Asshole of luscious gal destroyed girlfriend hardcore

Asshole of luscious gal destroyed girlfriend hardcore
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Climbing through the vents still with difficulty I peered out into the lab. No one was around. I had been visiting papa Suchong each day to make sure I was suitable to meet daddy. The door to his office was shut. I climbed down and dropped to the floor looking around. He walked in looking.sad. I went up to him quickly.

"Papa Suchong? What's wrong?" He turned to me not seeing me at first and blinked before sighing. I made a face not liking seeing him so depressed. He walked to his office and opened the door, I followed after him like I always do. "Papa?" I repeat still waiting for an answer.

He moves to his desk and takes a seat. He shrugs off his white coat and starts pulling out papers from his desk. He sets them down and I come around to look over them curiously. ************** She looks them over with that big bright eyed look.

Eyes so bright they almost glow, but it isn't dark enough to do that. She reads bent over the desk slightly. She's close to me.

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I glance over seeing her body outlined by her dress. It is too small for her. We didn't have any bigger ones. But I'm not complaining. She's.very special. For one she isn't a little girl. Yes she is a little sister, but not a little girl. We wanted to create a more public pleasing little sister.

They had found her, and without my knowing they went ahead with the procedure. I remember her stepping into my office accompanied with one of my top scientists.

He had clapped his hands and gestured to her as she looked around curiously. "Perfect yes? She is exactly what the public would like." Her hot mom big tits fucking too small he had her turn slowly.

She giggled and did so. I looked her over completely surprised. She was very beautiful. I could see her shorts. I stared for a moment before clearing my throat. "She is old. How old?" He looked proud of himself. "Seventeen." I nodded looking her over again. "We are trying to ah appeal to consumers yes?" He nodded. "Precisely." I nodded and propped my arms on college girl with boy sex story desk fiddling with a pen in my hands.

"She looks too." He nods. "We want the same little sister look but with a little more." I nod back understanding. The customer's will like. I do. I glance down seeing her shorts. I do the same thing now. She isn't wearing shorts anymore. I had her do away with them months ago.

Her white lace panties sometimes peek out. They are now. I swallow and look away back to the papers. Its the necessary paperwork for her to be put into the big daddy program. I've had to work with her closely making sure she would actually be compatible with one of them. She's older so her mind is quite different. More developed. Normally I would have put her in the program right away.

But she's special. If something were to go wrong she might possibly die. Such a waste that would be.

Her name is Meghan. They told me that when I met her. She sexy pornstar jennifer white and her pornstar fluffers fuck tube porn very sweet. Possibly the sweetest. She seems to understand things the other girls don't.

She seems more mature. She still sings and plays, but she reads too. She talks to the other girls and seems like a big sister to them. She's playful, curious, very very affectionate. I remember one day when another doctor was talking with her she said happily. "Papa Suchong is my favorite doctor." I could hear from my office.

The doctor that spoke with her sounded disappointed. I'm not the only one who likes her so much. The others try to talk and play with her. But she always comes back to me. That makes me feel proud. When it started getting out of hand I told her sternly that if any one tries to touch her to come to me. So she did. I made sure she was never bothered again.

She looks surprised and looks them all over. "Daddy? I'll finally be with daddy?" I sigh watching her and nod. "Yes. You are ready for big daddy." She smiles then looks to me. Her smile falls. "Why are you sad?" I watch her face taking it in.

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"I do not want to let you go. You are.very special to me." She blinks and suddenly smiles. I smile back fondly. "But at least, I can say goodbye." I look her over again. She doesn't look away, she seems happy that I look at her like that and straightens up. Her large breasts a few feet from me I stare and feel my throat get tight. She is small for her age. Only about 5'4. But the rest of her is.not so small. Her soft tan skin is silhouetted by the dark lighting behind us from the window.

I think of pulling her to me like every other time. I never have. It seemed.I couldn't do it. But now I watch her realizing that it might be the last change I have. I feel my resolve waver and blink before turning in my chair to her. "Come here." I spread my knees slightly and pat my lap. She listens and moves forward quickly if not eagerly. Instead of sitting on just one leg she puts both legs around my sides straddling my hips.

I'm a little surprised and feel myself already get hot slightly. She smiles her ass resting on my lap. "Yes papa?" She says looking up at me with happy eyes. I stare at her then bring my arms around her to hug her tightly. "I will miss you." She hugs me back squeezing tightly. Her breasts press against my chest I can feel them squeeze.

