Baby face back for more in the butt

Baby face back for more in the butt
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Sorry it's so short! I wrote this from a random thought, dream as well. It's just one of those stories I hope you like. The door slammed as her roommate walked into the room. She dropped her panties right on the floor and he skirt flew up as she flopped onto the bed. "I'm exhausted" She said to Sandra. Sandra's view was perfect. It was as if her roommates pussy was right in front of her face. She could smell that flowery scent she always thought of when her mind was nose was inside her lover.

She licked her lips and turned to her book. "What are you reading?" "Just something for school" Sandra looked up see her roommates pussy again in her sight.

This time it looked as if it were glistening. Alex stared at her and didn't think anything of Sandra's gaze, she was far too exhausted from that night and couldn't stay awake. "Sounds boring." She said and drifted off to sleep.

Her legs were spread eagle. Her pussy lips spread as far as they could be, showing off her opening for the world to see. Sandra felt she was the world as she stared between Alex's legs. She groaned. Sandra had always found Alex teasingly attractive, actually hot.

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Her red hair hung to the middle of her back, straight as a flat iron. Her legs were perfectly shaped with no hair on any part of her lower body.

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She was built angelically, beautifully. The fantasies of her nightmares, and wet dreams.

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She just wanted to taste that heavenly scent she always smelled when she walked in the room after Alex's night of sex. She sighed and turned back to her book, well halfway. She couldn't help but feeling wet at the submissive sight great fmm threesome with sexy blonde milf front of her.

All she had to do was walk about two feet and lick those glistening lips. She just had to lean over to stick her tongue into that beautiful pussy. Her friend wouldn't know, nor would she care. It wouldn't be rape, not like she would get the girl pregnant…and it was basically Alex's fault in the first place for being so beautiful and showing her femininity in front of her lesbian friend.

Not that she knew, but Sandra didn't care about the details. She got up from her sit and positioned herself between Alex's legs. She stared at the bronze, beautiful leg and touched them. She groaned at the softness, her lips pressed against the knee. Licking every inch of her thigh as if they were both lollipops.

She kissed the inner side of each thigh. Alex groaned in her sleep and Sandra looked up to see that the hips in front of her were heightened. They were known positioned perfectly to her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and flicked the tiny clit showing from her lovers lips.

There was another groan and she smiled. Her tongue tracing the contours of her lips, every inch of this pussy was not going to be wasted. She kissed the bottom of her stomach and each side of her thighs.

Licking around the clit, tasting each part as if it were a delicacy never wanting to be wasted. Suddenly she felt hands on the back of her head forcing her down. She couldn't move her head up as Alex pressed her further into her pussy.

"Eat me you bitch" She said and Sandra shoved her tongue deep inside her pussy. Licking every part of her she could reach.

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Her head was bringing pressed deeper into Alex's opening that she couldn't breathe, but didn't care as she breathed in the heavenly scent of this angel.

Her nose was hitting the clit as she shoved her tongue deeper. Moans were escaping Alex as she shoved her hips to meet the tongue and ground her clit against her lover's face. She screamed as cum soaked her roommates face.

"You like the taste of me don't you?" Sandra nodded her head, but instead of licking the rest of the cum off Alex's body she got up and removed her clothing staring at the hot female breathing heavily at the exertion. When Sandra was completely naked she crawled on the bed, letting her wet pussy drag against Alex's body. A slither of her cum stained the just eaten vixen.

Sandra stopped when her pussy go to the girl's breast.

She placed her hand on one of them and squeezed the breast. Alex moaned, but then felt a weird warmth and wetness at the tip of her breasts. Sandra had squeezed it enough to dip it into her cunt. She did this with both breasts. "What are you doing?" Alex had only had a man.

This was her first time at even thinking about having sex with another woman and she became paranoid that everyone would be able to smell Sandra's stench all over her. Sandra didn't respond. Instead she lifed her hips up and placed her pussy right above her roommates face. Sitting on her breasts as she grabbed her hair.

"Now it's your turn." Alex tried to shake her head and move away from the pink opening in front of her, but Sandra wouldn't allow it. "I said now it's your turn" She moved Alex's mouth to her pussy lips and moved her hips so Alex's nose flicked her clit just enough. Alex tried to breath but she was being suffocated by the warm opening in front of her.

She sucked in and Sandra moaned. Alex didn't realize that her tongue was just at the bottom of her roommates vagina. Her mouth was so close to her lips that when she tried to move her tongue more into her own mouth, she instead tasted the juice from Sandra. "Shove your tongue inside me now." Sandra demanded, but Alex couldnt' hear a thing because Sandra's thighs were right alongside her ears.

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Instead the taste made her stick out her tongue and lick. Sandra rode her tongue as Alex explored the darkness of her roommate. Just felt a tightness on her tongue, and she licked up as if it were the top of her mouth.

Liquid flowed into her and Alex believed it was even better than wine.