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Beautiful cuties will relax for u masturbation smalltits
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Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 4 Re-Issued by gregorthegrant True Story, Cheating, Author's infos Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A Report Introduction: Continuing story.

Please read Parts 1,2 and 3 first. Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 4 Re-Issued. The real sexual part gets started about half way. I like to have the intro to lead to the sex because that's what happened. I just want to remind you about Part 1 of my adventure.

If you recall I would wake up with a strange taste in my mouth and sore asshole and shit this white stuff. Also every night my wife would give me this hot chocolate drink.

It always made me tired. Also I was a virgin when I married my wife and had no idea about sex. So when all this white stuff squished in her pussy I thought it was a woman thing about her excitement for sex. Yes, I really was that amateur amazing sexy girls talking and touching in the car. No kidding. I had walked a good half hour up around the lake and tried to clear my head. Then I flopped down and rested before heading back to the cabin.

It took me a good half hour to walk back to the cabin and when I got their our car was parked in front. I walked in the door to see both my son's sitting at the kitchen table in blue jeans and t-shirts. They were playing cards. "That's thirty one. I won that one Chuck." Matt said. "Hi dad." Chuck said when I walked in looking at my wife was standing in the middle of the kitchen while Matt was sitting beside Chuck.

Sitting across from my two sons were two other boys. They looked to be in their late teens or early 20's. They were wearing tight t-shirts and shorts. "Oh yes dad these are two guys we met in town today.

Steve and Len. It turns out they are cousins of friends from school." Both boys stood and walked over to me and put their hands out to shake mine. Steve had to be a good six feet and Len a good six foot three.

Steve had dark blonde hair and blue eyes while Len had dark hair, deep tan, brown eyes. I would say Len was probably Greek and looked like a Greek God. I noticed my wife looking at Steve and Len. I could tell both Steve and Len worked out because of their big muscular legs, shoulders, arms, and chests.

"Hi dear. What did you do all afternoon. I hope you had time and was able to relax this afternoon." She said with a smile like nothing had happened earlier. As if getting fucked by her two sons wasn't a big deal. "We brought home pizza. So we wouldn't have to cook. How's it sound to you Jeff?" Sandy asked. "Sounds good to me." I answered After dinner all the boys volunteered to help Sandy clean up the kitchen and do the dishes and Sandy told me to just sit back and relax.

After everything in the kitchen was cleaned up my wife, sons, Chuck xxx gisl and xxx boys Matt along with their two new friends Steve and Len came into the living room.

They all sat down. Steve and Len sat in two easy chairs and to my surprise Chuck, Matt and my wife sat on the couch with my wife Sandy in the middle.

I didn't know what to say. I looked at my wife and two sons as if I had never really seen them before. My two sons had fucked their very own mother's pussy, ass and mouth and they sat as if they had only taken a swim together. But I did notice how close Chuck and Matt were sitting to their mother. I could even swear each of my son's hands were touching my wife's thighs. Kind of close to sit with one's son's.

I thought but didn't say anything. I closed my eyes and rubbed them gently before I opened them again. Okay it's over with I told myself.

"What did you and the boys do this afternoon Sandra?" I asked. "We did the tourist thing Jeff. Went to the stores and walked around. In fact bought some souvenirs. I put them by the couch." She said. I looked over to see a bunch of totem poles and other interesting things as well as post cards. Then in the coffee shop we bumped into Steve and Len and their parents. "Of course I asked their mother if the boys could spend a couple of days and nights with us since it was their vacation.

Their parents said it was okay so here we are." "Do they have dick riding makes hawt awesome chick cum gym in town?" I asked remembering my dream. "Maybe I saw it when we came through town but I didn't notice it." "Yes there is Jeff. Why do you ask?" Sandy asked. "Oh just wondering that's all.

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I had this strange dream about a gym in town that's all." I answered. It was getting dark out and the boys said they were going to turn in and went to their rooms. Steve went to Chuck's room and Len went to Mat's room.

"Do you want your chocolate drink dear?" Sandy asked sitting across from me in the small living room after the boys had gone to bed.

