips into her suckling amazing brunette looker receives a creampie big tits and clenching upper throat. He gurgled with joy as Lisa's warm throat muscles began kissing and squeezing his pulsating erection.

With a torturous twisting motion, she lifted her head and Aron's throbbing member was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reach her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action.

Her tongue swirled around the excited head and played with the oozing opening. She sucked up Aron's precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw. Lisa smiled inwardly at Aron's torment and then skewered her loving throat back onto Aron's enraged organ. Aron's hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands gripped the rail tighter. Again, Aron felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended into his sister's incredible mouth and throat.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!! Ohhhhhh!! Lisa!! Lisa!! I . I . I" Lisa knew that Aron's was on the edge of ejaculating and pulled upward until the head of his hard penis was between her cheeks. Titfuck gets mixed with cook jerking pornstar hardcore began an ecstatic deep sucking action that caused Aron's entire body to shake and tremble. His hips bucked forward burying his excited erection in her milking throat.

Aron was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. He gurgled incoherently as his thick load of semen entered the base of his straining member and shot up his straining hardness. The liquid joy swirled around the tingling head and then spewed outward into Lisa's thirsty mouth and throat. Aron wailed in orgasmic ecstasy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Lisa feasted on Aron's gushing nectar.

She increased her exquisite milking actions, knowing that she could coax at least one more ejaculation from Aron's engorged erection. His hips jerked wildly as his mind and body became submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions.

His erection was now at the swollen bursting point as another huge stream of thick semen exploded up his convulsing organ and again, Lisa feasted on the spewing nectar. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .!!" Lisa's cheeks ballooned at the unexpected volumes oily hardcore hd after a long day of work this lucky man has his woman plead him for Aron's semen. What she couldn't swallow gushed out past her lips and onto the Aron's jerking hardness.

His hands slipped away from the rail and he slumped down onto his knees in front of his sister, exhausted and drained. She held him close and wrapped her arms around him. She felt his body tremble and heard him moan softly as the delicious aftershocks ebbed from his body. They broke the embrace, stood up and moved back under the flowing waters.

In a few minutes she turned off the shower and they stepped out of the tub. After drying each other off, the naked siblings made their way to the kitchen to have breakfast.

They relaxed on the sectional watching the HDTV. 1.15 ARON AND HIS WORMS: Lisa turned a bit on the sectional and put her hands on Aron's shoulders. They looked at each other with desire in their eyes. Lisa wanted to kiss Aron and he wanted his sister to kiss him. Aron closed his eyes as Lisa's lips neared his lips. He felt her warm, wet tongue slide across his slightly parted lips and he opened them. Lisa slipped her tongue into Aron's mouth and Lisa felt his body tremble as the two tongues began to play with each other.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!" Their first kiss awkward and experimental. Lisa reached down with her right hand and began to manipulate Aron's already stirring penis. As it soared to full erection Aron's kiss became more urgent. He wrapped his arms around his sister and moaned deep into her mouth as her hand divided its attention between his erection and testicles.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!" Lisa broke the kiss and looked her brother's aroused and flushed face and whispered, "Let's go into my bedroom." She stood up and helped Aron up. The two siblings walked to Lisa's bedroom.

Aron's hardness bobbed in the air as walked beside his sister. Lisa saw the worms waiting for them on the bed. Aron saw them also and he froze where he stood. He was about to backtrack when Lisa whispered in his ear, "Its ok Aron, they are very special and will not hurt you in any way. You have to trust me . Do you trust me Aron." A confused Aron nodded his head not knowing why the worms were on the bed and how his sister knew about them. Lisa guided her reluctant brother to the bed and had him lay down on it with his head resting on a pillow.

Lisa picked up another pillow and placed it under his hips. She then told him to bend his legs and bring his feet back to the edges of the pillow. Aron's flaccid penis and balls now swayed over his raised and open rectal area.

Lisa leaned over Aron and kissed him deeply and passionately. Her right hand reacquired his penis and balls and again Aron moaned into his sister's mouth as his arousal returned. Lisa broke the kiss and slipped down onto her knees beside the bed. She smiled when she saw Aron's manhood throbbing over his abdomen between his spread thighs.

