Petite flexible blonde bangs all around home petitefuck and hugedick

Petite flexible blonde bangs all around home petitefuck and hugedick
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Becoming A Sex Slave - Part 3 By Alice J. As you have already read. I had just met up with the Brothers. They had double fucked me and I was anticipating what was to happen next to me. This is the third, and last part of this story. But I promise you this. I will continue to write more stories about my adventures with the Brothers. After all they are the ones requesting me to document their experiences with me. And I don't want to disappoint them. I have started a story that I will publish soon.

Enjoy the end to this story and look forward to what will be many more. As I slowly walked out into the living room wrapped in a bath towel I encountered Carlos relaxing on the couch watching TV.

He was wearing a dark silk robe. His hair was wet, so I guessed he had also taken a shower. God! He was so sexy looking sitting there. Feeling as though I could go without sex for at least a year now. I still felt horney looking at him.

There was music playing low in the background. All the lights were off, candles filled the room with a soft ambient light. A new bottle of wine sat on the coffee table along with two full glasses. He looked up at me and said that "I looked very sexy in just a bath towel." He then invited me to come and sit down next him. As I walked around the front of the table I watched him watching me.

Amazing girls take up with the tongue moist pussies followed my every move.

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When I sat down he offered me my glass, picking his up, he tilted it towards mine for a silent toast. I asked where Gino was? He said that he had to get up early so he went to bed. He asked if I had a problem with being with just him now. I knew I should have. I was fucked by one, then two, now I was with the other. But then I realized that I felt so good being with either one of them, it just didn't matter how I had gotten to this point. All that mattered was what was going to happen next.

And I knew that whatever it was, I would love it! Just like Gino had started up a smooth conversation amateur babe stuffed with a driver at the backseat of a cab me. Carlos had the same adoring charm. He had me laughing and playfully talking with him in no time. He worked for an investment firm. And also part time bartended through the week. Upon my second glass of wine he started to play with my hair.

Soon his hands made their way down to the towel. He gently pulled it open exposing my boobs. He said loved large breast. And he proceeded to prove it by cupping them in his huge powerful hands and lifting them up to his mouth.

At first he gently kissed them and lightly sucked on my nipples. He told me to play with his cock. Reaching into his robe it wasn't hard to find. It was still hard and large. He asked if I liked playing with and sucking on big balls. I replied that I was more into sucking on cock. But that if he wanted me to pay extra attention to his balls I would.

He told me that that was exactly want he wanted me to do. So I reached down and started massaging them. The size of his balls were proportionate to the size of his cock. I could barely cup both of them alexandra nice anabolic gangbang girl my hand. It had me wondering how he could comfortably walk around with these things hanging between his legs.

It was obvious from my massaging that he really got off on it. He started squeezing my boobs hard while sucking my nipples deep into his mouth. He then said he wanted me to suck them into my mouth and use my tongue to play with them. I leaned my face down between his legs. There was no way I could fit both of them at the same time into my mouth. So I started with one, then the other. He moaned that he wanted me to start squeezing them in my mouth with my tongue.

So I applied as much pressure as I could while sucking them as far into my mouth as I could. From time to time he would pull my head away from his crotch stretching his sack out until the ball would pop out of my mouth. I would then suck the other one in and go through the same routine. The harder I sucked and squeezed with my mouth the more he seemed to enjoy it. He reacted with handling my boobs rougher and rougher.

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The harder I sucked, the harder he squeezed and pulled. It seemed we had found a level of equal pleasure. I enjoy having my boobs treated rough and he enjoyed an equal amount of treatment on his balls. Before long he grabbed my hair and pulled me away from his balls. He ordered me to start licking his scrotum. For this I had to kneel down between his legs.

He kept a hold of my hair forcing me down below his balls. I licked and sucked on the thick hard muscle down there. He lifted his legs higher and pushed my face down towards his asshole and told me to lick him there. I playfully licked around his hole.

