Sexy les riding strapon pornstars and fingering

Sexy les riding strapon pornstars and fingering
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Note: this is a continuation of Aux Ed and features sex between adults and young teens. If you are offended, please do not read further. As always, comments are natasha vega blow a lucky old bastard appreciated.

------------------------------------------- Chapter Two Classroom Activities The following week, John Burke still couldn't believe his situation. He had taken a job at a school that not only had good kids to work with, but also had a very progressive program in sex education and the prevention of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Each student would be instructed in how to have and enjoy sex and John was fortunate enough to be part of the teaching team to help give this instruction.

John's mentor teaching in this unusual class was Nicole Robins. Nicole was not only a great teacher in her own right, but was very easy on the eyes as well. She was short (to be certain…pushing a few inches above five feet with insanely high heels), but was gifted with firm and well-rounded boobs and an ass that was hard not to notice…and want to touch. Nicole first recruited John to this class, dubbed "Aux Ed", after he mistakenly walked in on her teaching, that is fucking, two younger students on top of her desk.

Now, the program was really getting underway. John was instructed to "sit-in" on Nicole's next Aux Ed course on Tuesday afternoon. The school-day dragged on and on seeming never to end. The highlight of his day was seeing his newly deemed favorite students Alexa and Lindsey two freshman nymphs who gave him the best masturbation show he had ever seen the previous week.

John went through his usual classes until the final bell rang at 2:37 and at that point he found himself a bundle of nerves…together with a raging hard-on. At 3:00 he popped into Ms. Robins' classroom where he saw ten students (six girls and four boys all freshmen) sitting attentively.

John took a seat in the back and watched as Nicole stroll in. She looked very conservative today. Long skirt to her mid-calf, a red blouse that somewhat hid her full and firm breasts and she kept her glasses on a site that John found very arousing.

"Today," stated Ms. Robins "we are going to re-teach you something that every high school student thinks they already know how to perform oral sex…that is 'give head'. From my experience, I have found that most students think they know how to do this correctly but they are sadly mistaken. Today, we will remedy this situation." With a deliberate manner, Nicole walked over to one of the tall boys in the front of the room and led him by the hand.

John knew this student's name was Mike and that he was the only freshman on the varsity lacrosse squad but besides that, he was somewhat unremarkable. Ms. Robins, however, soon took control. With remarkable ease, she turned Mike around to face the audience and immediately thrust her hands down his somewhat baggy jeans. Mike closed his eyes and gulped as Nicole began to move both her hands in the 15 year-olds trousers.

John immediately noticed the sexual tension in the room and scanned the room to see the other three boys adjusting themselves in their seats while many of the girls, also all 14 or 15 year-old freshman, stared with rapt attention. He turned his attention to Nicole to see her unbutton her subject's pants and push down his snug boxers, exposing his cock to the entire class.

At this point, even John had to adjust his now-growing erection as the busty blonde teacher took her student's ever-growing cock in her small, soft hand. "Now watch everyone," said Ms. Robins. "With just a few movements, we can get this cock rock-hard." She moved to her knees and opened her warm, wet mouth to inhale the young-mans throbbing cock. With a movement back and forth (twice) she turned and faced the class with a look of satisfaction. The boy's cock was now at full-mast.

"Now," said the teacher "I want everyone else to big boobs girl going crazy on webcam what we just did. Find a partner. Quick. I want to see some very hard cocks here." And with that every student quickly paired up, with the exception of John, Ms.

Robins and Lindsey one of John's students with whom he watched masturbate the previous day. "Lindsey, you are assigned to Mr. Burke," said Nicole. At the sound of his name, John's heart leapt. He knew he was going to help out in this class but he didn't think it would be getting a blow-job from a 14 year-old blonde teen.

Lindsey approached her teacher and bit her bottom lip as her hands went right for his belt and pants. With little direction or encouragement, the petite teen had his pants off small brother and big brother sex was releasing his cock from the confines of his boxers. As she knelt down, John felt his hand go through her soft hair and gasped as he felt her warm mouth engulf his cock.

Lindsey wasn't particularly skilled, but as John's blood pressure was rising, it was going to be impossible for him not to get hard. The teacher then looked around the room. Nicole was strolling between the couples as every girl had a cock either standing up straight or between their teenage lips.

It was a scene out of a kinky porn movie John thought, as be looked down and saw Lindsey looking up and smiling. Her lip-gloss infused lips putting small kisses on his balls and smooth shaft of his cock. Ms. Robins then instructed the class to continue this process. "Those of you sucking the cock, be sure not to use your teeth," the teacher warned, "and don't be afraid to adjust your pressure or speed.

