Adorable idol is displaying her opened wet cunt in close up stretching closeup

Adorable idol is displaying her opened wet cunt in close up stretching closeup
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Bahamas Vacation (3) (Background: I took a trip to get away from memories after my fiancee's, Debby's, death. We had planned to be here, Nassau, Bahamas, on our honeymoon. I met Cinnamon, an employee at the hotel, when I checked in. We have spent the last two nights together. She has the next two days off and has offered to be my tour guide.) I woke up in the morning in Cinnamon's bed at her apartment. I still had my arms around her, however during the night she had turned and was facing away from me.

I was snuggled up close to her. I loved the smell of her hair. I was not teen sexy girls party hardcore and get fucked 14 tube porn if it was her shampoo or perfume.

My penis was slightly erect and nestled between her butt cheeks. I did not want to wake Cinnamon. It felt wonderful just laying here next to her. Her skin was so smooth and soft. About a hour later she began to stir. She jerked, then turned and looked at me with fear in her eyes. She quickly relaxed and smiled. "Good morning!" she said. "I just am not used to waking up with someone else in my bed." We kissed, then she turned her head back.

I kissed her on the neck. She purred. "We need to get ready for the day," she stated. "But I don't want to move this feels so good. Do you need to go back to the hotel for clothes?" I thought for a few seconds and answered, "No. I only wore the clothes I have here for a few hours last night." "Good! That gives us a more time before we leave," she said. Her cat Char jumped up on the bed and walked up and meowed in Cinnamon's face. "She wants to be fed. She won't leave me alone until that happens," she said.

Cinnamon got up and went to the kitchen. In a few minutes she came back into the bedroom. I watched her breasts bounce as she walked toward the bed. "Do you want to play 'Follow the Leader'?" she asked. "With you leading I will definitely follow!" I answered. She took my hand. I got out of bed and followed her into the bathroom.

I intently watched her tight rear end as she walked in front of me. She turned on the shower, adjusted the temperature, then guided me in. She shut the shower curtain behind us. "Hold out your hands," she instructed. I put my hands out. She put liquid soap in them, then put some in her hand. She started by rubbing soap on my chest.

I returned the favor. Soaping her breasts. She tipped her head back and enjoyed my hands moving around her nipples.

Cinnamon moved down to my stomach, then down to my penis and balls. Sliding her blowjob loving teen titfucks and sucks dick all around my member.

I was already fully erect. I moved my hand around to her back and caressed her back from shoulders down to her rear end. She reached around to my rear end pulling closer to her. My penis was now trapped between our bodies with the head pressing against her navel.

I grabbed her butt with both hands. I squeezed and massaged her smooth, firm cheeks. She moaned running her hands up and down my back. I moved my fingers between her butt cheeks. I circled a couple of fingers around her ass hole. She pushed back against them. I pushed my fingers inside. She was extremely tight and her sphincter squeezed down on them. I moved my other hand to her front and lathered her pubic hair and pussy lips. She began pumping my penis with her hand. I soaped her love button to moans of pleasure.

She pumped faster on my rod. I pushed two fingers inside her love hole to a gasp from Cinnamon. I had fingers moving in and out of her front and her rear. "Fuck me Andy! Fuck me!" she yelled. I pushed her back against the wall and used my hand to guide my erection into her vagina. I continued to move my fingers in the back as best I could. I pushed until my penis was fully inside her.

I began ramming my cock into her with Cinnamon gasping for breath.

I was pummeling her with all I had. She hung on my neck to keep from collapsing on the floor. I pushed one last time into her and then exploded into her. Cinnamon groaned and shook as she reached her orgasm. Her vaginal muscles clamped around me, squeezing the last of my cum into her. She continued panting as I began moving slowly in and out again.

"No (breath), no (breath), more," she gasped. I moved back and positioned her so the water was tuning down her back. She regained her breath, then turned to face the shower. I put some more soap on my hands and cleaned them thoroughly.

She grabbed the bottle of shampoo and started working it into her hair. There was the scent I had noticed earlier while we were in bed. I helped her shampoo her hair. She had a lot of hair. It reached to the middle of her back. I loved the shiny red color. She bent over to rinse her hair. Her ass pressed up against my semi-erect penis. It slipped between her cheeks and the tip of my rod pushed against her was hole. "Not now, maybe another time. The hot water will be running out soon," she explained.

"Ok, I really wasn't hard enough and it just happened to get there," I replied. "Let's switch ends so I can wash my hair." We repositioned so I could wet my hair. As soon as my hair was wet Cinnamon began shampooing my hair. I don't think anyone else had washed my hair since my mother did it when I was a child.

It felt good. The water quickly was becoming cooler. I rinsed quickly. We changed places again and Cinnamon rinsed a few places on her body that had been missed before. She turned the water off.

We used the towels on the counter to dry each other. This was nearly as exciting as the time in the shower. Her skin from head to foot was nearly flawless. Yes, she had a large number of freckles, but these just added to her beauty.

I brushed her hair after she had blond milf aaliyah love fucks by pervert stepbro on the bed it further with another towel. We got dressed, had a quick breakfast, she put down dry food and a bowl of water for Char, then we got into the car to leave.

"We have the whole day. Is there anything you know you want to do?" she asked before starting the engine. "Well, yesterday when I went exploring I saw a sign for Blackbeard's Tower toward the east end of the island. I've always had some fascination with pirates," I said. "And I … ah … never mind." "What is it? You can say anything," Cinnamon queried. I waited then said, "Yesterday I came across some men who had been out fishing.

Fishing here would be an interesting experience. But that would require a lot of planning before hand." "I've never been fishing here either. I used to go fishing with my father in Wisconsin," Cinnamon said. "We will try to find Blackbeard's Tower later today. I do have to stop at the hotel before we start our day." We drove off and went across the bridge to Paradise Island. She parked outside the main entrance.

She went inside while I waited in the car. 10 minutes later she returned. We drove off back over the bridge to Nassau. "We are going to the Queen's Staircase, the water tower, and Fort Fincastle first," she told me. We parked in a lot at isis love to be there to fuck you tube porn bottom of the stairs. The Queen's Staircase is 66 steps that were carved out of limestone by slaves in the last part of the 1700's.

It was renamed Queen's Staircase for the reign of Queen Victoria who had freed the slaves in the Bahamas and reigned for 64 years. I learned later that one of the steps had been covered over when the parking lot was paved.

There were a number of vendors selling items that were right out of the downtown Straw Market. Cinnamon and I took pictures of the other standing at the bottom of the stairs. One of the men selling items offered to take a picture of both of us for a dollar. I gave him the money and he took the picture. Cinnamon and I walked up the stairs holding hands. To one side of the stairs there was a small waterfall cascading down toward the bottom.

I noticed several men turning their heads to look at Cinnamon. Some had an expression of recognition on their face. Cinnamon was a very beautiful woman so I could understand them noticing her. At the top of the stairs I purchased a number of picture post cards and a short book with information regarding the staircase, water tower, and fort.

This was the highest point on the island.

It made sense that the water tower and fort were located here. The stairs were constructed to make it easier to get to the high point where the fort was located. Again I noticed several men turning their heads as Cinnamon passed. We paid a small fee to go to the top of the water tower.

We took the elevator to the top, the elevator operator recited a short history of the water tower and statistics regarding it's elevation. I handed him a couple of dollars as we exited the elevator.

At the top we walked around the observation deck and could view the whole island since the sky was clear. It was a wonderful sight. I was surprised to see two significant sized lakes in the general direction of the airport.

Again we took pictures of each other with various views in the background. A young boy offered to take a picture of both of us. He stood on a bench and took our picture. I handed him a couple of dollars when he handed black man eat pussy non stop the camera.

We stayed for awhile longer then took the spiral staircase to the bottom. We then walked over to Fort Fincastle. The fort was shaped like a paddle boat apparently to deceive ships approaching the harbor. When it was used as a fort it had a number of cannons to be used if unfriendly ships approached. We walked around the fort, but did not take the "official" tour.

Again there were a number of men taking more than a casual notice of Cinnamon. Some with an expression of recognition.

We left the fort and went back down the Queen's Staircase to the car. We drove off toward the west. In a few minutes we came to another fort, Fort Charlotte. This was a much larger fort. We walked across the bridge over the dry moat. We joined a group that was gathering for a tour. There were about 20 of us when the tour started. Our tour guide went through the history of the fort, injected humor as he did.

We completed the upper level and moved to the lower level. On the lower level there were dungeons with mannequins depicting tortures that may have taken place. When we came to the rack the tour guide said, "And this is how they created players for the NBA." Most everyone chuckled. We completed the tour of the lower level. The guide told us to stick around for the firing of the cannon at noon.

I handed the guide $5 as we exited the lower level. The firing of the cannon was in 15 minutes so we waited around. We took pictures of each other standing by one of the cannons. In a few seconds a young boy came over and offered to take a picture of us together. I tipped him. A group was gathering and we joined them. Again I noticed men taking obvious notice of Cinnamon. A young man was telling the group about the cannon.

He was going to fire the 12-pounder with no cannonball loaded, but was going to load it with a partial charge. He prepared the cannon and shot it with a loud boom. The cannon rocked back a short distance then rolled back in place. We left and grabbed a quick lunch, then headed for Ardastra Gardens. I paid for our admission. We walked along the path with our arms around each other. We looked femdom forced a guy gang rape sissy several of the plants and animals that were on display.

We got to the center of the gardens. There was a open area with benches arranged in a semi-circle. People were gathering for "The March of the Flamingos" show that was scheduled to occur in about 15 minutes. The trainer stepped out and soon the flamingos followed. They paraded around the circle.

The trainer asked if anyone would like to step into the circle and have the flamingos surround them. I encouraged Cinnamon to go out so I could get a few pictures. The flamingos surrounded her and I took several pictures.

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After the show ended we walked over to the sea life area. There were a number of fish and other interesting sea creatures. We came around the corner and there was a large shallow pool with a number of sea turtles. A man came out and asked, "Would like to see the turtles close up." "Yes!" we said in unison.

He stepped into the pool and secured one of the turtles. Additional people gathered around the pool. He brought the turtle over to the side of the pool.

"This is a green sea turtle," he explained. He allowed us to touch the back of it's shell. He then tipped the turtle up with it's head and front flippers in the air.

We touched the shell on its stomach. It was smoother than the shell on it's back. He gave others the same opportunity. He next secured another turtle. "This is a hawksbill turtle," he said. This turtle had a curved beak and beautiful shell and skin coloration. It was much smaller than the other turtle and he was able to lift it completely out if the water. It flapped it's front flippers and looked like it was trying to fly. "I can't let you touch it.

It may bite," he warned. He had a box for donations and I left a generous one. We walked into the gift shop. Cinnamon tugged on my arm and whispered, "Don't buy anything made out of turtle shells. Sea turtles are endangered and you can't take turtle licking pussy deepthroat and hard fuck with nasty milf into the U.S." There was a lot of turtle shell jewelry.

Much of it was fairly expensive. The next display case had a selection of couch shell jewelry.

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xxx sexsey storys full sex stories When Cinnamon was looking at some other items, I purchased 2 necklaces with a conch shell pendant shaped like a heart. We left the gift shop and went to her car. "What did you buy?" Cinnamon asked.

"Something for my mother," I answered. "Do you still want to try to find Blackbeard's Tower?", Cinnamon asked. "Yes, let's try! It was east of Fort Montagu on the road along the water," I informed her.