I had never tongued an asshole before. I thought it would taste nasty. But it didn't, When I started to push my tongue into it he grabbed my hair harder and moaned loudly. I guess he liked it so I pushed it in deeper. He told me to tongue fuck it. I started pumping my tongue in and out. He encouraged me to keep doing it.

He then ordered me to start massaging his balls and to jack him off handjobs clips massage free cfnm handjob the same time.

He had pulled a bottle of lube from somewhere and poured a generous amount onto his cock which made it very slick. I couldn't believe what was going on. This guy had me being kinkier than any man had ever gotten me to be. I tongue fucked his asshole, played with his balls, and jacked off his cock at the same time. I was guessing that this would end with him shooting a load of cum onto my face and that we would be done. But I was wrong. He wasn't even close to being done with me. He pulled my face away from his ass and told me to lay on my back on the coffee table.

As I laid down on it he put a pillow under my head (what a thoughtful guy). As he stood between my legs pumping his cock he told me to pull my legs back as far as I could. This of course completely exposed my asshole.

He then cute teen bathroom and sexy sensual art imitating life me that Gino wasn't really into anal sex. So I could be expecting him to fuck my pussy the most. But that he, (Carlos) really enjoyed ass fucking.

And that I could expect to get my ass fucked on a regular basis by him. His words had me realizing that they expected me to be here for them, allowing them to fuck me again and again. But he didn't give me time to think much more about it. He picked up the bottle of lube, pushed the tip into my asshole and squeezed.

The cool fluid filled my ass. When he pulled it out he wiped it all around my opening. Down on his knees he guided his monster asshole slayer towards me. I asked if he could go slow, since his cock was so large. He said that he would. At least until I had gotten used to it. Then I felt it. The head of his cock was as hard as steel, and the cock that followed was of equal tensile. He pushed it deeper and deeper. In one steady penetration he was buried in my asshole up to his balls.

I bit the corner of the pillow to keep my scream from waking the neighborhood. I had expected him to start pumping. But instead he kept his cock still in my asshole and bent over to start on my boobs. He squeezed them hard while sucking and biting my nipples. I was in a mix of painful sensation and erotic stimulation.

By now all I could do was moan with sexual gratification. When he pulled back he told me to put my fingers into my pussy. I moved my hand down and pushed a finger into my pussy.

He barked at me that he wanted me to put three fingers in and to bury them deep. I did as Demi blue milf slut fucks at milf thing swallow cumshot was told. He then questioned if I could feel his cock. I realized that yes, indeed I could feel his hard cock from within my pussy. I told him that I could. With that he said good, and started to withdraw his cock from my back hole.

I felt the big fat head pass by my fingers leaving and emptiness behind it. Then he pushed it back in. Once again I felt the head slide pass my fingers. The sensation was totally incredible. It was beyond anything I had ever felt before. With the next few withdrawals and penetrations I was begging him to fuck my asshole.

Telling him that I wanted to feel his cock split me in two. To fuck my asshole harder than I have ever been fucked before. He wasted no time in obliging my requests. He started pumping his thick cock back and forth deeper and faster with every stroke.

I pulled my fingers back and started to rub hard on my clit. I pulled, grab, twisted and rubbed it like I have never done before. He held my legs back, which by now had my knees, pinned to the table top besides my ears. With every thrust my body felt as thought the world was entering my body. I begged him to keep fucking my ass as hard as he wanted until I came. He had no problem with that. In fact he started encouraging me to cum. Telling me how sexy I was.

And that I turned him on so much. He said he loved watching his cock stretching my asshole wide while I played with my pussy. From time to time he would pull his cock completely out, leaving my gapping ass empty. Then shove it back in to the hilt. Feeling the huge head pass back and forth through my tight anal muscle stretching it open was awesome. This really got me off. And he knew it! He then told me to admit to him how much I loved having my ass fucked by a thick hard cock.

What else could I say. I replied back that I loved it more than anything. I loved the feeling of having my asshole spread open wide. And I told him that I did. He told me, to tell him that I wanted it again and again. And that I would allow him to fuck me as he wished. Again, what else could I say but, yes.

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I really, honestly did want him to fuck me again and again like this. Before even I realized it, I was experiencing an orgasm that would register on a Richter scale of an earthquake. My entire body shook beyond belief. I didn't need to continue rubbing my pussy. I connected with the pumping my ass was getting and with every deep thrust I screamed in ecstasy.

Wave after wave hit me. Finally he stopped pumping. Leaving his cock buried deep in my ass. He bent over and started on my boobs again. Although being a little more gentle on them now. He still squeezed and sucked pretty hard on them. Finally my organism subsided to the point that I didn't feel like I wasn't going to experience a life ending blowout.

He started pumping his cock in an out of my ass again. He told me that he was getting ready to cum. With that he reared up, grabbed the bottle of lube off the couch and started squirting it all over my boobs. He told me to rub and squeeze them for him. Doing as I was told, I reached up and started rubbing the lube all over them. Teenies poke lovers ass hole with enormous strapons and splash cream them together, pulling them up and apart.

Grabbing my nipples and pulling and twisting on them. I realized that I was abusing my own boobs as equally as hard as both the brothers had. I wanted him to feel as though I was the perfect slut for him to use when ever he wanted. Carlo's continued to plunge his cock in and out of my ass.

Watching me maul my big boobs for him. I remember asking him if he enjoyed fucking me like this. And if I was doing a good enough job for him? I don't exactly remember his response. But I do remember being pleased that he was satisfied getting the fucking that he was giving. He pumped a few more times. Withdrew his cock, grabbed my thighs and pulled them down.

With a lunge up towards my boobs. He told ordered me to squeeze them together as he shoved his cock between them. He started pumping his cock back and forth. I distinctly remember looking up and watching the head of his cock pressing through my tightly squeezed tits and heading towards my mouth. With each thrust, I would open my mouth, stick my tongue out and touch the little opening in the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue.

Hoping to feel hot sticky cum shooting out and coat my face. I didn't have to wait long. He started to grunt in much the same way he had before when I was sandwiched between him and his brother. Then he came. Or should I say. It came. With a forceful forward lunge a huge wad of hot white cum came out and landed on the tip of my nose. It dripped down onto my upper lip. Immediately I used my tongue to slurp it into my mouth. Carlos lunged forward again.

Another shot hit directly on my lips. In a devilishly slutty way I spread my lips just enough to suck it in. I then swished it around my mouth before swallowing it down. He pulled back, grabbed his cock and started aiming the rest of it onto my boobs. I watched every shot. His cock would arch upwards. A huge spurt of cum would shoot out and land on me. He would lean his head back moaning loudly. I have seen a cock shooting it's cum before.

And I have had a cock or two fuck my tits before. But I have never really watched it so intently. I can still remember watching it, its like I still see everything in slow motion. It was a beautiful thing to me. It was then that I realized that a transformation that had taken place tonight. Right then and there I knew that the "Brothers" had me. That I belonged to them. They could do what ever they wanted. And that I wanted them to do what ever they wanted. Carlos finally finished cumming.

By boobs and face were completely covered with cum. I rubbed as much of it as I could towards my mouth. Wanting to show Carlos how much I appreciated him cumming on me. As he pushed himself up and away from me he grabbed my hand and pulled me up with him. He planted a deep tongue kiss. Then pulled away. He told me to go take a shower then come back out to join him when I was finished.

My third shower of the night. When I came back out wearing another towel. Carlos was sitting on the couch just like before. This time he stood up, and guided me towards what he said would be my room. The bedroom was large, nicely adorned, complete with a huge bed. Once in the room he pulled back the covers down wide enough for me to lay down. Knowing that there was no way that I was going to make it back home. I eagerly accepted the bed before me.

I pulled the towel from my body and laid down upon the soft sheets. Carlos pulled the covers up to my shoulders. And even tucked me in a little. It was then that he explained that he and Gino have been looking for a woman that the two of them could have when ever they wanted. And that I would be treated as well as a princess. I was to move in with them. That I would pay no rent. I didn't have to clean up mature and donkey man xxx story them.

As they were not looking for a housekeeper. He went on to explain that they expected a woman to satisfy them when ever they wanted. He asked if I wanted to be that woman. I was deranged, lost and overwhelmed. But I said yes. I knew deep down that I wanted the Brothers to fuck me at their will. He said good, and that we would talk again about the details in the morning. He then asked if I needed to get up at any particular time.

I chennai aunty sex story story no. He kissed me goodnight. As he was leaving, he stopped and informed me that neither he nor Gino really enjoyed fucking in the morning.

Instead they preferred a quick blow job. And that I could expect Gino to wake me up to get one after he took his shower. I muttered okay I'll be here. He turned the light out and shut the door. As I drifted off to sleep I could feel my whole body twitching. My asshole and pussy ached. But it wasn't a painful ache. It was the type of ache you get in your body that follows an accomplishment like hiking to the top of a mountain. It felt good.

And I was looking forward to feeling it again and again. That night was six months ago now. I moved out of my apartment and into the Brother's house the next week. I am treated very well by both of them. I have no responsibilities except to satisfy them whenever they want and in any way they want. I get fucked by one or both of them on almost a daily basis.

I had to cut my hair shorter as it was getting to be too much of a bother to constantly wash the cum out of my long hair.

I still work at the paper keeping my dark side private. As far as my friends are concerned I am Gino's girlfriend and his brother just happens to live there. I even keep up a fairly good social life. My girlfriends from work drool over both of them.

One evening while we were out. My friend named Kathy allowed Carlos to pick her. This was of course part of a kinky plan by the brothers. Gino and I left the bar and went home.

Not long after, Carlos and Kathy came home and went in his bedroom. He told her that we had gone over to a friends and would not be home tonight. What she didn't know was that Gino and I were hiding in the closet. He made me watch while Carlos fucked her, as he fucked me. He took her anal virginity that night. I have never actually watched real people having live sex before.

But I have to admit, it was a total turn on. The look on her face as his cock entered her asshole for the first time was really something. From time to time Carlos will bring her to the house and fuck her good. She now begs him to fuck her in her ass. Actually, she is the one who calls him and asks if she could meet up with fusion sex stories pron story school girl downloadcom for it.

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She is married, but she has confided in me that her husband doesn't pay much attention to her anymore. And she still doesn't know that I am watching every time from the closet. Secretly wishing that I could join them while masturbating myself. Perhaps…&hellip. While Gino does have one particular kinky desire. Every once and awhile he likes for me to come to his room wearing a costume and put on a sleazy striptease act for him before he fucks me.

His favorite is a "Catholic School Girl" outfit he bought for me. And his favorite position is fucking my pussy from behind doggie style, while spanking my large white ass cheeks. He's not into anal sex. But he says he likes the view of my large ass spreading out, and his cock splitting my pussy open. Carlos, as it turns out, is the kinkier of the two. He has bought a bunch of kinky toys for me and him to use during sex. They both enjoy watching dirty movies to get especially turned on.

But Carlos makes me act out the scenes with him in many of them. On occasion they will team up on me and give me an awesome double fucking. I totally get off on the feeling of having their two cocks simultaneously plunging into me at the same time. Just a note to any woman who might read this story.

If brother and sister ebony audisex ever get a chance. And the opportunity that is right. Like I had, to have two guys fuck you at the same time. GO FOR IT. Don't hesitate. It is a feeling that you will remember the rest of your life.

I have even gotten into the act by fucking my pussy with a large rubber dildo while I have Gino in my mouth and Carlos in my ass. They have promised me a real triple fuck soon. They also want me to experience another woman. They say they are looking for an experienced woman who can teach me right. As neither of the brothers are into giving oral sex.

I enjoy the thought of getting it on with a woman just to have the feeling of a tongue on my pussy again. They have told me that they have a cousin Felicia who lives in Los Angeles. Who they say is a dominatrix. They are making plans for me to go see her mature mom and her super sized bbc homemade porn for a weekend to teach me the ways of S & M.

They are also talking about a family reunion in Sacramento later this year. And that they are thinking about sharing me with several of their relatives.

The End