Kirsten price nylon tease jbstory

Kirsten price nylon tease jbstory
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I have been online for about 10 years. Early on I was at my house talking to my friend D when the subject of internet porn came up. I told him that I had a few pics that I had downloaded and he expressed an interest in seeing something. Going to my home office, I started to open some files to show him.

I sat at the computer and he stood behind me. We were enjoying ourselves, joking and laughing and looking at some good old porn. After a few minutes we were both pretty horny. He was making a few noises that indicated that he was probably playing with his cock, I didnt turn around to look, I just took my cock out and stroked it. This had continued for some time when I felt him tap my shoulder. I turned to look over my shoulder and found myself eye to eye with his cock.

He was mostly hard and it was pulsing slightly as it hung there in front of me. I looked him in the eye and he kind of shrugged, looking a little sheepish.

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He was shy about asking although he should have realized that I would suck him off about any time. I have done it many times over the years. I looked back at his cock, he is circumcized, about 7+ inches with a decent thickness. I turned in my swivel chair and took his cock in my hand. It felt warm and thick to my touch. I stroked it back and forth a few times and saw the hole in the end open and close slightly.

He just sighed and hoped for the best. After stroking it a several times, I took his balls in my other hand and squeezed slightly. I guess the visual I had was of a large peace pipe or something similar.

I stroked him some more and he tried to push it at me very gently. I was definately going to suck him off but I was enjoying looking at his cock before I slipped it into my mouth. He was clearly getting more excited and he reached out to push my face closer. I resisted slightly but let him force my lips against the head of his cock. I could smell him. He was clean and had the slight musty smell of cock. After resisting just slightly, I opened my lips and let him slide into my mouth.

I love the smooth feel of his cockhead on my tongueand my mouth getting full. Letting him slide in and out a few times I started to suck and lick the head of his cock. He let out a groan and fell into a gently push pull motion. Rare story mom and son subtitles head of his cock was smooth and firm, the skin slipped between my lips, if I gave it more suction I could feel the inner part of his cock thrust forward while the outer part stayed in place.

I could feel the hole in the end of his cock with my tongue and liked to tease it with the tip of my tongue. I enjoy sucking him and took one hand from his balls to stroke my own cock. I maintained the suction on his cock and took the hand that was around it to squeeze his ass.

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There we were, his cock in my mouth, one of my hands squeezing his balls and the other squeezing his ass cheek. I let him slide in and out for a few minutes and then heard him suck in air as he got close to his climax.

I squeezed his balls tighter and sucked even harder. He dropped over the edge and started to fuck my face in earnest. Pumping his cock in and out, holding the back of my head, I let him deeper into my mouth. He stood up on his tip toes with his cock thrust deep in my mouth and suddenly I could feel the cum squirt from his cock onto my tongue. The thick upper part of his cock pulsed and pushed while the lower part suddenly had his juice forced through it.

I could feel the muscles move the hot sticky cum through his cock to the tip where it sprayed my mouth. When the taste of his cum hit my throat, I inhaled and savored the smell of my suck buddy while he fucked my face. I rode his cum to the end and finished off with his flacid cock held in my mouth with my lips.

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He was slightly stunned, shuddering and swaying and he recovered his composure. I waited for him to stop moving before I slipped his cock out of my mouth, carefully holding his cum in my mouth. I looked up at him again and he just shook his head and said "Whew!!". I smiled and opened my mouth so that he could see what was left of his cum in my mouth and then I swallowed it, enjoying the after taste.

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He just sighed and patted me on the shoulder. "I better get going." he said. I smiled and nodded OK.

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He left me sitting in front of the computer with a hard cock in my hand and my memories of his cock in my mouth. He has never sucked me back and I dont mind that. I stroked my own cock a few times and almost immediately started to cum into a paper towel that I for some reason had left by the computer when I had found out that he was coming over.

I looked at the thick gob of goo and relaxed as my cock started to get limp. I would suck him again in an instant if he wanted me to. I dont feel that way about most men but I sure enjoy sucking him off. Who knows, maybe he will give me more to write about some time. I have sucked a few other cocks and had my sucked as well, but those are other stories.