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Gotham Nights. Another quite night in Gotham I don't like it, the gritty streets somehow seem safe, normal, something's brewing. I don't like it. Patrolling the area around crime ally, our caped crusader comes across a familiar face. Batman:What are you doing here. Catwoman:Meow are you stalking me? Purr it must be my lucky night. Batman:You didn't answer my question. Catwoman:Awww can't a girl go out looking for some action. She is toying with me running her finger over her well toned body, a body I remember all to well a body I can't forget.

Batman:It's a quiet night and that's how I want to keep it. Catwoman:Now that is a shame you were my best and BIGGEST playmate. Batman:Is that so. Catwoman:Don't pretend I was not memorable don't you remember, ramming that monster up my arse?

Oh I see you do. My mind drifted back to that night, and as it did I could feel myself cock getting tense, suddenly her touch brought me back. Catwoman:Purr you are hard, and this pussy likes it wet. Her hand stroking my cock, slowly wanking me off, I could feel the blood pumping it felt so good I had missed a woman's touch and I could not help but run my hands over her ample Brest unzipping her black bodysuit down and sliding my hand down her toned stomach until my fingers reach.

Catwoman:Oooooh you found it, that's the spot. Batman:I couldn't miss it I have always known how to press you buttons. Catwoman: don't just press them, turn them on. Ooooooh that's it. Truth is her clit was so swollen and moist it didn't take much finding and I know how to make this kitty purr Catwoman:Oh finger fuck me! Harder, more fingers, deeper.

Oooooooooh fuck yesssss that's it that's it don't stop you bastard. I had no intention on stopping three fingers deep in her wet pussy with my thumb rubbing her clit gently just how she likes it.

Catwoman: Meowwwwww! Just what the kitty ordered. Batman: My turn. Just as I said that she pulled away. Catwoman: Maybe some other time. she walked backwards looking at me, turned and leaped across the roof tops like the cat who got the cream, me, left frustrated and stunned for a second, what a night I thought.

Alfred: Sir a silent alarm has been tripped at toymaster toy petite juvenile vixen rides old dong oldvsyoung and hardcore. Batman: I'm responding Alfred.

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Alfred: You will take care sir you know who like to.SHOP there. I did indeed it was a favourite of the joker, but he's in Arkham, or he should be.

A short trip there across the city's skyline and I was there, no sign of a forced entry just then a shadowy figure running down a side ally, there quick but I'm quicker. I drop in front of there path cutting them off. Batman: Nice night for a run. Harley Quinn: Oh it's you get out of my way.

She throws a few punches nothing I can't handle, she has spirit but a sloppy technique she is easily subdued. Harley Quinn: What do you want.

Batman: What were you doing In there? Harley Quinn: No of you bees wax bats I hit her across the face still frustrated from the nights earlier antics, instead of her normal insolence she smiles back at me with blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. Harley Quinn: I liked that. I smack her again. HARD, she still smiles back, I pin her up against the wall, my hand around her throat, she has a look about her, like she can see how I'm feeling.

Harley Quinn: You need it too don't you, what, the cat chick not putting out. Batman: What were you doing in the shop.

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She whispers I can't hear her I release my grip slightly and move closer she whispers again. Harley Quinn: Finger fucking myself. I release her and move back, she rubs her throat, and smiles. Harley Quinn: You like it rough don't you I can tell, Mr J likes to beat me before we fuck, it gets me off mmmmm just the thought you can take me if you like.

I move playful latina cindy cruz invites him in for a bj pinning her to the floor I can feel her reaching for my hardening cock Harley Quinn: Beat me. I'm a bad girl I force her legs open, pull her panties to one side and slid my stiff cock in her now waiting cunt, I choke her with both hand while I fuck her like a dog on heat, I love it my cock sliding her pussy, so wet, so hot, her eyes roll in her head as she screams.

Harley Quinn: Yahtzeeeeeee I pull out before I cum I lost control. That was stupid. I get up put my cock away. Harley Quinn: What my pussy not good enough for you bats. Batman: I don't want too see you around here again next time it's back to Arkham. I let her go ashamed of what happened she walks away gives a naughty smile and throws her nickers at me. I catch them, pull them to my nose the smell mmmmmm.

Harley Quinn: Thanks for the fuck bats. She runs off, I let her go feeling some what ashamed, but very frustrated this is turning out to be a weird night, yet I can't stop thinking there is more too this, I put the panties in my utility belt.

Batman: Alfred. Alfred: Yes sir. Batman: Have you noticed anything unusual on the police scanners?. Alfred: No sir.oh wait I did notice a JLA safe in Gotham went active but the code was correct and thought nothing of it. Batman: Thank you Alfred. I send for the plane via the computer in my left gauntlet a new toy thanks to the guys at Wayne enterprises, it's here within minutes and soon I will be at the safe house. I get there within 10 minutes not bad considering the distance.

I enter the first door nothing unusual here, I enter the inner door the scanner activates scanning me for my friend or foe id. The door opens I enter.

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Wonder Woman: Well hello stranger Batman: What brings a princess to this part of town? I scan the room and deduce that she has been working out in her underwear. Must have some pent up aggression, I think back to myself.

