Peaches and gina are two sensual lovers

Peaches and gina are two sensual lovers
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NOTE: This story is a fictional incest story which is contradicting to all of the other incest stories where the boy does all of the pursuading, in this one, the mother does the pursuading.

This isn't ment to be taken seriously or to be taken as a guide to help in real life. Hell, I don't even know if this story is even worth reading.

You be the judge of whether I should finish this story or not. I gotta say, when I turned sixteen, I knew something big would happen, just not something this big. My names Matt, I am about 6 feet tall, and I am fifteen years old, and- well, here is my story. April 25th, 2007 With there being just two days before my 16th birthday, eveything in the house was hectic- even though im a lonely child with a single mom.

See, my dad was a good man, he treated me like I was the best thing to happen since he met Mom, except he treated Mom like shit. Well one day, he was on a plane, headed back mom and sun xx x com a buisness trip, and he said that bad people where on the plane and he didn't know if he'd be coming home for my birthday.

He said he loved me and Mom, and that I needed to be the man of the house, then he started to say something but the plane went into the side of the World Trade Centers on 9/11. Well, my Mom, She's turning 40, she's about 5'8", she is skinny, with blonde hair, and I hate to say it, but I've had a- crush on her since 7th grade. She has the best ass that I've ever seen, and her boobs are the sexiest I've ever seen, her bra size was 36C.

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I have always fasinated about having sex with her and have often jerked off to the image of her naked, and to give a little help, I usually will grab one of her worn panties and- well you get the picture. Our house is a relatively large house for a family of two, it has three quite large rooms, one and a half bathrooms, a medium sized kitchen, and a large dinning/ living area. My room and her room are right across from each other, thats what makes it easy to grab her panties.

The guest bedroom is downstairs, along with the dinning room, kitchen area, and the half bathroom. I am a sophmore in high school, and sadly, still a virgin and still havent had a girlfriend. To tell the truth, I don't want a girlfriend, I'm not gay, it's just that the only woman I want is Mom.

It wasn't til I was about to turn 14 when I started spying on Mom. I'd find ways to spy on her in her room, in the shower, or where ever I really could. "Matt, time for dinner!" Mom yelled. "Okay!" I yelled back. "Be there in a second." I hurried downstairs to find that Mom had made Mac & Cheese with hot dogs in it, which was my favorite. She looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes, probably hoping that I wouldn't notice, and I pretended not to until she continued to look at me as Pretty chick alexis fawx wanted a meaty cock put my plate away in the dishwasher.

"Dinner was delish- uh are you going to eat?" "Wha- oh! Yeah." She nervously chuckled. "Yeah, I uh-" She took a bite of food. "Mmmm." "Why are you acting so stange?" I asked. "Because I want you to fuck me as hard as you possibly can!" My dick got rock hard and my horny mind took over. Then I woke up. "Uhh just a dream." I said, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

I checked my alarm clock. It's 6:28AM. I wish that I'd at least get to see her pussy or something in my dream, that would make me sort of happy.

I sat up in my bed, hoping my boner would go down long enough for me to go to the shower. I grabbed a few essentials, boxers, shirt, pants, and headed to the shower. I shut and locked the bathroom door behind me, as I dropped my clothes on the floor and took my morning piss. Mom knocked on the door, asking if she can piss.

I told her to hold on, because I was in the shower, which was a lie, but I really wanted a chance to see her pussy in plain view, and not from a window. I got in the shower, and closed the curtains and told Mom that she can come in. She hurried, and I knew I was going to miss my chance If I didn't act now, I acted like I slipped and fell out of the shower.

The bathroom wasn't big, and I fell just enough for my head to lnd right inbetween her legs, right into her pussy.

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It wasn't there long, so I took my chance, I stuck my toungue into her vag, just a little bit though, that way it didn't look like I intentionaly tried to lick my mother's pussy.

As I got up, we both where speechless, and embarassed. I hurried back into the shower, and she hurried out of the bathroom after she finished pissing. Cachandcojiendinfiel empleada sexstorys mexicanas porncunada argentina couldn't believe that worked. I actually planned it perfectly, even though I planned to fall on the floor and not have my face in her pussy, it worked out better than I though it would.

I started to think back on the taste. I can't describe it, all I knew is that I wanted more. When you do something you know is wrong, usually you wouldn't be able to look at yourself it the mirror, I was the exact opposite. I felt accomplished, I mean I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right.

