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Thesandfly playa nudista fantastica public nudity exhibitionist
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This is a story I decided to write about my recent adventure with my boyfriend. First off I'm Mary, just recently turned 18, 5'3, short choppy hair that's currently died half pink, half black. I'm not exactly "fat" but I'm more curvy than anything. Round hips, large ass, 40 DD-DDD breasts (the size bra I wear depends on the brand) and Iv defiantly never had trouble with the guys, or girls.

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(I'm Bisexual. It's 2015 what do you expect? Every girl likes girls and boys, even the ones who don't want to admit it) however I fell in love hard with my boyfriend, Cody. Me and him are the more punk/stoner/skater kind of couple. We've been together a little over a year, but it's been great. Cody is a little more scrawny than me. He's 5'6, 23 years old, and basically a tooth pick, cute as could be, black hair, hazel eyes, and luscious lips that made me want to devour him.

You never see his head without a beanie on, and you never see his ears without his gauges in. Anyways, I suppose I should get to the point, shouldn't I? "Mary, Cody's here." My mother yelled through the kitchen "Ok ma" I yell back as I finish rolling the joint, and put it in my pocket as I run out of the door. "Well hey there sexy" Catie minx fucks the boy next door says while aggressively slapping my ass "Mmm don't do that!" I say sternly.

"We aren't even out of the yard yet and you know teen sydney cole loves to get nailed hard and deep by big cock pornstars hardcore that does to me." "Oh, I know baby" he says as he walks to my back side and presses his semi hard cock against my ass "that's why I'm doing it" he added.

I let out a soft whimper "that's not fair" "Here we are, baby." Cody stated, motioning to an abandoned house. "Wow. It looks so scary" I say as a smile creeps up on my face "Let's go in" I say in excitement "Can't. Iv already tried. The doors are locked and so are the Windows" "Dude it's like a zillion years old. I don't think anyone would care if you busted a window." "There's this thing called witnesses, and jail.

I don't like either of those two words put together when I'm involved" "Haha aw da whittle pussy is afwaid of getting in twouble" I mock as I bust my elbow through the window, unlocking it. "You're fucking insane, you know that?" He asks "Oh, I know. I put the hot in psychotic, baby" He eyes me up and down "oh yes you do, baby" We elena xxx sex stories porn vodeo crawl through the window, and start roaming the house while smoking the joint "I bet there's so many dead people ghosts here, man." I state I hear Cody let out a chuckle that sounded a little more dominant than humorous "There probably is.

They probably just watch over the house all the time, but no one comes in here so they're always bored and shit." "yeah probably so" I let out a soft laugh "Hmm" "What?" I asked curiously "Maybe we could entertain them a little bit." He said with a smile on his face as he sat down in the floor and put me on his lap "Oh yeah?" I ask "and how do you want to do that?" I whisper as I nibble his ear "Mmmm I think it's clear you know exactly what I'm talking about" he grabs my hips thrusting against me making a soft moan escape my lips "However" he added "iv got a special surprise for ya" he states as he pushes me off gently and reaches for his back pack "Ooo!

What is it??" I ask excitedly He smiles pulls out a collar and leash "Oh fuck" I say as I instantly feel my pussy begin to flood sweet juices.

He puts the collar around my neck, and we stand up. "Oh, no no, sweetie. On all fours, now." He said "H.huh?" I asked confused "You're my pet, understood?" He yanks the leash hard forcing me on the ground "pets crawl on all fours, you're a bitch now, and you'll be treated like one. Good pets get treats bad pets get punishment. There will be no second chances. You will obey me 100% and the second you disobey me, you will be punished as I see fit, bitch. You you underfuckingstand?

He asked aggressively I nod my head and whimper softly. Being dominated was my one true weakness and I was already dripping wet. Literally.

He unzips his pants and starts stroking it slowly "Mmmm you want that cock baby?" He asked "Yes sir" I say as I reach my tongue out to lick it, which resulted in a slap across my cheek "Did I fucking tell you you were allowed to lick my cock? Huh? Because I don't fucking remember telling you, that you were worthy of that yet." He said as he tightened his fist into my hair holding my face just inches from my face "Mmmm you just watch me stroke my fucking cock.

Look at you. Whimpering and moaning, trying to get to my cock. You're like a fucking dog in heat" he leans his he'd back and legs out a sadistic groan that made my whole body shiver and my pussy throb. I couldn't take it any more, I needed his cock. I tried once more, flicking my tongue out which made him groan for a second, however I wasn't lucky enough to get out of it. "I just told you you weren't allowed to do that you stupid fucking whore." He said as he yanked my collar forcing me to crawl to a wall.

He tied my hands down to a metal pipe, while I'm still on all fours. "what are you going to do to me, master?" I ask seductively "As sexy as it is to hear those words, you need to be punished" "Mmm punish me master" I moan out as I prepare myself for him to fuck me "Oh I know what you think" he laughs "you think observe the wild gangbang smalltits and homemade will be your punishment?

No. Ducking you isn't enough punishment, you would like that too much. I think since you want to act like a fucking bitch, you can get fucked like one" he swiftly exits the room. "Wait what?" "CODY?" "Where did you go?

COME BACK. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I yell out. After I finally stopped attempting to get his attention by screaming, he walks in "Oh thank god you're back baby where did y-w-what's that?" I ask as I notice a dog he has on a leash "why do you have a dog?" I ask confused "Do you remember what I said before I left?" He asked "Yes" I answered "why?" "Say out loud what I said before leaving" he demanded "You said, if you want to act like a fucking bitch you can" I feel my heart beating out of my chest "Haha.

I see you're starting to catch on" he teases "ARE TOU INSANE? Untie me right now. I'm serious. This isn't funny anymore." I say seriously "DONT YOU EVER TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME!" he screams as he tears back and slaps my ass making me scream out in pain Cody whistles at the dog, who was extremely huge, and already excited, and he starts walking towards me with drill dripping out of his mouth.

"Mmmm you can try to fight all you want but in the end you're going to love it because you're a cock craving slut who will soon realize that any type of cock is good enough for you" he walks behind me and pulls my panties Down "mmmm look whose nice and wet" he bigtit babe in highheels dildoing her pussy a finger into my pussy, making me scream in pleasure "Mmm fuckkk" I moan out Cody pulls his finger out slowly, and puts his finger up to busters(the dog)s nose "Lick it boy" he whispers.

Buster starts licking my juices off of Cody's fingers as Cody pulls him closer to me "Cody please don't" I whimper Buster sniffed his way and found my pussy and pressed his snout hard against it, and started licking it aggressively. Cody stood in front of me now, stroking his cock as he watches.

"Mmmm that's a good bitch. Let him lick up ass your fucking juices." "Mmm p-please stop-oh fuck" I moan out This is just chapter one. I will be making a chapter two (which will be much better/longer if this one is liked. Leave feedback. :)