Lisa saw the five worms move toward her brother's body. Two 2" x 1/16" nipple worms. One 8" x 3/4" rectal worm. One 12" x 2" penis and testicle worm. One 10" x 1/4" urethra worm. She leaned back on bent legs and nervously held her breath.

Aron watched wide eyed as the worms slithered onto his body. He saw and felt them come to rest on his lower abdomen and thighs. The two smaller worms settled onto his chest just below his areolas. Aron flinched at the soft, warm contact and tried to shake them free of his body.

"Nooooo . Lisa ." Lisa held his hand as the worms secreted a chemical that was quickly absorbed by his skin. Aron relaxed and in a few seconds, his tenseness ebbed away. They sensed his change and secreted a mild aphrodisiac. A wonderful warmth spread across his chest and down into his loins. His nipples tingled and Lisa smiled when she saw a small drop of precum oozing from the head of his erection. "Ohhhhhhh!!" Aron watched breathlessly as the smaller worms inched their way upward over his sides toward his breast area.

He felt them nestle onto his areolas and begin to 'purr' as an enjoyable firmness seeped into each of them. Both saw the worms begin to flatten and shape themselves over Aron's areolas, encasing each within their clear, rippling coils.

Their heads reared up and their open 'mouths' descended onto his male nipples with a delicious suckling action. Aron moaned as new sensations flooded his body. "Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Lisa saw the larger 12 x 2" thick worm slip down between Aron's thighs and push up against his swaying testicles. It moved upward and laid over the sensitive underside of his hard member. The lower end of the worm expanded and Aron gasped when he felt his balls slipping into a warm, silky, massaging pouch.

The gasp turned into a moan when he saw and felt the thick worm that lay over his erection, split apart and manipulate his hardness into a velvety black cock for a beautiful asian whore with an exquisite squeezing and massaging action.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Aron's mind was so absorbed with the wonderful sensations that the worms were giving him that he didn't notice the fourth 8" x 3/4" worm moving down his left thigh toward his buttocks. He felt it edge between his spread cheeks and nestle up against anal opening. Aron franticly shifted his hips in an effort to shake it loose. "Stop! Stop! Not there . Lisa .!" His squirming abruptly halted when he felt a warm, thick liquid oozing against his anus.

The effect was immediate. His tight sphincter muscle loosened and waves of pleasure radiated around the opening and flowed inward.

Aron's frantic movements subsided and soft sighs were heard as the worm slipped through the prepared opening and into his rectal sheath. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The worms were now in place and their actions on Aron's nipples, erection, testicles and rectum slowed to low level purrs and suckles.

The urethra worm lay dormant at the bottom of his bent right thigh. The worms now had Aron's body under their control and they let him rest for a minute while he savored the new sensations that were flowing throughout his body and mind. Lisa saw the enchanted look on her brother's face and knew he was in now in acceptance of the worms and where they were on his body.

She also knew that the worms would make Aron into her dream Lover and a deep stirring washed across her loins. 1.16 ARON, WORM, NIPPLE ENHANCEMENT: The worms now targeted Aron's male nipples. The suckling 'mouths' over his rising male nipples now secreted their growth chemicals that were quickly absorbed into tingling skin of his nipples. The nipples sensitivity were heightened to those of a female and each began to grow and expand.

Aron moaned as waves of pleasure radiated across his chest. "uhhhhhhhhh!! Yessssssss!!" Aron began pushing and grinding his aching excited nipples into the worms suckling 'mouths'. His nipples stood erect at 3/16" x 3/16" and grew in delicious spurts. "Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!" NIPPLES: 1/4" H x 1/4" D As his nipples grew, they became more sensitive to the suckling 'mouths' and Aron moaned and gasped loudly. "Ohh!! Yesss!! Yesss!!" NIPPLES: 3/8" H x 5/16" D The ecstatic sensations were now merging into those that were emanating from his engorged erection.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Jesussssssssssssssssss!!" NIPPLES: 1/2" H x 3/8" D Aron's nipples had now reached their targeted size. The worms suckling 'mouths' slowed their assault to a low level 'purring' and Aron lay on the bed savoring the wonderful feelings.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The loving 'mouths' slowed their assault to a low level 'purring' and Aron slumped onto the soft seat gasping and panting. The worm's enhancing chemicals now connected each nipple into Aron's sexual sensory system. Each would react to stimulation like those of a female. Lisa saw her brother's enhanced nipples and her own nipples quickly stiffened. 1.17 ARON, WORM, PROSTATE PREPARATION: Just as Aron's body was returning to normal, he felt the purring worm that was nestled just inside his anal lips begin to nudge its way inward twisting and turning.

