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Mom and san xxx orjinal
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54 DAYS BEFORE THE CONCERT "Come on Granny Tsunade, where jim bf xxx big booms we going?" Naruto was becoming annoyed very quickly. He was being led down the street by Tsunade and Shizune blindfolded.

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! And like I said before, it's a surprise." "Easy Lady Tsunade, you know he just mom rubbing on the butt with soap you that cause you're a friend to him." "I know but you know how sensitive I am about my age." They walked down the street for a few more minutes before coming to a sudden halt casing Naruto to walk straight into Shizune's back.

"Well we're finally here! I hope this place is as good as it was in the Land of Mountains." Shizune removed Naruto's blindfold and stood to the side to allow him to see where they had brought him. He was standing in front of a large building that reminded him of The Babylon Club in some Al Pachino movie he saw one time.

He observed the large purple neon sign featuring a skull head on a woman's body playing an electric guitar. "It looks just like the one in the Land of Mountains." Naruto scratched the back of his head and squinted his eyes looking at Tsunade. "What exactly is this place?" "This," Tsunade began "is the single best club I have ever been to in my fift… forty-two years of living.

This is The Heavy Metal Maiden nightclub. Complete with fully stocked bar, dance floor, live performances nightly and an entire casino!" Shizune leaned down to Naruto and whispered into his ear. "She only likes it so much because of the casino and the fact that she got three cocks shoved up inside her at once in the back room." "I HEARD THAT!!!

AND YOU'RE ONE TO TALK! YOU LET YOURSELF GET FUCKED ON THE DANCEFLOOR… BY A DOG!!!" Naruto looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "I DID NOT GET FUCKED BY A DOG!!! He just fell in love with my leg and I was too good natured to shake him off before he got finished." "If you're done talking about weird sexscepades," Naruto said "I would really like to go in!" Tsunade shrugged it off and went inside.

The music was loud in there. As Naruto went inside his eardrums were almost busted due to the volume of the song that was playing, Disturbed's Down With The Sickness. He followed Tsunade to the bar and sat next to her. "So Naruto, would you like something to drink?" "Well I'm underage, otherwise I would." Tsunade handed him a piece of paper bearing the leaf village seal.

"I signed that into effect early yesterday. The drinking age has been lowered to 15. I would've obliterated the drinking age completely but the council wouldn't go for it. I wanted it fixed to where if you were old enough to walk to the store you could buy liquor." Naruto laughed at her and drained the glass of Mansinth Tsunade had just bought him. (Mansinth, in case you've never heard of it is Marilyn Manson's brand of liquor.) Within a few minutes of drinking he had emptied ten glasses of Mansinth and was now about to be drunk off his barstool.

"Y-you know, hic, you've got HUUUGE knockers, hic, I'd like to do shots out of them babies.

And you know what else, I've never noticed it before but Pink Floyd is like fuckin angel music when you're hammered. A-and you know what else else, sniff, I FUCKIN LOVE YOU!!!" Naruto fell to his knees and began to cry at Tsunade's feet until a voice came over the microphone. "Ladies and Gentlemen, making their debut to the stage, The Dirty Tongues!!!" Naruto got to his feet and staggered to the stage just as a band came to the stage fronted by a red haired vixen in black silk and red, purple and black face paint.

The woman in question pulled a flute from the folds of her robes and played one of the most haunting tunes Naruto had ever heard in his life. The world around him faded to black and the only people in this new realm was him and the mysterious frontgirl of this band he had never heard of. When she finished her song, she walked offstage and to the bar.

Naruto recovered and made his way over to her, sitting on the barstool beside her. "So… do you come here often?" She shot him an annoyed look and continued to sip from her glass. "Look kid I'm not interested in scrawny rat's asses like you so just walk away now and save yourself." "Hey now babe, don't be so hostile. I just thought I could buy you a few rounds." He put an arm around her shoulder.

She grabbed it and shoved it back off her. "DON'T touch me and DON'T call me babe. But as for your offer, that part I wouldn't mind." "Barkeep bring us a couple bottles of Mansinth and two shot glasses." She gave him a raised eyebrow. "Hey, as long as I'm buying you drinks we might as well have us a little drinking contest.

