Sultry teen spreads spread snatch and gets deflorated

Sultry teen spreads spread snatch and gets deflorated
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I was watching porn,when I saw Mom coming to the room.She just sat beside me,took my hard cock and started stroking it for me. Ohh you might be shocked but let me tell you that I was introduced to sex at the age of 10 by my mom though until the age of fourteen I was still a virgin.It was just stroking and sucking my cock before that.So lets get back to the story She started jacking me off then took off her bra and those 36B tits were free.I simply took her right nipple in my mouth and started chewing on it,my eyes locked on the screen where a innocent looking girl was getting double penetrated.I was just about to cum when I heard someone close the door.As I looked behind to see,it was our watchman with a few papers in his hand probably ours.He was shocked with what he saw.a mother jacking off her son.

"Damn!" he said My mom walked to the door and locked it which she didn't the first time.She made no attempt to cover her tits as she stood in front of our watchman. "You know,Your beautiful busty milf dildo masturbation on webcam tell this to nobody,right?" she asked without a slight bit of concern but with a evil grin on her face "Depends" He said.

Mom unzipped his cock and started jerking it in reply."Ahh,right that's what I am talking about" he said while he squeezed my mom's tits and she stroking his cock.His black cock was was six inches but a thick one.After a few minutes she knelt in front of him and started sucking his cock.

"Oh shit.yeah suck my dick" he son rep moms xx oron story moaning. I shrugged moved back to watching porn where now the man was grabbing the girl's hair and fucking her face.Our watchman saw that and certainly tried it on mom as the slurping and moaning sound were getting louder,so loud that I had to turn the volume up of my dvd player.I turned the volume enough high so that none of the voice from behind could disturb me watching my porn.After around fifteen minutes my mom came back to where she was sitting beside me and sat on her knees while her ass was in the air facing to our watchman's cock.He was busy wearing a condom when my mom switched off the dvd player taking the remote from me.

"Watch carefully how he fucks me,don't you wanna fuck me too?" she said with a cute voice and yeah she was too horny.She looked so innocent I couldn't help myself but to kiss her.I kissed her passionately as our tongues played in each others mouth.I could taste the black cock she had just sucked.Soon her body started vibrating as she moaned in my mouth.Yeah,she was getting fucked.The watchman was fucking her like he has never fucked before,poor guy.I slid beneath her up to that much where her pussy was right above me,saw the the black cock sinking in out of my mom's pussy.I touched her slit,it was warm,i felt a warm feeling around my cock,didn't have to see,mom was sucking it.I caressed her pussy as the watchman was drilling her like he would die if he stops and my mom sucked my cock like she was thirsty for my cum.Soon I saw the watchman's cock twitching as he pushed as much deep he could in my mom's pussy and unloaded his seed.He pulled out after that and I could see the condom full of white cum.Boy,he came buckets.

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"Thanks mam,I would not say a word about this till I live" He said with satisfaction in his voice. "Good,close the door when you leave" she replied and got back to sucking me. "What about this mam,would you like to have it?" he said,in his hand was the condom with which he fucked my mom,the condom now looked like a bag full of fresh and hot cum.

"I dont let any cum inside my body except for my son" she replied rolling her tongue on the tip of my cock.So the watchman started walking towards the dustbin toss it.But I stopped him to do so and told him to pour in a glass and leave.He left when mom stopped sucking my cock to ask "What do you have in mind with his cum?" with a smile.

"I think I am going to use it to lubricate your ass to fuck it" I replied. "What are italian redhead milf hot milf fucked delivery guy then waiting for lover" she said.

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She didnt need to ask me twice,I started suck her pink shithole.She started moaning with delight around my hard cock.After sucking it enough I pushed two finger in it at once."Oh my gooood!! Ronnn!!

" she screamed.(Oh my name is RON ;-) .) As she was recovering from the pain I stood and poured the hot cum on her pink-nah-red hole.She was shivering.I rubbed the cum on her ass and again pushed three fingers this time.It didn't hurt I guess as all I got was weak moan this time.So without any warning I pushed all my cock girls watch old man fuck boy her ass at once.This time I got a better scream.

"You are tearing me apart!" She screamed.I was in heaven,I felt like there can be no better place for my cock than her ass.I humped furiously on her ass."Yeah,that's mommy's boy" she moaned.The more I pumped,the more of the watchman's cum dripped out of her ass and flowed under my ball sac.I soon felt my balls churn, I was close to cumming,my cock enlarged in my mom's ass."Mommy wanna taste you,cum here" she said.I obliged stood in front of her,my cock pointing at her face,all wet with the watchman's cum.She squeezed my cock to get as much of the other man's cum she could off my cock and sucked on my cock like a baby sucking to get fed.I couldn't hold anymore and came hard in my mom's mouth.I came for a minute and surely more than the watchman as no matter how much she was gulping,my cum still dribbled from the sides of her lips to her chin which she took in her hand to finish later.I pulled out as soon as I stopped cumming to let her finish the cum.I sat on the sofa,breathing.While my mom was sucking her fingers to leave no cum behind.Then she kissed my cock and rested on my lap."I love you" she whispered."I love you too mom" I replied with a smile.

2nd part on December,only if you want,sorry for mistakes.And remember every comment counts.

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