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Village xxxx sex stories storys hard
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In high school I was in love with my best friend, Ashley. Ashley was a lovely girl with jet black hair that bounced in curls down to her shoulders. She had a face that was both cute and gorgeous and a smile that melted me. She was of medium height, maybe 5'5", with a curvy but trim body. I drooled for years over her full breasts, perfectly proportioned C-cups, that she displayed in tight t-shirts.

She was down to earth and funny, not at all stuck up even though she got plenty of attention, and I absolutely adored her. Even though Ashley was constantly being hit on, she didn't show much interest in any guys at our school, except me.

I couldn't figure out why, exactly, Ashley liked me so much. She had her pick of guys and she chose to be with me, and I wasn't going to second guess her decision. Ashley and I spent the latter half of high school doing what most high schoolers do: diving blindly into the world of sexuality.

Ashley and I fucked like rabbits for about two years, exploring our new desires and emotions. We hit the tip of the iceberg, really, when it came to sexual exploration, but at the time it seemed wild. When high school finally ended I was heading to the West Coast, across the country, for college.

She was still undecided about her future, planning to take a year off, and I asked her to come with me. After both of us pouring our hearts out and some tear-jerking moments, she rejected my final advance and left in tears.

I went away to college and our worlds separated. Four years of college effectively erased Ashley from my mind. Of course I remembered her, but it seemed so long ago and far away. I'd spent my college years fucking many a co-ed and Ashley's crystal blue eyes were but a distant memory. Two years out of college, 24 years old, I'd moved to Colorado and had landed quite a unique consulting job. I made a lot of money, especially since I was still single so my expenses were pretty low, and I was able to work from home about 90% of the time.

I bought a decent house well out in the deserted wilderness because I liked the peace and quiet. I still made the long trip into the city to hit the bars and meet women but for the most part I had a kingdom to myself. I had never met the right girl to settle down with and so my kingdom was devoid a queen.

That would all change in a big way. A knock on my door at 11:30 at night startled me awake. I had dozed off in my office, trying to finish a bit of work so I could take the next day off, and the noise at the door initially scared me. Who could be here, this late, this far from civilization. I figured burglars or murders probably wouldn't knock, but who then? When I gazed through the peephole I saw two figures, shrouded in darkness and wrapped in clothing, huddled together on the porch.

It was cold out, snowing lightly, and I could see them shivering. When I opened the door and one stepped forward I finally saw her face: Ashley. She stood for a second looking me over before throwing her arms around me and squeezing tight.

"Mark, oh God, I am so glad to see you!" she said into my shoulder. She had layers of clothing on but feeling her press into me brought back vivid memories. She and her companion had a few bags and looked tired and ragged.

"Ashley, what are you, wait, come in, it's freezing out," I said, opening the door and grabbing her bags. She and the other figure, a woman I could see now, stepped inside and shook off their chill.

The second woman removed her hood and I saw story oral sex samantha saint she was just a girl, a teenager, and she looked shy and concerned. She had a delicate, lovely face with smooth features and sandy hair. She was as tall as Ashley but looked smaller in stature.

"Mark, this is my… cousin, Tracie," Ashley said. Tracie smiled warmly at me when I shook her tiny hot blonde babe with big tits pounded in pussy by big cock and told her to make herself comfortable. "Mark, I know this is crazy, real crazy, but can we crash here for the night?" "Yeah, of course, you're not going back out there," I laughed.

I pointed Tracie to a bathroom and then turned to Ashley. "Ash, what gives, how'd you find me?" "Oh, I kept in touch with some high school friends who've kept track of black sexy big ass teen masturbating on webcam people spread out to, so, it wasn't that hard," she said as she removed her winter layers.

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Her hair was still dark and curly but a bit shorter than it had been. I was surprised to see a silver ring through her left nostril. She still had a trim figure and hadn't changed much, though I noticed the hint of a tattoo that started on her upper arm and snuck somewhere behind her clothes.

"What's going hottie cassidy banks seduces her brother in law I asked concerned, "Where's your car?" "We took a cab. He dropped us off in town, didn't want to drive up here with the snow." "In town?" I asked, shocked. "Then how'd you get up here, its at least a couple of miles?" "Yeah," she shrugged, "we walked." "Jesus!" "Well, we couldn't afford it anymore anyways.

