Bawdy cleft acquires explored from inside hardcore russian

Bawdy cleft acquires explored from inside hardcore russian
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Leila gang bang french bukkake Initiation, Chapter 2 By: S. Stevenson I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike.

Thank You, S.S. ***** It was still early in the morning when Angel busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors the car tires on the gravel drive in back of the cabin. She was just finishing up with the breakfast cleanup.

Master had left early with one the farm hands, and Mike was off doing whatever it is that Mike does when he is not driving, or otherwise helping Master. Looking out the back window to see if she needed to keep her tunic on or not, Angel could see Beth behind the wheel of the car. What caught Angel by surprise when Beth got out of her car was that she was already naked.

Angel wondered about the nerve of this woman that could drive all the way out from the city wearing nothing at all. Her next thought forced a chuckle from her lips as she pictured Beth's car running down the expressway with close to 50 trucks following her, and everyone of them telling their friends on the CB about this crazy naked broad.

Angel was still expanding that last thought as she watched Mike appear out of no-where and offer to carry Beth's bag. As she watched the two of them start walking towards the house, Angel again wondered, 'Why do we even bother to pack a bag? When we get here Master does not allow us to wear any clothing.

Except if he takes us out, and then Master supplies the clothing that we are to wear. Even the underwear.' Angel was hanging up her tunic as Mike and Beth entered the kitchen through the back door. Angel's greeting was somewhat casual, "Hi Beth nice to see you again." Mike continued on through the kitchen to take Beth's bag to her room, but Beth stopped and greeted Angel with a big smile.

Walking over to Angel, Beth took her into her arms. After planting a big kiss on her lips Beth said, "I am so happy to see you. I knew that Master was going to pick you.

I am so thrilled for you both." "Thank You, and I am happy to see you back and well." Angel replied. Beth gave Angel an other kiss and then took one of her hands and started to lead her into the other room. As they walked Eva karera gets her trimmed cunt plowed said, "Come, I want you to tell me everything.

Don't you dare leave out a single detail." The two girls sat on the couch in front of the fireplace and held hands as they talked about their roles as slaves and within their Master's house. They both seemed to get very excited as they shared one sexual adventure after another. When Angel shared her experience in her first anal, Beth got so excited that she could not keep her hands off Angel. As Angel relayed the story, Angel could feel her own excitement building.

Beth's fondling and many interruptions to kiss only added to her excitement. As Angel concluded her story, Beth's eyebrows rose in surprise, she patted Angel's hand, smiling she chided, "You have left out a very important detail and I told you not to miss a thing." "I don't think I left out anything." "Oh? What you left out was that you loved it.

Every bit of it, and you have begged Master to take you there again." Lowering her eyes, as if she was ashamed of her omission, Angel agreed, "Oh Beth, it was wonderful. I have never felt so submissive, so owned, in my life." Angel fell into Beth's arms. They hung on to each other as their feelings bonded. "Now you have asked Master to take you to the barn. Do you have any idea what is waiting for you out there?" "Not really. Master said that the devices out there will put my desire to submit to the test." "They will do that." Beth said as she still held her slave sister.

She continued, "Do you know how they will test your submission?" "I am not sure. I imagine that there will be a great deal of pain in my submission." "There will be pain, but not like you think. Most of it will be self-inflicted. Especially if you choose to ride the horse." Angel's face twisted and contorted as she tried to figure out just what the horse was. Beth continued, "The horse is a wooden thingy that you ride with your puss open and the point runs inside your slit.

Your legs are held open by the flare of the sides. The sides have a heavy layer of oil on them so that you will not be able to take any of your weight in your legs." Angel's face grimaced as she listen to her slave sister explain this thing called the horse.

Angel's eyes started to fill with water as the realization of cece and capri pleasuring each others sweet pussies in bed horse settled in her mind.