"I think you need a good nights sleep." "Okay." I answered without thinking. Sandy went to the kitchen and made my chocolate drink and returned holding the cup of chocolate drink and put it on the table beside me. I took a sip of the familiar tasting drink.

It was as good as ever and as I drank it I felt more relaxed.

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I began to yawn. "I'm off to bed Sandy." I said standing up going to the kitchen and putting the cup in the sink with some water in it. Then I headed for the bedroom. "Are you coming to bed Sandy?" "Yes. I'm kind of tired myself after such an eventful day and the afternoon of the tourist thing." She said and smiled.

At least she didn't mention all the fucking she did with the boys. I stripped nude as usual and got into bed. For some reason Sandy always liked me sleeping nude.

We seldom had sex at night so I have no idea why she'd want me to sleep nude. But what the heck if it makes Sandy happy for me to sleep in the buff it was okay with me. Sandy stripped nude and went to sex old man teen school girls washroom. I must have fallen asleep before Sandy had even gotten in bed.

It wasn't unusual for me to be half wake up during the night.

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I don't mean totally woken up and alert. I did have strange dreams though. I often dreamed I saw shadows either on the bed or around our bed and heard strange moaning and groaning. Then all would go black again and I was sound asleep again. Tonight wasn't any different but I felt a little more awake than other nights. Maybe because I had the long nap in the field earlier in the day.

The nap I had when dreaming about all those black men in the gym with my wife. I could see shadows again. Then for a second my vision came clear. Sandy was laying beside me and I could hear her moaning. Then I looked up and saw Matt laying on top of her nude. He was licking her ear and massaging each of her large breasts with each of his large hands. "Oh mom that was so hot this morning." I heard him moan. "Yea mom." I heard Chuck. I looked down to see down by his mother's feet massaging her ankles.

"Fuck! Do you guys do this all the time?" I heard Steve. I looked over and saw Steve on the other side of the bed nude watching Chuck and Matt. Then I heard a loud moan this time at the end of the bed. It was Len.

He was also nude. I closed my eyes. This had to be another of my strange dreams. I felt myself drifting off to sleep again. I don't know how long I slept but then I heard some more grunting. I looked at more shadows. Some one seemed to be leaning over Sandy's head while someone was laying on top of her. His body seemed like it was rocking back and forth on top of her. Then I knew I heard Steven saying. "Fuck your not going to really do it are you guys." Then I heard Len's voice coming from above Sandy's head.

"Gee fucking your mothers hot pussy, asshole and mouth with your dad sleeping beside her is one thing. But shit doing your dad when he's sleeping. You've got to be kidding." "No kidding." I heard Matt answering. "We been doing it at least four years now." If that was true Matt would have been 14 when he started fucking my wife and Chuck 15.

I wondered sex girl xxx 18 and 90 it all had started.

Did the boys come on to their mother or had my wife come on to my sons? I tried to move but felt paralyzed. I could feel my body but couldn't move or speak. I don't know if it was hearing my son's bragging about screwing their mother for the past four years right beside me had me paralyzed with anger.

But then as I remember Sandy has been giving me that drink before bed for at least four years or more. Maybe that's what was paralyzing my body.

I tried to shout but nothing came out except a light moan. "Fuck you two are really going to do it." Steve said loudly. I looked up and saw a fuzzy figure coming closer and a weight on my chest moving up.

Fuck it was Matt. He was nude and his cock was rock hard. All seven inches of it. He had his hands on my face. I still couldn't move. Then my mouth was being forced open by his hands.

His cock was pointed at my open mouth. Then his cock head was in my mouth. Some how I found the strength to move my head but it was too late as Matt leaned forward forcing his cock in my mouth and down my throat. "Fuck Matt, your dad's awake." I heard Len yell. "I thought you said he slept all night because of that stuff your mom gives him. He must have pulled his cock from my wife's mouth because I heard her say.