We drove to the place I had seen the sign the day before. We drove a little farther. We saw a sign by a gravel area big enough for maybe 4 cars to park. We parked next to the only car already parked there. The sign indicated we should go up a narrow trail that was not well maintained.

I was walking behind Cinnamon only because she had gotten to the start of the path first. I watched her rear end as she walked in front of me.

It was round and wonderfully shaped. It bounced in front of me. The trail got steeper as we went. An old stone structure came into sight as the path became a crumbling set of stone steps. "We are almost there," I said to Cinnamon. A couple came down the stairs toward us. I recognized the woman first, then the man. They were the couple from the hotel hot tub the day I arrived. She smiled at me as she passed me.

He took a good look at Cinnamon, but scowled at me. We got to the tower. There was a metal sign that that difficult to read because it was corroded. It said a little about the tower.

It was built in the 1700's, but the builders are not known for certain. We went into the tower and managed to climb to the top. From the top we had a good view of the east end of the harbor. You could see why this would be a good vantage point to see incoming ships and make some kind of signal to other parts of the island.

I kissed Cinnamon and said, "Thanks for a wonderful day." She hugged me tight. I seemed she didn't want let go. She kissed my neck and lightly nibbled on my ear. "I want to be a pirate's wench," Cinnamon whispered in my ear.

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She kissed my neck and pulled off my shirt. I looked around. There were a number of houses that had a view of the top of the tower. I suggested we move to the lower level. I got down first and helped Cinnamon down. I removed her top and started working on her bra. She unfastened my pants and pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles. I pulled down her pants and panties. We kicked off our shoes and clothes. I looked intently at the beautiful naked woman in front of me.

"You are staring," Cinnamon said. "Sorry!" I said. "Don't be. It's a compliment," she said. I placed my hands on her breasts.

"Ye have ample bosoms my wench," I said trying to do my best pirate imitation. "What are your intentions you swarthy brute," she responded. "I intend to have my way with you and ravish you," I said. I pressed my hands into her breasts spicy is a kinky mom who loves the taste of cum massaged them.

I pushed her up against a smooth portion of the stone wall. I kissed her hard and pushed my tongue against her lips and she opened her lips to allow it's entry.

Cinnamon moaned into my mouth. She grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me toward her. She was standing on a ridge at the base of the wall. My erect penis pushed between her legs then up the crack between her butt cheeks. It was a strange sensation with the top of penis pressed against her warm body and the underside against the cooler stone wall. I moved a hand down between her legs and located her pussy.

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It was hot and moist. I pushed my fingers between her pussy lips. "Oh ye scurvy dog," she said. "Ye make me feel so good." I moved my fingers along her vaginal lips.

She pushed into them. I found her clitoris and circled it with my well lubricated fingers. She again nibbled on my ear and then whispered, "Continue my swarthy beast." She moaned again more loudly as my fingers rubbed over her love button.

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I pressed down and moved my fingers in a circular motion. She shivered, shook and gasped as I continued. I began moving forward and back with my rod moving along the wall and her ass cheeks. My balls bumped against her thighs with each move forward. I pushed one and then a second finger into her love hole. Her vaginal walls pressed around my fingers. I thrust them in and out to moans of approval. "I'm ready for you to 'shiver me timbers'," I whispered in her ear.

She continued to moan. She pushed her breast and pelvis into my welcoming hands. "If your cannonballs are ready you should load your cannon!" Cinnamon responded back. I moved my pelvis backward to let my "cannon" have access to her love hole.

She guided me into her. Her warm hands felt good compared to the cold wall the underside of my penis had been resting on. I slid into her hot, slick, tight love tunnel. "Time to prime your cannon," she said. I began pumping in and out of her. She tightened around my cannon. My fingers moved back to her clitoris. For several minutes we continued pounding against each other. We both were breathing heavily and were sweating in the hot, humid weather of the sunny afternoon.

The smell of the salt air just added to the pleasure we both were feeling. "The cannon is primed!" I said to her between breaths. "Fire when ready!" Cinnamon returned, just as I felt her clamp around my cannon. "The fuse is lit," I said as my balls tightened. "Firing!" I shouted as her orgasm took over her body. I shot my load into her, shivered, and kept pumping. Cinnamon had relaxed slightly, but then her body stiffened and her arms and vaginal muscles squeezed me again in her second orgasm.

I continued to pump. "Stop, stop!" she exclaimed. "You hit your target." I stopped and hugged her tightly. "And you shivered me timbers," I responded. We held each other until our breathing returned to normal and at least my heart stopped pounding in my chest. We gathered our clothes and began bath fucking with wery hot blonde girl dressed. I helped Cinnamon with her bra.

We heard the pretty sweety stephanie west is your kitty now of children saying Blackbeard's Tower coming from down the trail. We quickly finished getting dressed. We started down the crumbling steps. At the end of the steps where the path leveled out, we were passed by 2 young boys maybe 12 and 10.

A few seconds later a younger girl passed us. Then their parents walked past. The father took a long look Cinnamon. The mother said, "Hi! How much farther?" "Not far, a little over 100 feet, but it gets steeper," I replied. She thanked me as we all continued on our way. We got back to the car and drove to her apartment.

"I am going to go feed my cat. Then we can go back to the hotel. Do you to stay here or come up?" Cinnamon asked. "I'll just stay here, unless there is something I can help you with," I replied. "No, I will be right back out," she said. While I waited in the car, I again wondered about all the men who had taken particular notice of Cinnamon today.

Some with a hint of recognition. In a few minutes Cinnamon got back in the car. "I have some news," she said. "Do you still want to try fishing?" "Yes," I replied. "But it is too late." "Not today silly, tomorrow!" she said. "The husband of someone I work with takes people out fishing for a living. He usually takes Tuesday and Wednesday off, but agreed to takes us out for half price if we pay for gas, and bait." "That sounds wonderful! Thank you!" I said. "Do you mind us staying in your hotel room?

We could order room service and get to bed early," Cinnamon said. "We are supposed to meet Ken at the dock at six." "Sound good to me," I replied. We crossed the bridge to Paradise Island. She parked in the employee area and we went up to my room. I realized this was going to be the first night I would spend in my room.

Cinnamon ordered for us and got our meals for free. We watched television as we ate and relaxed. At about 9:30 Cinnamon said we should probably get to bed. Soon we were undressed and in bed with me snuggled up to her back with my arm around her.

I cupped her breast with my hand. I squeezed it lightly. "That feels good," said Cinnamon. "But no sex tonight. I am a little sore." "I understand," I said still caressing her breast. "Cinnamon, you are a very beautiful woman and familystrokes step daughter seduces dad infront of mom look your way when you walk by. But I have noticed a look of recognition on some of their faces." After a minute or so she said, "Well … I may know why." She stopped.

"I … I was in Playboy a couple of years ago." I let that sink in. I did not want to say the wrong thing. "You are sure someone I would like to see naked," I said. "You … you don't think less of me, do you?" she asked. "No, not at all," I answered. "I find it both interesting and exciting. I never thought I would have sex with a Playboy model." Still picking my words carefully. "Playboy model, hardly.

I heard they were looking for women for an upcoming pictorial of mid-West college women. I went and filled out an information sheet. They called me back for an interview the next day. I must have done well. At the end of the interview they asked if I would stay to have some clothed pictures taken. They called a few days later letting me know I made 'the cut'. To make the story shorter I made it into the magazine," she finished.

"Congratulations," I said. "Thank you!" she said in a tired voice. She fell asleep soon after. I lay awake for a short time just thinking about how lucky I was to have made love to someone who appeared in Playboy.