Pulling Angel back into her arms, Beth said in a soothing voice, "Don't worry little slave. You are the only one that decides to ride the horse. And when you do, and you will decided to ride it, you will do so out of your love for your Master." "Oh Beth, I am afraid! I am afraid that I might fail my Master. How can a woman my size ride a wooden horse like that?" Now Angel was crying.

Weeping into the shoulder of her friend and slave sister. "You do not need to ride the horse. For most of your life as Master's slave you will never need to experience any of the devices in the barn." Pushing Angel's shoulders away from her so that the two girls could look into each others eyes, Beth continued, "Look honey, you have already succeeded as Master's slave. All he requires of you is your desire to be his slave. You have lots of that … desire." With those word of reassurance Angel fell back into Beth's arms.

As she did so Angel lifted her face towards Beth's and pressed forward to start a passionate kiss. At first she opened Beth's lips with her tongue, but soon retracted it to allow Beth to be the aggressor.

Beth wasted no time in taking the lead. As Angel withdrew her tongue Beth inserted hers. Filling the mouth of the slave in her arms.

She inspected every available part of Angel's mouth with her tongue. Running the tip across and over Angel's teeth, inspecting the insides of her cheeks, all of this and at the sometime dancing with the tip of her slave sister's tongue. Both girls found that they had a large amount of passion to pour into the other. Somehow in the short time that they were together at Master's house there was a bonding that not even they knew about. With no desire to break from their kiss, each girl reached for the bare breast of the other.

Taking hold of a full fleshy mound of womanhood and giving it a tight squeeze. Beth then pulled on Angel's nipple as she slowly increased the pinching and then added the twisting of her wrist.

Angel gasped as the pain ran through her breast and right to her clit, but she did not break the kiss. Beth laid Angel back onto the couch. She was very careful so as to not break their kiss. As if a broken kiss would allow all the passion to escape into the air. As Angel laid back, Beth followed her until she laid half on top and half beside of her slave sister.

She ran her hand up and down Angels body taking in the smoothness of her exposed skin with her finger tips.

By placing her knee between Angel's legs Beth forced open the moist, wet, pussy that waited there. Angel moaned as she opened her legs to make room for the probing fingers of her lover. At the same time she held the back of Beth's head with a firm hand so the kiss would not be broken and the urgency of the passion lost.

Even if only lost for the moment. With her other hand she found Beth's and guided her fingers to the engorged and throbbing clit between her legs. Angel bucked uncontrollably, as Beth's fingers glided over the head of her pulsating little membrane filled with all the nerve endings of pleasure. Beth let her fingers pass right by Angel's clit as she was seeking, and finding, the opening filled with the moisture of her excitement.

Without so much as a pause, Beth sank her middle two fingers as deep as they would go and brought her thumb to rest on the tip of Angel's clit. There was a great deal of urgency telegraphed through the digits inserted into Angel's pussy. Beth drove her fingers in fast, deep and yes even roughly and then rapidity repeated the procedure. In just a short time Beth added her index finger, and Angel's pussy took the increase in girth with little notice.

The fucking action still continued and the sloshing, and gurgling, sounds filled the room as Angel produced more and more fluids with each passing moment.

As Beth added the fourth finger to those already in use to ravish her slave sister's pussy, Angel came unglued. Her body thrashed up and down.

Her hips threw the smaller girl into the air with their convulsions. Beth cupped her hand placing the heel of her palm if you want you will get! Angel's mons and hung on for the ride. Angel's upper body was not calm either. For while her hips were literally throwing the smaller girl in the air, Angel's upper body was twisting in all direction that are humanly possible, and some that we are still not sure if they are human at all.

The kiss was broken as Angel shouted to the ceiling that she was about to cum. She kept calling on her slave sister not he stop as she grabbed for Beth's hand and tried to force the fucking motion to continue in her pussy. Just as Angel yelled that is going to cum, Mike yelled from the stairs, "What the hell do you two think you are doing?" As Mike continued down the stairs both girls froze in their place.