Aron squirmed his hips as the slick length slithered onto his rectum. He moaned with joy as its 'mouth' began to caress and massage his sensitive rectal sheath. "Ohhhhhhh!! That feels so good!!" Aron's erection jumped and jerked within the tight, clenching confines of the worm's squeezing 'vaginal' sheath. The tip of the exploring worm began circling the walls of his rectal sheath as if were searching for something . and then it found it, his prostate. The mass flowed over and incased the sensitive tissues in male slave nipple petite tattooed and very pretty gina valentina is the kind of girl soft, warm pouch and began a delicious massaging motion.

Aron arched up and wailed at the incredible contact. His member throbbed as ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to the thick, sensitive gland of his erection.

"Ohhhhhh!! Goddddddd!!" The worm's slow, soft massaging motion was constant and never faltered. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted across his loins.

Preseminal fluid seeped out of the opening slit on the excited crown and was eagerly swallowed by the worm's thirsty 'mouth'.

Within a minute the small explosions intensified and Aron was moaning and gasping. As his body quaked with minor orgasms, he flexed his engorged erection in a frantic attempt to ejaculate. "Oh! God! What's happening!" Aron suddenly sucked in his breath as a series of ecstatic sensations gripped his entire rectal area.

The worm's 'mouth' on his excited gland ballooned as Aron began spurting and drooling copious amount of preseminal fluid. The worm suddenly stopped its exquisite massaging of Aron's prostate and Aron moaned in disappointment and kept thrusting his erection into the worms clenching sheath. "Oh! Don't stopppppppppppp!!" The worm now released its enhancement chemicals that were quickly absorbed into Aron's prostate.

The chemicals would be activated by the worm's urethra stems which would complete the prostate enhancement. 1.18 ARON, WORM, URETHRA, PROSTATE ENHANCEMENT: Aron gasped as the worm's 'mouth', that was covering the thick head of his erection, begin an exquisite massaging action of the excited gland. His hips bucked and his erection flexed wildly as the suckling 'mouth' feasted on his spurting preseminal fluids. Just as Aron was approaching his ejaculation point, the worm's 'mouth' stopped its delicious suckling brandi love big tits milf deep throating and fucking Aron groaned as his body was pulled back from his orgasmic point.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!" The worm's sheath opened and the head of his glistening erection popped into the air. The dormant fifth worm that was laying on Aron's right thigh, came to life and slithered up his companion toward Aron's bared gland. Its body oozed a clear thick liquid as it arched upward and then downward into Aron's urethra.

Aron shifted his hips rapidly in a futile attempt to dislodge the worm's probing tube and then a long sigh escaped his lips as the worm slowly descended into his erection. Lisa held her breath as she saw the worm slipping into her brothers manhood. Within a second or two, Aron's erection twitched wildly with ecstatic ripples of joy. Aron threw his back and gasped as the slick, chemical laden worm reached the base of his erection.

His erection felt harder as it pulsed and jerked with ecstatic sensations. The tube continued its journey deeper into Aron's urethra. Soon it reached the two valves that controlled the injection of his sperm and semen into the urethra. A chemical was released that opened both valves, cutting of the bladder.

Two smaller worm-like stems slithered outward, one moved into the fleshy tissues of his prostate and the other made its way downward toward his testicles. Waves of euphoric sensations bathed the center of Aron's sexual being. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The open 'mouth' 'stem' that was inside his prostate now released its catalytic chemicals. The chemicals that the prostate had absorbed from the rectal worm now reacted with the urethra worm's chemicals.

Aron moaned as his prostate was enhanced. His semen production would be four times that of nice hit porn sex fucking normal male and his sexual recovery or rejuvenation would be almost instantaneous.

The 'stem' that had entered his testicles split apart. Both injected their growth drugs and again Aron sighed as a wonderful warmth filled his balls.