We were heading west and it seems we ran out of money on your doorstep, what are the chances of that?" she smiled, tilting her head and looking at me with a depth of understanding behind her hypnotic eyes. "Yeah, well, listen, anything you need." "Thanks, Mark, really," she leaned in and kissed my cheek.

Tracie returned, sans outer clothing as well, and I saw an athletic form hugged tight by jeans and a t-shirt. I tried to hide the fact that I was checking her out, both of them really, but I was able to ascertain she sported perky breasts, B-cups probably, and a slender body. She had long legs and her smile was breathtaking. Both of them were thrilled when I directed them to the kitchen and offered up something warm to eat.

As they munched I cracked a beer and began to inquire about how they made it all the way out here. Their story seemed sketchy and fragmented, both of them seemed unsure about the details, but the consensus was that Ashley was taking her cousin on a friendly cross country sight-seeing trip. Both of them dodged questions about the timing of the trip, it seemed to me Tracie should've been in school at the time. Unsatisfied and certain I hadn't received the full story, my visitors said they were tired and needed to sleep.

"Well," I said, "I have spare rooms but no spare beds." "It's ok," Ashley said, "Tracie hottie cassidy banks seduces her brother in law take the couch and I'll take the floor, if you have some spare blankets and pillows?" I did, so I set them up in the living room before heading upstairs to bed.

I was awake for a long while, questions about this new development were bouncing around my head, and at some late hour I heard some noises downstairs. Curiosity had gotten the best of me. I was convinced there was more going on here than I was told, so I decided to creep down the stairs and investigate.

I'll admit, thoughts of lurid sexual misdeeds did flash through my mind, but I quieted them and assumed I would never be so lucky as to have two bombshell lesbians appear at my front door. Turns out, I was a very, very lucky man. My carpeted stairs were silent and I snuck with as much stealth as I could muster towards the living room, the source of the mysterious noises. As I got closer I recognized the sounds, flustered grunts and satisfied moans are unmistakable, and my cock began to rise.

I stood behind a free-standing pillar at the edge of the living room and peered in, my eyes struggling to adjust to the dim moonlight that streamed through the sliding glass doors on the far side of the room.

As I'd hoped, there was a tangle of lesbian sex in my living room. Tracie, her skin looking deliciously smooth, was on her hands and knees on the floor, her ass directed at me.

She still had on a t-shirt and her pink panties were wrapped around her knees. It was difficult for me to make out the key details, I was dying to see the intricate folds and spaces of her young pussy, but in the dark all I could tell was her soft love hole was filled by Ashley's middle and ring fingers of her left hand, pumping in and out at a rapid tempo.

Ashley was kneeling beside Tracie, fully clothed in pajama pants and a long t-shirt, and was happily fingering her young "cousin." With her right hand, Ashley held a handful of Tracie's hair and was pulling her head back slightly, eliciting moans from Tracie's soft lips. Ashley's fingers bottomed out and Tracie convulsed, a warm orgasm overtaking her, and she threw one hand up to her mouth to stifle a shout.

Ashley was voracious, she had a lust for Tracie that made my cock strain and pulse, and she simply couldn't get enough. Ashley, not giving Tracie much time to recover, climbed above her and mounted her.

She kept her two fingers deep inside Tracie's pussy and placed her own at the base of her hand. Ashley thrust her hips, using them to push on her hand and fuck downwards into Tracie. The two were soon fucking hard again, Ashley using her fingers like some kind of strap on dildo to fuck Tracie. By the time Tracie had shook out her second orgasm and the two had collapsed in a pile of kissing and caressing my cock was flexed to the max.

It ached for attention, and I knew I had enough mental images to enjoy myself. I desperately wanted, as any sane man would, to join these two, but even with the history between Ashley and I, I had no idea how to go about making that happen. I retired to my room and freed my suffocating cock. I was very proud of my size and strength, plenty of women over the years had fallen more in love with my cock than with me, and on this night my erection was stronger than it had ever been.

I wrapped my hand around it and surprised myself, it felt larger and thicker than it had before. I had never been this turned on in my life and my cock was straining.

I stroked it slowly, savoring the images that played in my mind, until I heard footsteps in the hallway. I dove beneath the covers and pretended to be asleep. There was a gentle knock on my door. "Mark," I heard a soft voice whisper.

"Mark, can you hear me?" "Mmm, yeah?" I mumbled, pretending to be half-asleep. "I need to talk to you, can I come in?" Through the door I couldn't tell whose voice I was hearing. I looked at the clock and saw it was past four.