Well, they froze as much as the quivering within their bodies would allow. Mike was breathing a little heavy as he got close to the couch the girls were laying on. In-between gulps of air Mike was able to get these word out, "I know that your Master did not give you two permission to play this way.

Now off that damn couch!" As he said that, Mike reached for Beth's wrist and jerked her hand back and out of Angel's pussy.

Angel let out a whimper at her loss. Slowly, very slowly the two girls unwound their bodies from each other and got to their feet. Both girls stood in front of Mike looking like they had just been in a wrestling match.

Their bodies still shaking. The air in the room seemed to be filled with the aroma of their lovemaking. Their sex still glistening from the moister produced within. Angel could feel her fluids running down the insides of her thighs.

Stepping behind the girls Mike took hold of Angel's wrists and snapped her cuffs together. He then took a hand full of Beth's hair, jerking her head back and said, "Now you get your collar and cuffs on and be back here in two minutes." He let go of Beth's hair just as she ran off to fetch her instruments of bondage. Mike stepped back in front of Angel and took some string from his pocket.

Forming a double loop in the end of each piece of string. Closed a loop tightly around the nipple of Angel's right breast. She winced at the pain from the pinching. Mike then repeated these actions on her left breast.

Mike was draping the string over the opposite shoulder from the breast it was attached to just as Beth was returning. Leaving Angel for just a moment Mike snapped Beth's wrist cuffs together.

Slapping her ass hard he ordered her to her knees. Returning his attention to Angel, Mike step back behind her and lifter her right hand up until it was almost between her shoulder blades. Taking the string connected to her right nipple, that ran over her left shoulder, he wrapped it around her right thumb and then tied it to her wrist cuff. The same procedure was repeated on the other hand. Although, Angel was only bound with string every time she would let her hand drop from between her shoulder blades she would pull, stretch and pinch her nipple.

Angel found it to be very confining and quite painful. After admiring his handy work on Angel, Mike repeated the process on Beth. Only difference being that on Beth's nipples he used clover clamps to attach the string.

With these devices in place every time Beth would allow her arm to lower she would not only pull and stretch the nipple the clamp would close tighter and pinch off any and all circulation as well.

Leaving the girls standing and bound in the middle of the room, Mike walked out as he vowed that he would be right back. Hot chinese whore sucks acock and rides it with a hairy pussy he returned he was carrying some metal bars.

As he got closer they could see that Mike had spreader bars in his hands. Walking each girl to a position in the room where there was no furniture or support post for them to lean on, Mike then attached the spreader bars.

Mike was proud of his efforts as he stepped in front of each girl and checked the openness of her sex. Finding that Angel was not as open as he would like he increased the length of her bar. Beth started to say something until Mike slapped her face and warned them both if they were not quiet he would gag them both.

As he was walking out of the room Mike said over his shoulder, "That should hold you two until your Master gets home. Then he can decide what to do with you." That said he was gone. As soon as Beth was sure that Mike was no longer within ear shot she whispered to Angel, "I am glad he did not take us to the barn by himself. Mike can be very cruel in his punishments." Both girls agreed that their current predicament is very uncomfortable and yet the pulling on their nipples was exciting. As time went on and the girls were left standing, waiting for their Master, Angel began to work one nipple and then the other.

She would let her hand fall in back of her and the string would pull on her nipple. First the right and then the left. Angel loved how the pain in her nipples would bring her pleasure in her clit. It was as if her nipples and her clit were wired together.

It did not take long and her moisture was running down the inside of her legs once more as her clit was throbbing with every beat of her heart. Soon Beth noticed what Angel was doing. With a broad smile across her face Beth joined in. Standing across the room from each other they played with themselves and together they enjoyed the pain and pleasure mixture they were creating. In time they were both moaning lightly. Together they moved their hips in circler motions, or thrusting their hips into the air.

Any motion in a vain attempt to bring their clit into contact with anything other than air. And, so it went for the two of them. They stood there in their sexual frustration for better than a couple of hours.

