Beautiful teen brunette girl uses her vibrator masturbate homemade

Beautiful teen brunette girl uses her vibrator masturbate homemade
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Story: My wife loves her dog part 2 I have to say that the ride from the mountains was the most unusual that I have ever had.

Lisa and the big dog, she had decided to call him Russ because she said that he was like a Russ to her. I knew better, Russ was an old roommate of ours that was in love with Lisa.

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He and Lisa dieverything but actually fucking. I agreed that she could call the dog Russ. Lisa and Russ kissed each other till we were down from the mountains. I mean kissed. That's right old tongue twirlingspit swapping kissing.

She sat in the extended part. It was an old model and only had a small window on each side. The seat was roomy though. Lisa sat with Russ, the dog, cuddled to her chest. She scracthed his ears while she had her mouth open and the dog, ok.Russ licked his long wet pink tongue down her throat.

She pursed her lips and sucked hard on the tongue. I saw her push Russ' tongue from her mouth and ram her own sex lifs sex sex stories story, as far as it would go, down Russ' throat. Russ held his jaws, and teeth, wide apart so she could lap way down insides his throat. I thought of the bond they had for her to trust her life in his jaws.

He looked like he could bite her in two. She had reached down to his lower belly and taken his cock, which was full sized again, and stroked it. She alternated between his cock and the two huge balls. I almost went off the mountain watching my wife pleasure the dog. Russ seemed to be very intelligent when I got an image of him as a real man that had been turned into a dog.

I didn't say anything to Lisa because she might have had me turned into a dog so she could have two to fuck. I didn't want the dog to dog completetion with Russ.I would have lost.

Oh well I would have probably ended up as a terrier of some suck suck ass dog. One time I almost lost it and ran off a cliff was when I looked around to see her suck on Russ' cock. She had turned herself around in the seat. Russ' cock was right in front of her and she started sucking on it. She would alternate between Russ' cock and his balls. She would lick his hanging balls and pull them up to her mouth by the long loose skin of his ball sack.

She looked like she inhaled his balls. I noticed that Russ perked his ears up at that. I know how he feels when you let a woman take your balls in her mouth. Do you trust this woman. In a while Russ decided that he would trust Lisa and lay back down and started to swipe his tongue up and down her cunt crack.

What made me almost loose it was when I looked once and Lisa had her mouth into Russ' asshole and was noisly stabbing her tongue rapidly into that orafice. I recovered and pulled to the side of the road to watch this. Lisa had developed a love for sucking my asshole and I sucked hers also.

Now she was extending that pleasure to her new dog. Russ had his snout about four inches into Lisa's cunt and must have been licking deep in her cunt. Lisa sucked the dog's asshole for about a half an hour. She went back to his cock and I drove on. He let her have a long mouthful of his hot bangings underneath the sheet smalltits and hardcore. I say a long mouth full because his cock just never seemed to run our of cum and it just poured from his cock into her mouth.

Over her tongue where she lapped it like it was nectar. She drank from the cum faucet which was his cock for over fifteen minutes till he just trickled the cum out.

She caught in in her hand till she had enough to swallow and then take her hand to her mouth and then she siphoned the cum amateur guys in dutch hooker sex adventures. Russ fell asleep. After all that fucking I would have too. Lisa climbed up with me and bent over sucking my cock while I drove.

When we got home Russ had to become a dog and the first thing he did was to run off. Lisa and I unpacked and showered. Then Lisa wanted to fuck. I tried slamming my cock in her but it was a lost cause because Russ' cock had already stretched her out of shape for me. " Jim.fuck me in the ass.I'm still tight there and it will stay tight too, " Lisa said.

I told her that her ass did stay pretty tight even if she took an elephant there. I was behind Lisa and had worked my cock into her ass when Russ came in the room from his running around.

He saw me fucking Lisa in her ass and his ears perked up. I know that this was the doggie position, so named for a reason. The dog put his head under her and started to lick her cunt. I felt his tongue lap across my balls a few times and it felt pretty good. " Jim.I want both your cocks in me at the same time," Lisa said and jumped up and turned around till she was atop me with my cock stuffed up her ass.

Lisa is tiny so it wasn't so bad. Russ immediately started licking his favorite human cunt. Lisa stretched her cunt open to make it easier for him to work his nose in. " God his nose feels makes me want his cock in boy.I mean here Russ.come on up here and kiss me. Russ seemed to understand and climbed up her body. God the two of them were heavy. Lisa's face was inches fro mine as she licked the dog's mouth out and let him lick down insides hers. Then while Russ got horny for her cunt she suddenly turned facing me and gave me a sloppy tongue kiss.

Russ nosed around my wife's cunt and tried to use his front paws to spread her legs. Lisa reached and out her army around his front legs and chest. She began to lick his mouth out. " Honey can you reach down and take his cock and put it in my cunt.he can't seem to find it from on top me., " she asked.

I felt like the ultimate cuke when I reached and took his hard cock in my hand. I wasn't prepared for it. It was hot as hell and my hand wouldn't fit completely around it and I have pretty large hands. With my other hand around Lisa's butt I felt her cunt. I used my fingers to open it up and I suddenly found my hand half way up her. I pushed back against the side of her cunt and she moaned and sucked Russ' tongue deep down her throat.

I guided the thick cock into her. I felt it rub against my hand and I opened my hand inside Lisa's cunt to grasp the dog's cock.

Remember that I couldn't get my hand around it. Well I just let it ride into my sweet little wife's cunt in my hand which was inside her sweet little cunt. The dog just rammed it in all the way trapping my hand in the process. I could feel her rectum clasp around my cock in her ass due the large thing in her cunt.

He rammed and I rammed as much as I could. Here I was actually fucking my wife with her new lover and he was a dog. I wondered why Lisa couldn't just fuck other guys. Latin babe sasha bleou gets her hole plowed interracial and pornstars was screaming loudly and I was thankful that our place had a large lot around it.

I noticed that the weight was taken off me. The dog had his forelocks on either side of my head with his feet on the bed. Lisa was lifting her lower ass up to get as much dog cock in her as possible. The dog himself had his hind quarters lifted up as he rammed Lisa's cunt. I sighed a breath of relief.

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I would have to mention finding an easier way to fuck Russ that wouldn't be as hard on me as I astonishing cassandra nix and sheena shaw having lesbian sex my cock in her butt. The first sign that Russ was shooting off was the fact that his cock got flaccid except that the bone inside it kept it hard in a way.

My hand was immediately inundated with hot sticky cum. Although his cock was in effect soft his large knot was hard and swollen. I managed to slip and slide on the cum and work my way back to the dog's knot.

I managed to feel that part inside Lisa's cunt. The outer part was like a gasket, keeping Russ' cum in my wife. God was she messy inside. I squished the cum inside her through my fingers. Lisa moaned and had a dreamy look in her face.

She looked totally satisfied. This time when Russ walked away to lick his own cock, Lisa lay cuddled up to me. " You are the perfect husband you know." Lisa said softly to me, " A husband that will let his wife be fucked so thouroughly by a dog and fuck er at the same time has to be a prince." I shuddered, Prince was a dog's name.

I told Lisa that since I had seen her fuck the dog then perhaps I was ready to watch other guy's fuck her. I had always been resistant to the idea. Lisa and I had went to the beach one day she saw a man at the nude beach with a big hard on.

Lisa had struck up a conversation with him while we all three lay on a nude beach. When I went around a bolder to take a piss I peeked back at Lisa. She and the guy were hot for each other. The guy asked her if we swung and she told him that I had never thought of another man fucking her. I got hard as he took her hand and brought it to his cock. Lisa felt it while looking to see if I was coming back. I got the idea that she would have fucked him and half the guys there if I had only given her my permission.

I decided to let Lisa have other men the next time she got the urge. I loved watching her with the dog but she had gotten so stretched out in her cunt from taking the large thick knot in her cunt. The next occasion came when we were at the vets and he turned out to be a pretty cocky older guy. He teased and examined Russ and told her that she had better watch out because his breed of dog was very horny all the time and had the largest cock on any creature other than a horse. Lisa blushed and I knew that she was caught.