"Yeah, come in," I said back. The door cracked open and I was surprised to see Tracie slip inside. She still had on only panties and her tee, her long legs were smooth and snowy white, and she sat on the edge of the bed.

I sat up slightly, careful to bunch the covers up and obscure my throbbing erection. "Mark, sorry to wake you like this, but, I don't know, it just doesn't feel right to lie to you. Look, I'm not Ashley's cousin. We're not related. I'm her girlfriend." I acted surprised. "But you're…" "Fifteen? Yeah, I know, we're nine years apart," Tracie chuckled. "I've heard that argument before. But we're in love, we don't care about any of that." I nodded, not understanding how Ashley and Tracie would wind up together.

Tracie answered my unspoken question. "Look, Ashley's family disowned her when they found out she liked girls too," Too? "like when she was twenty, long before she met me, of course. Anyways, she went through some rough times, got into some shit she probably shouldn't have, and hit rock bottom." I thought about Ashley suffering, alone and troubled, and my heart sank.

"When I met her she was kind of in rough shape. We met at some shitty country music festival, she had a tent there and was smoking a lot of pot. I kind of came from a rough family situation myself, so we hit it off, she used to say I was fourteen going on thirty, and I don't know, we just clicked.

She and I fell passionately for each other." Upon saying this I noticed two hard points poking through her shirt, she obviously hadn't worn a bra to bed, and reminiscing about passionate sex like the kind I'd just witnessed was exciting her.

"A year later we came out to my parents, the drunk, ignorant fucks they are." I couldn't believe the mouth on this teenager. "They couldn't handle it, said I couldn't live under their roof if I didn't change my ways, so we ran away together.

And here we are." Tracie kind bubble butt amateur holly hendrix gets her two holes fucked hard shrugged. My cock took notice of her tantalizing nipples, as well as the soft curves of her legs and hips as she sat on the bed. "Well, Tracie, I'm sorry for your troubles and all, and I'm happy to help you and Ashley out in any way I can, but you didn't have to wake me up to tell me all this." Tracie's eyes lowered.

"Well, there's more. You see Mark, in the year I've known Ashley it has become very clear that she loves me. It has also become quite clear that her heart and soul still belong to you." I stammered a response, not quite sure what to say. "Mark, she said we were coming here because you were the only person who could help us, the only person she trusted. And that's true, but I know she wanted to see you again." "But it's been six years?" I said, not sure how this was all possible.

"Doesn't matter, she loves you," Tracie sighed. "She's told me everything about you," she paused and her eyes shot a meaningful glance at the covers that hid my still raging hard on, "and I feel as close to you as she does. I can already tell, just by watching her since we've gotten here, that she's got conflicting emotions flying around her head." "Well, I don't know…" Tracie interrupted me.

"So, basically, I think we have two options. One: we leave once we are on our feet, and for the rest of our lives together I'll always see the hint of regret and sadness in Ashley's eyes. Even though I know she loves me, she won't be able to tear herself cleanly from you. She never has." There was a long pause. "Or?" I asked. "Think about it," Tracie began to say. She slowly moved over me, straddling me, pressing her hips down and placing her soft face next to mine.

She whispered into my ear, four eyed college slut flirting with her friend her hips and pressing my cock against her clit through the layers of fabric. "Ahhhhh, or we stay. I can't live without Ashley. And she can't live without you. Do the math, Mark, sounds to me like I can't live without you either." She was slowly rubbing herself against my straining cock and she softly kissed my mumbling lips.

"So you mean?" I rambled as she teased me. "Exactly. I know it's crazy but it seems like the only situation where everyone wins, right? Any other outcome ends in heartbreak for somebody, maybe everybody." Tracie's tongue flicked across my lips and I lost my self control. I reached my sexy tranny fucked big titted blonde shemale on the bed tube porn up and grabbed her slender hips.

She moaned as I pressed my cock against her and our mouths began a furious battle to see who could push their tongue deeper. Her kiss was thorough but not sloppy, more skillful than I expected for a fifteen year old, and then I remembered that she probably learned to kiss from Ashley, whose mouth I remembered to be tantalizing.