Remember, the goal is to keep him hard and happy. Hard and happy." And with that instruction, five cocks were quickly placed in the mouths of the eager young teens. Lindsey took her mission seriously and moved her head back and forth along John's cock.

Her little mouth fit around him perfectly and it was apparent that she really wanted to please him. As John looked around, he saw all the other boys in the class also enjoying the lesson.

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Nicole came by where John was sitting and praised Lindsey for keeping John's cock hard. As she walked by, she took John's hand and placed it on her breast where he felt the firm nub of her erect nipple. "All these young cocks always make me hot," she whispered in John's ear as Lindsey continued her oral assault on his very hard, very wet dick.

After about three minutes, Ms. Robins came back to address the class. "Very good ladies. It is apparent that you have been doing your homework. See, I told you porn films were good material to study at times. Now, it is your turn. You know what to do.

Take off bottoms only for now girls. No need to provide any further 'distractions.'" And with that, all the young girls in the class stood up and started to undress. Again, John couldn't believe what he was seeing. There were six girls, just 14 and 15 year old freshman, willing to strip naked in front of each other and their teacher. Lindsey seemed to have no problems, especially after her show for Mr. Burke earlier, and quickly removed her jeans. Under, she had on a pair of green and blue striped panties that accentuated her hips and her cute little bottom.

John placed his thumbs on the waistband and pulled them down, exposing her naked little pussy. Just a light tuft of blond hair leading to small, pink lips. "Boys," said the blonde teacher, "this is where you need to practice what I showed you last week. Be gentle, but show her kinky lesbo models are gaping and fisting anal holes you know how to use your tongue.

For today, no fingers.

I want tongues only." John immediately saw the young women in the classroom take positions on top of the desks scattered around the room. Almost like robots, each boy kissed their ankles, their knees and their thighs as they moved toward the young sex of their classmates. John was so mesmerized at watching one of his students, a black girl named Morgan, spread her legs to receive a tongue lashing from another boy, that he almost forgot about Lindsey now breathtaking czech cutie was tempted in the shopping centre and pounded in pov out on top of the desk, her hands tracing gently lines down her thighs towards her pussy.

John followed the lead of the other students kissing her small ankles, her knees and her very soft, pale thighs. Upon seeing her little cunt, John's heart almost skipped a beat. It was so pink, so firm that he wanted to kiss and suck every part of it.

Using his best tongue skills perfected over years of fucking and sucking both women and men he began to lick the young teenage girl. Her pussy put off so much heat that there was little question as to how she was enjoying the session and as his tongue gently glanced off her clitoris, he felt her jump right off the desk. John was fully engaged with Lindsey, so much that he almost didn't notice Nicole's presence behind him.

The now-turned-on teacher was fully engrossed at watching Lindsey move her hips at the oral assault being given her by her teacher, Mr. Burke. Nicole decided to take action and moved in to kiss John. She was so turned on, she was not concerned about this limited breach of protocol as the teacher savored the taste of little Lindsey's pussy on John's lips, turning her on even more.

After pushing her tongue into John's mouth and breaking their very passionate kiss, Nicole couldn't resist she moved forward and licked young Lindsey from her little pink asshole up to her now-erect clitoris. Nicole usually didn't engage in licking her students, but she couldn't resist this one. Lindsey's wetness was apparent and she was moaning that she so wanted to get fucked.

"Ok class," said the teacher, wiping the juices of Lindsey's pussy off her lips, "let's rotate." And with almost robotic movements, each student moved over one desk.

One of the younger boys that John taught, Spencer, moved over to Lindsey and he took over where John left off. Upon hearing Lindsey continue to squeal and moan, the Mr. Burke knew she was in good hands. John moved to the next open desk and there lied another one of his students.

Morgan was another freshman, but has also been a student John had problems with in the past. Usually, she put up a front that indicated that she didn't care about school or really anything but seeing her lying on the desk, half-naked, he had a new appreciation for this young black teenager. Her pussy was amazing thick dark lips surrounding a perfectly pink interior.

A noticeable amount of hair covered the top of her cunt giving the impression that she was actually older than her official age of 15. The teacher could not resist this beautiful specimen of ebony beauty. He moved in and immediately flickered her tongue over her very sensitive clitoris.

He heard the moans of "oh shit…oh shit" emerge, but among the groans and moans he could not be certain they were coming from Morgan. Ignoring Nicole's directives, John inserted a finger into Morgan while he continued to lick and flick over her sensitive button. Her tightness gripped his finger like nothing he had ever felt before and the wetness was evident. Morgan's pussy continued to hit sex hot story big boobs and shake as John finished his oral attack.

