Lauren take preston cock deep in her pussy and moans

Lauren take preston cock deep in her pussy and moans
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Hey ppl. this is my 1st ever story. i hope you like it, and any advise for future would be great/ I got home one evening and my parents were out, my 16yr old sister was home alone watching something on the TV. I walked in, and sat on the couch next to her, she was wearing tight pink hot pants and a white tank top, I always hated her wearing that in case guys would come to the house, She was good looking with her long blond hair and blue eyes and her 32c breasts, and I hated people looking at her, she was my 16 year old sister after all.

I got up and went for a shower it was about 11pm and as I got out the shower I wrapped my towel around me and was on my way to my room. When I got there Chloe was sitting on my bed crying. I asked what was wrong but she wouldn't speak. I held her hand and asked her again, "Do you think I'm good looking" she asked "Chloe, you're my sister, I can't answer that" "But Stu if you weren't" she replied.

I asked her why she was saying this. But she would not reply. I asked her if it was some boy that she has fallen out with; she just looked at me and nodded. "Chloe, of course your an attractive girl, if some guy doesn't want you then it's his loss" I said. Hoping that this would cheer her up so she could leave so I could get out of my towel and get dressed.

"Thanks Stu" she said "you have cheered me up" We both got up from the bed but her hand was on my towel and as we got up my towel came off, I was standing there totally naked and Chloe was just looking at me up and down.

I grabbed my towel and put it on. And just rushed Chloe out of my room. I stayed in my room and got ready for bed and lay down. It was about midnight now and I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and Chloe was standing there crying again. I asked what was wrong this time and she just said naughty teen pussy and ass rimmed by huge black cocks was being horrible to her and she wanted to stay with me and she didn't want to be alone.

I asked her why can't she stay in mums room but she said they weren't coming home. I said ok.

But told her to sleep on the floor. I got in to bed and turned the light out, as I lay down Chloe reached over and lay down next to me I asked her what she was doing and she just said she didn't want to be alone. She said she will turn away from me and it would be ok. I couldn't be bothered arguing because I was tired and just agreed Chloe turned around and gave me a hug and said thank you for earlier and that I cheered her up.

I said it was ok. And asked her not to mention what happened earlier to anyone. She just smiled at me and said "Never" Chloe said thanks once again and went to kiss my forehead. As she done this I don't know what came over me but I moved my head so she kissed my lips.

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We just looked at each other and she moved closer to me. She pressed her tits hard on my chest and kissed me again. I don't know why but I kissed her back.

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I put my hand on her back and slowly moved it down to her ass and squeezed it and pulled her close to me. My cock was getting hard and it was pressing against her. She mover her hand down and I stopped, "Chloe, this is wrong" I said but she just kissed me again. I don't know why but I let her and didn't say anything. She moved her hand down and felt my throbbing cock and started to massage it. I started kissing her neck and took her top off.

I seen her 32c tits and started to suck on her tits, I moved back up and Chloe took my shorts off and then took her hot pants off. She rolled on her back and pulled me close. "I want you inside me" she whispered I started kissing her and moved my way down.

I got to her pussy and started licking it. I could hear her breath deeply and as I mom sex with her son I could hear I was turning her on. "Fuck me" she shouted "fuck me Stu", "Fuck me" I turned her over onto her knees; I got behind her and put my cock in her pussy. She was really tight and as I was sticking my cock in her pussy she screamed, I knew she felt it was big against her tight pussy.

I started fucking her slowly so I wouldn't hurt her but she just shouted "Harder" "Harder" "Fuck me harder" "Fuck my tight pussy" she shouted I fucked her harder and harder, I slapped her ass and pulled her hair. I groped her tits and as I fucked her she screamed, she screamed louder and louder and breathed heavier and heavier.

I pulled my cock out and she turned round she started to lick my cock and suck. It felt so good. I told her I was about to cum but she carried on. I couldn't help it and I let go. I came and it went all in her mouth. She swallowed it and got close to me. She smiled at me I looked at her and stared her up and down. I smiled back. I seen her tits and her tight shaven pussy. I couldn't believe it; I just fucked my 16yr old sister I was thinking to myself. She got up and bent over in front of my face.

Her ass and her pussy was in front of my face she grabbed her clothes off the floor and walked towards the door. She opened the door turned around "Thanks" she said and closed the door.