I reached down and squeezed her ass, each cheek fitting perfectly in my hands, and I wondered if I was about to deflower someone who wasn't even old enough to drive. Tracie stopped us. "Mark, look, I don't want to do this yet, not without Ashley." I agreed, though my cock would have happily kept going. "So, how do we make this happen?" "Ashley is still lying to herself, convinced that we'll leave in a day or two and everything will be fine. You have to make the move, but I know she'll go for it.

Just, I don't know, take her. Tomorrow. Just grab her, kiss her, and it will all happen, I know it." She kissed me once more and pulled away. "I should get back down there. I'll follow your lead." Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep for the rest of the night either. I spent the hours thinking the scenario through, thinking about what it would mean. I lived alone, away from nosey neighbors. I worked from home mostly and made more than enough money to support three people.

Tracie was young, a legal problem for sure if it ever came up, but if she had been truthful then it sounded like she'd run away from a careless home and she seemed mature enough to handle this whole situation. Skinny japanese luscious chick fingered and boned hardcore blowjob importantly, lets be honest, I was dying to fuck both of these girls. Over and over again. When the sun rose I was confident that it could work and I couldn't wait a second longer to make it happen.

I slipped down the stairs in only my briefs, my cock already ready for the festivities, and I saw Tracie was wide awake waiting for me. She was lying on the couch and smiling at me. Ashley was on the floor under some blankets, sound asleep. I crept into the room and around the couch. I bent down and kissed Tracie tenderly before moving alongside Ashley.

I slipped under the blankets and edged myself up to her warm, sleeping body. She moved slightly, her reflexes driving her to snuggle into me. I wasted no time, wrapping my arms around her and waking her abruptly with a deep kiss. Ashley was shocked and confused. "Mark?

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What are you doing? What about…" "Tracie?" Tracie interrupted her as she slid off the couch and into the covers behind Ashley. I kissed Ashley again and Tracie began to hungrily kiss her neck, we sandwiched her now, and I felt Ashley's body relax and accept what was happening. My hand wound up underneath Ashley's pants and panties, cupping her wonderful ass. It was round and voluptuous, larger and fuller than Tracie's but not in any way fat, and I flashed back to all the times in high school that I'd dreamed of getting inside it but was too shy and uncertain to even voice the idea.

Tracie had a hand on Ashley's chest, kneading her breast through her shirt, and Ashley's hands had no place to go but directly to my cock. She cooed as she groped it, pulling it through the hole in my briefs and squeezing it tenderly.

When Ashley saw Tracie and I share a kiss she finally realized what all was going on. "Does this mean what I think it means?" she asked. "That and more, baby, you girls are here to stay," I said. Ashley broke into the happiest smile I'd ever seen and our pent up passion exploded. We kicked free of the blankets and Ashley rolled me onto my back.

Before I knew it, she and Tracie flanked me and were at my waist, gingerly pulling my underwear down and "oooing" and "ahhhing" at the sight of my throbbing cock. Ashley had lost her shirt, her ample tits accented by a sprawling tattoo that started on her back, flew over her shoulder, and encircled her left breast. She had hard, little nipples surrounded by large areolas, a sight I hadn't forgotten from high school, and her skin was lightly tan.

Tracie was still in panties and tee, but I told myself soon I would see her clearly. Both women were inches from my cock, Ashley holding it and stroking it very slowly, Tracie just looking on in wide eyed wonder. "I've never been with a man before," Tracie admitted, smiling up at me. "You're going to love it," Four eyed college slut flirting with her friend giggled.

"Just watch and learn." I sat up and leaned on my hands.

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I spread my legs to give each girl plenty of room. Ashley stretched her tongue out and planted it on my shaft, a wonderful warmth I'd missed for years, and began to lap along my tender underside.

"You have to get it plenty wet," she teen fucks stranger in shower slavemouth alexa, giving Tracie a lesson. Soon my cock was shining with saliva and ached to be sucked. "And fooling around with my step sister and friends full story forget his beautiful balls." Ashley moved her face down and gingerly tickled my testicles.

Her eyes were closed, her body rocked gently, and she tenderly stroked my slippery cock. "God, Mark, it's even bigger than I remember," she said. "I hope I can fit it all like I used to." I fondly remembered the Ashley of old driving my cock deep into her throat. Even at a young age and inexperienced, Ashley sucked me in high school with a hunger and passion that I hadn't experienced even in wilder episodes during college. Today was no different.