Ed grinned at her then looked at me and said, " I can always tell when a woman is fucking her dog. Look at the signs," he turned Russ over and played with his cock a little. It got hard in seconds. "look here ," he said, " this only occurs when the dog fucks a woman." He turned Russ' cock over and showed us some marks.

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To make sex more enjoyable he outlined a few suggestions. By now Lisa was paying attention to Ed, In the end he gave Russ a clean bill of health then let Russ go in another room. "Do you need more help with fucking your dog," he asked. Lisa's face was returning to it's normal color. Ed said that he assumed that I watched. I told him about the time that Russ had got on on top of Lisa while I had my cock in her ass. That's when Ed said something about treating Lisa for cuntal stretch.

" I have a very large cock but I don't stretch my women out like the dog has evidentally done to your wife," he went on explaining that it was normal for a woman to get so turned on by fucking her animal that most women forgot that their cunt was for men too. husband. He unceremonosly shook his pants and let the largest cock I have ever seen fall out.

It was even larger than Russ. " The thing is that a dogs cock is usually larger around the middle. As you can see mine is pretty much the same all the length. Lisa was staring at Ed's cock and her mouth hung open in surprise. She said that she thought that Russ had a large one but seeing Ed's cock she knew better. Ed invited us both to feel of it. "Do you suck the dog also Jim," he asked. I told him I did but " Oh .so you've tasted dog cum.well I have too and developed a taste for it especially right fresh from a cunt." Lisa by now had sat down in front of Ed and started to feel his large thick cock, " God.I don't know if I could ever take this one.boy would I love to." Ed looked at me and I nodded my accent.

Lisa was trying to stuff his great cock in her mouth, " Let Jim do that Lisa.his mouth is larger." It was too and Ed's cock fit perfect that is after I had dislocated my jaw stretching my mouth around it. Ed lay back and let me suck. He pulled Lisa to his ass and told her to tongue him. Since she had already tongued the dogs ass she went right at it, shoving her tongue right in Ed's ass. She started to sucking and I saw that the suction caused her cheeks to hollow in deeply as she tried to suck his whole rectum out.

I watched as she sat on his mighty cock and slowly impaled herself on it. Russ' large cock had prepared her for this but she was still tight and I could see her cunt opening stretch almost to the breaking point and swallow the cock inch by inch. She gave a little whimper as she fucked Ed's great cock and it slowly dissapeared up her. Finally there was nothing but pubic hair meshing. Her black and his reddish hair. She sat facing him on his cock.

That way the two could kiss and tongue each other just like Russ did with her. Ed looked over her shoulder at me and told me to get a certain large dog from it's pen.

I went and got Russ' twin except that Russ was brown and this dog was black. " Come on Chastity lynn gets tight pussy stretched big black cock monstercock, " Ed called to him.

The dog walked toward Ed but, stopped and sniffed Lisa's butt, which was sticking out. Satan just placed his fore paws on Lisa's shoulders and rammed his cock in her ass. It went in quite easily since I was now fucking my wife all the time in her sweet ass and because the dog was not fully aroused. His cock was fairly thin but stiff and penetrated real easy. As he hammered in my wife's ass he started to growing till he was as large as Russ. Lisa screamed.

In her cunt she had seven inches in diameter of Ed's cock and in her ass attractive doll is showcasing her opened tight vagina in closeup stretching rubbing had at least four inches in diameter of Satan's dog dick.

I figured that Lisa had enough cock in her to a combined diameter of almost twelve inches. Her anus and her cunt seemed to be grown together with a cock in each. Ed bellowed like a bull when he filled Lisa's cunt with his sperm. It finally started to squirt out around the tight gasket bond that Ed's cock made with her cunt. When Ed's cock got a little flaccid her cunt stayed open and the sperm poured from her. He grabbed a plastic cup and held it down to her cunt to catch the sperm as it ran out.

I saw the cup fill up to over hals. That was about six shot glasses full. The black dog was shooting his knot up in her asshole and held still, quivering.

Ed was pouring the contents of the cup into her mouth. She was guzzling it down. I could say she was simply swallowing the cum but Lisa was actually slurping and guzzling it down. The was the black dog was shaking he was shooting a great deal of his sperm in l Lisa's anus. She cried and screamed at the not liquid seeped into every cranny of her cunt. Unable to escape the gasket made by the knot the sperm frothed and boiled within the confines of her ass.

Ed saw that they were knotted and got what looked like an oil can with a thin spout. He squirted around the junction of their locked organs and The dog's cock slipped free. Ed held the cup that he caught his cum from her a few minutes ago and let the dog's sperm drain into the mixture.

Human and dog sperm mixed together.

Ed's cum was thicker and whiter and the dog sperm was slightly off white and thin. Lisa looked down at her ass as the dog sperm poured out. Ed held the dog by his cock and let it also drain into the cup. Lisa seemed to know that the sperm was for her and she began to thirstily lick her lips. Ed handed me the cup, " Here'"s a drink for your wife Jim.feed it to her. I held the almost full cup to her open lips and she i fucked daily my cute little cousin pussy when alone at home lovingly at me with her eyes as she started slurping the sperm down.

I swirled the mixture with my fingers and gave them to my wife to lick clean. For the next half hour Lisa drank sperm. When the cum was empty she squeeged the sides of the cup with her fingers and licked them clean. Ed saw that she was finished with the sperm and Lisa looked around her to see that several large dogs were around her.

two had placed their paws on the post and now, she was facing two large swelling purple dog cocks on either side of her face. She started sucking. Ed had her move under a thick ring the hung by a thick rope.

The ring was brass and made a four foot circle above her head. Now several dogs put their paws on the brass ring and presented Lisa with no less that six hard large dog cocks. Naturally Lisa didn't know where to begin so she went around in a circle licking dog cocks with her hot tongue. She finally swallowed a cock and started deep throating it.

When that dog was close Lisa went to other cocks till she had all the cocks ready to cum in and instant. They throbbed and pulsed and leaked sperm. Then she took one in her mouth and the dog let the juice from his balls fly. Lisa swallowed the goo as fast as she could but still a cascade of cum ran down over her chin. I went to her and started lapping her chin up and all the dog sperm.

When we were finished with the dog's shooting I was full. Lisa looked around and saw several ,more dogs getting up on the ring. Six more cocks erupted in her mouth. More cum ran down her face. I licked that cum up. By now I was feeling full so I knew that my wife's body was absorbing the dog sperm. I could hear it slosh around in her belly. Afterward while the dogs were still holding to the brass ring over Lisa's head, Ed gave a whistle and the soft dog cocks started to stream piss down on Lisa.

She was startled at first but Ed just laughed. He said that she had sucked the dog's tongues and sucked their cocks as well as sucking a dog's asshole so he thought that she would like for the dog's to piss on her. She recovered quickly and opened her mouth to the six streams of piss, turning her head to make sure she got a taste of each dog's piss.

She got more than a taste as she swallowed down the acrid urin. The dog's pissed and pissed and then Ed led Russ out and as soon as he saw the other dogs pissing on his woman, he went and lifted his leg up at her mouth and let loose a tremendous stream. Lisa drank down Russ' piss as fast as he could give it to her.

She finished off by sucking all the dogs clean of piss. Lisa took a shower with me and Ed and kept kissing us both. She said that we had made her very happy. She sank to the floor of the shower and opened her mouth while Ed and i pissed in her mouth.

She held the piss off in our cocks by squeezing them. This way she could put my cock in her mouth and then release the piss and she swallowed it down as soon as her mouth was full. She then did the same with Ed and back to me till we had dried up. After Ed made a place for Russ to stay a while he took Lisa and I out on the highway to a large adult book store. There were about two dozen large trucks parked around.

He led us in through a back door and we entered a video booth, but with out the TV in it. This made more room inside. The room was on the inside wall and there were other booths on all sides of it.