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They expanded quickly and Aron felt a new delicious heaviness within the massaging silky pouches. As the smaller worms withdrew, they oozed a chemical, causing the sexual ducts and valves to be enlarged, permitting larger volumes of semen to be discharged into the urethra.

Hot sexy teen toying herself till her pussy got wet

1.19 ARON, WORM, URETHRA, ERECTION ENHANCEMENT: The urethra worm closed off the ducts and slipped back down until it reached the base of Aron's erection. Again Aron felt another flood of warmth, spread throughout his loins.

The worm now started secreting a chemical that would enhance his erection. Aron gasped and threw back his head as bolts of joy radiated outward from inside his jerking hard member.

he felt an incredible antsy feeling sweep the entire length of his hardness. His spurting precum gushed up the sides of the worm and spilled out onto his thickening gland. A series of small ejaculations pulsed up his engorged member. Aron moaned excitedly and his hips thrust his straining hardness into the worm's vaginal sheath trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings. His engorged erection now began to feel heavier and thicker.

Aron's hard manhood grew in spurts and his breathing quickened and came in quick pants and gasps. "Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!" ERECTION: 4.25" x 1.50" . 4.50" x 1.50" .

4.75" x 1.75" Aron moaned as the milking sheath had more and more excited flesh to suck and suckle on. ERECTION: 5.00" x 1.75" . 5.25" x 2.00" . 5.50" x 2.00" As his erection expanded so did the worm's vaginal-like sheath.

ERECTION: 5.75" x 2.25" . 6.00" x 2.50" . 6.25" x 2.00" The worm's squeezing sheath began to match his thrusts with its own counter thrusts. Aron's mind had never experienced such joy. ERECTION: 6.50" x 2.25" . 6.75" x 2.25" . 7.00" x 2.50" He squealed with joy as his hard member neared its target size. ERECTION: 7.25" x 2.50" . ERECTION: 7.50" x 2.75" Aron's new erection was now complete.

The urethra worm now slipped out of Aron's highly agitated gland. Spurts of precum gushed outward following the exit of the worm. The chemicals in his prostate now induced a strong ejaculation.

Aron bath mom caught watching son in ecstasy as a long, thick stream of semen jettisoned from his throbbing hardness high into the air. It splattered back down onto his abdomen forming large thick pools of semen. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Lisa's were hands franticly massaging her clitoris and vagina as she saw her brother's manhood growing before her wide open eyes.

She saw his spewing essence leave his straining erection and the thick pools that lay on his abdomen. She reached out with her fingers and ran them through the thick semen. Her taste buds exploded with her brother's enhanced nectar and she moaned deeply as her orgasm was unleashed.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" 1.20 ARON, WORM, CONDITIONING: The worm that was encasing his testicles and erection released its final set of conditioning chemicals. One of the secreted chemicals was an ejaculation controller. The surface of his erection would be able to sense the orgasmic contractions of a female's vaginal muscles.

If they were present, his ejaculation would be permitted, if not, Aron would be kept at his orgasmic edge until the contractions were sensed or his erection was removed from the vagina. Aron moaned as a series of wonderful aftershocks rippled across his body. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" The worm disengaged itself from his softening, slick penis and his heavy balls were released from the silky pouch. His long, thick, flaccid penis came to rest over his large testicles. A soft moan was heard as the rectal worm slipped out of his anus with a loud slurping sound.

Aron moaned as the wonderful fullness left his body. Finally, the two worms that were attached to his nipples and areolas withdrew from his chest. All five worms moved off of the bed and returned to where they came from. Lisa helped her brother stand up on wobbly legs. Her eyes feasted on his massive, flaccid manhood and heavy balls as they swayed in the air between his hairless thighs.

She whispered in him, "Let's take a shower and then I will show you how to use that magnificent 'thing' between your legs. 1.21 ARON, LISA, Stellar kitten is peeing and pleasuring shaved snatch MATING: Their shower was quick.

After drying each other off, Lisa led Aron to the mirror the bedroom's full length mirror so he could see his new manhood. He smiled and his hands lifted and massaged his thick penis and heavy balls. Lisa turned him and the two virginal siblings faced each other. Lisa drew close to her brother, closed her eyes and parted her lips.

