Slim and busty stunner ride a shaft

Slim and busty stunner ride a shaft
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Bahamian Vacation (continued) (Summary of previous story: I had flown to Nassau for a 2-week vacation to get away from things back home and the death of my fiancee, Debby, a little over a month earlier.

The woman at the front desk at the hotel, Cinnamon, invited me to her apartment for dinner and it had turned into an overnight invitation.) NOTE: This occurred over 30 years ago so some of the landmarks and places mentioned may have changed since that time. The next morning, Monday, the first thing I remember was the alarm going off. Cinnamon stirred. Suddenly she jerked, her face showed fear, then she relaxed. "I forgot you were here. I don't remember the last time I had someone in bed with me, beside my cat Char," she explained.

Char jumped up on the bed demanding attention. We both stroked her she loved it. "I have to be at work by violet starr fuck revenge with horny stepbro, today, but I have Tuesday and Wednesday off if you want a tour guide," she said.

"Yes, that would wonderful," I responded. "You can go back to the hotel with me. I've got to take a shower and get ready. Too bad there is not time for a double shower," she said with a sly smile.

She stepped into the bathroom and the water started. I got dressed while I waited. I sat on the bed. Char jumped up next to me and rubbed her head on my hand. I scratched her on the head between her ears. She pushed up against my hand asking for more. Her purr was loud. The water in the bathroom stopped. Cinnamon walked into the bathroom, drying herself with a towel.

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"I see you found a friend Char," said Cinnamon. Cinnamon finished getting dressed. We went to the kitchen She sliced some bread from the loaf we started the night before. She put it in the toaster. She set some peanut butter and some jam on the table and a couple of paper plates.

When the first two slices had toasted she gave me one after buttering it. She took the other. She put 2 additional slices in the toaster. I choose peanut butter she chose the jam. I enjoyed my toast, the taste of the bread was excellent. I noticed the jam she used was a reddish-brown.

It looked almost grainy.

"What kind of jam is that?" I asked. "Guava jam," she replied "I bought it from a neighbor who makes it." She handed me a corner of her toast. I tasted it, it was a different taste, but it was very good. "Do you bake your own bread?" I questioned. She giggled, "I have, but not for some time.

I bought this at a pembantu cantik sex dengan majikan bakery called Model Bakery." The second set of toast popped up.

I chose the Guava jam and thoroughly enjoyed it. She put food down for Char. We left for the hotel where she worked and I was staying.

We went over the bridge to Paradise Island. She parked and we walked inside. I gave her a quick kiss. I told her I was going to do some walking around. We agreed to meet horny teen gets banged by a milf brunette big tits the hotel lobby at 5:00. I went up to my room. The first thing I noticed was that the flowers and champagne that were in my room had been removed. I was glad they were gone because the brought back memories of Debby, my fiancee who had died.

However I wondered where they had gone. I unpacked my suitcase and took a long hot shower. I did the normal morning activities.

I dressed then checked the weather forecast on the hotel channel. I went down to the lobby. No one but Cinnamon was at the front desk. I walked over and said, "I noticed the flowers and champagne were removed from my room." "Yes, I called and had someone do that last night.

I also had them removed from your bill. Was that alright?" she asked. I thought for a few seconds then answered, "Yes, they just remind me of Debby. I want to see some of Nassau and maybe pick up a few souvenirs." "If you don't mind a little walking, you could go over the bridge.

Turn to the right and Bay Street will take you into downtown," she said. "Here take my card in case you need to call or you have questions." "Thank you!" I responded. I smiled and squeezed her hand. Another hotel guest walked up behind me. I turned and walked out the front door. I walked up to the bridge expecting to pay a toll. I was happy to discover there was no toll for pedestrians.

Walking over the bridge was like going over a hill. Later I learned later that it is about 75 feet high to allow larger boats to pass underneath it. At the end of the bridge I turned right and walked down Bay Street.