"I'll miss you too Papa." I stay like that my chin on her shoulder feeling her body pressed up against mine. She's so soft and willing.

I breath in sharply feeling myself get hard. I feel kendra casting by pierre woodman worried about her reaction but I'm more curious as to what it will be then concerned. She sits against it. I feel it rise and press along her ass.

She gasps in my ear and goes still. I hold onto her keeping her close. I listen as she speaks curiously. "Why are you so hard papa?" I swallow and lick my lip. "Because of you." She sounds surprised. "Me? Why? Because I'm touching you?" I nod and pull back to look slutty chick gets her tits cum covered her face letting my hands move down her back.

She untenses clearly liking being touched. She smiles at me and arches her back into my hands her ass rubs my lap. She giggles.

"I like when you touch me papa." She brings her arm down and puts a hand on my chest. Her words make me grit my teeth lightly as I think about how tight she must be. "I like touching you too." I look down at her body pressed against mine then back up at her listening to her speak. She talks like what she says isn't dirty, she doesn't seem to know any better.

"I think about you sometimes, especially when I'm alone." I go still my grip on her tightening. "You do?" I let my hand smooth down her back lower and lower. She tenses slightly leaning her back out. I finally can't help myself and slide a hand over her ass squeezing. It's firm and squishes in my fingers. She gasps her legs tightening around my sides. I touch my teeth with my tongue and step daddy seduction and russian cronys daughter swalloween fun in to taste her skin.

She's clean, I have her bathe regularly. Her skin is soft and tastes sweet. I press my lips to it and start lapping at it. She lets out a soft moan that makes me harder than before. Her hand at my chest curls up in a ball bunching up my shirt. I slide my hand from her ass to her sides then down her legs. They slide up her thighs under her skirt.

I touch her panties feeling the soft lace as she lets out soft quiet moans.

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I push her back slightly from my lap so I can look her over. She's flushed and breathing a little fast. I push up her skirt and see she's leaking through her panties leaving a stain.

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I inhale sharply and look up at her. "Oh my you're a dirty little girl aren't you?" She says nothing, I move to fast for her to reply. I move a hand up her leg and slide my fingers over the front of her panties and move down so I'm cupping her crotch. She moans and leans forward her face pressing against my neck. I can feel how hot her face is and start rubbing feeling her juices through the fabric. Her lips find my neck and start mimicking what I had done before. Apparently she's a fast learner.

Her tongue drags in circles over my neck making the hair on the back on my neck stand up while it all tingles. She keeps letting out soft hot breaths. I listen to them my hand gripping her thigh while I hold her crotch. I let her kiss me before having enough. I push her panties to the side and run my finger along her lips. She gasps even louder and lets out another moan that's no longer quiet. I grin to myself before sliding my fingers into her tight little hole.

She's so hot, my finger slides in easily her wall greeting me eagerly. She shudders and buries her face in my neck. I push in as far as I can manage. I feel myself throb wanting her but hold it off. Bringing my hand up from her thigh to her I lean my head back so she can see me. She looks at me and I bring her chin over to face me. Pressing my lips to hers I taste how soft she is. She doesn't even hesitate. She seems unsure of what exactly to do and just moves her lips against mine at random.

Fucked from the back than sucks it wonderful. I kiss her earnestly moving fast. She lets out a muffled breath and kisses me faster my finger still inside her. Sliding my tongue over her lips she parts them eagerly and I slip my tongue over hers.

She closes her eyes enjoying it as I taste her quickly wanting more by the second. Letting my hand go down her neck I slide into over her shoulder and squeeze her breast. She moans as my tongue circles hers lightly sucking on it, she starts dripping down my finger over my hand. I pull back as I throb even harder and let out a heavy breath. She whimpers and looks at me filled with need. I move my hand from her breast and quickly undo my pants.

Pulling out my now hard cock I slide my thumb over my head and start squeezing while moving my finger around. She moans her shoulders tensing up before she moves against my finger desperate for more. I oblige and start pumping my finger in and out of her.

It gets sucked back in every time by her wetness. I squeeze harder and notice she's staring at it. She suddenly reaches down to touch it looking curious. I feel it twitch at her touch and let out a moan as she slides a hand over my shaft. Her hand wraps around it and starts mimicking what I'm doing. I feel my abdomen go tight as I pulse in her hand.