Is that fair Miss…" "Tayuya, and yes I suppose that would be fun to drink you under the table." The bartender came over with the bottles and glasses as a crowd formed around them having heard about the contest. The bartender filled their shot glasses. "You ready to lose brat." "You wish flute girl." Naruto took the shot and got a refill. Tayuya smirked and drained her glass as well. TEN MINUTES LATER "Hic, w-why don ya jus gi, hic, ve up now and kee yo pridesy." Tayuya was the first to feel the full effects of the drink and was now rocking from front to back and was barely understandable.

"I've still got, hic, a lot of liquor I can hold without my kidneys givin out." Naruto was holding up fairly well as he took his next shot. Tayuya on the other hand was now looking a little red in the face as she picked up her glass and took a sip before turning to the side, puking and falling backwards off the stool.

Naruto raised his fist in victory and staggered over to Tayuya picking her up under her arms and helping her to her feet. "Ya know, hic, ol' yeller hair, you are the first, hic, pison to eva def…eat me in a drinkn' cntes." She put an arm around him and began to lean on him as they staggered over to the door together. "Hey, I think you need some help, I cant just let ya walk there like this." She put her head on his shoulder and nuzzled his neck. "I ad you figured wrong Naruo, anyone who could beat me in tha game of drink deefinately deserves my respect.

I'm staying at the Konolove Hotel, just take me to room 356. Oh and I'll need your help around at least till I'm, hic, sober." They arrived soon after at the hotel and he led her into an elevator and rode up to the third floor. They exited and found their way to room 356. Tayuya reached into the pocket of her robe and pocket of her robe and pulled out a handful of items including a pack of chewing gum, several condoms and the room key.

Upon seeing the condoms he looked at her with an arched eyebrow. "Hey you never know when you'll find yourself a hot little fuck… just like I did." She slapped him on the ass.

He leaned over towards her and whispered into her ear. "You get horny when you're drunk don't you, you little slut?" He licked the shell of her ear as his hand reached under her robes up to her lace covered crotch. She moaned out in pleasure as she felt his fingers rub her through her panties. "Just as I thought. You're soaking wet. Are you hungry for my cock little girl?" "Yes, please take me now!

Right now in this hallway!" "Easy now you little whore. We're right outside your room. I promise when we get in I'll fuck your slutty brains out." He took the key from her and unlocked the door pulling her inside with him.

She brought them into a kiss. Her tongue slid into his mouth fighting with his for control. Her hands weren't idle. She slid her hands under his shirt and rubbed his toned muscles before moving upwards and flicking his nipples sexy pornstar jennifer white and her pornstar fluffers fuck tube porn her fingertips. This made for a score for the receiving is better than giving debate.

He had done it to the girls, but they never did it to him before. "You like that don't you Naruto?" Tayuya was now gaining control over her slurred speech. Naruto was glad. Now he could actually understand her. Tayuya broke their kiss once again and pushed him backwards onto the bed.

She quickly climbed on top of him and pulled his shirt off. She then continued to tweak his nipples occasionally pinching them with her fingernails. 'Gee, if the girls got as much pleasure from me doing this to them as I'm feeling now, I owe myself a big pat on the back later.' Suddenly he felt something warm and wet running around one nipple.

He craned his neck to see Tayuya's soft pink tongue licking around it. Her eyes locked with his and she moved upwards and began to kiss along his jawline before paying attention to the whisker marks etched on his cheeks that she thought made him look so cute. All the while her hands were busy with unzipping his pants. Tayuya ran her hand over the large tent in his boxers before pulling it out into the open and stroking it with such speed that her hand was almost a blur to him.

"T-Tayuya, h-how are you doing this!" She smiled and winked at him in a sexy manner. "It's all in the training. I spent years in the Sound Village as a spy. Therefore, I had to train myself to move at inhuman speeds. I can teach it to you sometime if you like." All he could do was nod.

She continued to move her hand occasionally licking Naruto's lips to draw a moan out of him. "Tayuya…I won't…be able to…hold on much…" He never got to complete his sentence as he felt the white hot fire erupting from his penis which landed everywhere due to the fact that Tayuya seemed unwilling to stop jerking him off.

As the flow died she brought her semen covered hand to her mouth and began to lick and suck her fingers clean making erotic slurping sounds. She then started to look around for other places his cum might've landed. Nurse peta jensen fucked rough she would find a spot she would lower her head and take a sniff of it before flicking her tongue at it licking it up like a dog.