Wonder Woman: I like to come here to escape Clark and his fucked up sense of morality Batman: You came to the right place you know if you ever need a real gym the batcave has the best on offer. Wonder Woman: I'm fine thank you Bruce, Clark would be jealous if I started hanging around the batcave in my panties Batman: ok I be leavi. Wonder Woman: No wait.why don't you stay for a while ever batman deserves a break once and a while. Batman: With the night I have sex fairy tales porn milf sexl lips I will take you up on that offer.

I walk over to a table and remove my cowl, Cape and gloves Wonder Woman: So tell me about it. I tell her all about it without going into the parts she does not need to know. Wonder Woman: Busy night then. Batman: Not really not yet I notice that her body is covered with a fine veil of sweat where she has been working out and that her nickers are damp so wet I feel the tension in my body again I look over her body wanting it she bends over, she knows I'm watching I move toward her.

Alfred: Hello sir sorry to interrupt you but miss Stephanie brown is wondering if you will be needing her for patrol tonight. Alfred's voice comes over the intercom. Batman: I must be going take as long as long as you need.

Wonder Woman: That's a shame, another time Bruce. She returns to the gym I get myself sorted and reply to Alfred. Batman: Tell her to meet me at crime ally. Alfred:Yes sir. I take the long route by foot and roof top, it does me good. By the time I get there robin is waiting on one of the roofs for me.

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Robin: There do you see it. Batman: What. I look into the ally and I see a male mid fifties negotiating a price of the young females services Robin: Shall I stop them. Batman: No let's not we have to keep vigilant and not be black and white s xxx robbery suspect apprehended. In reality I was distracted and I wanted to watch, to see the two of them fucking I crouched down as I could feel my cock tighten in anticipation of the floor show about to happen.

I watch as the man handed over his money and waisted no time in pulling her head down to his fat cock.l, she was sucking good earning every penny, I had seen things like this before with the previous robins but never her, I was interested to see how she would react, boys will be boys but her.

a female. The man stopped her sucking his cock and we could see him fumble with her panties, pulling them down then bent her over to fuck her doggy. My mind thought back to Harley's nickers still in my utility belt. I then noticed robin squirming. Batman:Something wrong? Robin:NO. Well yes is that how. you know. Batman:No this is not how. you need passion for it to work both ways or else your just a whore in a ally Brutal words but words I though would help her make the right decision come the time.

All I could think about now was Robin adjusting herself. Batman: How does this make you feel? Robin: it's disgusting. Yet it makes me feel hot, you know down there. Batman: that's natural and good just remember to keep check of those impulses Hypocrite I thought to myself after the night I have had.

I gave Robin her orders and carried on with the patrol of my city alone, it was safer. I head over to lower east side, Zatanna was performing tonight it would be good to see a old friend.

Batman: you look well tonight Zatanna: sneaking into my dressing room Bruce, now what am I today. Batman: I could never sneak upon you Zatanna: no you couldn't She goes behind the screen but I can see her in the mirror. Batman: you put on quite the show Zatanna: I'm glad you like what you see She bends over, looks in the mirror right in my eyes and smiles.

I pull the screen back she stands up with her shirt in her arms covering her ample chest, I pull her shirt away she offers no resistance, just leaving her thong and hold ups. I love hold ups.

I pull her close to me the magic beings we kiss not a new kiss, a kiss of two lovers soft gentle with the right amount of passion, I move my hand down her back until I'm cupping her soft ass cheeks gripping them and pulling her hips into mine, I can feel my cock rubbing her clit through her thong. Zatanna: mmmmm Bruce you know how to treat a lady I can smell her perfume on her neck, she smells good, I kiss her neck moving my kisses down her body I start to licking and suck her nipple, I know she loves this, I pinch the other, I hear a sharp intake of breath.

She likes it. I move my kisses further down south, she removes my cowl. Zatanna: let's remove this. Batman: that's better I can do this. I pull her thong to one side and run my tongue down her slit, I can feel her legs treble while I let my tongue do the work, she pushes me down on my back and sits on my face, I love the taste of this lady. Zatanna: that's it work it baby, oh my god that's amazing work that tongue oooooh yes yes yes yesssss I feel a sudden gush over my face, I must be doing something right.

She lifts her juicy pussy off my face, moves down my body and takes my cock in hand. Zatanna: let's see if I can tame the great batman Batman: ooooh yesss She just goes down on my cock, it feels amazing running her tongue down and sucking my balls, I need her. I stop her in her tracks we met this amateur working in a lingerie shop and push her down on her back, moving over her soft firm body I slip between her legs and guild my cock into her slowly but going all the way till my balls are deep in pussy, Batman: you feel amazing Zatanna: your not to bad yourself She smiles I carry on pushing deep in and out, getting faster drilling enchanting honeys twat pornstar and hardcore ever thrust.

I can feel her pussy clamping my cock as she stats to move her pussy along with my thrusts Zatanna: fucccck I'm. Uuuuuuuh Batman: me toooo! I can't hold back I can feel my body tense up as I shoot my cum into her waiting cunt. I feel the nights frustration melt away I relax and lie next to her. Zatanna: you are going to have to go soon, I have a act to prepare for. She smiles and I know I have to get back to the streets to keep watch over my city.