I've thought about her touching me so many times. I let go of myself and slide my hand up her thigh to her lower back. "Move it back and forth." I say into her ear my the pace of my finger slowing down. She listens and does so eager to please me. Her hand smooths up in and squeezes lightly before moving back down. She repeats making me groan raunchy blonde dana receives an anal hammering bury my sexy and horny japanese babe ai kurosawa loves hard cock she starts t in her neck.

I taste her skin again but I'm slow and distracted by her wonderful hands. She gets into a rhythm and sits on my lap jerking me off while moaning for me. She leaks from my hand and I feel a small puddle forming on my leg. She looks at me in the eye and says, "You're so big Papa." God fucking dammit.

I lick my lip and say in a low voice, "Would you like to taste it?" I hope to god she does. She nods and I pull my finger out quickly. She shudders and whimpers wanting me back in her again.

I wrap my arms around her holding onto her ass. She feels me start to get up and quickly puts her arms around my neck.

My cock just under her I feel it brush her ass and she moans feeling how hot it is. I move quickly to the couch at the side of the room. I set her down quickly and look down at her. She looks up at me and bites her lips her cheeks flushed. I move over her and start kissing her neck again, I move down and run my hand down her side the other massaging her breast.

She moans and arches her back wanting me to touch her more. I get up and quickly turn around realizing my glasses are still on. I take them off tossing them onto the table nearby and keep moving so my cock is in her face and I'm looking at her sweet little hole.

I reach up and pull her panties off so nothing is blocking me and toss the soaked fabric onto the floor. I'm surprised to feel her already start licking me and moan before burying my face into her thigh. Moving my lips over it and bring my fingers up spreading her lips. I move in and drag my tongue over her clit. She lets out a delicious moan for me and starts licking my cock all over at random.

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I let out a heavy breath long porn storys page 1 licking around her clit in a circle over and over. She leaks more. I can smell it and twitch again wanting her even more. Without hesitation I plunge my tongue into her moaning as I taste her. She drips over my tongue. I suck and taste how sweet she is. I start lapping it all up greedily only to be greeted with more and more like a feast.

She groans and gasps out my name. "S.Suchong!" I groan and push my hips forward as she suddenly slides my head into her mouth. My moan is muffled by her lips. I try to keep going but she's too good at it. She keeps moaning and sending vibrations through my cock. I sweat and pant as she slides more in. I fight the need to push more in. Her hot mouth and tongue feeling like heaven.

She sucks and licks with surprising skill. I feel myself starting to leak. I need her. I get up so I'm facing her and grab her hip. Sitting up onto my knees I bring her up and turn her around. She's face down her ass sticking up to me. I look over the lude sight and breath fast. She pants and leans her ass up farther eager for whatever was coming. I move down over her my cock slipping between her legs against her pussy lips. She gasps as I stoop over her rubbing her sides and squeezing her breasts again.

She pants and presses down onto my asian teen girlfriend gives outstanding pov deepthroat blowjob to her boyfriend hard. I groan and grind up against her speaking into her ear. "Say it. Say I want Papa inside me." She moans and starts begging for me. "Oh yes papa!

I want you inside me.I need you!" I grit my teeth listening to her plead and quickly move back to push my head inside of her. I gasp out loud feeling how tight she is. She squeezes over me. So hot. She cries out. I can't take it and slide in all the way in one move. She cries out even louder and shudders her back arching. Completely surrounded by her I moan loudly. She feels so good. I stay like that for a moment as she stretches. She whimpers breathing fast. She manages to speak her cheek against the sex stories story 4xxx porn story couch.

"Oh.papa.more." She's so ready. I pull back pulling out of her slightly. She squeezes her eyes shut tensing her shoulders before I push myself back into her all the way.

She lets out a shaky breath as I prepare to do it again closing my eyes in bliss. I want to go crazy. She's so hot and tight she sucks me back in quickly.

I start moving quickly pushing in and out with no problem. Her back arches with each stroke. I want to pound her down into the couch but I don't want to hurt her, she's not ready.

She suddenly cuts off my thoughts as she cries out. "Harder papa harder! I-I want more." I go stiff in surprise and feel myself practically melt automatically. I grab her hips harder and lean in pulling out and slamming my hips against her ass.

She cries out and curls her hands up in fists. "Like that?" She nods quickly and groans loudly. I pull out and do it again and again until I'm ramming her as hard as I can.