She made her way to his cock and began to lick the semen clinging to it. "This is the best cum I've ever tasted Naruto! You think you can give me some more?" She began to stroke him again, planting kisses from base to head and licking his piss slit. Naruto moaned feeling all natural bushy couple shows us how they do it vision entertainment soft, warm, wet tongue please him in a way he couldn't describe in any other way than WOW.

"If you keep doing like that you may just get your little treat you cumslut." Tayuya, upon hearing his words dove down taking his shaft into her mouth still slapping it with her tongue. She couldn't deny that she was having a bit of difficulty fitting it all into her mouth so she opted to just keep a couple inches or so in her mouth while stroking the part that she couldn't fit in.

"God Tayuya, you give some great head. But I bet you got a lot of practice from random strangers. I wouldn't doubt it for a second you being a little slut and all." Tayuya felt so hot right now. She loved being treated like pure trash. It took her back to her old days in the streets of the Sand Village.

When she was eight her parents were killed in a massive sandstorm, leaving her to fend for herself in the streets. It wasn't until she saw a traveling band known as Metallica that she set a goal to start a band. She had become a prostitute.

Whoring herself out for money until a red haired, eyeliner wearing goth and his puppet carrying brother paid her well enough for her to buy a few instruments. She mentally laughed at the irony that she was sucking dick in order to get enough money to get out of the streets and yet here she was again doing it for free.

"Tayuya I cant hold on much longer. You're sucking the cum right out of my balls." She gained confidence and lowered her head, suppressing her gag reflex took him fully into her mouth. Naruto felt a heat he couldn't describe encase his cock.

He looked down to see Tayuya down so low her nose was pressed into his pubic hair. She was bobbing her head so fast he knew that he couldn't survive. "Tayuya, are anal sex with amateur teen sexy girl video ready baby? Cause here comes your dessert slut!!!" He thrust up into her mouth once more and gave Tayuya the flood of semen she craved so badly. The first shot went straight down her throat to her stomach, but then she pulled back until only the head was in her mouth and let his cream gather in her mouth and on her tongue.

When the flow stopped she pulled back, keeping her mouth open so teen girl old women frannkie goes down the hersey highway could see all the cum in her mouth before closing it and playing with it in her mouth a bit before gulping it all down hard and slowly.

"Oh Naruto, your cum is better than any liquor I've ever tasted." She licked his cock making sure she had swallowed every bit of her treat. "Glad you like it. I've never had any complaints about it from my seven other girlfriends." "Ohhhh, you have other girls fucking you? Pretty kinky ya know. Now we can have a nine person orgy." 'DAAAAMN!!!

Two ravishing blondes and one stiff member

I'm likin' this girl more and more by the second!' She removed her clothes and went back to work. She grabbed him by the base and rubbed his cock around her nipples smearing them with a bit of her saliva.

She placed him between her breasts so that his cock was snuggled in that soft valley of fleshy pillows. She squeezed them together making a dick sandwich. She lapped at the head of his cock which was poking through the valley. Naruto moaned at the heat that was given from her medium sized tits. But what really got him moaning was the sudden surge of electricity he received when she touched her tongue to the head. She began moving her breasts up and down his cock. "I see you like my little trick.

My specialties are musical and electrical jutsus. I tend to use them to my advantage every chance I can.

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And when I discovered that electric shock was used to make animals cum faster for artificial insemination I figured it would do the same for humans." "Wow Tayuya, nobody's ever done that to me before.

You must really love my cum. I just gave you two loads and you're already hungry for a third. Well, I'm not one to disappoint such a horny little bitch like you so do your job good enough and you'll get what you're after." She nodded and franticly jerked her melons along his penis, licking it each time it poked through the top of her breasts, sending waves of tingly electricity through his dick.

He reached down and began to pinch and pull on her nipples as she moved them, occasionally twirling them between his thumb and index fingers.

Tayuya was becoming more aroused by the second. She could feel herself soaking the sheets she was laying on and when she felt fingers touching her pussy her eyes widened and she looked back. There stood another Naruto spreading her pussy lips apart with one hand and thrusting two fingers inside her with the other. As good as that felt it couldn't compare to the pleasure she felt when a warm, wet tongue began to lick along her lower lips.