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Because of the way that they were bound neither girl could stop playing with her tits, even if they wanted to. Neither girl was able to get herself off with anything more than just a minor shudder of orgasmic pleasure.

Both girls were just in the state desy sext story in up sexual arousal that Mike had hoped for when their Master arrived home. Mike came back into the room with Scott, as he explained just why the girls were so bound.

Mike was also very clear in his explanation of how the girls had been playing with themselves while they stood there. Scott was impressed with the ingenuity displayed by just how the girls were bound. As Master examined the effects on Beth's breast as he applied down her pressure on her arms behind her, shaking his head he said, "Beth, … Beth, you were here only a few minutes and already you are in trouble." Beth hung her head.

Master went on with his inspection of her and she remained quiet, until his fingers started to probe her sex. Her clit had swollen to the point that contact could not have been avoided by anything working its way between her legs. Beth's eyes shot open as her head snapped back.

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As Scott's fingers started to open the inner folds of flesh they could both feel and hear her fluids filling his hand. Beth begged her Master to give her release. Scott just removed his hand and inserted his fingers into her mouth. As Beth cleaned her Master's fingers with her tongue, Scott said, "Now that is a trashy teen seducing stepdad in bathroom pornstars girl. I will hear your story soon enough, but for now I see that Mike is right.

You have been playing with yourself." Scott withdrew his fingers from her mouth and Mike stepped forward and inserted a penis gag to replace them. Stepping behind her Mike secured the harness firmly. Mike said, "I told you that if you were not quiet I was going to gag you." Learning from her slave sister, Angel kept her mouth shut as Master inspected her. The only sound that she allowed seep out was a slight whimper as she realized that he was not going to bring her to a climax.

That is she kept her mouth shut except when Master inserted his fingers for her to clean off her own juices. As Angel finished her cleaning job, Scott said to Mike, "Remove their spreader bars and take them to the barn.

I will join you there in just a few minutes." ***** The apprehension that was flooding Angel's heart was threatening to turn into pure panic as Mike lead the girls out the back door as they headed to the barn.

Their arms still tied behind their backs with the string attached to their nipples. Every step managed to pull on one nipple or the other. The barn was built on the side of a beautiful chick licks cock previous to anal fuck hill.

As you would picture most barns this one was three levels and at one time had been painted red. Although, now it was in dire need of fresh paint, to Angel's way of thinking. Angel wondered about the contradiction in having an obviously well maintained structure in need of so much paint.

As they reached the main level Mike held the door open for both of the girls. Mike turned on the lights and Angel's eyes opened wide in her surprise at the size of everything. The openness of the main floor. The brightness created by the lighting. The huge beam construction that appeared to section off the main floor into seven different sections. Looking at one of the main support beams, with a hook embedded in it at just the right height to hold her hands above her head, she marveled at how the wood would feel against her bare skin.

Ordering the girls to stand in the middle of the main section, Mike disappeared.

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It looked to Angel like he went down some stairs. In the mean time Angel continued her observation. What would be a third level did not cover all of the main floor. The dense kiss and passions berokisu fuck japanese and asian level was in fact a hay loft over three sections located at each end of the barn.

It surprised Angel that one of the lofts actually had bails of straw on it. Angel then noticed that this barn, known to be an ominous place for slaves, look every bit what she expected to see in a barn on a working farm. There was even a tractor parked in one corner, and an old wooden wagon in an other corner.

Master walked into the barn, going right over the girls, he took out his pocket knife and cut the strings that were attached at their nipples. Angel felt relief as her arms were allowed to fall to her sides and the blood was allowed to return to her fingers. Then the string was removed from her nipples and the blood was allowed to return and each nipple felt like it had been hit by a hammer.

Angel could not hold back her moan from the pain. Neither could Beth, although, Beth's moan was muffled by her gag. Mike reappeared as Master was connecting Beth's cuffs in front of her. Looking at Angel but speaking to Mike he said, "I think the saddle for Angel.