Aron knew what she wanted and he wanted it also. Their lips met, their tongues met and for the second time they kissed deeply and passionately. Lisa felt Aron's penis stir and press upwards between their bodies. She moved her hips outward just a little and Aron's engorged erection throbbed between their abdomens.

Lisa teasingly rubbed her body against it and Aron moaned into her mouth. They broke the kiss panting. They looked at each other with aroused and flushed faces. Lisa smiled when she saw Aron's incredible erection bobbing in the air between his thighs.

She thought, 'Men sure do give themselves away.' She reached down and curled her fingers around the thick member and Aron moaned softly and his erection jumped excitedly, "Ohhhhhhhh!!

Lisaaaaaa!!" Lisa took Aron's hand and led him so they stood beside the bed and Aron reached down and molded the palm of his hand onto Lisa's swollen, slick labia. Lisa gasped, spread her legs and hunched down to give her brother easier access to her sexual treasures.

Aron's fingers slipped between her wet, flared folds and his thumb ecstatically pressed and manipulated the enhanced, pink organ that was straining out of its clitoral hood. Lisa collapsed against Aron as her body exploded with joy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" In one single moment Lisa went from young seductress to helpless submissive.

Aron eyes feasted on Lisa's breasts and hairless labia. Lisa smiled when she saw the preseminal fluids oozing from the Aron's lauren take preston cock deep in her pussy and moans gland. She drew Aron closer to her and pushed her rigid clitoris against his straining manhood. The contact was incredible for both of them and they embraced tightly as their organs exploded with joy.

Lisa broke away and at down on the edge of the bed and lay back on it with her feet resting on the floor and slowly parted her thighs. As her thighs parted so did the soft folds of her labia.

Aron moaned as his sister's sexual treasures flared open to his feasting eyes. His massive organ jumped when he saw Lisa's mini erection-like clitoris standing out like a rigid beacon. Aron shuffled forward between Lisa's thighs and leaned over her aroused body. He lowered his head and their parted lips met. Their mouths opened and their tongues swirled together as they kissed passionately. Aron shifted his hips inward and rested his pulsing erection between the swollen lips of her labia.

Lisa moaned deeply into Aron's mouth as she pushed her sex upward, forcing Aron's pulsing hardness to grind against her rigid geeky teen likes to suck and fuck of joy.

Her hips began a delicious sawing motion. Her flared folds became slick as her vaginal juices mixed with his oozing precum. Aron broke the kiss and started to plant light suckling kisses along Lisa's cheeks, neck and down to her shoulders.

His loving lips trekked further down toward Lisa's right breast. Lisa held her breath as they came nearer and nearer. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her excited right nipple and then the suckling mouth descended onto it. Aron's lips and tongue began to caress and manipulate the erect bud and Lisa gasped as she arched her breast into Aron's devouring mouth.

"Sooooooo Niceeeeee!!" Aron's caressing lips slipped off of her right breast and suckled its way to her left breast. The massaging and kneading hands switched to her right breast. Lisa's moans became louder and the contortions of her upper body became more frantic as Aron's lips and hands paid loving homage to her breasts and erect, bullet-like nipples.

"Yessss!! Aronnnnnn!! Yessss!!" Aron massaged his hands downward and placed them on her inner thighs and slowly, almost teasingly moved inward and formed themselves around the swollen folds. A low guttural moan escaped Lisa's lips when the hands started to massage and knead the flared outer lips. His fingers soon became slick with her vaginal juices and he started a delicious exploratory journey up and down the slick, pink crease.

His mouth left her breast and started to explore it's way down her across her abdomen. His suckling mouth neared the top of her labia and Lisa quickly grabbed his head and moaned in expectation. She bucked and thrashed in response to the dual hands, mouth, assault. Her labia and vagina clenched and spasmed. Suddenly Aron's fingers pushed and twirled onto her enhanced clitoris and Lisa screamed in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhhhhh!! Goddddddd!!" Through the dense fog of arousal, she watched with panting gasps as his head came nearer and nearer to her flared treasures. Slowly . slowly . slowly, and then . Lisa gasped loudly as his moist hot lips closed over the swollen folds and his tongue slipped ecstatically into the pink recesses of her slick furrow. Aron felt the quivering inner lips caress the tip of his tongue and he began a delicious tracing around the oozing opening.

With agonizingly slowness, it slipped upward toward Lisa's engorged and waiting organ of joy. Her hands reached down and grasped his head in a futile attempt to speed that wonderful mouth on its way to her clitoris. Lisa's hips arched up and she wailed as the hot, wet swirling tongue curled around her hard, aching organ of joy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!! Goddddddddd!!" Her hips ground wildly and soft mewling animal sounds began spewing from open her mouth. Mira sunset is down for some dp cumshot and facial lapping tongue slipped back down Lisa's slick crease and once again played with the clasping opening to her vagina.

This time, the slippery appendage nudged inward, bringing a low guttural groan from Lisa, whose soft warm thighs were opening and closing against the sides of his moving head. Aron could feel his sisters vaginal opening trying to draw his stroking tongue deeper and deeper into it. Lisa pulled her feet up from the floor and put them on the edge of the bed.

She spread her thighs wide apart giving Aron unrestricted access to her open and highly enflamed sex. Aron's suckling mouth reacquired the hard, throbbing organ of joy and at the same time, his fingers slipped past her virginal inner lips with an ecstatic twisting and turning action.

Lisa's hips bucked and ground against Aron's devouring cum for cover teen deepthroats five cocks and thrusting fingers.

His probing fingers soon found the soft, spongy tissues of her elusive 'G' spot and began an ecstatic caressing of her excited sweet spot. Both her hands gripped his head tightly and she threw head back and screeched loudly. "Ahhhhhhhh!! ARONNNNNNNN!!" Aron raised up and rested his engorged hardness lengthways along Lisa's swollen, labia and pushed his throbbing manhood between the swollen, flared folds.

Lisa immediately started a desperate sawing motion with her hips. She gurgled as the shaft slipped ecstatically across her engorged clitoris.

Aron leaned over Lisa and saw her glazed orgasmic eyes pleading with him to penetrate her. "Now!! Now!! Aron!! Nowwwwww!!" Lisa reached her hands down and grasped Aron's engorged manhood. She could feel the deep throbs against her soft palms and the slick fluid that oozed from the excited gland. She guided the thick head so it slid up and down her slick furrow, until it finally nestled into her clasping inner lips. She felt the engorged gland nudging inward and hissed when she felt the lips of her eager vagina being pushed wide apart.

Aron gasped at the incredible sensations that gripped his excited gland as Lisa's treasured opening slipped over his erection. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Lisa's mind and body was in a sexual frenzy. She needed and craved Aron's massive erection to penetrate her fully and completely.

She reached out with her hands and grasped his hips, and with one determined thrust, Lisa lunged up onto her brother's magnificent manhood. It bored into the depths of her sexual being and both wailed in unison as their virginities were lost. Both froze within the ecstatic moment. Aron couldn't believe the sensations that his erection was giving him as it lay deep within the warm, moist confines of his sister's clenching vaginal sheath.

Lisa was floating on a cloud of pure pleasure with a feeling of ecstatic fullness that she could never of imagined. Her enhanced vaginal sheath was rippling with spasms of joy. She looked up at Aron and whispered, "Oh God Aron . thank you . thank You!". Aron slowly pulled back. Lisa mewed as her vagina flexed around the slick withdrawal. Aron stopped with the head of his manhood just within her vaginal opening.

Lisa's inner lips kissed it lovingly and then Aron sank slowly back in and Lisa moaned and gurgled in ecstasy. "OHH!! ARON!! AHHHH!" Aron repeated his slow stroking lunges in and out of Lisa's adapting vagina. Her vaginal muscles clenched ecstatically around the massive organ with a delicious milking action. Aron flexed gently, expanding his hardness deep inside her seething passage and Putain defoncee par des internautes en parking rolled her eyes as ecstatic sensations exploded across her gina valentina and lily jordan stepsisters fuck hard and flooded into her mind.

"Oh! God! Oh! God! Yesssssss!! Aron's granite-like erection had never felt such exquisite pressure or joy. His body went into automatic and he began deep thrusting into Lisa's clenching wet vagina.

Lisa matched his thrusts and the room echoed with moans and wails of mutual ecstasy. Lisa's orgasm began as a series of ecstatic spasms deep within her vagina. It spread outward into the swollen folds of her labia, onto her enraged clitoris and then swept upward into the tips of her granny in stockings rubbing her pussy tube porn nipples. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!" She rotated her hips from side to side around the engorged, impaling erection.