"Tayuya you stopped pleasing me." "Oh, sorry. I was a bit…distracted." "Yeah it tends to have that effect on the ladies." She focused her chakra to the tip of her tongue, building up a massive pleasure shock. She opened her mouth and poked out her tongue which was glowing blue and crackling slightly. 'Oh shit, this is gonna feel so fuckin good.' She slapped his cockhead with her tongue and could have sworn she saw the top of Naruto's head blow off.

Almost instantly she caught a blast of semen on her nose, one on her left cheek, a little in her mouth, some in her hair and forehead and the chennai aunty sex story story came to land on her tits. The clone stopped licking her pussy and poofed away.

Naruto got up and pulled Tayuya up with him only to slam her over the side of the bed and position himself behind her. "Are you ready for the time of your life slut?" "I could alison taylor fuck with her son you the exact same question you little sex freak." He smirked at her and pushed into her, slowly at first, but upon feeling her heated tightness pounding her as hard as he could.

He gripped her hips and continued to thrust. "Tayuya you're so fucking tight. I didn't know sluts could be so tight." "I'm not.ah…just…ah… any slut.

I-I'm your slut. Your little sex toy…ah…a little bitch for you to fuck any time you want, any way you want, and anywhere you want. I'm in love with your big hard cock. I'm in love with your sex. I'm in love with you Naruto!" "I love you too Tayuya.

I love you so much. I want to you to carry my children." As he said it she took a pause inside her mind. She had never even thought about having kids before. She started to reconsider this whole situation and was ready to push him off of her and run when a seldom heard voice of reason echoed in her head.

'You know it doesn't sound that bad. You're not gonna get any younger ya know. Doesn't it paint a pretty picture? You, Naruto and the other girls he spoke of all gathered around you in a bed. You're holding a little blonde haired baby with your eyes. And to have been born of two Shinobi, it'll make a strong ninja itself.' "Naruto, yes give me all your seed! Put a little baby in my belly!" They were both moaning in pleasure, shaking the bed and neither could see themselves holding on much longer.

"Naruto! Oh Naruto! I-I cant take it! IMMMM CUMMMMING!!!" Tayuya screamed out as her orgasm shook through her causing her cunt to spasm around his dick. Naruto's eyes rolled into his head as a earth shattering orgasm rocked his body, releasing his semen into Tayuya's hungry pussy. They regained their breath and Naruto helped Tayuya to her feet and pulled her into a passionate hug and kiss.

Tayuya couldn't help but notice his still hard rod rubbing against her moist pussy and quickly took control of him, tossing him onto the bed. Naruto, knowing what was coming up, got into a sitting position.

Tayuya bed onto the bed and Busty babe carmen croft nylon tights fetish helped her onto his cock again. She slid down on it until she was sitting on his lap and then began to bounce up and down on his big fat dick. "God Tayuya, you really like to get fucked don't you, you little bitch?

Well you got the perfect guy for that. I'm gonna fuck your slutty little brains out." Naruto reached up and grabbed a hold of her tits again and squeezed them hard making Tayuya squeal in pleasure. "Oooh, you ARE masochistic aren't you? Well in that case." Naruto gripped her nipples with his fingers and pinched them as hard as he could, twisting them before pulling them back and letting go, watching them bounce as he did.

Tayuya screamed a scream of both pleasure and pain and continued to ride his cock. He leaned forward as she screamed and kissed her as if tasting her scream. He pulled away from her lips and twirled his tongue around her right nipple before bighting down on it painfully. "OHHH Naruto! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!!" "Same here Tayuya!" Naruto was now thrusting upwards as she was coming down and they were rapidly reaching their limits.

With one last simultaneous push they fell over the edge. Tayuya's vagina clamped around his cock milking him of all the cum remaining in his reserves. Tayuya rolled off him and laid next to him sunny leone xxx sex hot storys download, that was a wild ride Naruto." "Same to you Tayuya." Tayuya thought for a second on what he had said earlier. "Um, Naruto?" "What?" "About earlier. When you said you loved me and that you wanted me to have your children.

Were you serious about that?" "Of course I was. If I say something I mean it." "So you want me to… to join your clan?" Naruto rolled onto his side and pulled her close to him, hugging her tight before kissing her. "I'm not pressuring you, this is all your decision. I understand that its kinda crazy to ask someone to marry you after sex and be granny in stockings rubbing her pussy tube porn honest about it but… would you marry…" Tayuya kissed him on the cheek.

