Guy and a girl play with a dick

Guy and a girl play with a dick
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This is a true story as told to me by one of the lucky people This was one of those typical saturday nights at my daughters house. They usually was some type of party going on. The three cihildren were at thie inlaws, so there wasn't anything to have to look out for.

Her husband Tom, and their good friend Al. were the only ones here this night. This was one of those typical saturday nights at my daughters cihildren were at thie inlaws, so there wasn't anything to have to look out for. Her husband Tom, and their good friend Al, were all that was here tonight. and Tom, and their good friend Al, were all that was here tonight. The conversation began to take on a sexual nature the more they smoked and drank.

They decided to tell a story about someone they knew, and tell all the detailsas they knew them. Jo, my daughter told them about a friend of hers,who when she was 16 use to jurk-off her 13 year old brother. About the fourth time she was pumping his peter, her mother cought them, and raised hell.

That was the last time she gave him a hand job, sunny leone xxxbf porn story her brother later swore his mother continued the practice. Al told story about him and his first wife going to a couples only party in San Diego a few years back.

About nine or ten couples were swapping partners. It was something like spin the bottle. If the bottle stopped on you, you got to kiss the spinner. As the game progressed the next time you got to play with the girls tits. the girls got to grab your dick.

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It wasnt long befoire everyone was feeling-up and kissing who they wanted too. Any how, he watched his wife screw, and blow three different men.

He enjoyed watching. He enjoyed joining in with the rest of them. Toms story was about watching Jo, giving a guy a hand job when she didn't know he was looking. Seems another friend of theirs was visiting one evening, having a few drinks.

Tom went out feed some of the farm animals they raised. A though crossed his mind. He went back and peeked in the kitchen window. She was giving him a hand-job in his pants.

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Tom just grinned,and said to them. "That must have been some sticky shits on his balls." About one oclock in the a.m. Tom was telling Al how good Jo looked in a new sheer nighty he bought for her. Al spokeup. "Man, I would love to see that." "How about trying it on for us baby?" Tom suggested, knowing she wouldn't. "oh well" Al said. By the way I've got some pills in the car that will send us top byby land. Want to try some?" brunette milf zoey gets it on with young hottie charlie lesbian and fucking All agreed.

Al came back with a pill box. Inside were some Q's. They all took one with a beer. Not to long, all really were drunk, or close to it. After a few more rounds of drinks, and another Q, Jo got up and went to the bedroom without saying a word. The guys figured she was gone for the night. Not so. She returned wearing the nighty, that was real sheer and only came down to the moddle of her hairy pussy. The guys just stared in awe at this woman, almost naked. Tom got up and went behind Jo, cupping her tits with each hand.

She twisted her neck around to kiss him. The more he played with her titties the more she kissed him, trying to see how far she could run her tongue in his mouth. Now, poor Al wasn't quite sure what to say or do. So he did the next best thing. From his possition in the chair, he reached over, and began to rub her pussy, Jo, began to move her body as Al started to finger fuck her. Now he left the chair, got down on his knees and began to rub his tongue up, down, and into her.Jo is letting out slight moaning sounds.

Someone suggested they should go to the bedroom and continue this. Jo, now naked, laid down in the middle of the bed. Al continued eating her pussy, from the foot of the bed. Tom, just stood there and watched.

Al stopped long enough to shed his clothes, as did Tom. Jo turned in the bed to be able to get to Als dick.

Now those two are playing 69. Tom reaches over, and plays with Jos tits. He tries to rub his dick in her face, but she's to busy sucking a dick. Now Tom sits down in a chair, and as his wife is making love to another man, he starts giving himself a hand job.

It isn,t long before Al gives a moar, his body quivers, and he shoots off in Jo's mouth. She takes it all the way down to her stomach, stays with his dick until all of his cum is out.

Now about this time Tom shoots his wad all over himself. To each his own. Now Al is in his back. Jo gets on top of him, puts his half limber dick in her pussy, and begans to fuck him. It didn't take to long for him to get back in the swing of things. They fuck until both cum. Tom had left the room to go back to the table. Jo and Al stayed a while, enjoying each others body. When they finally came out, had some more beer before all retired to gives her man an anal anniversary present. All three slept in the same bed, Jo in the middle of course.

Sometime during the night someone fucked her, she didn't remember which one. Maybe both of them did. She didn't care. It was good to her.