Ashley plunged down on me. Tracie gasped when she saw how much of my cock disappeared into her girlfriend's mouth. Ashley gagged slightly but held me deep, and I was in heaven. Her mouth smothered me in a tender warmth that was the product of burning desire. Her lips were sealed tight around my shaft, still more than an inch from the base.

"Fuck, it's big!" Ashley exclaimed when she pulled back up. "I think I've grown a bit recently," I laughed. Ashley turned her attention to my throbbing head, sucking it tenderly and letting her tongue swish circles around it. Tracie took the opportunity to move in for her first taste of cock. Tracie's mouth latched on to my shaft halfway down, her tongue awkwardly poking and prodding me.

She began to slide up and down, slathering the side of my cock and moaning with joy. She lacked experience but the pleasure was still intense. Two tongues bathed my cock until it was dripping wet. "Your turn," Ashley said, holding my cock steady. Tracie moved up and looked at me with eager eyes. She opened her little mouth and moved very slowly, struggling just to stretch herself wide enough.

She held my head in her mouth for long moments, sliding her tongue around and experiencing new tastes and sensations.

I reached down and took her hair into my hand, both to keep it clear of her face and to gain that extra ounce of control that every man loves to have, and Ashley shimmied up next to me.

Ashley's hand wrapped around mine, both of us holding Tracie's head on my cock, and we locked in a kiss. Tracie had finally built up the confidence to suck my cock. She pushed herself down, aided by gentle pressure from both of us, and my cock began to expand her mouth. Her eyes were wide as I stretched her, her teeth grazed my cock as she struggled to open wide enough. "My fifteen year old girlfriend is sucking your cock," Ashley whispered to me. "Well, actually," I said between pleasured moans, "she's my fifteen year old girlfriend now too." Ashley giggled and crawled up to her knees, positioning her beautiful tits in range of my searching tongue.

I sucked them gently, mixing in a few bites and nibbles, and Ashley reached between her legs.

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Tracie continued to suck me, still miles from even reaching as deep as Ashley had, but she was becoming more comfortable with each downward plunge. While deep, throat fucking is a level of madhya pradesh morena real mms kand sex story all to its own, there is something to be said for a blowjob that works wonders on all the sensitive areas around your cock head.

Tracie was attentive, listening for what made me moan the loudest and repeating. Ashley crawled back down and began to kiss and lick at the areas of my cock that Tracie couldn't reach. "Mark, nothing would make me happier than if you would cum in my baby's mouth," she said aloud. Tracie, still latched around my cock, looked at Ashley with wide and questioning eyes. I closed my eyes and lowered my defenses, letting the pleasures overwhelm me. A few more tender sucks from Tracie and I was panting, a hot load of cum surging up and ready to explode.

I had received no release last night, and that coupled with the unbelievable events of the day had combined to brew up a ferocious and unstoppable orgasm. I bellowed as a thunderous wave broke from me, my muscles contracted and blasted harder than I'd ever felt. I still held Tracie's head gently, and to my surprise she didn't back down. Blonde beauty flashing perfect tits during money talks stunt cum gushed into her in long and powerful bursts.

She held her mouth on my flexing cock firmly but she had no chance to handle the torrent I unleashed on her mouth. In no time it flooded and a thick, white river poured from her bottom lip and rolled down my shaft.

Ashley was there to collect, lapping at the overflow and enjoying her feast. I felt Tracie gag and more cum spewed from her mouth, soaking me. She pulled free before I finished unloading, a final burst splashing up and streaking across her cheek. Her lips were cloudy white and her mouth hung open, strings of cummy drool dangling. Ashley cleaned me lovingly. Tracie laid her head down and seemed too overwhelmed to take part.

My cock was still hard and throbbing but I assumed the fun was over for now. "Oh, I know you're still ready to go!" Ashley exclaimed, feverishly climbing up and shedding her pants and panties.

I got a brief look at her pussy, obscured by curly black hair, before she planted it firmly on my cock. Years ago, a virile teenager, I had been able to go twice in a row.

I hadn't done so in years, however, and I figured it was a phenomenon of youth. Turns out, it was just a consequence of being so thoroughly aroused by Ashley.

By the second bounce of her tender pussy I felt my cock rushing back to life. Ashley rode me eagerly, moaning about how wonderfully I filled her and how her pussy couldn't live without me. I kneaded her tits and ass with joy and we were lost in one another. Then I remembered the delicate pussy I'd seen in the dark last night, that I'd vowed to get a closer look at.