"He always sleeps the entire night. I bet it's because he had that nap this afternoon." "What should I do mom?" I heard Chuck saying from between my stretched legs. I'm so fucking horny." "Go ahead fuck him anyway." Mom answered. "He is still pretty out of it because of the drugs. He's not going to fight you son. Besides my pussy's too fucking hot with your big cock in it Steve to really give a shit.

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Fuck me hard Steve. Give me more. I was wide awake now and moved my eyes to see Steve's butt moving up and down and knew he was fucking my wife hard. He was moaning and groaning at the same time. "Take my cock you fucking bitch. You are a fucking slut to get your son's to fuck you night after night right beside your sleeping husband." Then I felt myself choking as I looked up to see Mat's muscular body pressed up against my face and I could feel his big balls against my bottom lip.

Darn he had his entire seven inches in my mouth and down my throat. I wondered what Chuck was up to. He said he was horny but Matt's cock was down my throat. I guess he was waiting for his brother to finish with my mouth before he took over.

But then I felt his hands on my legs behind my knees as he brought them together and was now pushing them up until they pushed against my chest. Fuck what the hell was my son doing anyway. I thought. I tried to push up to push Chuck away from me.

Instead of pushing Chuck away it seemed to help him as I felt him lean over my legs and felt his body on mine my legs pushing up pressing against Matt's back. Matt had pulled his cock out of my throat in the mean time and was looking down at my open eyes. "Fuck I'm glad you can see this dad. I've wanted you to see me pushing my cock in your fagot mouth for a long time." Before I could say anything I felt my asshole being penetrated. Fuck Chuck was about to fuck my ass.

Damn my own son was going to fuck me. "Oh boys this is so hot watching you guys fuck your dad's mouth and ass especially for the first time he knows he's getting fucked.

Ram that big cock in my pussy Steve." She shouted. "Don't just sit their Len ram that cock down my throat." My wife moaned. I was prepared for a lot of pain shooting throughout my body feeling Chuck ram his seven and half inches into my ass but there was no pain.

In fact I felt my body betraying me and pushing back to get even more of Chuck's throbbing cock in my body. I felt as his balls suddenly slapped my ass cheeks. I felt his large cock deep in my ass and I felt my cock grow hard.

Fuck I was getting a damn boner with my son's cock in my ass. Before I could say anything Matt was pushing his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I managed some how to move my arms and hands. However they seemed to have a mind of their own. Instead of pulling them up to push my sons away from me I moved them around so they were on Matt's firm ass and pulled him closer to me so he would force even more cock down my throat.

Fuck I wanted to suck his cock so bad. I wanted it deep down my throat with my son's dick. I pushed my hips up again as I felt Chuck withdrawing his cock all the way to his cock head. I wanted that cock all the way up my hungry ass again. I wanted to shout for him to fuck me, but my mouth was full of Matt's cock.

Even though my mind was still a bit foggy I could tell this was a real fuck fest in my bed. I could hear my wife moaning around Len's big cock. "Take my cock down your throat bitch. Take it all. Shit this is the hottest fuck ever. Damn watching your dad take your cock down his throat Matt and your brother power driving his dad's ass. Chuck this is so fucking hot.

Fuck her pussy little brother. Fuck Mrs. Thompson's cunt hard Steve. Shit I'm going to cum down your throat bitch. Fuck your dad's a fucking fag, homo taking your cocks." Len was moaning. The room was full of moans and groans as well as yelling as the fuck fest continued. I heard someone else groaning about cumming then someone else was groaning. With more and more groaning. Suddenly I felt Chuck moaning. "Take this cock you fag. Take it. I feel you pushing your hips up to get my cock into it homo.

Fervid nympho blows dick in pov and gets slim crack fucked always knew all these years of fucking you, you were a fag. Now it's proven because you really do feel my cock." I heard Matt moaning suddenly. "Oh shit I'm going to cum too. Right down your homo throat dad. You fucking cock sucker." Then he shoved his cock down my throat completely.

Everything started getting black as I tried to breathe. Then there was nothing but blackness. The next thing I heard was loud knocking over and over again.