My dreams might actually be coming true. Once my shower was over, I put my clean clothes on, and took my dirty ones into my hamper in my room. When I looked up, I saw Mom, laying in my bed, looking as if she was sleeping. Not wanting to wake her, I quickly and quietly grabbed my socks and shoes and ran down the stairs to the couch. Like I do every morning, I put my left sock on, then the right, then slipped on my right shoe, then the left.

And as I went to the kitchen to grab a snack, I glanced over to the stairs and saw Mom, slowly walking down the stairs as if she woke up from a long slumber.

"Hi Matt, I- uh just wanted to- uh-" She started. "Mom, I knew that was awkward what happened this morning, I slipped on the soap and fell, I really didn't mean to do what happened next." I told her. "Matt, What did you do to me when you fell? I don't know what it was, but it felt so fucking good!" She said, looking a little more awake. "I bit my toungue and I guess some of it was sticking out or something, because I got some hair on it." I sort of admitted. "Matt, I want to talk with you when you get back from school, okay?" "Alright." I said, grabbing some bread and taking small bites out of it.

I was a little nervous about what she wanted to talk about, but that didn't keep me from staring at her beautiful ass as she walked up the stairs. It's like a routine, I eat some bread, fantisize about Mom, and occasionally I will jerk off in the morning if I get horny enough, and this morning I really wanted to.

It was pretty girlie caresses love tunnel hardcore blowjob though, so even if I really wanted to, I can't.

I quickly grabbed my backpack and headed off to another boring day at school.

I have to walk to school, I live about three blocks from it, so there really isn't a point in taking a bus or even drivng.

Like usual, I got to the enterance of the student parking lot, also where the main enterance and Attendence Office is. This morning was quite strange though, I felt like people where staring at me, and I tried to reach in my pocket and act like mother son bonding class part 5 was calling me when I realized that I'd left my phone at home.

So instead of answering a call, I looked like what ever was in my pocket was life or death. Once I got across the parking lot, to the school doors, I started to wonder, Why was Mom sleeping in my bed this morning?

That might be what she wanted to talk about. I don't know, but I want to know. I walked in to first block just fifteen seconds before the tardy bell rang, and I quietly too my seat, in the back of the class. The thought of my toungue being inside of Mom's vagina, even though it was just a little bit, kept me unfocused all the way through first, second, and third block. Once fourth block hit, that thought completly vanished, once I realized that I hadn't even studied for the exam. I am not a very smart kid when it comes to algebra.

Hell, I barley even know how to solve one step, let alone half of the crap they are testing us on now. I just know I'm going to flunk it. I was three quarters done when the Attendence Office called me down because I was being signed out.

I was walking out of the class, relieved, when I remembered that Mom needed to talk to me. I know I was thinking about the possibilities of what it may be, but for some reason I can't think of them right now.

I hadn't even realized how fast the school day went by until I looked at the clock outside the Office, it was already 1:54PM. Mom and I walked quietly to her '99 Grand Prix, and both sat inside for a minute, not saying a word. "Why'd you pick me up early?" I asked, breaking the silence. "We need to talk." She said, starting up the car. "Is it about this morning?" "It might be." She said, pulling out of the parking dude nails the luscious gal pornstar hardcore. "Is it?" I asked again.

She was quiet as she drove home, and was quiet all the way until we got inside the house.

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"Matt, I want to talk about what happened this morning." Mom said, locking the door behind lady with large boobs acquires nailed naturaltits hardcore. "How did I guess that?" I said to myself.

"I know you did the toungue thing on purpose." She paused. "And I think I liked it." I didn't know how to respond, I was speechless. I mean, I wanted to hear this, but I never actually thought she'd say it, you know? "Matt, I know that you planned it all out." "How?" "Because, you've been spying on me, and have gotten plenty of looks at my area." She said, whispering the last few words.

"I never spied on you!" I lied. "Matt, you don't need to hide it. I've-" "You've what?" I asked. "I've done the same thing to you." There was a long pause. "What?" I was shocked. I hoped she liked me back, but it's a little creepy for a 40 year old to be spying on a young teenager.

"I have been thinking recently, and by the stunt you pulled this morning, I have made a decision. If we both love each other, then why shouldn't we fuck?" "Because it's illegal." "Whose gonna know?" I always imagined me doing all of the pursuading to her, not her doing it to me.

I do want to fuck her, but I haven't fucked before, and she has. I don't want to embarass myself, which is pretty funny when you look at what I pulled earlier.

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"We can't, at least not yet. Let me think about it. Okay?" "Okay Matt, take your time."

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