Bajpori xxx sari wala xxx story

Bajpori xxx sari wala xxx story
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About me-I'm a senior and I am an 18-year-old black football player 6'3 and 230 pounds and it's all muscle. I have a 10-inch dick and this is my story… After a long day of school, I was walking to study hall with my friend Ashley. We had always been really open to each other and talked about sex a lot and neither of us were a stranger to it. Ashley is a hot 17-year-old junior and has to have at least 34 DD tits but not much of an ass.

She was dressed in a thin shirt covered with a thin sweater and wore a pair of tight jeans. It was a chilly day and you could tell her nipples were hard through her sweater.

I offered her my sweater because I figured she was cold, and she replied, "nah, it's ok, all I need is to be close to you and I'll be warm." And I said ok, and amateur teens try lesbian and fat latin xxx i love going to the temple and the thing i walked the rest of the way with my arm around her shoulders and her tits against my side.

Once we got to study hall, we found that the teacher was just about to leave and since we had walked all the way the teacher decided to let us stay and just told us to lock up and turn the lights off when we left and favourable lovely teen students share cock girlfriend homemade agreed and he left. After he left, Ashley turned to me and said, "we can do what ever we want" with a smile, and I replied jokingly, "Even masturbate?" and she laughed and said "sure, just take your pants off, and if the rumors are true about black people, you must have a monster under there." After hearing this, my cock lurched in my shorts and began making a tent in my pants.

I got embarrassed and tried to hide it, but the thing I didn't realize was that she was being serious. She noticed my cock and said, " I see that someone is really excited" and at that she grabbed my cock through my pants and began squeezing it. I was so shocked that I just froze until she began stroking my cock. After that I broke from the daze and began taking off her shirt and sweater.

To my surprise, I found no bra and I began kneading her tits and teasing her nipples with my fingers. She let out a moan and began to suck my dick. I told her to stop for a second and got up and stripped all my clothes and she did the same. She started sucking my dick again only this time she began deepthroating my dick.

I was surprised that she could take my whole cock in her mouth, but it felt really good. I started moaning and began fucking her face. Soon enough, I told her I was cumming and I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. She sucked my dick clean and let it slide out of her mouth. After that I said "my turn" and bent down and began tracing my tongue up and down her pussy until I finally started sucking on her clit. She was moaning all along and pushing my head into her pussy. She screamed and then came, and juices flooded out of her pussy and licked it dry.

I got up and began to put a condom on my re-hardened cock, but she stopped me and said "don't worry, I'm on the pill." I said ok and got up and told her to bend over a desk. I slowly began penetrating her tight pussy and when all 10 inches were finally all the way in, she was panting because she had never been fucked by a cock so big. I began pushing in and out and got into rhythm and slowly picked up pace until I was ramming in and out like my life depended on it.

All the while she was moaning and screaming "Fuck my white pussy with your big fucking cock" and after saying that, she came and her pussy began squeezing my dick with a vice grip and I said "I'm cumming" and I shoved my dick all the way in and shot my load deep in her pussy. We were so exhausted that I just collapsed on her.

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In our exhaustion, we failed to notice her best friend Chelsea standing at the door with horror in her eyes. Even though she was horrified, she was slightly turned on. She walked over and began to lick Ashley's pussy along with my dick in it. We just realized that someone was in the room and were surprised to have her joining us. I pulled out of Ashley and as soon as I did, Chelsea began sucking my dick back to a hard on. Chelsea is the captain of the cheer squad.

She only has about 34C breasts, but she has a huge ass and nice legs that makes up for it. Ashley now joined Chelsea in sucking my dick. Both were taking turns taking it all the way in their mouths. I was in heaven for a few minutes before I came. I shot some of my load in Chelsea's mouth and the rest on Ashley's face.

I told them I needed a break to recover from such an intense orgasm. They said ok with evil grins on their faces. The two girls got down into a 69 hot ass and pussy vibrating in panty hose and began to lick each other's pussy. Chelsea was the first to cum, but she kept going down on Ashley until she came as well. By the time they both came I was hard again.

I decided to fuck Chelsea since I had already fucked Ashley. I told her to come and ride my dick and I was so surprised when she sat down with her asshole on top of my cock and sat all the way down.

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I moaned loudly because her ass was so tight. I began pushing in and out of her ass, and while I was doing this Ashley started licking and fingering Chelsea's pussy.

Chelsea was in her own world of pleasure because she was moaning and her eyes rolled back into her head when she came. I was surprised to see she was a squirter because she squirted some of her juices onto Ashley's tits.

Her ass squeezed my dick when she came so I came shortly after and filled her ass with my cum.

After that I was spent so I sat down and began to take in all the events that had just come to pass, and the girls both sat on my legs and we talked for a half an hour before we dressed and left. This is my first story, so please don't rate too harsh and give me pointers so I can write better.