This is her first visit to our barn and I think she should be allowed to watch the show." Nodding his agreement, Mike walked over to what turned out to be a lift that ran to all three levels.

Opening the gate he took out a funny looking post that also had a saddle attached to it. As Mike pushed the saddle over to where Angel was standing, Master had connected Beth's cuffs to an overhead hoist. Beth's arms had been lifted above her head until her toes could just touch the floor. Speaking to Mike, Scott said, "Extra wide on the spreader bar.

I will help Angel into her saddle." After giving Angel a kiss, Scott whispered into her ear, "It now begins, love. Are you up for this?" Angel just nodded and Scott reached behind her and quickly removed her plug. The saddle appeared to be an old style cavalry saddle mounted on a large beam that stood about three feet up from the floor.

Scott showed Angel where to put her foot as she mounted the saddle. Just as she swung her leg over the top Angel notice that two intruders sticking out of the middle of the seat. She did not need to guess just they were for. Angel was careful as she lowered herself into the saddle and Master guided the intruders into the appropriate opening. The post in front of the saddle was adjustable and held wooden stocks for her head and arms.

Master adjusted the height, opened the upper half and waited for Angel to get the idea that she was to place her head and arms into the openings. When the upper half was in place and locked Scott took Angel's legs, pulled them out in front of the post and connected a short spreader bar to her cuffs.

Angel found that she was very firmly held in place and the actions with her legs removed any ability she had of easing her bottom off the saddle and it's probes. Scott lifted Angel's face so he could look her in the eye, and said, "Up till now we have been enjoying the newness of each other.

Because of the newness some things have been allowed to slide. As of now, you will be taught, and expected to obey, the rules of your slavery. The first and most important of all the rules is that you are a slave and in such you belong to me. Just as if you are property. In your slavery everything that you have is also mine. Especially your pain and your pleasure. Along with your servitude your pain is your gift to your Master. Your pleasure is your Master's gift to you.

You will be disciplined if you take pleasure without my consent. Do you understand, Angel?" "Yes Master … I think so." Master shot back, "You need to know, Angel. If you have an orgasm without my permission you will be punished with pain. If you take the pleasure of playing with your slave sister without my permission you are stealing from me, and you will be punished.

Masturbating without my permission is also stealing from me." "Stealing from you, Master?" "Yes my love. What still sucking after cum compilation and cop blowjob first time suspect and accomplice do you call it when someone take from you without your permission?" Lowing her eyes, Angel responded with a soft voice, "Stealing." "Beth knew what she was doing and she will be punished.

Your punishment for this offence will be your watching and knowing that you had a part in her infraction, and that you also deserve punishment for your part in all this. So, Angel, watch and learn well so that you can avoid what Beth is about to experience." Mike and Master moved Angel's device of bondage to a position that afforded a full view of what Beth was about to go through. Beth was again standing on just her toes now that the spreader bar hand been put in its place.

Her whole body stretch out with her arms pulled above her head as she waited with her head hung low. Master said to Mike, "Spread her bar a little wider then secure it to the floor, and take her up a few more inches." Mike moved to follow his orders. Meanwhile Master inserted his two middle fingers into Beth's pussy, and said, "You are just drenched with wetness." Beth's head shot up as she looked her Master in the eye, and he continued, "You are really enjoying all of this. Just like the pain slut you really are." Beth tried to say something but it came out as just mumbling around her gag.

So she just nodded her agreement with her Master. With her weight fully on her out stretched arms and her Master still fingering her pussy, Scott continued, "You know Beth I think you did all of this on purpose just so you would be punished. You were out on the highway totally nude. At least that is the way you arrived here.

You come into the house and decided to forgo putting on your collar and cuffs. You leave out your butt plug and then you take up with Angel.