Soon there were shops on both sides of the street. Many of them were selling souvenirs, shirts, shells, jewelry, and other knick-knacks. I walked down the harbor side of the street and soon came to an open air structure with various people selling mostly what appeared to be handmade items; straw hats, wood carvings, straw mail holders, beaded jewelry, etc.

One of the first women I encountered said "welcome to the straw market". She offered to sell me a hat. With the bright sun I decided it would be a good idea to wear a hat. The men's hats were marked $12, but she immediately told me I could have one for $10. I looked over the selection. I wanted one with some brim to shade my face. She even stitched my initials on the back in colored straw. I walked through the remaining stalls and only picked up one more item, a 3-pocket straw mail holder.

I walked to the west end of downtown. There was a McDonald's there, not what I was looking to have for lunch. I walked to the other side of Bay Street. I came to a restaurant called Lums. I decided to have an early lunch. I looked through the menu for something I normally would not be able to get.

I decided on a bowl of conch chowder and a cracked conch sandwich. The chowder was very good, somewhat like a clam chowder, but this was much more flavorful. The cracked conch sandwich was also good the meat was pounded out, seasoned, and fried.

It was somewhat chewy like clam strips. After lunch I continued down Bay Street. I came across a larger store more upscale than most in downtown, The Nassau Shop (I believe it is no longer there). I walked in and was able to find souvenirs for my family and Debby's mother. I asked the cashier if she knew where the Model Bakery was located. She gave me directions. It wasn't too far, so I decided to go there. I walked to the east end of downtown and then went over to Dowdeswell Street and continued east.

A few blocks down I saw a light green cement block building with a short line of people waiting outside a window on the street side of the building. Above the window was "MODEL BAKERY" in black block letters above the window. I took my place at the end of the line. I listened as the people ahead of me ordered. They seemed to order loaves of bread, buns (dinner rolls), and/or "cement" rolls.

When I got up to the window there was no list of products or prices visible to me. I ordered a loaf of bread and a "cement" roll. I paid then walked away. I walked over to Shirley Street as I pulled out the roll. It was a large, heavy cinnamon roll with white icing. I started eating it, it was delicious. The bread was very most and hearty.

There was the right amount of cinnamon and sugar rolled into it. The icing was thick, smooth, and creamy. I finished about half as I walked down Shirley Street before I couldn't eat anymore.

I kept walking. I could see the ocean up ahead. Just before I got to the road running along the water. There was a large hotel on the left. I came to a sign that read "Fort Montagu Beach Hotel".

I reached the end of the road with the ocean ahead. I turned right and continued east. There were 3 men taking a boat out of the water at what appeared to be a public boat ramp. I stopped and asked if they had been fishing. They said they had. They had a large plastic pail full of various fish. They also had two large fish in a separate container. "What are these larger fish?" I asked. "Nassau grouper," one of the men responded.

I put my bags down and helped them transfer items from the boat to one of their cars. "How far out did you go?" I asked.

"About 5 miles off East End," one of them answered I thanked them. Picked up my bags and continued east. The breeze and the salty air was wonderful. As I walked I noticed a sign that said "Blackbeard's Tower" with an arrow pointing forward down the road. "Do you know how far it is to Blackbeard's Tower?" I asked someone working on a boat at the side of the road. They had a very thick accent, but I think they said, "A very long way and up high." I thanked them and decided to turn around thinking it was too far for me to get to.

I walked along the ocean side road, turning on Bay Street then walking back over the bridge and into the hotel. Cinnamon was still at the front desk. I waved, but did not go over because there was a line of people she was helping. I went up to my room. I showered and put on a different set of clothes. I had more than an hour before I was to meet Cinnamon in the lobby. I lay down on the bed. The next thing I remember was the bed moving.

I opened my eyes and Cinnamon had crawled into bed next to me. "You must have had a big day," she said before giving me a huge kiss. "Yes, I did some exploring," I said still waking up. "How did you get in?" "Silly question. I have a master key.

Do you want me to leave?" she asked giggling. "No, no not at all," I responded. "What do you suggest for tonight?" "Well, I usually eat out Monday nights," Cinnamon said kissing me again. She ran her hand down my chest, then between my legs. She started rubbing in a circular motion. I quickly started responding. "We could have appetizers here!" she suggested as she pressed harder. "Appetizers here sounds good," I said kissing her on the neck and putting my hand on her breast.

Cinnamon moaned softly and pressed into my hand. We caressed each other through our clothing. I had stiffened and had created a tent in my pants. "Cinnamon is hungry," she said unzipping my pants and pulling out my erect rod. She stroked it as I unbuttoned her blouse. I reached around her back and unhooked her bra.

My hand found her bare breast just as she started moving to her hands and knees. Her lips touched the head of my penis as Naughty gfs getting down and dirty at this swingers party rolled on my back freeing my other hand to cup the other breast.

Her long, red hair created a tent half way around her head.

I was still able to see as she kissed up and down the sides of my penis. She moved putting a knee on each side of my head. I had continued the massage on her breasts as she kissed my scrotum. I breathed deeply and exhaled slowly.

I was disappointed that I had missed the opportunity to used my mouth and tongue on her now protruding nipples. I reluctantly removed my hands from her breasts, then used them to unbuckle her pants. I pulled her pants and underwear down to her knees and over my head. I rested my head on top of them. They were warm. I gazed up at her pussy just a few inches above my face.

Her bush was the same color as her hair. Her vaginal lips were swelling and there was a glisten of moisture exiting them. I moaned loudly as she sucked one of my testicles into her mouth.

She swirled her tongue around it, giving me waves of great pleasure. She pushed it out with her tongue. "When are you going to start eating your appetizer?" she asked with a giggle.

I started by brushing my fingers against her trimmed pubic hair. It was softer than I expected. My fingers moved to her vaginal lips, lightly touching them along their full length. Cinnamon breathed deeply. She slowly exhaled. She breathed in deeply again as I lightly traced the crack between her lips. Moisture was clearly visible and the tips of my fingers became covered with her juices. She let out her breath and took my other testicle into her mouth.

I again moaned loudly. She swirled her tongue around it. I pushed my fingertips between her pussy lips. She moaned causing her tongue to vibrate against my testicle. It was an extremely pleasurable sensation. I pushed my fingers deeper and after running them the full length a few times I started circling around and across her clitoris.

She pushed my testicle out of mouth and arched her back moaning loudly. "Yes! Yes! More!" she exclaimed. I lightly pinched her clitoris. Cinnamon yelped and moaned before I felt her lips around the head of my penis. Her tongue licked the tip. She pushed her pelvis toward my mouth as she took more of my rod into her month. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers.

I swirled my tongue around her love button. Cinnamon jerked, then lowered her pussy farther. I pressed my tongue harder against her. She moaned as she took more of me into her mouth. The combination of her tongue and cheeks was pushing me to the edge. I inserted a couple of fingers slowly into her love hole.

Her vaginal muscles closed around them. She was now bobbing up and down on my stick. I began pumping my fingers inside her. She made a sound that is hard to describe. I was ready to cum. "I am going to come soon!" I told her.

She continued. Suddenly her vaginal muscles clamped and relaxed around my fingers. Then her whole body trembled, then shook uncontrollably. She drenched my face. My balls tightened and I shot my load into her mouth. There was more than she could handle. I felt some running down my penis. I pulled my fingers out of her as she collapsed on top of me. We lay there panting for a few minutes. "That was one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had!" Cinnamon said after rolling off of me.

xxx storys snny lone sex stories dwnlode don't think I have come so much!" I responded. After a few more minutes Cinnamon said, "I have to clean up and get redressed." She got up and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later I got up kicked off my pants and underwear and walked in the bathroom. She had finished, but was looking in the mirror. I kissed her on the neck from behind. "Do you have a brush?" she asked.

"I need to do something with my hair." "Sorry, but I do have a larger comb," I answered. I got the comb out of my suitcase and walked back into the bathroom. I began combing her hair and continued until she was satisfied. I cleaned up and got dressed.

"Where do you usually eat out?" I inquired. "There are a few places.

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It depends on what type of food I am looking to have," she answered. "I have to go home and feed Char, my cat, first. What kind of food do you want?" "Let's go I'll think about," I responded. We got in the car and drove to Cinnamon's apartment. "I'll run up feed Char and be right out," she said. Several minutes later she came back out. She had changed into a form fitting dress.

She looked absolutely stunning. It showed off her assets and shape wonderfully. I felt underdressed. Soon she was back in the car. I couldn't help but stare at her. "You are staring," she said. "I'm sorry!" I responded. "Don't be sorry! It's a compliment!" she said. "You look absolutely stunning!" I said. "Thanks, Andy!" she said. "There's a place right on the water. They have a variety of food. I'm sure we will find something," Cinnamon said. I kept staring. After a short drive she pulled into a parking lot.

We walked across a dock to a large platform out in the water where the restaurant was located. I followed behind her admiring her rear end as she walked. The sun was setting and the view across the water was fantastic. I believe the restaurant was called "Anchorage".

We waited a short time for a table. Several eyes followed Cinnamon as we walked to our table. We were seated at a table that had no other tables between us and the water. The bar was in the center so most of the tables had a good view of the water.

The menu was large, but heavily weighted to seafood. We ordered drinks and then ordered our food when the waiter came back with our drinks. As we waited she said, "There is something I need to tell you." Her face looked serious and fearful. My mind raced. Was she in a relationship? Was she married? She couldn't be pregnant by me. Was she dying? Did she have a disease? Was she a wanted criminal in the U.S.? "What is it?" I asked with some trepidation.

"I know Cindy, Debby's cousin, from college. My dorm room was next to Cindy's dorm room my last 2 years of college," she explained.

I relaxed and it must have shown on my face. "Sorry! I didn't mean to worry you!" Cinnamon apologized. "I met Debby a few times when she came to visit Cindy. We went out to a movie and for meals. Debby spoke about you. Cindy spoke about you. I got the impression that Cindy and you were more than just friends.

Cindy thought you were a great guy. She wished she could find a guy like you," Cinnamon explained. "I know Debby loved you very much. She spoke about you a lot while she was visiting. She wanted to get home to you. After I graduated Cindy kept in contact.

She called me when Debby died. Yesterday I was surprised to see your name when you checked in. I had to find out you were the same guy. I don't get into a sexual relationship so fast, but I felt I already knew you." "Wow!

Teen bj cam xxx i think she like to suck and plow and is no more shy is a small world. Have I lived up to your expectations?" I asked. "Yes, you have," Cinnamon replied. The waiter came with our food. I had gotten fried fish and lobster. Cinnamon had gotten steak and lobster. Now lobster in the Bahamas is different than the Maine lobster which most people picture. Lobster there does not have the large front claws, but has long spiked antennas and a bumpy shell.

The Bahamians call it crawfish. It is also called rock lobster. The meal was excellent. When the waiter asked if we wanted dessert. Cinnamon said with a sly smile, "No thank you.

Dessert is waiting for us back at my place." I grabbed the check and paid for the meal before Cinnamon could object. We walked to the car and were soon back at Cinnamon's apartment. We walked upstairs and Char her cat greeted us at the door. Cinnamon locked the door behind us. She went to the kitchen and came back with bowls, ice cream, whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate sauce.

We sat at the table. Cinnamon scooped the ice cream. We topped our own ice wwe diva paige porn storys. We ate lady snow fat floppy titties gets fucked sundaes. Cinnamon loved the cherries. They were the ones with the stems attached.

She would put a cherry in her mouth, eat the cherry, then remove the stem a few seconds later tied in a knot. Char sat in a chair watching us. Cinnamon put a small amount of ice cream on dish and put it on the floor.