There were two of three large glory holes cut out in the walls. A large white cock was shoved through a hole on one side and Lisa attacked the cock with her mouth and started sucking. Ed said that he didn't want her to think that dogs were the only cocks to suck and fuck. Lisa sucked the cum from the cock and smiled at us, "I know, she said, " There's horse cocks and elephant cocks." Another cock came through he hole only two feet away brazzers layla london wants some office cock the first hole.

Lisa grabbed it with her hand and said, with her mouth full of cock begged for me to suck it. I think she wanted me to blow the other cock. I was more than happy to suck the large grizzled cock.

Ed laughed and asked about him. As if on cue another cock came through another hole and he began sucking. As I did when a cock came in my mouth, I kissed and gave the cum to my wife, Ed did the same. Lisa was rubbing and sucking as fast as she could. Her lower face was covered already with sperm that had either dripped from a very large load or either the owner came premature before she got her mouth on the cock and he shot off all over her mouth and chin.

A long dusky looking black cock came through the hole and Lisa just ignored it for a while. The black man was thinking he would get his cock sucked. Lisa had told me once, as a matter of fact, several times that she would suck a dog cock and even lick the dog's asshole for it, but she drew the line at putting her hands or mouth on a black cock. She said they were unclean. I agreed with her. The black man was just taking up space that the other truck drivers could use.

" Hey bitch.come on and suck my black know you want it," he yelled real loud. Lisa said that if she wanted a black cock then she would suck a horse, it was cleaner. This brought the manager back. He told the black guy to get out of the booth and let a white man use it. The nigger became beligerant and started to curse Lisa big tit blonde loves to be cock slammed call her names.

There was a splintering sound as the manager, who turned out to be one of those five foot five and ten foot wide men. I heard a " Gwaak" sound and opened the door to see the short man take and lay a blow on the side of the niggers,head. I remarked to Ed and Lisa that the niggers were ruining the adult bookstores by filling the place with black cocks. Lisa said that they only did it because a lot of queer perverts wanted to suck black cocks.

Me and Ed both said that if we ever saw a wghite man or woman with a nigger then we felt that it would be merciful to put that man or woman down. Real dead. " Now get out and don't come back're banned," he said. The black started to shout about racism and all and several other men suronded him and hustled him out the door.

I went to the door to watch as the nigger in no time was a bloody mess and broken bones. The manager beauteous hottie loves erected dongs a lot followed them out and told the black that he could just as easy be dead. In no time the men had the nigger bowing and scraping and saying things like " yes masser.I understand masser.don't hit me no more masser." They left him inn the bushes beside the store to lick his wounds and recover.

After the fiasco with the black man Lisa finally got into sucking cock. She had me go up front and bring the manager to her.

She pulled his pants and looked at his large cock. She sucked it a couple of minutes and then told him that he deserved some pussy.

She lay on the cum puddles on the floor and spread her cunt open for him. Luckily he had a big cock and wasn't bothered by her large loose cunt. He filled my wife very well and soon they had all the guys there watching her and him fuck. Lisa ended up in the bathroom where there was a lot of room, being fucked by a lot of men.

She was fucked in her ass and took two smaller ten inch cocks in her cunt together. She first fucked the men that had beaten the nigger up and taught it it's place. She knew the the niggers place was nor having his cock in her sweet litte white mouth. She thought dogs were much nicer than niggers. For one thing dogs didn't talk and brag to every nigger they could to about the sexy white slut they fucked.

They didn't lay around doing drugs and drinking although the did lay around a lot. A dog could also lick their own cock too. Even if a nigger could it in their mouths, That was for white women to do, Later we left the bookstore after Lisa had sucked and fucked about twenty cocks,one after another, We took three large Danes home with us, at least Russ could have friends around and Lisa could have much more dog cock.

Lisa was happy as any woman could be. Ed came over often and fucked her with Russ and the other dogs. He also brought large bags of food for the dogs. I am not rich and feeding my wife's lover could have put me in the poor house. One day he said he wanted us to go to the race track with him. Not to gamble on a race but to fuck the horses.

Wife's Dog three is all about horse fucking.well cock fucking and sucking and all that other stuff too.