As he moved up, his eyes met Morgan's and she gasped "you made my pussy feel so good. I am so glad you are my teacher." Nicole once again tried to get control of the class a difficult task given the various licking, sucking and grinding going on but eventually got all students to pay attention.

"Ok…we are just about done for the day and I know we all want to finish up feeling good so we are going to try something different," the young, firm teacher stated. "I want everyone to cum but we are not ready for fucking yet. You can cum, or help someone cum, anyway you want but no pussy or ass fucking. That is next week's lesson." With that directive, an excited giggle ran through the class.

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"Everyone get naked," yelled Morgan in an effort to have her friends and the two teachers, remove the last of their clothing. Without hesitation, every student removed every stitch of clothing and placed it in one corner. John was pleasantly surprised to see his colleague, Nicole, also begin removing her clothes. He walked over to help her, kissing her passionately while setting her glasses inside her desk.

John took off his remaining clothes and could not resist touching his cock while he watched the students strip naked. He saw all sorts of bodies. Muscular, thin, chubby. Big cocks, needle-thin cocks with incredible length and even a few smaller pricks.

Girls had small tits, big boobs and quite a few in-between. Most had shaved or bare pussies either by choice or the lack of development of pussy hair. Nicole was the former as she removed her panties, he noticed her very bare pussy and he examined that amazing ass that he so definitely wanted to violate.

As she removed her blouse and bra, he realized that her tits were quite perky with very little sag and she had cute little nipples that stood out like long pencil erasers. "Have fun," she said as she moved towards two boys leering at her sexy and mature body. She took one cock in each and went to her knees alternating sucking each cock and making each of the young men very, very excited. Pre-cum soon covered each of their cocks and John was ready to watch her make each of her students explode, but he was soon distracted.

Alexa, John's student who previously left his classroom with his cum in her hair, quickly reached out for his cock fantastic blonde has her trimmed pussy nailed surprising the teacher by her roughness and eagerness. She put it in her mouth and soon was mouth-fucking his cock with reckless fury. Out of his eye, John saw his previous two partners, Morgan and Lindsey embraced in a kiss both very naked and very interested in exploring each other with their small, nimble hands.

John took Alexa's hand and stood her up. He wanted to provide her the pleasure she was giving him as well…and his fingers soon found the soft, damp folds of her pussy. He inserted a finger into the young girl and she jumped at his touch.

Her pussy was on fire and his assault on her twat was only momentarily interrupted by watching Nicole getting covered in the cum of both young boys. Her tits getting bathed in the hot, white liquid from each young student, her arm jerking off each cock and empting their load all over her amazing body.

John wanted to do the same to this young student and he pushed her up on the desk. With a forceful grunt, he straddled her stomach (she was a bit chubby but her tits offset any issues of her being marginally overweight). His hand rubbed her cunt while she moaned, but above all John wanted to fuck Alexa's tits. He licked his hand and greased up his cock. Replacing his hand with Alexa's so she could rub herself while he titty-fucked her he pushed the two fleshy orbs together and put his cock between the soft, pale mounds.

As his cock-head emerged from her tits, she licked and played with the sensitive part of her teacher's cock but he was more focused on the feeling emerging from his firm shaft between her soft skin.

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Faster and faster he pumped her tits as she managed to touch herself between his thrusts. John knew he couldn't hold out too long as the day was beginning to take its toll. He felt the cum begin to well up in his balls and with a final push…and then another…the cum began to erupt from his rigid cock. The first stream hit the young girl right on her chin, but the second streamed over her lips and into her hair. He began to stroke himself as he emptied his cum between her tits…further lubricating her well-fucked breasts.

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Reaching back, he moved his hand back and forth rapidly across her clit, watching her cum with a violent shake. Her pussy began to spasm and John felt her body jerk in reaction to his continuing fingering of her box. Busty girlfriend shows her friends how to fuck he looked up he heard Alexa state that she "loved titty-fucking her teacher" and that she did in fact cum twice. John was also surprised to see the group of naked students surrounding both he and Alexa and he was even more surprised when the entire class broke out in applause.

"I think the class is glad you joined us," said Nicole as she wiped the cum off of her beautiful tits. "Next class is when we start the good stuff. We'll see how good you are at fucking for real." John could do nothing but smile and offer a clean towel to his student.

As she wiped his cum off of her innocent-looking face he realized that it was going to be a very fun, and very exhausting semester but one he was very eager to teach.