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Anal sex with amateur teen sexy girl video
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Carianne Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller By Jax_Teller I had been on this adult website that was much like face book but all adult.

Reading threads and messages from people I never met in real life, sharing experiences, being social. I had long given up hope of finding the one submissive I was looking for but still liked to stay in contact with the freaks I call community.

I read a thread by a young woman who was asking if anyone had experience in anonymous sexual encounters. I have had many and shared some of my experiences with her in private messages over a few days. Now normally I don't hit on or try to aggressively engage women, in general, big cook with tait pussy I like to be friends before considering a physical relationship, even a temporary one.

This girl though, just seemed to be needing, wanting an experience, and frankly I was feeling old, this woman was younger than I would usually even consider. We messaged a few times and I got the feeling that she wasn't getting the experience she wanted. I thought about her and the risky thrill that I had amazing teen twat is nailed well homemade hardcore a young man with just meeting up for sex, no relationship, sometimes not even names were exchanged.

I got to feeling braver than normal and offered a time and place that I would be at, to Carianne. I told her there was a shower house at a local government run park-camp ground.

I explained how I knew of folks who would meet up at the bath house for sexual encounters. I gave her a link to the bath house location and told her how I usually went swimming and used the bath house to shower after. I told her how I used the Handicapped stall, which was rarely ever used by a handicapped person, because I liked to sit under the hot shower after swimming in the lake.

I included a picture of my truck, which while very distinctive did not specifically identify me. I set it up where if she wanted, I would be available, nothing more. I went swimming in the lake as I usually did every week, and was not too surprised but some what disappointed when she didn't show up.

Nothing lost on my part as this was just my normal schedule. When I went out to get in my truck, I felt a presence as if some one was watching. It was probably all in my head I thought to myself and went on with my day as usual. When I got home and on the website I had a message from Carianne. When I opened it there was a picture of me coming out of the bathhouse. In the message she apologized for not going through with it but she chickened out at the last moment.

She went on about how she regretted it all the way home and that she liked my beard.

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She told me how she had a Daddy fetish and liked me, enough to masturbate to thinking about me taking her. I tried my best not to over react and aggressively pursue her, so I messaged her back that I was usually at the bath house around the same time every week.

I didn't hear back from her and several weeks went by with no company in the bath house. I didn't give it too much thought as the weeks went by but did think about Carianne as the weeks went on.

One time I heard the door open to the bath house and foot steps in and around but who ever it was didn't use the toilets or the standard shower and then left. I thought to myself it was just a park ranger checking the facility, and laughed at my eagerness for this encounter.

It was 9 weeks later, I was back in the bath house taking my shower as usual when the curtain to my shower moved. I saw a young woman step in and start pulling her clothes off.

She was not a stick figure, she was healthy and curves in all the right places. As she finished undressing, she stepped into the shower with me. Neither of us spoke as I sat on the bench seat, and she stepped under the shower rinsing her self in the hot water. My cock was rock hard watching her rinse, knowing what she was here for.

Carianne turned to face me and stepped closer as I slid my feet between her legs as she sat down on my lap facing me. She quickly grabbed my cock and guided it into her very wet pussy. I took hold of her tits and pulled them to my face, licking one and then the other.

Carianne started rocking on my cock, and I reflected on what a beautiful young woman she was. Her skin so vital and clear, her movements so direct made her all the more wonderfully interesting. She hadn't been on my cock for more than a couple minutes that she said Daddy may I, and I said come, slut, and I fell her shake, tense up drawling her knees together in orgasm. I wondered if that was all she wanted was an anonymous hard cock to fuck herself with or would she want more.

As she relaxed she said do with me what you want Daddy and slid off my lap to sit next to me on the bench. I stood up and took my cock in my hand and grabbed a handful of her hair in the other and fed my cock into her mouth. I face fucked her harder and pregnant slut has her wet pussy hammered than I would normally, unless I knew the person well.

She put her hands on my legs horny doctor kristy black gets her pussy drilled I thought she might use them to keep me from thrusting my cock into her throat but she didn't. If anything I could feel her groaning and moaning on my cock, writhing as I fucked her throat. I pulled my cock from her mouth and smacked her across the lips with it a few times and then pulled her to her a kneeling position on the bench.

I grabbed her by her hips and thrust my cock in her pussy and slow stroked in and out of her enjoying the perfect hips and ass in front of me. She bent down and used her hands to hold her ass cheeks apart for my viewing. What a perfect little fucking slut she was, doing all she could do to please me. I saw her asshole and pulled my cock from her pussy and slid it up and down between her pussy and asshole measuring her response.

As my cock touched and pushed sightly at her asshole she didn't pull away, but pushed back and said please Daddy, please put it in my virgin ass. Before she could finish I had all ready pushed the head of my cock in her asshole and was continuing to push all the way into her.

I was amazed how she didn't resist or pull away like most people I had ever taken anally. Once fully inside her I stayed in position and rocked my hips side to side, up and down, never pulling out of her.

I barked at her to rub her clit and she moved to comply. I began to fuck her asshole in and out all the way enjoying the sight in front of me. I felt her asshole contract and release and she moaned loudly and I plunged hard and fast in and out of her, her body spasming in orgasm. I felt my own orgasm build and when I felt the immanent pressure of orgasm I pulled my cock from her ass, and told her to lay down for Daddy as I guided her to lay with her head over the edge of the bench.

I fucked her mouth a few deep hard strokes and I let the first spurt of come go down her throat.

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The second burst of come splashed over her tits and chin, I stroked the next few spurts of come on her face. She held her toungue out and took all the come she could in her mouth.

I pulled her to sitting position and I sat beside her and we kissed deeply. When we broke the kiss, she stood and showered as I finished catching my breath. What a beautiful young woman, so willing to please, so pleasing in her submission.

I really liked her, but reminded myself that she was only interested in anonymous sex for now. Still as she got out of the shower and began to dress I wondered if we would ever see each other again. As she finished dressing I showered and when I turned from rinsing off she was gone as quietly as she had entered. While I was a little disappointed, I was still a little come drunk stumbling as I dressed and made my way out to my truck.

It was all clear and normal out side and I proceeded with my day with a little skip in my walk. It had been a long while since I had such a beautiful young woman and I was proud of my self at my age still able to satisfy. I did my normal in town chores and headed home to the forest. When I got home I checked my messages and was a little surprised to find a video attachment to the message from Carianne.

The message said thanks for a good time. I clicked on the video attachment thin teen ride huge dildo the video player opened. As the video began I could tell it was from inside the bath house. It showed her path as she walked into the bath house the stall, and then she hung the camera on the door with a clear view into the shower. It was a great video, the light was good and the sneaky point of view was great and neither of us had looked at the camera so it had a very real crisp feel to it.

I send a thank you message and added that I thought we looked good together, but that she was magnificent on camera and a beautiful young woman, I was lucky to have met. Again I was surprised that she messaged me back all most immediately. She said she had enjoyed being used by me and that she just may see me again some day. It was a great encounter and I hoped to see her again, maybe I should message her about doing a scene in the forest, being taken in a forest tied to tree.

I called her Carianne in my mind just to give her a name because I never found out her real name. Hmm. I wonder. The End really hot stuff super hot student bearing all of her tiny pink parts Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller