Milk mom son x story

Milk mom son x story
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It was a hot monday afternoon and i was just coming home from school. As i opened the door to my curvy rita anal and swallow fail casting i smelled somthing burnig on the stove. I rushed to see what it was my mom was making cookeis and must have forgotten to take them out. As I called out my mothers name wich is lora by the way. I get no answer so i figured she wasn't home. So I looked out the window to the grage to see if her car was there and it wasn,t.

So I decede to take a shower I got undressed I was starting to feel horny all of a sudden. As I undresses I threw my short tennies skirt in the dirty basket along with my pink lace thongs and my 44dd size bra and shirt.

I got in the warm runnig shower and let it run over my body. I graped the hand held shower head and placed it on my clit. It felt as if I was fucking the water as a moved back and fourth with the water pounding my clit. I came just as I heard the front door open. Damn I thought it was just getting good. I got out of the shower and put on this little t-shirt and walked downstaries to see my mother and farther arugin.

My mother was yelling how could you get fired Mike we need the fucking money.

My dad said in return well bitch go out and find yourself a fucking job. I stood in the doorway hopeing that they would not see me my mom calmed down and said how are we going to support our 16 year old daughter.

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My fathers reply was make get a part time job. In my head i was thinking hell no i got to do something. No I yelled you 2 can not make me work. Why not my dad said because i have school i said. So he saidcome on dad can we talk about this yes we can go upstaires in your room me and your mother will be up soon. I took my ass upstaires by this time i was mad as hell. It toke them almost 20 minutes to come to my room.

When they did i was sitting in my chair rubbing my clit. My mom was the first to walk in my room Tiffany what are you doing. I jumped like i was scard um,um sorry mom its okay we all do it sometimes. It feels good doesnt yes mom it does. You wanna know what else feels hottie cassidy banks seduces her brother in law ya sure mom i said. Getting your pussy ate dosnt it feel real good by this time i was super horny my dad was stand in my door way i could see his hard cock through his pants.

My mom said come here let me show you. I guessed she was turned from wacthing me play with my clit. Because she got on her kness and put her head underneath my t-shirt and sucked on my clit first soft then hard then soft again.

I reached down and pulled her head into my legs more. Out of the corner of my eyes i saw my dad playing with his huge cock i got turned on even more.

He came into my room and lifted my t-shirt up over my head. and sucked on my huge nipples oh god daddy please dont stop. It feels so good. By that time my mom had 2 fingers in me and was pounding away at my wet pussy yes mom make me cum yes fuck me till i squirt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mom lick my wet pussy let me feel your tounage inside me mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She stoped and got up its your turn to eat my pussy.

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She got on the end of the bed and i got on my kness and ate her pussy my dad super pretty yearold brunette amirah european creampie behide me and start fucking me real good as i was eating that pussy like it was sunday dinner. my mom was screaming eat this make me come all in your mouth and when i do swallow every bit of it.

I put 2 fingers in her wet pussy and she start moving every back and forth with the motion of my finger inside her pussy. My dad dick felt so good in me I was screaming come on fuck me like im a bad little girl punsh me fuck me yes that it right there hit that spot ih goooooooooooodddddddddddd.

Dad that is it hit his dickpounding n my vagina. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it feels so gooooooooooooddddddddddddd. My mom was yelling fuck me with your fingers come on you can do it let me fell you.

Now i got 3 fingers in her and shes screaming for more now its 4 yes baby i like it 1 more finger to go so I put the last on in her. I started fist fucking my mom till she came on my hand. When i was done my dad was still pounding away at my pussy it was starting to get sore but it stll felt good i was saying shit like yes dad tell me how much you like fucking your daughter Yea i like fucking you now im about to nut in you and he did.

I felt the warm creamy cum inside my pussy. It felt so good. So i decide to tast the rest off my dads dick so i got on my kness and licked the rest off his dick that.Was starting to get soft.

I grabed his balls in my other hand and squeeze them for awhile. I played with cock trying to get it hard again. So I sucked his dick till i felt him about to bust in my mouth. I took his cock out my mouth until he came on my face and when he did he smeard it in like it was lotion with his cock. He pulled his pants up and walked out my room and that left just me and my mom we milke boobs sucking milk for machine each for the rest of that night till we fell asleep.

For 2 years we fucked everyday until i moved out.