Strap clear bra srx story

Strap clear bra srx story
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After I'd cleaned myself up, my lover and I ate dinner, naked. He said they'd be no point in me getting all dressed up when he was just going to rip my clothes off later, it made sense so I spent the rest of the night in my high-heels and tights, his cum still crusty on my tits.

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We stayed up until 1am watching a porn movie together, I was surprised that even after having two intense orgasms I was still horny. We went to bed and fucked again. I lay on my back as he filled my pussy.

He was thrusting hard, making my tits wobble as I rubbed them. He leaned in and we kissed, our tongues fighting in our mouths, my legs wrapped round his waist holding him deep inside me. "I wanna fuck you from behind" he whispered in my ear, I giggled in response. I got on all fours, my face buried in a pillow and ass held high.

My pussy was wet and begging for him to stretch it. He inserted himself forcefully and I let out a shriek of delight as he began pounding me doggy style. "Fuck mefuck me" I said into the pillow as pleasure washed over me.

His cock felt great inside me, I couldn't get enough. I played with my clit as he thrust himself harder into my dripping pussy. From his position he had a great view of my asshole, one of his favorite places to be, but something that I kept for special occasions only.

He began playing with it, his finger tickling it then going in just a little. I could feel him playing with it and his teasing was getting on my nerves, "If you want to finger me, then just do it, you've done it loads of times before" I said back to him.

His thrusts stopped, "Can I fuck it?" he asked bluntly, "Not now, maybe later. Now get hentai stunner in glasses giving a pov blowjob to the fucking" I said annoyed at him slightly. He did so with powerful thrusts deep into me, his hard cock smashing into my organs and his finger up my ass moving around tickling my insides.

I felt another orgasm on the horizon, I began rocking back and forth into his thrusts. His hands were caressing my back, then one grabbed my neck and pulled me up. His arm wrapped around my chest, squeezing my boobs. He was holding tightly, my back pressed against his chest, he dick jumping up into me. I was grinning as his playful lesbo teens stripping and licking boobies became faster.

His free hand was playing with my clit as he stuffed my pussy with man-meat. My orgasm hit, sending shocks of delight from my crotch outward. I gasped in pleasure and let out a few squeaks of happiness. I could feel my juices flowing down my leg and hear the wet splats as he thrust into me. We changed position to cowgirl, I was riding him hard and he was squeezing my bouncing boobs. I could see he was close to cumming, but I wasn't finished yet.

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I sat on his cock, it was deep inside me, but I wasn't moving. "Why'd you stop?" he asked, annoyed at me denying him his orgasm. "I'm not letting you cum this early." "But you're here for three more nights, we'll have plenty of time, just let me cum!" he was begging.

I decided to let him, I bounced on his cock for several more minutes then he suddenly grabbed me and forced me back into missionary position, he pulled out and ripped off the condom and cummed all over my tummy, some squirts even reached my tits. He collapsed next to me and fell asleep.

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"Men" I thought rolling my eyes. I wiped away the line of spunk, then I too fell asleep. I woke up early next morning, lover was still asleep next to me. I had the perfect way to wake him up, I'd done it to my husband many times.

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I went under the sheets and between his legs. His flaccid dick hanging there, I began by licking his balls, sucking them into my mouth and playing with them with them my tongue. He was still asleep, but his dick wasn't. I could see it hardening in front of me as I stroked his semi-hard phallus.

I licked up and down his hardening cock and before too long it was standing proud and tall. I nibbled on the tip and licked it clean of last nights remains. I heard a grunt and the sheets were lifted off me, my lover look down at me, confused.

"Good morning" I said before licking his cock again, he smiled and put the sheets down again. I continued to lick his head until his hand forced me down on it. The dick-head rubbed against my tonsils and my tongue licked around the pipe holding my mouth open.

I bobbed up and down each time getting a little further, he was moving his hips up while his hand pushed me down until I gagged. He held me down and popped his load into my mouth, filling it quickly, I let most of it slide down his cock but some made it down my throat. I kept sucking and licking until he was soft again. I crawled up and kissed his neck, "You didn't say good morning yet" I whispered in his ear, "Good morning" he said grabbing me and kissing me hard on the lips.

We showered together, he washed my body and washed his his, paying special attention his crotch. He was hard as I stroked softly, "You still owe me from just now" I said.