I laid down prone, Ashley still riding me, and beckoned for Tracie. She shed her clothes, my eyes hungrily taking in her firm tits with little pert nipples and tiny, dark areolas. Her youthful pussy was shaved bald and looked moist and tight. She crawled her slender form over to me and followed my lead, straddling my face and gently easing her pussy onto my lips. She faced Ashley and the two kissed and fondled each other as each slowly ground their pussies on me.

Tracie tasted sweet and heavenly, her pussy was tender, warm, and soft and it responded with spastic action at each tickle, kiss, and probe.

Her clit was a tiny, sensitive bump and she jumped each time I teased it. Ashley impaled herself on me, moaning into her girlfriend's mouth each time my cock crammed up against the deepest walls of her pussy. With my hands I took in the subtle curves, trim lines, and soft accents of Tracie's perfect body, and to my surprise and joy she used her hands to caress my chest, stomach, hips, and the base of my cock.

I heard lustful whispering above me and then Ashley carefully pulled herself free. My slick cock wasn't lonely long, however, as Tracie leaned forward and began to suck Ashley's flavors off of me. The pleasure was fantastic, combined with the shear joy of drowning in a delicious pussy, but I decided it was time to switch it up. So far I had been on the receiving end of plenty of attention, but I hadn't yet got the animalistic pleasure of real fucking.

I eased Tracie off me and worked my way up to both of them, joining a three way kiss. "I need to make love to you," I said to Tracie. She smiled fake agent bangs pierced pussy asian babe kissed me deeply before lying back on the floor.

Her supple pussy looked divine, and I knew based on what I saw last night that even if she'd never been with a man she was no stranger to being penetrated. "No, like this," I said, standing up and pulling her up with me. Missionary is too conventional, too safe. I wanted to make Tracie's knees weak, I wanted to overwhelm her. I turned her and bent her over, her tight ass spreading to me and driving me wild.

"Let me do the honors," Ashley said, falling to her knees and leaning in between us. She gave Tracie's pussy a few penetrating licks, not that she needed to get any wetter, and then primed my cock with a few deep throat plunges.

Ashley then gently guided me to Tracie's sweet opening, placing the tip of my cock there and letting both of us savor the anticipation. Then she eased me forward, using her other hand to gently rock Tracie's hips back, and Ashley watched with awe as my cock bore into Tracie's tender opening.

Tracie's pussy warmly accepted me, a tight and wonderful fit, and she cried out with pleasure and maybe some pain as I stretched her velvety insides. Tracie clenched around my thick shaft and I felt her tremble as the head of my cock pressed firmly against her g-spot. Ashley stood up and we kissed, Ashley rubbing Tracie's ass and I rubbing Ashley's. With my other hand I held Tracie's hips and gently bumped my cock against her sensitive spot, sending waves of orgasmic pleasure pulsing through her.

After her first orgasm eased I began my assault. I wasn't violent or sloppy, rookie mistakes, but rather deep, thorough, and forceful. Each thrust of my cock stimulated every inch of her, a loving pounding that rocked Tracie's world.

Her legs shook, her pussy convulsed, and I knew she was hooked. All the while I had one hand on Ashley, first rubbing her supple ass and then wrapping around to gently probe her slick pussy.

Then I got beautiful chick licks cock previous to anal fuck, knowing she was in head over heels, and slid my finger up to her tender asshole. I'd never had the courage to go this far in high school, too afraid to be taboo, but today was the day to hold nothing back. Ashley yelped slightly as my finger poked just millimeters into her ass, but I felt her sink down and wiggle for me, working my finger in.

In no time I was knuckle deep, my finger engulfed by her clamping ass, and I probed deep, dark areas I'd only dreamed about. Ashley seemed to enjoy it plenty, squirming and moaning with pleasure at each new sensation. The fantasy of being unspeakably inside Ashley's ass, combined with the non-stop pleasures of a throbbing young pussy, pushed me to the brink.

When Ashley whispered, "I want to be fucked in the ass," I lost control. Before I knew what was happening, thick ropes of cum were streaming into Tracie's pussy.

Tracie was beside herself, having cum more times than I could count, and her sopping pussy accepted my dense load.

I held myself deep inside them both, my cock enjoying every muscle twitch in Tracie's pussy and my finger lingering in Ashley's sweet and sinful ass, long after my final thick stream had poured out.