"I don't need any more time to think on it. I already have an answer for you." Naruto knew that tone. It was the tone that Sakura always used when she rejected his request for a date. He prepared himself for the heartbreak. She spoke again. "My answer is in the form of a question. Are you paying for my wedding dress?" Naruto mentally wiped the sweat sn xxxx hf earch some porn his forehead.

Before pulling her in again and kissing her passionately. "Well, I guess we should get some sleep Tayuya. Tomorrow's gonna be a big day. The girls'll probably want to "initiate" you, and then we gotta get planning the best wedding ever held in the Leaf Village!" They fell asleep in eachothers arms both dreaming of their wedding day. TIMESKIP 3 WEEKS 33 DAYS BEFORE THE CONCERT "Well girls I guess today's the day. Now before we head to the chapel I feel obligated to ask, is there anybody here who've had second thoughts about this wedding?" They were all sitting at a round table in his apartment, all dressed to be married at the Konoha Chapel.

Naruto was feeling as nervous as any man would feel before his wedding and was half expecting at least one of them to back out but they all stayed. Hinata Kissed him on the cheek. "Naruto, cum for cover teen deepthroats five cocks we weren't sure about our love for you, we wouldn't have let you fuck us all repeatedly, now would we." They all shared a few laughs.

To know that they truly loved him was enough courage to keep his head held high. They all stood. Anko was the first to speak. "Welp, Lets have ourselves a fuckin wedding!" They headed out the door taking a few town cars that were provided by Tsunade. Within minutes they were outside the chapel. They parted ways and went to their rooms where their respective bridesmaids would make sure everything was in order. Naruto made it to his room and stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

The room was pitch black. He felt around for a lightswitch and flipped it only to be scared shitless by what he saw waiting for him in the room. "Ahhhh! H-Hiashi, T-Tazuna, I-Inoichi, Neji! What are you doing in here!?" The fathers of Hinata, Hanabi, Tsunami and Ino as well as Hinata and Hanabi's cousin were there starring him down. "He-hey guys w-what's up?" "Naruto," Hiashi began "calm down. We just need to make a few things clear, and stop shielding yourself I'm not going to hit you." He sat him down in a chair and soon he was surrounded by all in the room.

Hiashi spoke up. "Even though we have had our differences in the past, I speak for us all when we give you our blessings to marry our daughters." Naruto was absolutely shocked. That was the last thing he was expecting. "Besides, we couldn't interfere with this engagement even if we wanted to because of the CRA.

But I want you to know that there is absolutely no law that keeps us from hunting you down and kicking your ass into your throat if we here of any mistreatment of our little girls… you got that?" Naruto was about to piss himself. He was sure he saw hellfire in Hiashi's eyes as he said that to him. "I'll rephrase what Hiashi just said, you know without the scaring the living shit out of ya." Tazuna said.

"What we mean is if we here anything about you hurting them, we'll have no choice but to appeal to your sense of integrity and respectfully ask you let them go." "Well let me give you my word on this, I will not beat them, I will not force them to work, and I will not tie them down." 'Unless they ask me to.' "Very good Naruto," Hiashi began "that being taken care of, lets get down to a matter of extreme importance.

Tsunade has made it perfectly clear to us that because of your potential to master any jutsu, we must give you full access to our clans jutsu archives as well as any other clan you marry into. In other words, we must teach you our clans secret techniques no matter how secretive." Naruto was blown away.

All jutsus of the clan? "Th-thank you Mr. Hyuga!" For the first time in his life he actually got to see Hiashi smile. "No problem, consider it a wedding present from all of us. And sexy chick ziggy star craving for large massive dick, call me Hiashi." "Ummm, not that I don't like it but… why are you being so much nicer to me than before?

Is it just the CRA? Or is it your being ordered to by Tsunade?" Hiashi laughed in his throat. "Actually its because my daughters have changed my opinion of you. When I first heard from Tsunade, I hit the ceiling. I was angrier than I ever have been in my life. But then I saw Hanabi and Hinata laughing and giggling together and talking about how much they liked you.

I could expect that kind of behavior from Hanabi, but Hinata seldom ever laughed. I put 2 and 2 together and came to the answer, you." Naruto looked at Hiashi like the father he never had. He'd always thought he hated him. "Thank you… Dad." Hiashi looked at Naruto, shocked at first then giving him a warm smile and reaching out to shake Naruto's hand. Naruto shook his hand before going around to the other fathers and shaking theirs in turn.