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Char immediately jumped to the floor and licked the plate clean. Char went to the bedroom after finishing. "I have a full day planned for my first day as tour guide," Cinnamon said. "Do you want to spend the night here?" Cinnamon giggled. "Well I've had dessert. Do you have a reason for me to stay?" I tried to say with a straight face.

I felt her foot in my lap. Her toes began kneading my groin. "Is this reason enough?" she giggled again. She got up. I did to and helped clear the table. "Leave the dishes for tomorrow," she I instructed. I picked her up in my arms. She turned off lights as I carried her to the bedroom. I kissed her before going through the bedroom door. Once inside I saw Char laying across the middle of the bed.

She meowed as we entered. I laid Cinnamon on her side facing away from me. I touched her neck and stroked down to her shoulder. She trembled. I knelt down and kissed from her neck and down the bare part of her shoulder. I undid the hook at the top of her dress and pulled the zipper down. I caressed the now exposed part of her back. She trembled again. I slipped her dress off her shoulder.

She was not wearing a bra. I reached around to find her breast while still kissing her exposed skin. Her dress was form fitting. I was able to get to her breast and put my palm over her nipple and began massaging her breast.

Cinnamon moaned her pleasure. "I think it would be better if I got out of this dress," she suggested. We got out of bed. We removed her dress and the rest of her clothes. I stood staring at the lovely woman in front of me. "You are staring," Cinnamon said.

"Sorry!" I said. "Don't be sorry! It's a compliment," she said. We both laughed. "There's something wrong with this picture," she said. "Your clothes are still on." She laughed. She helped me out of my clothes. I picked them up and put them on a chair in the corner. When I turned around Cinnamon was staring at me.

"You are staring," I scolded. "Sorry," she said suppressing a laugh. "Don't be sorry it's a compliment," I got out before we both burst out laughing.

I walked over and gave her a big hug. It was wonderful feeling her breasts pushing into my chest. My penis began to come to life. I stooped sex in the serbian reality show parovi serbia and kissed one of her nipples.

She moaned and pushed her breast to my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked on her nipple. I then used my tongue to swirl around her nipple. She moaned again. I nibbled lightly. She let out a little yip, but did not move away. I moved to her other breast and did the same. Her hands were running up and down my back. I stood up, picked her up, and laid her on the bed. My fingers moved between her legs quickly rubbing her pussy lips. They were very warm. I pushed a couple of fingers between them.

They were coated with her juices. Her hand found my penis. It was already getting hard. She exgf francaise amateur amateurfucktube com tube porn caressed the length of it.

I moved to her clitoris. I circled jeek len xxx secy story os with my fingertips. Cinnamon writhed on the bed pushing up into my fingers. I continued as she moaned. She had wrapped her fingers around my rod and was pumping up and down. I kissed down her stomach as I pushed two fingers into her love hole. I kept my thumb moving over her love button. She continued to writhe on the bed. "I want you inside me!" she ordered.

I got up on the bed. Cinnamon lifted her legs into the air. I moved between them. I slid my penis along the outside of her pussy. She moaned. It pushed it between her pussy lips and up to her clitoris. I rubbed the head of my rod on her love button a few times before moving inside her. I moved inside her. Slowly I pushed into her depths. The smile on her face was soon covered by my mouth. I kissed her as our pelvises came together. I began thrusting up and down. With each down stroke she let out a small grunt of pleasure.

Soon she was moving in coordination with me. I felt the walls of her vagina tighten. The pressure on my penis was extremely pleasurable and quickly brought me to the edge. She quivered, then shook, just before she spasmed around me.

I shot my load into her as she screamed. I kept pumping. A few minutes later she arched her back and screamed again. She shivered, then relaxed back onto the bed. I hugged her tight. I rolled onto my side pulling her onto her side. Char narrowly escaped being squashed. I remained inside her although I was going limp. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

My last thoughts were what did the future hold for us.