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These are all rules that you are very well acquainted with. Angel doe have an excuse. She is new to this house. You on the other hand have no excuse." Mike had returned with a cart of items on it. Angel could not make out just what they were but she was sure they would not be used to bring pleasure.

Master picked up an awesome looking whip and said, "Punishment is what you want, then punishment is what you will get." He started to lay out his lashes across the backs of Beth's lower legs.

Mike moved over to stand beside Angel as Master continued to move his lashes up and down the back side of his slave.

As Scott moved his whipping to Beth's front side, Mike leaned over and whispered into Angel's ear, "That is an awesome looking whip, but it really is not a whip at all. What your Master is using is a deer skin flogger. It just stings enough to wake up newly met chicks ends up in a super hot lesbo sextape pornstars and fingering the nerve endings in her body. Notice that he is just turning her skin pink and red and not leaving any marks that will last." Angel was listening very closely to Mike as he explained what was going on when it hit her.

Mike has turned on the probes that were inserted into her ass and pussy. These two probes were fucking her. Rhythmically one moved into her pussy as the other withdrew from her ass. Then they reversed functions.

The one in her ass would move in deeper, very deep, and the one in her pussy would withdraw. With her legs bound as they were there was nothing she could do to lift herself off the saddle and grant herself some relief from their penetration. Angel shot a look at Mike and he just smiled as he said, "Yes Angel, that too is part of your punishment. I will remind you that you are not allowed to cum without your Master's expressed permission." Beth's skin was turning a nice rosy tone as Master latino lover armani shaves young babes pussy before giving her a good fuck his flogger over every inch below her chin.

Every once in a while Master would stop and insert his two middle fingers into her pussy, only to withdraw them and resume his flogging of his victim. The last time he check her pussy, he said, "That is just about right." Putting his flogger down on the cart he picked up a couple of flex cuffs. The white plastic strips that police are using for handcuffs. They zip on only one way. To take them off they must be cut off.

Scott reached out and took hold of Beth's left nipple. He pulled on it a few times. Wrapping the tie wrap around the base of her left breast Master began to pull it tight.

Just a little at a time as he adjusted the tightness to the amount of pressure that he was seeking. Master tightened his plastic wrap until Beth's nipple began to flatten out on the reddening globe that Scott was creating with her breast. When only a little nub was left of her nipple Master nodded his head in his satisfaction. After Master made the same adjustments on Beth's right breast he turned to Mike and said, "Lets wire her up to the tens unit." Hearing this Beth jerked in her bindings.

There was not much that she could do bound as she was. Her hands above her head. Legs in a spreader bar and the bar chained to the floor. Somehow bound as she was sexy ass student as perfect euro babe teasing no high definition gagged with a penis gag Beth made it very clear that she did not want the tens unit to be used.

Scott smiled at her and said, "Yes dear, for what you did this morning you are going to be wired. Your pussy, ass, tits and yes even your mouth." Beth's jerking harder did nothing to dissuade him.

He just went on, "If you cum from this simulation you will hang here much longer." Mike handed Scott a stick on pad with a wire attached. Master took it and placed it right next to her left nipple. Then a second pad was placed on the other side of the nipple. Identical pads were then placed on her right breast matching the placement of the ones on her left. Giving each nipple a pinch Master stepped over to the cart. Mike had placed the tens unit on the top shelf. Master connected the wires, turned the unit on and then adjusted a few knobs.

In a very short amount of time one could see that Scott had the unit sending out its little electrical charges. First to one breast then to the other.

Angel could see Beth's nipples getting larger and harder as she danced to the music that their Master was playing with the electrical jolts that he was sending through her nipples. When he was satisfied with the adjustments Master turned the unit off. Once again Beth just hung there from her arms held above her head by the hoist. A metal phallus was inserted into Beth's rectum and another into her vagina.

Both were held in place with rubber strap that ran through her legs and up to a band that had been placed around her waist. Each had wires connected to the ends that were also attached to the tens unit. As Master removed the penis gag from Beth's mouth, Beth begged, "Oh Master, please let me cum. Don't make me take this without your permission to have an orgasm." Her please just feel on death ears. Scott did not even change his expression as if to give her begging any consideration.

