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Wench is addicted to cock sucking hardcore blowjob
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Hey folks, Well, since many like my adventures with animals I thought I would write one that happened at a base in the mid-west while I was still with my ex husband.

Here goes. This is true and was really fun after the photos got out. I was bored and Irene called and asked if I wanted to go out horseback riding for he afternoon.

So her and another officer's wife invited me out to the riding stables. Irene was a tom boy and married to a Capt.

and Lacie was more like me, buxom only taller. She was married to a Maj. and both were bored like me since our husbands were deployed. Well, they picked me up and I was wearing jeans and a tank top and no ba and had on some riding boots. I brought a pack of snacks and drinks and water and so we were off.

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Irene noted that I seemed dressed good and Lacie was a little nervous since she was a city girl and had never riden before. We got there and got our horses, all three were males and easy going the guy at the stables said. We paid our fees for the afternoon and started riding slowly on the trails. Irene got crazy and took off ahead of us off the trail and so we followed. She rode a ways till we got next to a lake.

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She stopped and we got there and did the same. Lacie was scared cause she was afraid her horse would take of with her and not stop. The horses grazed under some shade and we spread out blankets in the sun near the lake. It was a perfect day and I was not going to lay out and not tan some so I pulled off my top and jeans and panties and laid out in the sun naked. "Damn girl," I rene said.

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"I heard you were wild but you could have warned us." I laughed and Lacie was nervous. "Hey, it is just us girls." I said. "Yeah, guess you are right" I rene and stripped off her clothes and laid out too. Lacie watched us and finally took off her clothes and laid out. She was nervous and said, "I have never done this before, been naked that is outside." I looked at her, "Sweetheart, it is amazing and you never know what benefits may come from it." Just then one of the horses began pissing and his huge cock was out and the stream was amazing.

Lacie had her mouth wide open and Irene was just watching.

She laughed some and said, "Wish I had a man with one that big." and LAcie said, "Are you serious, that would never fit and my husband's is small and it hurts me." "What about you Susan, you like a big one too?" Irene said.

"Oh, I love anything huge that will streach me out and make me moan." I said and he two women looked at me. "No really, I love huge cocks, they are amazing." I said and had gotten up. "These guys here could really provide us some hot entertainment." I said stroking the side of my horse.

Lacie turned white and said, "You don't mean you would do it with an animal." and I laughed again, "I would and I have, lots of times. It was great." I said as I walked to the horses that were near mine.

I watched the girls ou of the corner of my eyes as I got down on my knees and the three hoses had gathered around me as if they knew something was going to happen. The girls had stood and walked closer and I reached under one and began stroking his balls and he moved some. He stood still as I moved sexy maid priya price gets pussy stretched by big cock pornstars hardcore and down his sheath andthen his cock appeared growing faster than I expected.

"Not had any in a while huh boy?" I joked around stroking it now as it grew. The girls stood naked as if they had forgotten that they were and watched me as the shaft grew and it was leaking some.

I licked the head and the juices and both girls gasped. I rubbed the slit against my face and some juices rubbed off. I slowly sucked the slit and licked up and down the shaft that was a full 12 inches at least and began massagging the length of it. There was a tree stump a few yards away and I told the girls to bring the blanket.

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I led the horse over and folded the blanket a few times and laid it on the stump to provide a pad for my back. I led he horse and he seemed to know what was happening. He was over me and I was on my back and my legs up around his belly and I pulled his cock to the opening of my pussy that was soaking wet.

He moved forward just right and it slipped into my pussy, streaching it out and sliding inside me. He began moving and I opened moreand his cock was going in deeper and deeper. Like I said, he seemed to know what he was doing because he did not get crazy and so I laid there impaled on his cock more every time he went in until almost all classy beauty cocksucks after riding cock girlfriends and blowjob in me and I moaning louder every time.

"Oh yes, fuck your mare" I was saying over and over. After what seemed ages he snorted moe and then began filling me. After the fist two spurts it shot hard and I had about the fourth orgasm I had been having.

It filled me until it gushed out of my pussy and his cock fell out leaving me crying for it to be back in. Irene took it and moved it to me and I held it in me until the horse was spent. To our surprise Lacie was on her knees stroking her horse. "I wanna try it." she said. "You just said that yu old man had a small cock and it hurt. This will tear you open Hun." I said and she was crying and said, "But I wanna try it please." I moved and she laid on her back her legs spread and the horse led between her legs, She shivered as the coat made contact with her skin on the inside of her legs.

I licked her pussy and she jumped, "It is okay Hun, I like girls too." I said and licked her till she was dripping and had an orgasm.

"Oh that was wonderful." she moaned. "Ready?" I rene said. "She said "Yes" weakly. I rubbed lezdom sluts get their whips out for some hot action head that had some pre-cum on it and she shuddered.

"Oh that feels wonderful." she said. I moved it in some and she cried out. She said, "Don't stop." and so I moved it more and she cried out more, "Do it all at once, just do it." she said and so I moved the horse some and her legs apart and took the cock like a huge dildo and shoved it into her about 6 inches and she let out a yell startling the horse and he jumped some moving his cock deeper into her.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck that hurts, oh damn, he has ripped me open." she was crying.

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I started to move him back and she said, "No, no, I want it in me." and so the horse began bucking some and she was crying and moaning at the same time. It a while but he finally began shooting his load into her. "Hold him in, hold him." she said and I did my best as his cum gushed out of her pussy that was bleeding around his cock. Finally it finished and she was limp and rolled onto the grass moaning and crying.

I heard noise and I rene had moved her horse to the stump and was mounting up. "I am not gonna miss out" she said and the horse began pushing into her pussy that had obviously been worn some horny blonde milf masturbates hardcore show homemade and camshow some toys and men.

Her horse was wilder and jusmped forward some, not really jumping but shoving his cock into the object under him. Irene was crying out and had several orgasms as the horse let his load explode into her. It gushed out and she tried to hold the cock in but could not. We spread the blanket out and al three of us collapsed on it next to each other. I reached over and kissed Lacie and she smiled and kissed me back, "Thank you." she said and we kissed deeply.

We all relaxed, sore and full of cum and then went down and soaked in the lake some. We sun dried and got the least clothes on that kept us legal and slowly went back to the stables walking the horses most of the way since we were all and especially Lacie sore as hell The manager asked why we were walking the horses and we just said we walked cause we wee in no hurry.

Lacie had trouble standing so we got to the car and Irene drove back and dropped me and LAcie at her house and I helped her into bed. As I was leaving she took my hand, "Please stay with me." and I laid down next to her.

"Undress me and you too" she said and we were naked laying next to each other. "That was great and wonderful." she said. "Yes, horses are really good." I said. "No, that was good but when you kissed me, that was great." she said and we kissed till we fell asleep. More happened later but that is for another time. Love susan