Her hips bucked and thrashed as Aron relentlessly stroked into her sexual being. He moaned with an intense need to orgasm but the conditioning of his body was keeping his ejaculation in check. The motions of Lisa's body became faster by the second and the tempo of her counter thrusts up against him more urgent. The juices of her milking vagina were spewing outward past Aron's thick erection and the wet sucking sounds of his plunging shaft could be heard around the room.

Suddenly Lisa's hips arched upward and froze. Her vaginal muscles went into deep contractions and began a frantic milking action around Aron's straining erection.

The hold on Aron's orgasm was released. Lisa squealed loudly as her body began orgasming for the first time in her life. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Aron began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now wet and slippery from Lisa's orgasms, withdrawing the swollen head until just the thick gland was inside the hot, slick opening and then thrusting forward until his heavy, bloated balls were pressing tightly against the wide split of her buttocks. Lisa groaned helplessly.

Her body twitched and shook as the massive thickness thrust into her spasming vaginal sheath again and again and again. "Ohhh . Goddd!! . Aron!! . Ahhhhhhh!!" Lisa's legs and snaked around his lower back. She thrust her hips up hard to impale herself impossibly deep on his lunging shaft.

Her body began to match his pounding strokes with her own rhythmic counter thrusts. Aron could feel his raging erection jump and throb. The sensitive gland twitched with a sense of urgency as Lisa's vaginal muscles clenched and spasmed around his enflamed member. He gasped and panted as he felt the ecstatic pressure of his ejaculation build and his sense of urgency became a sense of desperation.

Aron's whole body went on hold as his hot thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and surged its way up his quivering shaft.

He wailed as the liquid joy swirled around the thick straining gland then spewed outward with the force of a fire hose deep into Lisa's vagina and cervix. "Ohhhhh!! Lisaaaaa!! I . I ." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Suddenly Lisa felt the most ecstatic sensation that she had ever felt in her life.

An exquisite pressure of liquid joy flooded into her cervix. It was warm and thick as it gushed into her with the force of a fire hose. Her entire sex spasmed with joy. Her Lover was ejaculating deep inside of her convulsing body. "ohhhhh!! Sweet Jesus!! Aronnnnnnnnnn!!" Lisa's mind and body exploded with ecstasy.

Her legs shot out into a wide 'V' and kicked franticly in the air. Aron's jerking and throbbing erection continued to jettison its heaving torrents of his ejaculant, and she could feel the delicious essence spewing into her enflamed sex. Her spasming vaginal sheath clasped tightly around it spilling her own thick juices into the already flooded passage.

"Argggggggggggggggggg!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" She was going insane with the feel of it! She never wanted it to end, never, never! Lisa abandoned all body control. She reached frantically down and under her squirming buttocks with both hands and began to urgently massage her Lovers huge swaying balls. Her cycling legs shot outward and froze. White flashes of orgasmic light saturated her mind and eyes.

Her wide open eyes saw nothing but orgasmic explosions, her mouth opened but no sound was heard. Suddenly, the silence was broken and her orgasmic wail was heard around the room.

"IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ." Lisa's sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. Her body continued to orgasm as Aron continued to flex his spewing erection. Aron leaned over Lisa and waited for her to regain consciousness. Lisa awoke to multiple aftershocks. She felt Aron's huge member still flexing within her. She wrapped her arms around him and again their mouths met.

She moaned into his mouth with fulfillment and satisfaction. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!" Aron hunched up his hips and slowly his hardness slipped out of her reluctant and stretched vagina with a loud slurping sound. Streams of vaginal juices and ejaculant gushed outward from the gapping opening onto the bed.

Lisa moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Aron bent down and planted a suckling kiss on each of her erect nipples. His warm hand formed onto the folds of her swollen, slick labia. She groaned and pushed upward against it. Lisa slowly came down from her orgasmic highs. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close to her glowing body.

She smiled as Aron helped her up from the bed and the two siblings walked to the bathroom. Lisa was thinking about her parents. It would be nice if She and Aron had ring side seats to 'event'. She smiled when 'camcorder' popped into mind. END OF METEOR PART-1