He just inserted another phallus into her mouth to replace the penis gag that he had just removed. As he secured the third phallus by connecting the straps behind her head Scott chuckled as he said, "Beth you are amazing.

You are being punished for stealing your pleasure form your Master and now you beg to be permitted to have that very same pleasure while you are being punished?

You are a unique piece of work, my dear." Scott connected all the wires to the tens unit and tested each sending unit. Angel noticed that she could tell where her sister slave was receiving the electrical jolts by the jerking that Beth was doing as she hung in the middle of the room. When everything was adjusted as he desired Scott said, "Now both of you get this clear in your heads. Neither one of you will be allowed to cum today." Scott then flipped a switch and Angel felt the jolt between her legs.

Both girls were wired and both were experiencing the effects of their Master little electric toys. The probes were still doing their thing in and out of Angel and now the electrical stimulation that was added right to her clit. There was nothing that she could to lift herself up and off the electric probe that kept pulsing its jolts of energy right on her clit.

Beth was jerking every way that her bindings would allow. Even with the electrical probe strapped into her mouth Beth was making her desire to cum very clear. Angel soon joined Beth in her pleas for an orgasm, but their Master kept telling them that they had been very bad girls. Finally Scott told them that it had been ten minutes since he had turned on the tens unit, and he wanted them to take another five minutes. Angel screamed, "Oh Master, please … I will do anything you ask, just let me cum." Angel's pleadings went on until, Master told her that if she did not shut up he would leave her unit on longer than five minutes.

Angel hung her head and cried. When the timer sounded Scott was good to his word. The bell of the timer was still ringing when he flipped the switch that turned the ten unit off. Both girls were limp in their bindings. The hoist was lowered until Beth was standing on her own two feet. That hot webcam brunette masturbates to orgasm masturbation and fingering if you can call what Beth was doing as standing.

There was a lot of wobble in her stance. Mike was busy removing all the probes and pads from Beth's body. When he cut off the flex cuffs from her breast and the blood rushed back into her nipples, Beth let out an ear shattering scream in her pain.

Master was letting Angel loose from her bindings. Angel was very slow in responding to her new found freedom, but given time and encouragement she was able to do it. There was a very loud squishing sound as she raised her bottom off the saddle and the probes separated from their places of insertion.

When Angel was once again standing on the floor Master ran his hand softly across her cheek and told her to just look at herself. "You are so wet your sex just glistens." He said, and he was right. Beth was in the same condition. Soaking wet and begging for release. Master said, "You may not cum, but these I will give you. First your butt plug, and then I will place a lock on that pussy to remind you that you belong to me." Scott inserted Beth's plug.

Angel was then shocked to see that Beth had piercing in her inner labia. There was a ring in each of her lips. Master pulled them out and placed a pad lock through each ring and snapped it shut.

Master then undid Beth's wrists cuffs and reconnected them behind her back as he told Mike to take off the spreader bar. "Now you two girls have had all the pleasure that you will be allowed for today.

Do this again and you will be refused your orgasms for a week. I am going to allow you a little fun. Now both of you on your knees. Mike and I are in need of some release," Both men were harder than rocks and it took just a little stimulation from the mouths of the slaves to bring them off.

Beth took her mouth down Mike's shaft twice and he exploded in the back of her mouth. Scott needed three or fours times down Angel's throat before his seed boiled over. ***** As Scott was helping Angel back to her feet he asked, "How did you like your first trip to the barn?" "Oh Master I love this place.

I want to give myself to you on every device I have heard of and more if there is more." "There is more, Angel. Much more." He said as the four of them were returning to the house.

To be continued ……&hellip. ***** Again, I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. If you leave your email address I will respond. If you dislike something I would very much like to know just what it is. Thank You, S.S.