He got on one knee and began licking my pussy and fingering it too. His wet finger slid up me while his tongue flicked my clit. I squeezed my nipples and forced his face into my crotch, my orgasm was coming soon. He slid a second finger inside me and began moving them around. Juices flooded from my pussy and into his mouth as shocks of pleasure smashed into me. He continued to lick me after my orgasm subsided.

He had to go out for a few hours, so I was left at his house to do as I liked until he came back. There were several things I could have done, but I decided on naked sun bathing.

The walls kept spying eyes away so I didn't have to worry. I lay by the pool, legs spread allowing my friend a rare chance to absorb open sunlight. I fell asleep quickly. When I awoke a couple of hours later my lover was laying next to me, naked too.

He noticed I was awake and leaned in for a kiss. He held the kiss and his hands soon squeezed my breasts, I knew what he wanted. I stood up and turned away from him, his hands clasped my ass quickly, squeezing and stroking my butt. I bent over and spread my legs for him, his hand massaged my pussy while the other continued to stroke my ass. He slapped my ass and I let out a playful laugh, he bit my ass and slide a finger inside my pussy. I could feel my juices forming again. I turned around and pushed him onto his back, the sat down on his crotch, his semi-hard cock rubbing against my pussy, I grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my wet pussy, holding his balls in one hand.

His cock got hard quickly and I wanked him for a few minutes while he groped my boobs. I could see the lust in his eyes, "I want you inside me now" I said, guiding his cock into my pussy, it slipped in deep and quick.

I bounced on him, moaning as he slapped my ass. He squeezed my butt and separated my cheeks. His finger circling my asshole. I sucked on my fingers as he thrust up into me, he took my fingers from my mouth and put them in his, sucking off my saliva and replacing it with his.

It was getting hot and I wanted to cool off, "You want to do it in the pool?" I asked, he wild group sex with sexy pretty babe pornstar hardcore reply but just got up and we jumped in the pool. I floated on my back then he joined me, he blew a few bubbles next to my pussy and said "Can I fuck your ass now?", he loves anal sex but I only let him on special occasions, "Fine" I said. We moved to the shallow end and I spread my legs and leaned back, revealing my tight asshole.

He fingered it a little to loosen it up then slowly pushed his throbbing cock up my ass. I moaned as it went in inch by inch until it was all in.

I wrapped my legs around him, holding onto him and he carried me into the waist deep water so I could float as he fucked me. He began moving in and out slowly, letting my ass stretch to fit him, it felt so good, being stretched wide, he held my waist and moved me back and forth into each of his thrusts.

It only took a few minutes for him to reach a fast pace, his was pounding me hard and fast, creating waves in the pool. My face was red, the pain mixing with pleasure as he went in and out of my asshole, it had stretched wide enough to allow him to move in and out with ease, he was coming out 5 inches then slapping it back in so his balls smacked me. I was massaging my wet boobs and splashing them, he was playing with my clit and occasionally slipping a finger into me, my juices were flowing out and mixing with the pool water.

We moved over to the side of the pool and I turned around while his cock was still deep inside me, I grabbed the edge of the pool and held on while he thrust into me a lot faster now. My asshole was in agony, but the pleasure was enough for me to overcome the pain. He grabbed my tits was both hands and held me close to him, he was all 7 inches inside me when he moved over to the shallow end again.

He was carrying me, my feet hovering a few inches off the ground with his cock still up my ass.

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He lay down in the shallow water and let me control the pace, I was slower as my ass was in so much pain, I could tell by his groans he was about to cum, "Where do you want to cum?" I asked, looking back at him, his face was frozen in an expression of pain but I knew it was nothing but sheer joy.

"Up your ass" he replied without looking at me. I slid his cock in and out my ass for a few more minutes then he grunted and held me down on him.

I felt his hot seed flood in my ass, he was shooting hard and I could feel every squirt. I stayed on his cock for a little while, tensing it and squeezing every last drop out. When I got off him I could see his cock covered in cum and some unknown lubricate. My asshole remained open for a few minutes, I let the cum drip out and got into the pool to clean the rest out.

The rest of the day was spent sun bathing, whenever one of us just got the urge we'd fuck, at night we'd watch porn then fuck really hard. By the end he's cum on every part of me, my face, up my ass, on my ass, on my pussy, on my tits, down my throat. My pussy was swollen and my ass ached like shit, but it was worth it for the great orgasms he gave me several times a day.

That's how it stayed until the last night of my trip. . ~Ricky~ Thanks for the comments people, part three will up a lot sooner XXX