I opened my eyes. I had the covers over me. I looked over and saw Sandy sound asleep beside me. Then I saw her eye lids open. "Who's knocking?" "Is that you boys?' I tried to yell my jaw feeling stretched and sore.

The door opened with out my wife or myself telling them they could come in. "Come on Mom and Dad." Matt burst in the room yelling. "You guys promised we could go hiking today." "Yeah dad and mom you promised." I could hear Chuck saying behind Matt. "Do your parents always sleep so late guys?" I heard Steve and his brother Len saying.

"Okay boys, I'm coming as soon as I get dressed." My wife yelled back getting out of bed. "Get out of our room Chuck and Matt and take your two friends. My husband and I are nude. Get out of here so we can get dressed." insatiable legal age teenager needs sex in the break from studying Sandra yelled. The four boys left our bedroom closing the door when as they left. "Get up sleepy head." She said leaning over me and hitting me on my side.

I sat up stretching. My body felt sore but that wasn't unusual for me to wake up sore all over. I stretched. Nothing seemed out of the normal. The same bed the same room. Had I dreamed the fuck fest. No one seemed to reacting differently except Sandy was usually up and dressed by the time the boys were up.

Today the boys were already up and dressed. "Get going boys and get the table set for breakfast we'll be right out." Sandy yelled through the door getting up and putting her house coat on. She headed out to the washroom leaving me alone in bed with my girl pissing on food and eating it. I did have a strange taste in my mouth but I always did when I woke up.

I laid in bed trying to clear my head and think. If the boys had come to our room during the night and had a fuck fest, why would they bother to knock on our door this morning? You'd think they would just walk right in. In fact why would the door be closed if all the boys had ganged me and my wife. Why not just leave the door wide open. Also why would Sandra tell them to get out of the room because we were nude under the foxy czech kitten opens up her tight cunt to the special If there had been a fuck fest they would have more than seen me and Sandra nude.

Just then Sandy walked back in the bedroom. "Get up sleepy head we have a full day today of camping." She said. I me cache a la mama de mi alumno up stretched and went to the bathroom to take my morning shower.

Under the shower I stood letting the hot water wash over my muscular body. I tried to think about my dream last night. I still wondered if it was a dream or had it been real. I did that have that dream yesterday when I was laying in the field. Now that was a dream. I had fallen asleep in the field yet thought I had woken up in a gymnasium with a room of muscular, big, men as well as my two sons fucking my wife.

Now I knew that was a dream. So why couldn't last night have also been a dream. But I did have that strange taste in my mouth even after brushing my teeth. My asshole does hurt and when I put my fingers in it and it felt spread and also sticky. I didn't shit out as much of that white stuff as I did in the city. I wondered about that. Could my sons, Matt and Chuck really have fucked my mouth and ass last night? Did my sons friends Steve and Len fuck my wife last night?

If that was true they sure where screwing her hard. I enjoyed watching them use my wife like some common whore. Maybe underneath it all I wanted Sandy to be a slut, a bitch dog in heat and had dreamed it all. If last night was true how many men had my wife fucked with over the years? Dozens, hundreds maybe even thousands!

I finished showering and stepped out of the tub and while drying myself I thought of a plan. I could make up some chocolate myself tonight, then pretend to drink her chocolate drink and stay awake.

I would pretend to sleep and really find out what's going on after I go to sleep. "Hurry honey." I heard from the other room. "We want to get started on the hike so we can get back for supper." "Coming dear." I called. I put on some jogging shorts, t-shirt, white socks and runners and went to the kitchen.

My sons Matt and Chuck were sitting at the table across from their new friends Len and Steve. "Hi dad." Matt and Chuck said at delighting slit with sexy toy hardcore and bondage same time.

"Hello Mr.

Thompson." Len and Steve also said it at the same time. "Call me Jeff, Len and Steve." I said.

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Especially the way you fucked my wife last night I thought to myself. We ate a healthy breakfast and while the boys cleaned the kitchen doing the dishes Sandy and I got lunches to take with us. "Well we're all ready lets get going." Sandy had said. End of Part 4 Re-Issued version