She takes it all and moans just for me. I feel her ass move against me each time and stare at it squeezing it in my hands. I stare at the amazing sight and slide my thumb over and push it into her tight puckered ass hole. She cries out and shakes all of this becoming too much for her. I feel her pulse over my cock.

She speaks in a fast desperate voice. "I-I'm going to burst!" I hold onto her and slide my arm around her stomach pulling her up so her backs against my chest and bounce her against my cock. I speak in to her ear. "Cum on my cock. Let it all out." She whimpers and turns her head so her face is pressed partially to my neck. She cums quickly and suddenly. She cries out her eye squeezed shut as she gasps. Hot white cum flows out over my cock coating it quickly.

She leaks out over my balls and her thighs. I hold onto her tightly not done yet and speak through grit teeth in a low voice. "I'm going to fuck your little asshole." She goes slightly limp against my chest and nods quickly eager for more despite being tired. She repeats my words finally figuring out what they mean. "Oh yes.fuck me papa." I pull my hips back my cock dragging out from her quickly. She shudders and squeaks feeling my cock press her ass.

I hold onto her with one arm my other hand gripping her ass and moving her ass cheek. My cock drips completely soaked from her. Using her own cum as lube I slide my head in slowly. She cries out a goes stiff. I quickly start kissing her neck holding her tightly with both arms, comforting her.

"Shh.relax." She nods and tries letting me slide in more slowly. I let out a shaky breath as I slide in she shivers and hugs my arms tightly her breasts squeezing them. After a few moments of pushing and slowing I'm in all the way. Sitting like that I stay still letting her get used to it. She keeps letting out loud breaths like she's holding her breath then letting it go.

"Are you ready?" I expect her to keep waiting but she quickly nods. I hesitate but she suddenly pushes her hips down her ass pushing up against me. "Oh fuck." I let go and start thrusting quickly no longer holding back. She cries out loudly. I quickly slide my arm down and slip a finger back into her. She's leaking again despite just cumming. She groans and presses against me as hard as she can. I can feel it coming back I push it back wanting to enjoy this a little more.

She reaches back to slip her fingers into my hair. Subtitled japanese insane confinement glory hole blowjob push her back to the couch.

She holds herself up and arches her back as much as she can wanting more of me to go deeper. I throb and feel it coming even stronger. Just a little longer. I see her turn her head to look at me, her full lips parted face flushed as she moans out my name. I can't take it anymore. It's coming. I feel it build up and threaten to explode. I pull out quick my tip leaking leaving a trail from her asshole and dripping onto the couch.

She looks up at me and I nod to her panting. "Taste it." She understands moving closer immediately and starts dragging her tongue up and down my cock. I moan leaning my head back feeling myself throb against her cheek. She moves her lips along it up to my head. It leaks and she starts sucking getting it all out hungrily. First time xnxxblood story xnxxx wants to cum again.

She pulls back for a secind tasting something she doesn't recognize. She suddenly reaches down and sticks a finger into herself. Pulling her finger back out she licks it realizing that it's herself she tastes on me. She looks up at me before licking me again with obvious enjoyment. That's my breaking point. My balls twitch and cum shoots through my cock straight into her mouth. A wave of pleasure shakes through me.

She groans as it flows over her lips getting on her face and chest. I breath heavily trying to catch my breath immediately feeling tired. I hadn't realized how hard I had been going and how much energy I must have spent until it was done.

The only sound was both of us panting trying to catch each other's breaths. She swallowed what she could and sat down falling back against the couch. I dropped down against the couch letting what just happened sink in. Looking to her I felt pride seeing her covered in my cum flushed and satisfied. She starts tiredly wiping her face with her sunny leaon fucks sex new porn vedio and licks them clean.

She sighs then falls limp to the couch done. I let my head fall against the back of the couch. I close my eyes feeling amazing and tired. I stay like that just enjoying the feeling. I feel something on my arm. Opening my eyes I look down to see her there by my side resting. I stare at her watching her face. I will miss her. She yawns and rests her head on my shoulder.

Yes. I will miss her very much. She wont be completely gone. But it won't be like before. She'll belong to someone else. I lean down and place a kiss to her head. "I will miss you. " She goes still feeling the kiss then replies. "I'll miss you too Papa Suchong." I suppose I should sign that paperwork.