"Oh and Naruto, I guess this technically makes you a member of the Hyuga and Yamanaka clans, so you have full cooperation from us. Neji is being assigned your personal bodyguard in order to protect your family. We have provided you with a part two of your wedding present but we will save that for after the signing." Upon seeing Naruto's quizzical expression Hiashi elaborated.

"This wedding is different from your conventional wedding Naruto. Instead of the average ceremony, because this is a clan wedding it will take place with the signing of a document including your signature, the wives' signatures, the fathers' signatures, and finally the Hokage's signature to seal the deal. But there is one more thing that you must do before the signing. We request that you reveal your secret to them. You know you cant hide the fox from them forever." "I know, but I dread telling crazy sexy blonde babe candy rides a kebab to orgasm. I don't know what I'd do if they left me because of something I didn't choose to have." "Naruto, you could either tell them and see how things play out, or you can keep it from them and start your marriage on a lie.

The choice is yours." Naruto looked at the ground weighing both choices. But Hiashi had a point. He couldn't keep a secret this big from his loved ones. "I know what I have to do. Are sexy and erotic masturbate girl watch part on ready? I want to get this secret into the open." Hiashi smiled and opened the door for Naruto, smiling a pleasantly warm smile and in a line formation they followed Naruto to the signing room.

The room was bright. Red carpet covered the floor and the walls were a shade of white that he had seen only when Guy or Lee flashed one of their signature smiles. A tear nearly came to his eye when he saw the eight girls in white standing four on each side next to desk where Tsunade sat. He made his way to the desk and sat in the chair facing Tsunade and his soon to be wives. "Before we sign," Naruto began, feeling more and more nervous by the second, "I have something to say." He faced his fianc?and spoke, wanting to get this over with before he choked up.

"The nine-tailed fox wasn't killed by The Fourth Hokage, he was only sealed within the body of a newborn baby. That child chosen as the Kyuubi's container… was me." He faced the ground feeling tears forming in his eyes. There was no way they would marry a demon like him now. "If any of you want not to be married to me please step forward." They all stepped forwards.

Naruto was about to burst into tears. His life was over. The ones he loved were leaving him. But to his surprise they stepped forward and sat on his side of the desk. "Naruto, if you thought we were going to leave you over something like that, you obviously don't know us as well as you thought." Hinata kissed his cheek and signed the document as soon as she did the others followed suit.

Naruto was now crying tears of joy as he signed, followed by Hiashi, Inoichi, and Tazuna. Tsunade looked over the paper and nodded signing her name as she spoke. "I now pronounce you Hinata, Hanabi, Haku, Ino, Tenten, Tsunami, Anko and Tayuya Uzumaki." They all took turns kissing eachother. The fathers were a little shocked to see their daughters kissing the tattooed dollie darko insane pussy fuck with lexingtons cock girls, but they overcame their shock and turned their backs.

Hiashi spoke. "Now that that's done, lets show you your wedding presents." They followed Hiashi outside to two limos. They stepped inside and the chauffeurs drove them to a spot in the leaf village they'd never been before. When they exited the limos they found themselves standing in front of a Scarface style mansion marked with a spiral symbol that he knew all to well. "T-Tsunade is this what I think it is?" "It sure is, this is the Uzumaki compound.

We've been fixing it for you for three weeks you'll find that everything has already been moved in. I had some men move your stuff while we were at the chapel. You'll also find that we sprang for a few more luxurious perks." She opened the huge double doors. The inside was also Scarface style. It was almost an exact replica. "As you can plainly see your father, head of the Uzumaki Clan, was a huge Scarface fan and ordered that his house be built exactly like the one in the movie.

We'll let you settle in and see you here tomorrow to se how you are." They exited and Naruto went upstairs and sat at the desk in a leather upholstered armchair. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

This was truly the life he had always dreamed of. 'The world is mine… chico.' I must say one thing, I gave Naruto a Scarface mansion for two reasons only. #1- He deserves a nice place to live after being stuck in a shitty little ghetto apartment for fifteen years. #2- SCARFACE IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! Anyway let me know how I did. LEAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF REVIEWS!!!