Slutty blond with perfect body leya flacon oils up ampamp fucks boss

Slutty blond with perfect body leya flacon oils up ampamp fucks boss
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I'm 40 years old, my name is Tom. I have my own business. This is my happiness because it is hard to earn decent money these days. Most people are poor to an extreme level.

Most families live in small rooms that cannot be called home. Many live in tents. I don't know why it is like that. I'm not a politician, time is not waiting for anyone. I'm an average guy with my own house and few apartments that I'm renting.

After many years that I have devoted to my company, now I have more time for myself. As I'm single, I wanted to have a female companion. I must say that running my own business deprived me of morality.

That's why I don't think I would do anything wrong, just exchange. Money for life. You see I have an eye for a beautiful teenage girl. She is eighteen years old, 5,4 ft. probably 120 pounds. Her name is Sarah, she has long brown hair, C cup breast. They look spectacular on her small frame. Also small lovely face, you just can't ignore it.

I often see her in skirts which adds more charm to her if it's even possible. Because I don't think her family has a washing machine, she goes in dirty things. But I still can see her beauty. Sarah is living with her parents and two younger brothers in a tent meant for five people. Nothing uncommon in these times.

I invited her parents to some random restaurant for a talk. After we ate, I started to talk business. I told them that if they would marry me to their daughter, I will rent them one of my apartments for free plus some small amount of cash into their pockets.

They seemed eager to agree right away. But they stopped themself lauren take preston cock deep in her pussy and moans asked about house and amount of money. I answered all of their questions, they were satisfied. And told me that they will agree after they see the apartment.

I think that hard lives also deprived them of morality or maybe some other reason. Well not important as long as I will have her. Of course, I told them that agreement is in power, as long as Sarah is my wife. But assured them that I will not divorce her. I think both understood what I meant by saying that.

We agreed to meet tomorrow. I will drive them plus Sarah to see a house. After saying goodbye I want back to my home excited about the next day. I think I will have a sleep problem, I have not been so emotional for years. *** The next day I meet the three of them near their place of residence. Sarah had a black skirt and a white sweater, she looked beautiful even with no makeup. I invited them to the car, parents on the backseat.

Before I started the engine, I was checking my girl. For the first time, I was so close to her. I wasn't disappointed. After twenty minutes we were in the apartment. I opened the door for them and told them to look around. I was close to Sarah all the time. Gently I started to caress her ass when no one was looking. She looked at me frightened and tried to take my hand off her silently.

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Her parents looked around the house. They did not notice anything. But even if I do not think they will react in any way. Seeing how they liked the flat, Sarah was as good as mine. I stopped playing with my future wife and asked how they like this apartment. They were excited about it. They agreed to mine proposition from yesterday right away. So as I did not like wasting time, I suggested that we go to a lawyer and sign all the documents.

They agreed right away. Sarah looked confused and scared. I think her parents convinced her yesterday because she wasn't protesting. I was curious about what they told her. But oh well, I will live with a lack of this knowledge.

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After meeting with the lawyer it was already late. I suggested that I will drive them back and if they don't mind. I would like to take their daughter on a date. They, of course, agreed immediately. Sarah just hang her head down so I didn't see her reaction. I gave the man an old mobile phone so we can contact each other.

He looked excited to have one. I drove us to my house. I told her I will cook us some dinner. I wanted her to relax, so I played some music from my laptop and gave her a glass of wine.

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She took it reluctantly. As I was getting ready to cook, I started a conversation with her. I just asked about some small things so she can talk to me and forget where she is.

Well, I think she was scared of me and now probably even more after what I did at the apartment.

She had four glasses of wine in one and a half hours. She seems to have a weak head for alcohol, she was already wobbling.

In meantime, I texted her father that our date was going great and I will drive Sarah back tomorrow morning. He replied that there is no problem. I lifted Sarah from her chair and started going upstairs to my bedroom. She couldn't stand properly so I put her arm around my neck and holding her by waist we moved upstairs. I think she wasn't sure what was happening, it was her first contact with alcohol.

After we entered, I put her gently on mine king size bed. And then I started to undress her. First was her skirt and socks. I couldn't help myself and I grabbed her right leg, from shin to her tights. My hands were everywhere, I couldn't believe that it was so enjoyable.

Sarah protested weakly but didn't have the strength to even lift her arm. I stopped I will have a lot of time for this. Now I went for the top, she took off her sweater at the dinner. It was a blue singlet that ended around the navel. I started to take it off, she tried to resist so I grabbed her by arms. Then she started to cry and asking to stop. I did not answer, I just continued what I started. After I took it off I turned her over and began to unbutton her bra.

When I finished I turned her back, a fantastic view appeared before my eyes. I sat on her legs and started to feel her breasts. This was a unique experience, her mounds full sex stories xxx inade story firm and hot in touch.

After a few minutes of this, I began to undress. My six-inch penis is harder than ever before. I get hold of her blue panties and one hand held her legs that tried to kick me. The other was slowly sliding them off. At that moment, she cried even louder and asked to leave her alone and not do it.

I could not wait anymore, I caught her under knees. And I started to aim my dick towards her pussy. Inserting slowly I was already an inch inside, she has a tight tunnel. But not surprising for petite virgin, her pussy was massaging my penis. She was screaming to stop, that it will not fit, it will kill her.

Three horny cougars on a cock ride with a young stud hardcore bigtits hushed her and started slowly going deeper after a half inch I meet a barrier. Moving little back, I suddenly pushed in. The barrier was broken I was two and a half inch in. She screamed in pain, I did not move for a few moments to allow czech redhead shared in swingers club tube porn myself inside.

Again I started to push, three inches, five inches and finally I was fully inside. Waiting for her pussy to accommodate I kissed and licked her breasts. I pulled out almost my entire penis, then fully pushed.

As I was going in and out, Sarah was screaming her throat out. Virgin blood sexy brunette fucking her ass from the leaking from her pussy but also it was a great lubricant. After a few more minutes, I climaxed inside her. I put her legs down and lie down next to her. She curled up in a fetal position sobbing, she had a sore throat after all the screaming.

I doze off for twenty minutes. When I wake up, she was still sobbing. I move closer to Sarah, I took her right breast into my hand and I caressed it gently. My chest was against her back, my dick slowly rubbing her ass. Her throat was so sore from all the screaming that she could not even protest. I slowly regain my energy and was getting ready for round two. I turned her on the back. This time I lie down on her in the classic position.

Grabbing my penis in the hand, I aimed it towards her pussy. I put it in slowly my previous load working as a lubricant. I was easily inside, this time she only grunts. She did not look at me, she was looking at the wall with empty eyes. I was slowly pushing in and out, every time when I was in she will grunt.

Tears were gathering inside her eyes slowly running down in rhythm of her grunt. This time it took me longer to finish, also this time I was enjoying myself.

After I climaxed I rolled from her and went sleep satisfied. I wake up at nine in the morning. Sarah wasn't sleeping she was looking at the ceiling.

I stood up from the bed still naked. I told her to stand so I will show her toilet that she can use. And in the meantime, I will make us breakfast.

Having morning wood I needed to control my lust. She had enuff sex for a day. She went naked to the bathroom, I gave her towels and brought her clothes so she can dress. At breakfast, I tried to talk to her but with her sore throat, it was hard for her to answer me. So I was speaking to and she was just nodding. After we ate I drove her back home. I was very satisfied with my date. And can't wait for the wedding in a week. Then she will move into my house. And I will have her every day.